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What is the normal turnaround time to get home warranty work completed?
I bought a new Single Family home in Ashburn back in March 2012. In order to meet the 1 year Home Warranty program I had to notify my builder prior to 3/30/13. 1 month prior to the Mar 30th deadline,…
What is your favorite part of living in the Chico area?
The small town feel and places like Bidwell Park, downtown, and the CSU Chico campus are the obvious attractions of Chico, but what lesser-known charms made you fall in love with our town?
looking at property in this area. is it a decent area to live in? is it a fairly safe area?
? are there streets we should avoid because of high crime? we have pets we wouldn't want them to be harmed
best neighborhood in Orange County
what is the "best" neighborhood in the entire Orange County? I am looking to rent around $4000, 3000 sqft of living and 6000 sqft yard, best schools, view. Does that exist?
Hi, i am from Peru, and, I want to buy one home in Lawrenceville, because I have familiars in this area. I can spend until $80,000.00 U.S. , I am
tlaking to buy the home cash, no credit, only cash, but I want to buy an ocassion , I want to invest this money in buying a home to rent, Thank you, I hope news!,
what is exactly zoning SF?
Add some detail about your question
What are your thoughts in purchasing a home for rent in Palm Springs around the downtown area.?
This would be looked as a seasonal rental and I wanted to get a better grasp of market conditions.
What do you think Newcomers to New Braunfels should know?
Each area has it's own quirks and unique qualities, what do you find yourself explaining to Newcomers to New Braunfels most often?
my wife & i are looking for a home . she works in madison and i will be working in decatur are there an happy
med.? we are new to the area and have ben looking but hard to find something that works for us
Selling damaged house in Escape, 7K
Mobile 3bed single_ winter damage, covered terrace, metal barn, hot water from boiler/$7K_917\747-3529
My family and I are currently looking to move by june 2,2014. My husband and i are desperately looking for a private owner or rent to own home we
perfer 3-4 bedroom in zipcode areas 19149,19111 or 19152 please if anyone has advice please feel me in WE GLADLY WOULD APPRECIATE IT THANKS IN ADVANCE
We are in Maryland and about to make our 3rd trip to F/Hills to seriously look. What can anyone tell us about life there. Looks great. We are
retired, 60's, travel alot worldwide and do not golf. Just sick of MD taxes and winters. Bill and Ann
What are the best Cycling Routes, Clubs & Rides near Franklin Park, NJ?
I just moved to Franklin Park and am looking for Cycle Routes, Bicycle Clubs & Group Rides locally. Any suggestions...?
Zoning Law for low density privacy single family
Intent: to provide low density open space & privacy for single family housing. Also neighbor has built a 2 story garage apt and had 2 meters placed to have a renter overlook my patio
How are the odor problem(?) and garbage truck traffic near guadalupe mines/via campagna area?
Is there a bad odor (like the one around Milpitas/Zanker). Does anyone know if its just recylcing there or other kind of stuff too. Also does the garbage truck delivery traffic become bothersome/noisy?…
moving from bakersfield califorina relocating my job to garland tx and i have section 8 my income is 3500 a month i have 3 kids, looking for an agent
so scamers, no flakers, real agents also please. i have a 3 bed room voucher. good area pref, north garland
Have I Been Black-listed?
Hi guys: Does anybody have a working email address for the folks at Trulia? I haven't had an email alert about Trulia Voices in the areas I cover for ages. I assume there are still active discussions…
For living at Great Neck, which ccimpany's internet serivces is more reliable, Optimum or Verizon?
I am moving to Great Neck and need HD TV, internet and home phone, I am thinking of Optimum or Verzon, Whcih company is higher speed in internet?
I am looking for help with the GA dream homeownership process.
Just a few questions I wan not able to find answers to on their website. 1. Do I have to use one of their lenders or can I use any lender for this program. 2. I just started working full time in september…
Is cash 4 keys available to me in Indiana? If it is how do I apply? Is $1,000.00 what I can expect to receive if I qualify?
I am currently 4 months behind in my mortgage payments. I was in a serious automobile accident in 2010 that caucused a lot of my medical problem. I was terminated from my job due to medical problems in…
What public transportation is available from 2130 Sanibelle Ln to the Downtown Greenville area?
? What public transportation is available from 2130 Saniblle Ln to Best Buy Store in Greenville?
is there demand for renting a room in a private home in fairfield?
I have a "mother-in-law" suite and can put a kitchinette in if it would rent in Fairfield CT - what would the going rate for a studio w/ private bath and kitchen go for?
How much is your water bill in Long Grove?
I'm considering a house to purchase in Long Grove and I heard that the monthly water bill can get out of hand.
Fair market value for an apt in Brooklyn NY???
about 20 yrs ago my aunt won in a lottery in which she won a rent controlled apt in Bushwick Brooklyn area, she pays aprox $1900 a month rent, now the owner of the building would like to buy the apt from…
I believe you need to know I find your website very good up until recently. I believe I was victim of a scam. I recently viewed a home that was sent
to me via your site the address is 9 calumet ave oakland NJ received a response from what was believed to be the owner the listing was going for rental of $900.00 They asked that I fill out a lease agreement…
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