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empty nesters deciding between fredericksburg and boerne!
We would love advice on comparing the two. We are moving from Dallas and looking for a quieter and better quality of life. We love nature, music, golf, shopping, dining, wine and people. We also love…
Hi, how will you grade the following areas in south reno with respect to real estate VALUE in future (taking
into account schools, jobs, ease of travel, ease of renting, land value, community, parks etc) Curti Ranch, Damonte Ranch, South Meadows Parkway, Double Diamond
I am in a 13-unit condo. The President of the condo Board has appropriated a 250 sq ft basement common area
that used to be our common/game room for personal use as a living space/work space paying $10 a month to the Board (It's listed as Storage on invoices from the management company.) I've offered over $100…
How is road noise within 1/2 mile of Meritt Parkway?
Specifically in the vacinity of Meritt and Easton Turnpike.
I am interested in 3 homes around Gleason PKY west but have found out about the sewage disposal plant close by
Does the sewage disposal plant emit any odors ever? Has there been any problems with the plant that a potential home owner should know about?
Technically Fishtown
I'm looking to possibly purchase a place in the "Thompson Street Lofts" located at Thompson and Front Streets. It's techincally Fishtown but it's listed as "on the border of Northern Liberties." I…
If you have been involved with mediation or arbitration and what you thought of the process?
If you have been involved with mediation or arbitration and what you thought of the process, If you have not been involved with mediation or arbitration, explain what you think of the processes from what…
One indiviual leaves that is on the lease without notifiacation Leasing comp. finds out and wants to evict
Thee people on a lease. One person moves out without notification. We contacted the real estate and they stated we broke the lease even though the remaining tenants have paid and are current. They send…
Air pollution, help! What counties have the cleanest air ?
We live near Asheville and we need to move because of my husband's asthma and allergies. Does anyone have asthma/allergies and live where their condition isn't badly affected by the air quality ? Or…
We just bought our new home in a new development in Burleson, TX. The land behind our home is all owned by
the builder and they showed us the development plan etc.Now we got to know that the builder has actually sold the land to a gas drilling company and the company will start drilling in the next few months.…
Help! I have a close friend who owns two homes. One she lives in and one she rents out. She wants to rent out
the house she currently lives in and go rent a house about 15 minutes north to save on travel. She is finacially secure. I just dont think it is the smart thing to do when she lives in a perfectly nice…
27XX DUDLEY ST, PHILADELPHIA, Pa a good area to live with young kids?
Hi, i am about to move from the northeast of philly to buy a house in south philly, 27xx DUDLEY ST,philly and i have a 2 and 6 years old children, is it a goood area to live in? Please let me know anyoneeeeeeee....
My mother is in her 80's. We were concerned about her home, which is paid for, and if she had to go in a
nursing home could the state force her to sell her home to pay for her care? Can she transfer the titel to her son and, if so, can the state force her son to sell the house to pay for her care?
I want to fly my remote control aircraft off of my 15 ac of land just north of Alley Road and east of Lovoto
Road, South SR 14.(id. # 178775) What are the restrictions for this hobby on privite land in Bernalillo county? mickelja@yahoo.com
i live in nj my current landlords are trying to sell the 2 family home. we both moved in in nov and both
have section 8. how does this effect our lease even though the current landlords says that we won't have to move i don't wnt to be given a months notice by the new landlord what are my rights
Does any one have thoughts on the friendliness/energy/community spirit in the different little Barrios in?
Tucson? As an artist about to move from out of state, I LOVE the feel, but hard to know about when not living in town... Barrio Santa Rosa, Anita, Viejo, etc... Thanks!
What are people's thoughts on the Summer Lane neighbourhood in Tracy, CA?
The zip code is 95377, I believe. Would you consider it a good one for a family with small children? How are the parks? I saw there were a couple on the map. Also, any comments on the schools there would…
Road improvements to new homes in Murphy, Parker, east Plano?
I like the locations of new homes in Murphy and Parker, east Allen, east Plano, but the roads are mainly unimproved. Is this something that definitely will be addressed by county or state, or are those…
My name is Donna. I live in Stockton,CA. I am currently living in a house that I rent on month to month
bases. My boyfriend and I are not currently getting a long and he has not paid rent but is paying cable bill. I stated in letter that he could live here with out paying rent if he is activily seeking…
looking for 26yr old grandaddaughter stephanie burchette raised in farwell involved
with a young man named Ian resais not sure of spelling stephanie lived in mich city ind for a long time she has now moved i need to find her and know she is alright ians parents supposedly live in gladwin…
what are the best neighboorhoods in or around orlando fla. for schools and family life.
