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Can anyone shed some light on life in Ardsley? I have 2 kids, ages 6 and 3. We are considering moving to
Ardsley from NYC. I hear the schools are good and the prices more reasonable than some other areas but I would like some insight into the community. Thanks!
The last 14months I have been paying rent faithfully, never late just been early with my rent. The last 5
months my landlord hasn't been making payments to the mortage company so now the home that I reside in is being forclosed on. Landlord and I had a written lease agreement as well as a verbal agreement.…
Why are there so many sex offenders in the area.?
It seems like there is at least 1 SO in every 2 mile radius in the Michiana area. To add insult to injury, I can't find a decent place to rent that accepts pets outside a high crime area, or an area…
We would love to retire in Idyllwild! We live in Murrieta so we visit a couple times a year ( love the Silver Pines Lodge and the Foley cabin).
We have another 10 yrs before retirement but it would be nice to live up there sooner (maybe in 5 yrs) but my husband would have to commute to Temecula each day to work. I don't know if driving up…
Service dog in co-op building NYC
My co-op building is not allow dog there. However,my next door has a "service dog" as they said for half year already, but the building management said the dog owner didnt provide enough documents to proof…
We are thinking about moving to Quail Valley from Hemet -- What is the area like for a single mom with kids?
We are thinking about moving to Quail Valley from Hemet as I am a new single mom of two children and my mom lives with us too and housing prices are much more reasonable than where I would like to move…
Where is plane noise worst in Los Altos Hills?
I noticed that much of Los Altos Hills sits in the flight path for planes approaching from the South heading towards SFO. The flight path seems to cut right through LAH. Which areas have more noise…
Is Raleigh the right place to move?
my husband and I are tired of living in the most congested area in NJ. The news gets worse and worse, the cost of living is extremely high, self centered people with too much money populate every corner.…
Are you on Pinterest?
Post your pinterest account if you are! Mine: http://pinterest.com/innassa/ Let's share pictures about our communities! Thanks! See you on Pinterest!
If I had a reverse mortgage and defaulted on credit card debt....
Can the FHA call the reverse loan if I default on credit card debt or have medical collections?
1st floor apt w/o vaulted ceilings vs 2nd floor apt w/vaulted ceilings in sunny Tampa Fl
Hello everyone I need some assistance with two choices given at an apartment complex. I have children and two dogs and was offered a choice between a 1st floor corner unit apt w/o vaulted ceilings, and…
West Orange/South Orange - what are they like?
I was born and raised to adulthood in Manhattan on the Lower East Side, and have lived the past 20 years in Jersey City, and my wife and I are now looking into Essex County, which I know little about.…
At what point does a person decide happiness is more important than cold hard cash?
Many sellers put their lives & happiness on hold in order to squeeze every possible dollar out of their home. In the meantime, prices are going up on replacement properties and time passes very quickly.
How intrusive or annoying is the noise from the train (horn at street intersections) that runs along Monocacy Creek?
FRA indicates eight train movements per day by Norfolk & Southern, no quiet zones at any intersections (Center, Macada, Bridle Path, Illick's Mill).
Choosing between Blaine and Champlin
If you had to choose between living in Blaine, MN an Champlin, MN to raise your family, which would you choose and why?
I am looking to rent an Ap. in BOCA RATON: gated community, safe place, with good elem. school. 1200$, quickly approved. What do you recommend ?
Hi all, I am moving from California to Boca Raton, and I will need to find a place to move very quickly, I know some ap. in south Flo you have to wait a week to be approved, and I don't want to stay…
Where to look in Anaheim?
Where should I be looking in regards to good, clean, safe neighborhood, with good schools?
I so want to move BACK to Albany. What is the shopping like? Everyone talks about the cost of living being so cheap any examples?
Would also like to know areas hardest hit by flooding, and estimate of coldest month and temps.
hi..we(me and my husband) are planning to move to 48320 this month end....we are indians and would like to
know the indian population ,availability of indian groceries ,medical facilities and crime rate over there..thank u
Commuting times
Where can I get accurate commute time information between Chevy Chase MD and McLain VA? Note: The 'commute time heat map' is hopelessly optimistic.
