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I have read with interest the various articles and charts published by Trulia for the past several months... and the trends are what they are....
like many others, I have a situation with the market value process of Real Estate in DeKalb County, IL. While the overall market trend in down everywhere, the assessor in DeKalb county indicates home values…
How can I find agents who specialize in "international real estate".?
What is the best way to get in contact with international real estate agents in the US?
What would be the best way to go about getting a mortgage or an agreement in principal? Is it best to go through a mortgage broker or through banks?
I currently live in london and I am looking to move back to new york but I want to purchase a home to live in upon my return. So I need to know what is the best way to go about finding a home and getting…
Many realtors say the market is bottoming or very close. What is different than January 2008 when the same things were said?
Consider some Jan. 2009 replies. No, many don't agree that '08 will be worse.. in fact…
I'm trying to get a "ball park" figure on the market value of a piece of property.
Property is located at Twin River Ranchos Unit 4, Lot 7, Block 29 S. 7th St, Elko NV and is 2.27 acres
i have a four bedroom house right off the new turnpike exit in port st lucie,very close to Tesoro country
club.I am trying to rent it ,can someone suggest me what should i do to rent it .
What is your 1 year forecast for the market in Township of Washington, NJ. (07676)? Also, if I sell I am considering to buy in an active adult
community(55 ) in Jackson, NJ.(zip 08527). What is your forecast for pricing in that market for the next year?
Buyers/Sellers/Agents: How has the BP Oil Spill affected you, your home or your business?
Were you planning to buy or sell a home in the Gulf of Mexico before the spill? Are you a real estate broker or agent in an area affected by the spill? How has your life and/or your home have been affected?…
what was the percentage of sales in Honolulu that were foreclosures by numbers of homes or by value of total sales?
The number of foreclosures is on the rise Just wondering what percentage of homes changing hands are doing so by foreclosure versus the regular sales channels, and what percentage of sale value they…
The Hampton Roads, VA housing market has tanked just like a lot of places. Realtors, when do you see an even market coming along? What about the?
Gloucester, Va area? How is the market over there right now and how do you think it will be in the future?
How can this home have sold for $350,000 in August 2005 in Lancaster, CA:
To buy a townhome or not to buy, What is your feedback?
Would you buy a builder spec home about 45 away from work, or a townhome built to YOUR specs about 5 minutes from work? Is it worth buying a new townhome in Horizon West? How much should I offer for a…
What do we see overall trend in 01609 area? Say after 3 years. Think foreclosures can get you a good deal?
What about a appraised value does that really say anything if I am trying to buy a Condo?
First- I LOVE your site. My agent posted my property here and I've used it for more market research than I could have ever hoped for. Nobody
beats you IMHO. In a pickle here. I have a bit of a lemon sit-rep. It's a 5Bdroom house in a 3 to 4 bedroom city/zip brownstown/48134 Sq Ft. 2238. A Sale will be limited by apprasied value.…
What's the value of a single home in Journal Square?
Hi! What's the selling value of a single home in JSQ? Can you rent it out? If so, for how much?
What is the average price per square meter in Downtown Miami?
I'm a student from a hotelschool in the Netherlands, for one of my projects I need to know the price per square meter in downtown Miami. I need to calculate this in order to write an investment plan…
We bought last year 8/2009 at 160K, and we're in Eggers Acres. What are my chances of selling it at 160K this summer? (divorce)
It was appraised at 160K. There were no comps in the neighborhood on the house. Yes, we're idiots. Moving past that, the house is in great condition and sits on 3/4 of acre, backing to a park. Built…
I write feature housing articles for
I would to hear from users who know what percentage of home sales in their market are now short sales. Please identify your market. Thanks so much. Keith Jurow
Recently added 590 sq footage. Last home sold in our area was a 2300 sq footage at 1.3M and updated here and there. Ours is about 200 sq foot
smaller. How would it be compared to ours that has a new 290 sq foot kitchen with rare pattern granite counter top , all wood cabinets, walk-in pantry, all stainless steel appliances and a new bedroom.…
Our house has been on the market for several months now and we have lowered the asking price by $15,000 recently. Our agent thinks we should reduce
by another $20,000 to be below $400, 000 stating there is no market for houses now about $400,000. Is this correct?
