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Stratland Shadows Real Estate Insights

Stratland Shadows is located in Gilbert, Arizona.
Stratland Shadows is a safe area and it is a great location for raising children and giving them the freedom that they need to grow and play.
If you like to be in the company of college graduates, Stratland Shadows could be the place for you, with a large percentage of its residents holding a college degree. Chances are, most of the residents you meet in this vicinity have tied the knot and have either started a family or are planning to do so very soon. Reliable research indicates that many people in Stratland Shadows have fairly high incomes.
In Stratland Shadows, the average listing price is currently at $634,450 this year. However, this figure represents a noticeable 6.3 percent drop from the year prior, and declining prices could help new buyers enter the market more comfortably in the near future. Some of the residential properties around here contain walk-in closets; a valuable and convenient benefit that shouldn't be overlooked.