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I ask about Kindergarten school near to this apartment ?
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Why a school must install fencing around the school property?
School premises must install a perfect fencing that can create safety barriers for students and eliminate outside intruders.
15 minute loans Ensure Fast Access to Cash For Urgency ?
Limited time battles ought to be paid consideration on when intrigued by settling on this sort of decision. The limited time battles that are regularly overseen by administration suppliers can be useful…
Remove a large tree in Sunnyvale?
How hard or easy is it to remove a tree, primarily for light blockage and aesthetic reasons? Say, a large redwood or large magnolia. I see that you have to get a permit for nearly $300, but do the permit…
The bone of whatever it fits contrary to popular
The bone of whatever it fits contrary to popular belief Barracuda do not pray on divers and snorkelers although they are exceptionally inquisitive their quarry are other fish occasionally their own kid…
Hi, I currently reside in California but work for Singapore-based company, so I have no US SSN or Credit History. Can I rent an apt for long term?
Usually I use AirBnB for period from 1 to 3 months. But now I need to stay in the Bay Area for 12 months. Please, advise.
Can A Minor Buy A Home In Pennsylvania With Cash?
No loans, the home would be paid in full with cash. Can this be possible?
Your school ratings are inaccurate and you are reporting lower ratings on my listing that appear on your website. Ive reported this twice to CS,
Your source for School Ratings is, the three schools have assigned to me are OBHS with a rating of 5 which is average by their ratings, Carl Sandburg MS also with a 5 and James McDivitt…
Facing foreclosure auction date set
Auction date is set I have about 120 days. Can I still sell the house if bank agrees to pay off?
You texted mr and said its for rent not for sell
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What are the chances Bend will annex Deschutes River Woods?
Annexation would have an effect on property taxes, maybe better fire protection. Thanks, Craig
There is no picture on the profile for our house; 15755 N.W. Windhill Dr., Banks, OR, 97106. Is there a way I can upload a picture?
The property is rural/forested and so there is no Google street view. 2nd concern is that Trulia has the incorrect acreage listed. Our deed, survey and county records all have the correct acreage: 5.07…
what to look for when buying a home insurance.?
when should I buy a home insurance before closing or after.? and what to look for in the polycy.?
How do I get an error in a listing corrected?
The listing is 123 N Sarwil Drive, Canal Winchester, OH 43110. The property is listed as "PENDING" but this property is not "PENDING" and offers are still being accepted and welcome!…
Can I use this as income to qualify for a mortgage?
I work and get w2 ' s but I am not sure if that will be enough to qualify me for the house that I need. So I was wondering if anyone knew if I could use my sister's social security disability benefits…
Please cancel my account.
Please cancel my account.
How do rental rates compare to home prices in Mammoth Lakes?
Is is generally possible to buy a home in Mammoth Lakes, and rent it out full time (long term lease) at a rate that covers mortgage and taxes?
Is the Seller of a home responsible for having Septic pumped out if Home Inspector says it is full and needs?
to be pumped. Also is Seller responsible to have oil in tank so Home Inspector can inspect heating system? (it is an Estate Sale)
Cheapest (50 % first month with montly flat fees) And Best Property Management And Tenant Placement in Little ELM TX?No dramas and no hidden costs?
Cheapest (50 % first month with montly flat fees) And Best Property Management And Tenant Placement in Little ELM TX?No dramas and no hidden costs?No vacant property fees, setup fees etc.
how do i correct taxes in a listing?
public records are wrong
how do i correct taxes in a listing?
public records are wrong
Me and my husband just got married 6 months ago and have no credit yet. But I'm wanting to by a home but we both work at walmart and don't
have the money straight forward. Is there other ways to get a home that won't bank rupt us
How do I update the information on this house?
I purchased this house and have put in a complete new kitchen, including cabinets, appliances, counter tops, etc. I have also remodeled the main bath room and put in new carpet and wood floors throughout…
Please show all names of grocery stores near by
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My Condo association wants to take legal proceedings against me for back owed dues
I live in New Jersey and got sick several years and could not pay my bills including my 1st Mortgage and Condo dues. After 3 long years I got better went on SSDI and started to contact my creditors to…
Buying a condo/townhouse for myself & adding 18yr. daughter to loan.
I'm looking at purchasing a condo/townhouse for myself but adding my daughter who has no credit to the loan. My thought is when I decide to move away from Austin (which will be in the next 5 yrs. or less)…
What is the list of things that a house have to have to be FHA Loan Approved.?
looking for an FHA house but don't trust what these web sites say about financing options Ex. Cash, Conv, RD, FHA, LC.
New construction home burns down.
Hi. We are getting a home from this big builder and unfortunately it was burned down to the ground while on the framing stage. Now they said delivery date is pushed back by 6 months. Do we have the right…
How much does it cost--excluding labor--to build a home in Fairfax County?
I'm trying to get a sense of how much it would cost to build my own house in Fairfax. I'm familiar with the land market -- I just want a sense of whether it will be substantially more affordable to build…
how far is train station?
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I'm a recent college grad looking to buy a small house in Arlington TX. What is a good cash amount to save up for before buying my first house?
My income is in the 45-55k range and my monthly total debt is around $500. I'm looking for a house under
My property location is wrong with your map, how do I correct the location of my property??
I just listed this property and it has the wrong physical location on your map. 102 Island Road, Ontonagon, MI 49953
Homes for rent accepting section 8
Hello, I'm on the hunt for a new house because I was just accepted for section 8. My question would be if trulia offers houses that accepts the voucher and how am I able to locate it. I apologize…
New house building cost in Placer County
I plan to buy a land in Placer County (Aubur or Meadow Vista/Applegate) and build a house (2200 sq ft). What is the cost per sq ft? What are the permits cost? It is better to build or to buy?
Should pest control be tenant or owner responsibility after the tenant has moved in?
Victory Realty 4002 1/2 Oleander Dr. 1A Wilmington, NC 28403 Serving Wilmington area, Carolina Beach, Kure Beach, Wrightsville Beach, Leland, Ogden, New Hanover County
What do I anticipate regarding getting a loan at my age and situation?
I am semi-retired - not working at the moment but have a couple of IRAs and enough cash for a large down payment. I also have excellent credit. Looking to buy a house in pueblo Co. Obviously I can not…
Place to live near the Villages for young adult?
I have a job offer in the Villages Florida and need help finding a surrounding town good for young adults (I am 26). I am from Chicago, so the cost of living really excites me but I don't want to lose…
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