Property Tax Revaluation. Jersey CIty NJ (Hamilton Park).
Has anyone heard any updates on the property tax revaluation for the older condoes around hamilton park? I am concerned a big tax hike is coming up. The park renovation will most likely affect the owners…
Does the Sacramento area make good sense for investment in real estate?
I am interested in areas like Elk Grove, Antelope or even Sacramento itself. Anybody who has first hand experience as a buyer or agent please respond. I am serious buyer.
I live in Lake County Illinois, in the town of Round Lake Beach and my tax assessment this year is way to
high. Doing alot of research I have found that it is MY subdivision that is being hit HARD!! Subdivisions in my area that pay taxes for the same schools, police,fire dept.,library and park districts have…
How's the new construction/building market in Gillette? Any room for a new builder in town?
My husband and I are thinking of moving to the area-he's been in construction for over 10 years and has heard Gillette is growing. Would we have any luck?
Our family has some acreage in the Water Mill, NY area, which we would like to sell. What is the most logical approach.?
One family member researched "selling" development rights to the town of Southampton, but they have no money. So next steps... sell this property. Acreage is 38 acres... Some of it is wetlands…
Finding a real estate agent....
Years ago, way back in the eighties we used a family friend as a real estate agent when we bought our first home. Not only is that person no longer around, but things have changed so much in the real…
Why did Toll Brothers close their office in Hoboken?
Is it possible they have overbuilt here (and everywhere for that matter). I am hoping that some good bargains are on the way.
Multi-units in Berkeley, CA
Is there any place to find the trend/data of mutli-units in Berkeley?
I first bought my house in 2002 in the Rose Park Area of Long Beach. For the first few years I would receive note pads from about 25 different
realtors each month. I stopped receiving them about 2007. I am now running out. Does anyone know when the supply of scratch paper will start up again. or do i need ot actually purchase this myself now.
I'm trying to find real estate comps for near Tyler, Texas (Murchison, Edom & Ben Wheeler to be exact). We are located out of town & so
is our real estate agent. He said he doesn't have access to comps in the area. I've searched online but not much has turned up. We are looking at 2 places -- one with 90 acres & one with…
My Home value in Saginaw dropped $4000 from 2-3 years ago. Should I get another appraisal?
Loan Company said this was "typical" for the market. It affected my refinance (added MPI of $42 per month) At $300, is it worth it to get another appraisal?
We bought our home in July of 2008 for $740,000. We recently decided to re-finance to get a lower rate and the appraiser Citimortgage sent out
appraised our property at $540,000. So our re-fi did not go through. Zillow says our property is estmated to be $695,000. There is something wrong with this picture....comments?
With the only major businesses being the Columbus Air Force Base, and MUW (MS University for Women).
Don't you think the price is a little too high? espically when there is a chance that the AFB might close?
Bay Area reporter looking for a homeowner that has stopped paying their mortgage and plan to stay in the home until the bank kicks them out...
Have you decide to stop paying your mortgage and become a lame duck homeowner? If yes, are you willing to tell your story to a Bay Area reporter? Please email if you would like to participate?
Closing Costs in W. Mt. Airy.
My family and I are returning to Philly (West. Mt. Airy) from VA. The market in VA demands that we pay all ora great deal of closing. Does the market in W. Mt. Airy make the same demands on the seller?
Piggyback loans
Does anyone know if piggyback loans are still happening much in the current environment? I want to refinance my house with 2 loans so I don't have a jumbo loan in order to get a lower interest rate.
Market change
Well, Trulia shows market has jumped about 18% in the last 3 or 4 months for Winthrop town but NAR report shows that market dropped about 6% in the first quarter of 2010 for the same town. Does any one…
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