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Is this the real Real Estate future? Watch this 60 Minutes video!
Is this the next wave of loans to default!
Dear Mr Pesident, How can we fix the economy?
You can call it the "Patriotic Retirement Plan":There are about 40 million people over 50 in the work force. Pay them $1 million a piece severance for early retirement with the following stipulations:1)…
Appropriate listing price?
I'm about to sell our house and of course I want the most I can reasonably get for it. It's 1900 sq ft in the Stone Meadow Association in 76123. What's the market like around this area? I was planning…
How do you build a great team?
I want to put togeather a great Real Estate team and need advice how?
What can we (not just realtors) do to improve the present real estate market?
How to increase the demand and decrease the number of available properties to stabilize the market place?
KB Homes in Cantara Place, Dublin?
They are not negotiating on the price or incentives as they say the price is set below market price. Plan 1 (1757 Sq ft, 3/2.5) is priced at 574K. The house doesn't come with anything. Even kitchen…
Do you feel President Obama ignored or addressed housing in his State of the Union address?
Please share your opinion on his speech. Did he meet your expectations? Do you now have a better idea of how he plans to stabilize the housing market?
In a June 19, 2009 U.S. News article you cited Dallas area office vacancy rates back in 1975. What was your source.?
From the article: "Although the oil crises of the 1970s put a drag on the national economy, they had a positive impact on economic conditions and house prices in Texas. During the period, nonresidential…
Where are Orange County real estate values headed in the coming months to years?
I am of the opinion that we wil see further home value declines for several reasons: bust of Pay Option loans, low rates that can only go up, continuing foreclosures as the economy continues to decline.…
How do I find good comps? Very similar to the subject property and within a mile, same # BR/BA, sq. ft. , lot size etc. ???
Without bugging my agent for the MLS everyday. Trulia and Zillow don't really help. Their info is always incomplete or shows houses halfway across town that don't compare in any way. Is there…
can I get the monthly median home price data in table format (rather than chart?)
can I get the monthly median home price data in table format (rather than chart?)
I am trying to invest in a rental property in the San Diego area. Spoke to an agent who said sellers are
turning away buyers because they are getting so many offers. He also told me I'd have to pay cash as lenders are just not lending to out of state investors. Does this sound accurate? I am thinking…
I am looking to sell the house in NJ.
I am looking to sell the house in NJ. I received a few quotes from local realtors and the commission fee are relatively high. I'm not wellknow what the average commision fee charge. I know that of…
Why are the prices of new condos in newport , jersey city area increasing by 20-25% from last year?
Why are the prices of new condos in newport , jersey city area increasing by 20-25% from last year or two years ago when people bought directly from the developer. Should I buy from a reseller/flipper?…
Schools around Cypress Cedarbrook Regis Homes
Hi, How are schools in the Niles District of Fremont close to Cypress New community by Regis Homes. And also what kind of deals currently offering ? Regards sk
Should I have to pay maintenances fee for condos that is close over 2 years now?
I purchase a few units in 2006. Management company facilitate with renting the units and any maintenance that was needed for one year. I paid all my maintenance fees upfront and before the due date. The…
is there a way to figure out what a property might bring in an auction sale in northern Washington county. The local area has not seen a home sale in
two years... trying to find out what a property might bring if it were auctioned. I am looking to get the lowest price point for tax and legal purposes.
is now a good time to sell in odenton considering brac?
We own a nice 1252 sq ft 2bed 2bath with bonus room condo in odenton close to ft meade. with all the jobs coming into ft meade is now a good time to sell?
This property is much too nice for the low selling price. Also it has 3.5 baths and a finished basement. It
-- This question is about this property:
What are realtors opinion of ActiveRain? Any true financial benefit that you have seen? Or more of reaching out/ getting to know other RE agents
and peripheral professionals? Do you think its more or less relevant/ worthwhile as Trulia? Just wondering... Thanks.
Our home, in Mt. Pleasant, is in a highly rated neighborhood. We would like to sell but the builder is adding inventory of comparable size at below
market rates. Should we try to sell before there is too much competition, or rent it out and wait?? THANK YOU Lea
Can you buy land by financing it? If financing is a problem is it a good time to buy 20, 40, 60 or more acres for personal use?
Is buying what many would call "empty land" a problem today? Is financing "raw land" a problem? If it is, does that mean most who have land to sell would be a lot more open to a…
there is a lot of talk about the softening of the RE market...How would you describe the condo market in Palm?
Beach on the island (price range upto 600k) between the Lake Worth and Lantana bridges
I recently heard and read that Santa Clara, along with some other major Bay Area cities, experienced a rise in the number of sales during the past
year, particularly in the $400k range (our range); does that mean competition is even fiercer in Santa Clara (and Sunnyvale, Mtn. View, Fremont, where we're considering)? Do you think there will…
Price range for homes in 94087 with cupertino schools
Hello, We are looking for a single family home in the 94087 zipcode with good cupertino schools. What would be a reasonable price range for a 1500 sqft 3/2 home in good condition?
Short Sale Fraud. Has any agent been caught doing this with the big banks??
Big Banks Accused of Short Sale Fraud From Realty Check But here's what's not legal and what's apparently happening quite often recently. Since many second…
The mortgage on our house has been recently paid off. We estimate the current value at $165,000, down from approx. $210,000 five years ago.
Unfortunately we live in an area with many foreclosures. We would like to move to a better area w/ the average home price of $275,000. Is this a good time to move or should we wait a year or two.
How is the rental market evolving in the area of Delray Beach?
Where can I find more comparative economic and social data on this area: unemployment rate, criminal rate, etc?
With regard to Potomac, what is the significance of the school system (e.g., Churchill high school) on home
prices? Also, do you have any read on how newer homes in the area (built after 1995) are faring currently? Your input would be most appreciated.
I am a out of state Investor in Atlanta's Market. Which neighborhoods are the best to purchase SFO, REO
Property? My exit strategy is Buy, Rehab,Rent, to own, for the end user.
What is average percentage difference between original listing price and ultimate sales price in Hamilton NJ?
I have a property tax appeal hearing taking place later this week. One of the comparison homes submitted by the local tax assessor to defend his assessment is currently on the market and is being listed…
I am a student at the business school in Switzerland, and I would like to have some information about the housing prices in Dublin or in general in
Ireland. Could you please, give me some advice about this issue? I thank you in advance. Best regards. davide
Has the 90-day FHA seasoning rule been a problem in Chicago?
I'm a lender so I don't talk to that many "cash investors." Realtors, would love your input...will a clearer exit strategy for quick sales help get them back in the game? Specifically,…
Amity Penn
market value on acres of land All rights
What will happen when 8K credit expires?
Rite now prices seem to be stable, but what do you think will happen when 8K first homebuyer credit expires ?
Do you think that 2010 will bring more short sales than the previous three years?
Do you think that 2010 will be the year of the short sale now that banks want to roll these proeprties off their books and the new guidelines will go into effect this spring?
During the depression, how many years did it take for real estate values to reach the same values they were, just prior to the depression?
Additional statistical data is requested from the depression through current and future years. I owned over $70,000,000 in real estate several years ago. I only owed $30,000,000. Currently, it appears…
How do I figure out how often buyers are paying some of the closing costs in my area? thanks!
I hear that sellers are more often chipping in on costs which are typically paid by the buyer (inspection, closing costs, etc). How can I find out how often that's happenning in our market? We may do a…
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