Stonegate, Bakersfield Homes For Sale & Real Estate


Stonegate Real Estate Insights

Stonegate is located in Bakersfield, California.

Public data shows that Stonegate is a safe location.

In a world of noise and trouble, Stonegate is one place you can go to if you want to live away from it all and enjoy a more peaceful life surrounded by like-minded married couples.

Buyers looking to move to Stonegate can be optimistic in rising home values. The price appreciation last year rose 9.1 percent, from $257,453 to $280,930, allowing homeowners to benefit from a favorable, climbing market. In the interim, inventory somewhat tightened year-over-year, with the number of homes for sale declining 16.7 percent to reach 10 listings in this year. Because various residential properties in Stonegate have pools, the area is full of people who enjoy being outdoors in the sun. Certain homes in this neighborhood feature breakfast areas in the kitchens, making it simple to grab a quick bite in the morning and be on your way.