My husband (black) and I (white) are considering a move from California to the Dallas area (Garland, Rowlett
Rockwall). We're in our 50's, married for 27 years. We want to buy a condo first to get to know the area. What do you think our chances are for a peaceful retirement? :)
who lived in my house before me if I live in Porterville,ca 300 n lotas?
I want to know the name of the person who lived in my house before me so I can see if she/he died,or did something bad in there!
Thinking of moving to Schamburg wanted to know how close to biggest city was near by?
how many large malls are located near by, job opportunities, type of businesses in area , parks, lakes etc.Thanks
Is Saginaw, Tx a desirable area to live? would you live there.? How is the crime and the schools.?
I am looking to rent or buy in saginaw,tx. I heard the schools are very good and the crime is low. Do you know if Saginaw is a growing area are just staying the same.
What is it like to live at Saddlebrook River Estates, Sparta, TN?
I am interested in learning the following information: 1. The quality of manufactured homes in this 55 plus community? 2. Information regarding the location such as crime rates, churches, grocery stores,…
Where are the best places for a young couple to live in Nashville?
My husband and I are a young couple relocating to Nashville. We want to start looking for places to live but have no idea where to start. We are looking for townhomes or condos in a nice area in the city.…
I am concerned about the apparent remoteness. How far to the grocery store, hardware store, nearest small community? Any thoughts are welcome.?
-- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/3081827475-310-Five-Forks-Rd-Gibbon-Glade-PA-15440
What is the employment situation like in the Kremmling Colorado /Steamboat Springs Area.?
Just moved to the Kremmling area form Denver ,and we are a young professional couple with an array of skill sets . Any possible job opportunities , or advice would be greatly appreciated . We believe…
Single mom of three moving to atlanta in June and I don't know what area is best for my family
I need to know the best place to relocate in atlanta for my family. I am moving from Baltimore, MD. I am a single mom so safety is a must. I am hoping to find a diverse community that is not majority any…
Is sunnyvale california right for me?
Im from minnesota and going to the art insitute i want to know the ups adn downs of this city and if it is expensive, is it a party city or a chill city, close to the beach, good employment rates? etc.
I wonder about renting in patrician towers, there is an owner in 305 who makes staying here miserable...
8 olive ave 3305, rehoboth beach de, vacaton rental -- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/3033622301-201-Patrician-Towers-Rehoboth-Beach-DE-19971
We are considering moving to a Dallas area suburb from Long Island, NY.
We want a better quality of life for our kids (ages 2 and 3) and to be near family in Flower Mound. We also want our cost of living to be cheaper. Any ideas or advice?
Which are the best neighborhoods/areas for people in their mid 20's in the greater Miami area?
My boyfriend and I are looking to relocate from NY to the area, we are both in our mid 20's in law school. Any recommendations? Our budget is limited, safety is a must! Proximity to the beach is a huge…
Cedar Hill/ Dallas 75249: Good area?
I've been looking for a house in for quite awhile. I found one outside of my search area that I like, but am unfamiliar with the area. Does anyone have an opinion on this area? I see that there is a nature…
What part of Needville rent or buy rual area land big trees resource rich 4th gr. ADHD Dyslexia, loves outdoors animals needs social skills & play
Child already has IEP under IDEA (OHI) unable to receive instructional services for her needs peer researched support needed in Katy ISD schools. Birth mother drank during first trimester. Hidden disabilities…
Where is a good place for a young couple to move in the United States?
Me and my boyfriend plan on moving out of Florida once I am done with college within the next year or two and we want to start over, and be in some type of city setting but we have no idea where to even…
Nice neighborhoods in Omaha?
My husband and I are most likely moving to Omaha soon but I am very unfamiliar with the area. Can anyone tell me where the good/nice neighborhoods are to live? Or at least I would like to find out the…
Might be moving to Reno/Sparks. Anyone know the average pay for corrections officers?
We are looking at other places to live. In Alaska we are cooped up too munch of the year. We would prefer a climate that is warmer. The housing is MUCH cheaper in Reno than here from what I have seen.…
where would i see a listing for section 8 approved houses or townhouses for rent?
i am in receipt of a section 8 voucher and am looking for at least a 4 bedroom, 2 bathroom townhouse or single family house that is section 8 approved. need to be in a nice area where there are good…
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