My husband may be transfered to orlando fla. I need some help as far as neighboorhoods and schools. We would like to keep our child in private schools and are looking for a very family orientated community…
Best Place for City Lovers with Kids in Atlanta?
We are considering moving to the Atlanta area. We have twoyoung boys 3 and 6. We enjoy living in a more urban environment, but want to do what is best for our kids. Is there an area in Atlanta where…
General housing area and related environmental issue.
Hi, I am considering buying a house at WestPart in Roseville California but these houses are built around the Pleasant Grove Wastewater Treatment plant and an energy power plant. Home site: h…
i have 8 people in our house. our lease at the apartment is up next month. it seems nobody wants to rent for
that many people. my credit is poor but i have never been late on my paymentscan anyone help me
i'm considering a move to lexington and want to know about the quality of life there. How are the property?
what are the property taxes? is the golf good in the area? How is the quality of life for a couple retiring at 65?
Which parts of South Minneapolis (SW or Nokomis) have the least airport noise?
The MAC updates help some, but I want to spend time in my backyard too!
Hi all! We are a retired couple looking to rent for a while to learn your lovely area. We are flexible on
areas north and/or east of Atlanta, suburban or rural. We need -- -- a few acres for privacy --single level living, not too many stairs (to basement ok.) -- bit of extra storage, could be garage…
I need a place that will allow my dog pitbul less 50 lbs, my credit is not good but reliable job,co-sign
deperately looking for safe place and reasonable rates make up to 1800.00 monthly no bills and just me and my dog
where is the best place tolive in jerey city?
where is the best area to live in jersey city were there are no drugs no crimes at all
What is the most ideal suburb town in the Chicagoland area to look at if I want to have a horse on the?
What is the most ideal suburb town in the Chicagoland area to look at if I want to have a horse on the property? The town that has the most lenient horse zoning laws in effect... i.e. being able to take…
Hi,anyone there from Holiday area near Burntwood?
I have been looking for a friend who used to live at 3560 Burntwood in Holiday ,his name Mr.Wellington and I received some info about a house at Wellington str.That's not what I have been looking for.If…
I want peace & solitude in a beautiful setting. with this in mind what is the timberlake area like?
Does the area get much snow? Does the sun shine a lot Dec. - April?
are young families in williamsburg?
thinking of moving to williamsburg and starting our family... are there many babies and services around?
as the new owner of a rental property, can I write a new lease overriding the previous one from the previous
owners? Will the renters be in violation if they wont sign it and can I evict them if they wont?
I'm 6 months into a 12-month condo lease and the owner just told me it's going to be a short sale. What now?
My wife and I signed a 12 month lease in July 2007. We pay $1,050/month for a condo. Today the owner called said the property is going to be listed as a short sale in the next few days for $149,900...…
what period of time should i wait for my heating to be repaired. i have 4 children aged from 18 months to 13
years. all my children and my partner suffer from asmtha. the baby is ill and my partner is thinking of moving out due to the coldness. it has already been nearly 3 weeks.
We own a co-op that allows sub-leasing in our by-laws with no restriction other then telling the board who is
in there if owners are not present. They are now talking about putting restrictions on how many times a year you can rent and charging a fee every time you rent to a different person. We have owned this…
Hello. I name is Bre. I live in Atlanta, GA in a 3 bed room apartment with my 2 kids, age 7 and 1. I allowed
a friend of mine to move in because he and his daughter had been evicted and had no place else to go. They moved in in July of 2006 and have not left. Neither of them are on my lease and he refuses to…
never got a copy of lease, needed to move due to medical and finanical reasons, what leg do i have to stand on
i was living in an area that was over fifty miles away from my docter, i relocated due to a job, then lost the job, found out I had health issues that would require me to visit a docter quite regularly.…
Does any one have recommendations for a family relocating to Salt Lake City, we are looking for 1 year lease,?
3-4 bdrm, accepts pets, good school district, preferably an area we can store a large snowmobile trailer.
Alright everyone. I am serving on an advisory panel for a local senoir resource center. We are working on the
topic of what are future generations going to want in the way of information, resources, help or anything as they move into retirement? Some things have been a Bucket List resource to help you plan to…
what is ringgold like, how rural is it. how is the school as for as special ed for high functioning autistic?
children.what grade does music start in. is ringgold a friendly town or is it like jena
What are the advantages and disadvantage of selling my condo in San Francisco and moving to San Jose?
I don't like the commute on Cal Train, and I'm thinking I'd get more room in San Jose?
