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How do i add photos to my home on Trulia?
-- This question was asked from this property:
Can anyone tell me who built my house at 83 Cobble Hill Drive in 1990????
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What is high school for this home? Millennium or aqua fria?
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Is there a First Class Realty building in Philadelphia PA?
I need to contact someone from that building. Any information would be helpful.
Is there a First Class Realty building in Philadelphia PA?
I need to contact someone from that office.
Comparing Leisure World Seal Beach with Laguna Woods Village ?
Both are 55 retirement communities. Anyone care to compare how they differ ? pros/ cons ?
Blogging problems?
The past week Dec 8 to Dec 15 I have encountered the following error consistently. Is it local, regional, national of is it just me? This page can't be displayed. Contact support for additional information. Session…
Financing with bad credit
Is it possible to get a mortgage if you have bad credit? I know that with the banking failures and the recent restrictions put on lenders it is difficult to get financing now for mortgages, however I…
Looking to buy a home in this community Riviera Bella. Worried about ADOM
My wife and I are close to closing on a home in this community. I am concerned about the ADOM for the homes in the area. They are all over 100 DOM now I will say that our purchase price is a lot less than…
The information on my home is inaccurate. I have updated it two times and it comes back as not being changed. Here is what I need changed:
This beautiful 5 bedroom, 3.5 bath, two-story custom brick home is located in the desirable Timberlakes Subdivision within Franklin Township. Lovely setting, mature trees, updated granite counter tops,…
How big is the bedroom in square feet?
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I looked at this property over a year ago before it was rented to the contractor. I was wondering if its still available in mar if the owner would
rent it to us while we worked out the details and bought it with my VA. I am 66 retired. No kids, no pets just my wife and I. -- This question was asked from this property:…
Could you please tell me who built this house?
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How do I remove photos of my house from the website?
I've been able to remove details, but not the photos
You have a listing on your site..that I requested information about..I got an response. ..but the person is not the owner. .and is trying to pull
a scam..fir tju as house...PLEASE BE AWARE. ..I WENT TO THE HOUSE AND SPOKE WITH THE PERSON THERE WHO'S CLAIMING yo be the owner. ..she's in the process of moving...please help me find out…
Looking for a great rental property by March 2015
Hello, current renter in Riverview. My family and I are looking for a new rental or maybe even a lease with option to buy. Looking within Southgate, Riverview, Wyandotte. I have posted a question for advice…
I am unable to reply to any of my potential renters
Unable to send reply to any potential renters
Has anyone ever been to an REDC auction? What is it like?
Do you realy get a discount to current market prices?
How do I get my sibling into a middle school in New York City.?
I am a resident of New York City, though a native of Singapore. I want to get my younger sibling into middle school in New York. He currently resides in Singapore, and finished his primary school there.
Updating City info
This is a great site but some of the information needs to be updated due to the Phila School closings.
I need guidance on purchasing E&O insurance.
I have researched Trulia and notice whenever anyone asks about E&O insurance, no one responds. I am hoping to have better luck. I got one quote at $750 for $1,000,000 and thought that was high for a sole…
what school district is this?
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Why I am getting calls?
I am getting lots of call saying that you have listed property under phone number 1 224-227-9736. I dont own any property. Can you please let me know how can it be happen. I really frustrated now.
Opting out of emails
I have tried several times to change my settings and delete houses and searched and I am still getting emails. Can you follow please take me off the list?
You have some scammers on your site. I researched a home in Cypress that the rent was very low (800). The home was listed under a different owner on
the tax website. Also, the scammer wanted me to just drive by and look in windows. She had the key in Delaware. Another one listed today was low and called it Blessed home. The first one used "God"…
Is there a good college or University near Key West that offers good science or technology/possibly also marine bio studies??
I would like to know about the best schools in the area. credible, affordable and has great people.
I have a Section 8voucher for $1035,through Harris County, currently reside in Spring Tx,looking for a house in Spring Tx .
Hi..looking to move trying to stay in the Spring tx area, looking for a 2 o 3 bedroom house. I am currently on Section 8 housing and have a voucher. Thanks
some of your propert are listing as for rent then when you called they say it for sale
5561 potomac way listed for rent but is for sales or some people do not call you back
How do I search for a ranch house, and/or a house that has the master bedroom on the 1st floor??
also would love to search for an ATTACHED garage (accessible to 1st floor living space, and NOT the basement)......
How do I ad additional photos to 23600 W. Bush Rd., Tucson, AZ 85735
The photos that are there do not show he house. I would like to add recent photos.
Is anyone having difficulty getting only one page of answers on the Q/A platform?
For some reason I'm only getting the same few answers I've been getting for months. When I hit the prompt to advance to the next page nothing happens.
I keep editing my home info to show THERE ARE NO HOA FEES and TRULIA keeps entering that there is HOA FEES. THERE ARE NO FEES/ STOP IT!!!
my family owns the property at 106 MLK Drive in Montezuma, GA. we wish to sell the property.
please advise on how to get a local agent to assist with this matter as we are all out of state. -- This question was asked from this property:…
Agent custom search apps, do they pay off?
Seeing fewer emails lately advertising custom agent apps for smart phones/pads. Most of the apps advertised are free or low cost to have coded, but the monthly fees are steep. Is anyone finding that…
Selling Realtor trying to get us to her loan officer because 'she knows he can get it to appraise'
We completely fell in love with the home and figured it would go quickly because there just isn't a lot on the market. Based on the home across the street selling recently and our knowledge of sales…
Can't claim home....?
I am trying to claim my home (6612 Old Settlers Rd. Waxhaw, NC 28173) but in the confirmation email the links don't work. -- This question was asked from this property:…
People are showing up at my house even though its off the market as you have it listed as a foreclosure
at you have our home listed as a foreclosure. Prior to this, you had it listed as a home for rent which was spam. Can you…
Good Morning! Trulia REP
How can I post my home for sale by owner on Trulia
This property was recently sold for much less than the previous sale! Is there a problem with the water? What are the problems with this property?
-- This question was asked from this property:
Scams....there are several scams on here. This is one of them. They sent me an email.
I am interested in applying for a CalVet Home loan, I've pulled my credit score but I've heard that a residential mortgage credit report
might differ? Hi there! Veteran looking to buy a home in Sacramento and in my research, I've read that the an RMCR and a consumer report differs greatly. Before I go on disappointing myself, I'd…
Looking for a nice, smaller property with privacy / DW, Sandy Springs area. 250-450K. No agents please. We are ready! Please reply if looking to sell.
Ready, willing and able "A" buyers looking for home in the Sandy Springs / Dunwoody area. If you are thinking of seling - with or without an agent - please let us know. Professional working couple…
Photos? Photos would certainly help sell the home.
Why are there no photos? this was a very unique cabin style home when we lived there, very green and fit into the property. The soil there is great and you can grow anything. We had a large garden and…
Hello my property management told me I have a new management team,and was told not to paid my rent to them.But what they have said was they are
unaware of who the new team is.My section 8 worker was not informed as well. Sec 8 has paid there percentage.What to do? It is going on two months I dont have anything in writing about the new team?Do…
When was the well built? Also, which company made it?
I would love to have the answer as soon as possible. Thank you! -- This question was asked from this property:
What is the % of college educated residents in Hot Springs Village? What percent are retired, What kinds of?
businesses, occupations, professions are represented? Is there a profile available of the residents?
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