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how much below listing price is too low of an offer for a home that needs work?
this home needs a little work and is corporate owned from what i understand. I believe it has gone into forclosure the other homes around it are all brick and this one is stucco front and siding on sides…
What is the projected single family residential appreciation percentage from 2012 to 2013 for the Sunridge area?
The county assesor said my home will appreciate 8.2% during that time. What is your professional opinion of that figure?
When will this rubber band snap back to reality - where supply stops undercutting demand in NW Columbus?
It seems as though the market has almost returned to normal and yet businesses are still all so scared of taking risks that they are not only stalling the recovery overall, but they may be responsible…
Thinking about selling 2 bed 1bath SFH in 94085
Curious to get the pros' input on the 24 month outlook on 94085 homes. We're on the fence about selling our 2 & 1 SFH (remodeled bath/kitchen high-end ~1000 sq ft & 4,500 sq ft lot) and upgrading to 94086…
We have moved from Norfolk VA to Nashville TN. How do these two markets compare to each other?
We are considering selling our home in Norfolk VA and buying one in Nashville TN. What are the long-term trends of these to markets and what would be the best move? Should we do this or rent-out our…
How important is the rental market to the sales market?
As a rental manager I have noticed that whenever rental rates seem to drop, and the rental market slows, housing starts seem to fall within 3 months. How good of a sales barometer would you say the rental…
Collecting ground rents?
I inherited a ground rent from my grandparents. I realize that several years ago there was a lot of controversy that resulted in ground rent owners no longer being able to evict the property owner. Since…
We have moved from Norfolk VA to Nashvill TN. How are these two markets doing compared to each other?
Is one market recovering faster than the other? What the long-term prospects for each. We own a home in Norfolk and are considering selling it and buying one here in Nashville TN vs. renting it out there…
Tampa or Orlando Florida for an investment property to rent out?
Hi, I'm looking to purchase a investment property that I could rent out for extra income. Which area would you advice in terms of return of investment, cheap place to buy and still rent out for a…
What is the "weather" at this time for real estate investing? Does it look like the buyer's market will change for sellers?
I would like to invest in some properties in low income areas, is this wise for me to do right now?
A friend is almost ready to put her newer (1970s) home on the market in Rockport. There is some updating to be done. Should she sell the house as is ?
The areas to address: re-seeding the yard, fresh paint (interior), about $5k has been the quote to do the work (she can't do it herself). If she sells at around $120K she will just pay off the loan…
Looking for Investment Property
What's the best way to find an investment condo that already has a tenant in place?
Is 5305 N. Camelhead Rd is still on for sale even though is off the market as of now?
I am a buyer. You can email me back to
i own a home in Solvang which is now being rented. the renters are interested in purchasing it. The last
assessment a few months ago was less than I paid for the house in 2004. do you recommend I hang on to it or sell it when there is an interested buyer?
What are the reasons that homeowners are opting Short Sales? Have they lost their jobs, gotten their hours cut.. or had an adjustable rate mortgage?
Just curious if the Reatlors see a trend as to why homeowners are having to go the Short Sale Route.. is it because they have reduced income, lost their jobs, or had an interest rate jump?
is the real estate market in playa vista a good investment right now? commercial development will begin one
of these days once the courts lift their injunction. won't this help boost the surrounding residential market?
Have you checked your real estate property tax exemptions lately? You could qualify for additional exemptions and $ave money...
If you have lived in your home for 10 years or more, you may be eligible for an additional real estate tax exemption to reduce your property taxes (COOK COUNTY ONLY). BUT ACT FAST DEADLINE TO FILE IS…
Do you find that housing prices may be going up slightly or starting to go up accross the country?
I understand many areas are worst than ever, but generally it seems when beach front property and small energized suburbs in major cities are revialized, that is hopefully a leading indicator for the other…
Are you experiencing a longer time period to get "Fully in Contract" in your area and if so, how long is it taking?
Just a few years ago, the process to get a sale into contract took approximately 2 weeks. Those days seem long gone. Why is it taking so long to get an engineer in to inspect the home and contracts executed…
Buy or Sell First?
Hi, I currently live in GC area and am looking to trade up. My current home is paid off and I've saved up to hopefully avoid a mortgage (or get a very small one) with our new home. I'd prefer…
what do the market is so corrupted?
no one is following the guide lines the bank dont care neither the seller, the house is a shortsale but it is being rented , isnt it illegal, the home needs repair but the bank nor the seller wants to…
I have a house to sell; also looking to buy.
My teenage daughter; slightly disabled sister, and myself need a place we can live in that will appreciate in value. Have NO one to help with a fixer-uper. Not interested in Brookhaven/Sabraton. Many…
How can I get an estimated worth of our home and property without hiring an appraiser?
I just need a round about figure at this point in trying to refi.
Would the real estate market ever return to near the highs before the crash?
Is the real estate market on the way down (especially in the south bay area in California) or on it's way up?
Looking for the percentage of change in real estate values in Galena in the last 3 years.
Interest in a building that hasnt been assessed in 3 years, zoned both commercial/residental.
How has Ewa Beach (especially Ocean Point & KaMakana) been doing the last three years--compared to Kapolei and Mililani Mauka?
How is it looking the next 3-5 years? I love newer, quality homes of Ocean Point, but I keep hearing that Kapolei (i.e. Kapolei Knolls, Ko Olina) or Mililani Mauka are better places to buy (resale value,…
What is the average cost to build an additional bedroom in Wailuku?
Doing an appraisal report and trying to find out information for the sales comparison approach
section8 home rental
I'm moving from bensalem ,pa with section and i would like to rent a 3 bedroom house in lithonia,ga30038
who own this property on 2809 Beechwoomd Drive?
I was a subleaser to this address
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