HI Trulia, Going through old papers & pictures..found picture of house at 1601 N Fuller, Hollywood (28) owned
by my grandparents in 1932-1936. The address came in as a house you had in Nov for sale/perhaps just part of it. Just curious to see pictures of it now! Patty Buksa/Formerly Bell (owner in 1932-36 Olive…
May I ask you to give my mail-address and warm regards to the house owner of 1031 springdale road in Atlanta.?
I lost contact to the family since the wife - my best friend - died and just read that the house was sold. All my emails came back, this is probably the only possibility to keep in touch. Thank you so…
How is mountain house and what do for fun and its safe?????
How is mountain house and what do for fun and its safe?????
What is the best area for a family with babies or small kids among these choices??
North Reading, Reading, Wakefield, Woburn, Lynnfield,
When renting your own home. What is the proccess for screening tenants?
Do I need a business license in order to screen tenants?
I moved in with my father last year to help out because my mother had a stroke and has been in a nursing home
for fifteen months. Can he take my mother's name off the mortgage and add mine in her place, since I am living here and paying half of the expenses?
My husband starts a new job on Wed this month. We are looking for a rental or a home that hire people to house
He will be working as an excabator on the new job starting in Campe Verde or Cottonwood. Any leads/Non smoker. and married man since 1986. Excellent for yard work and cleanup. Keeps everything to precision…
My boyfriend does not like to pay income tax. Is this risky to our relationship and what happens to him?
I have been with my boyfriend for two years and he does not pay his income tax. He got 1099's from employment agencies and has not filed them. I have told them he is gonna get caught one day and in trouble.…
Where to move after living in NYC?
I've heard people talk about South Orange, Maplewood, Milburn ( as more reasonably priced alternatives to tried and true downs a like Short Hills, Summit, etc.) that are close to the NY via train. I…
Which neighborhood is the safest, family oriented, and near everything in Rome, NY?
My husband & I plus our 11 year old & 8 year old are moving to Rome, NY, in February. We will be working in the Griffiss Technology Park. We need to buy a 3 bdrm 2 bth house. What's the best neighborhood…
I'm looking for a weekend getaway on the Cape (I live in Boston).
More specifically, I'm looking for a 2 or 3 BR home in an area that is relatively close (less than 2 miles) to a beach. I'd like a place that's not too busy in the summer--if that's possible. I've only…
Renee Cheney still there?
Tell her Judy Kranzler was wanting to get in touch!
I am 53, receive Social Security Disability which is a fixed income. I desperately need an affordable
apartment or house to rent; I've filled out many applications from PHA. However, I don't know if I am informed as I should be and desperately want to move into a place of my own in a safe, quality neighbor.…
What's the Brewer Ave area of Suffolk, VA like? Family friendly? Safe? Good schools?
We are looking to move to a location central to my work (Regent University, Virginia Beach) and my husband's (sales, Hampton, Newport News, Williamsburg). We are considering Suffolk and a property on…
What can you do when your condo association won't repair anything and won't respond?
If a condominium association refuses to let owners see real figures, what can you do
I am moving to Paulding County, and intersesting in findiing out where to go to meet other couples?
i have never moved away from hometown, so we are hoping to meet new people when we get there. Any suggestions?
How is Marlboro, NJ vs Plainsboro, NJ ?
I guess important considerations are the schools, commute to NYC, property values and resale values. I am assuming quality of life to be same (am I wrong?). Which is better? My research indicates better…
Ok!...i need to know where there is a good quite neighborhood...close to a high school...im also a certifed
nursing assistant so i want to move close to any nursing facilities or hospitals. In atlanta georgia
I had some Real Estate Property STOLLEN, the title is still in my name,How do I get it back?
Realizing this is a issue of COMPLEXITY, it was deliberately created this way. The people(cons)involved in this theft are PRO's in our legal field(judges,many atty's & motherload is thier Paralegal) The…
I would like to move to westchester not sure which town but I am in mutiracial marriage and have multiracial
children. I would like an area that is not races and excepts people of all cultures and has excellents schools. Any suggestions. I am also a first time home buyer.
The house im renting is in forclosure, The current landlord said we have until Dec 15 to get out. But what if
we cant find a place by then. will they kick us out to the streets? or do we as renters have rights?
Where in Inland Empire are good locations for public education (Specifically Special Education)?
We moved to Cinco Ranch in Katy, TX near Houston to escape from high housing prices. We might want to return to CA (Inland Empire) since real estate market is softening. We got lucky since Cinco Ranch…
I'm taking a new job in Norwalk, CT. I'm a single woman, so I want a safe neighborhhood, restuarants,
lounges, shopping nearby with a fairly short commute. Any recommendations?
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