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can anyone help me buy this home?
? its for my mother she is 30 and has no job andtries her hardest to keep us in this apartment im thirteen and i can get 75% of the money please help i want i to be a christmas gift beacuase my mom can…
how do i search for documents pertaining to a HOA and restrictive covenants for a particular subdivision that I am an actual homeowner of already?
I have already done a search through my local courthouse register of deeds dept. I don't how or what to search from here.
I own a coop in new york near the bergen county border, and I would like to live in ridgewood eventually. Although it is a buyers market now, I am
not in a position financially to buy anything any time soon. I have seen nice homes in ridgewood currently for high 300,000's and up. What do you anticipate the market to look like in 5 years, when I will…
they are
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Does anyone know if the Laguna Lakes neighborhood in Fort Myers, Florida has a CDD fee or just HOAs?
Hello, An offer of mine on a house in Laguna Lakes in Ft Myers, FL has just been accepted, and I have worked everything out as for mortgage payment but I am not sure whether or not there is a CDD fee…
2293 Gary Ln. Tracy, Ca.- Melloroos?
Do you know if there are Melloroos with this property?
I am looking for a place that's woodsy, has good schools, under an hour from Sacramento, and gets decent snow, but not too much for horses (under 3
feet). I prefer not to live within an HOA, but a laid-back animal-friendly one would be OK, I guess. I've searched the Greeley Hill /Mariposa /Coarsegold /Oakhurst area (this is about 4 hours north…
Why does the home I lived in at 3144 N. 9th St., Philadelphia, Pa., have a different house number today? It's the house in the photo.
This was my grandparents' home from about 1910 till 1960. It was built around 1900, not in 1925. I have written to the current occupant but have received no reply. If you have any current information…
our realtor insists we're getting a steal if we get a 3BR/2BA house in jefferson park for mid $600k closing. true? how good a neighborhood is?
this? the list price is 700k and it's about 1750 sq ft with a big lot that we can build out about another 1000 sq ft. finished basement, move in ready, detached garage. i think it's really a…
I am in the market to buy a home. I am looking in the Silver Spring Northwood subdivision or any other in the area. My problem is I was qualified for
only $205,000.00 but all that amount can get me is a run down unlivable home. I have four minor children and one has Asthma so any house with problems can not do. What other option to I have to get the…
would any one know of a place that i can rent to own?
preferably in Burnside KY any where is good but prefer Burnside I am looking for a safe and happy neighborhood for my fiance and our daughter to where i can go away to work and dont have to worry about…
I own property that borders an automotive salvage yard. The valve of sold property to compare for fair market values are hard to find.
The concern I'm sure would most likely be condition of ground water, even though I have a drilled well. My property is in a neighborhood with mobil homes and most home appraisals on average about…
I am planning to buy house in Frisco/Plano by January'10. Have few questions: 1. Which neighbourhood is most safe & secured
? 2. I am looking for around 150-160K house, would I get a good 3BR house for that? 3. What is the average monthly electricity home insurance bill?
there is a a house that caught on fire last march i live next door to this terriable eye soar, does this affect the vaule of my home.
also how can i find out if this home is up for foreclosure? they do very little work on this property and its almost been a year.
Anyone familiar with the Grant Terrace subdivision near Hill Street/Farrington?
Almost every house on the street has or is being renovated. Has this ever been a stable area or is the crime still high?
My landlord recently died. We had a month to month lease with him. Currently the property and rent are being held in his "estate". His son
has power of attorney over his estate. He intends on raising the rent 50% next month. Can he do this legally?
May I get pictures of this home valued at $29,500, please. We are thinking about moving back to North Dakota. Our two daughters and their families
live in Belcourt, ND along with my parents. I went to Langdon this past fall to watch my grandson play football. What a pretty little town!
Live in Florissant Missouri.New Yrs Eve and on problems with basement drain w/sewer.plumbers and everyone we called. said to ck the lateral. finding
out we have to pay $200 or more for camera 2 find out not our problem. we are paying taxes for this and we still have to fork out this money we can't even afford to do. is there help for this type…
crime in neighborhhod in cedar rapids, ia
what is wrong with houses emptied or comdened in F ave going to edgewood Ave
Need to rent a home near my children's school.Lease here is up Jan3rd,2010, heating bills here too high.Wiling to pay $1600. a month .
definatley need two bathrooms and a yard, have outside cats and one inside older dog,he is quiet.Actually I am searching for my daughter's family, we both need new housing. What do you have available…
Crestwood Area Resident parking rules?
I am considering buying a house in the Crestwood area of Yonkers, and it does not have off street parking. Due to the proxemity to the Crestwood train station, there are 3-hour parking limit signs posted…
How do I find out about Bank owned rental properties in the Plant City fl and Lakeland florida?
We currently live in Plant City. We are currently renting. We are looking to rent a bank owned property. We heard of other people who rent these types of properties and we are interested to find out more.…
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