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I am getting a free college education for playing football. Should I get an associates or bachelors degree? Should I get my license while in college?
Does it matter if I get an associates or a bachelors when neither are required to become a real estate agent? Also, would it benefit me to wait to go through the process of getting my license, or should…
Please tell me how to change the picture of my house.
I want to change picture of my house.
If I dont get a copy of my lease, is it then null and void after a certain amount of time?
I am currently in a lease that I need to get out of for personal reasons. I re-signed my lease in March to begin in June. I have yet (it is end of Aug) to receive a copy of my lease. Is there a law…
How to remove the old picture on the website?
My home is off market now but the old pictures are still showing on the web. How can I remove them?
How do I edit my listing?
I have reduced the list price to 292500 for 284 Sedgewood Circle West Melbourne FL 32904 and it will not update in Trulia. List price is still showing 309900. Please help
I took my Texas Real Estate exam. Passed the National portion but not the state portion. What can i do?
Failed it for the 3rd time by only 3 questions. TREC says i need 30 more hours of class before I can take it again. Are there any jobs I can get without having to pass the Texas portion?
wondering why you ignore my redundant requests to remove me from your email list?
I've sent 4 no avail!!!!! Can't do business with people like you!
How do I delete my account?
I have 2 profiles and only want one.
How do I delete properties I am no longer interested in from my Board? I want to see only apts that are available. Thank you.
It is frustrating to keep seeing apartments I was interested in when I was planning to move west; I am now moving east.
How do I get someone to edit our Trulia page?
I am the community manager at 340 Fremont Apartments listed on the Trulia website. Trulia lists us as having a pool. We do not have a pool. We did not create the trulia account page.
I am getting notifications for a town in Texas that I have never searched for do I delete it from notifications?
I am not interested in real estate from Killeen, TX. Only my Connecticut searches. Have I been hacked?
How do I access my account?
I am a landlord with a posting on trulia and zillow. I need the correct link. The link I have treats me like a renter.
How do I change facts in paragraph about my home at 1386 Dusty Hill Road, Hemet, ca.?
It is officially a 4 Bdrm/3 full bath. The lot size is not in information. Would like the re write the paragraph.
How do I delete photos from my home listing?
I bought my home two years ago and do not want real estate agent provided photos of my home online for security reasons
please take the photos off 238 Snapdragon, Camdenton, MO
wrote a letter, plus have e-mailed many times.
I am interested in getting access to TrendMLS. I am not a realtor, and don't really want to become one. If
I have to take a test to gain access, I would be willing to do so. My main reason for wanting it is that I follow the market very closely and often have many people ask me about homes listed for sale.…
Our home is being listed under a realtor, but he mistakenly uploaded a picture that we need to have removed & replaced. How do we go about doing?
so. The picture includes one of our children in the home, and we'd like to for confidentiality replace the picture.
How do I unsubscribe to
We have purchased a home and no longer need to receive notifications.
Becoming a Realtor in Michigan...
I'd like to get into the real estate business to become a realtor... What, where and how do I get started?? Please some advise...!! Thank You!
A Question on guest writer
Good Afternoon, This is Sunny from Jurado &Farshchian law firm in Miami FL. Here at Jurado &Farshchian, we specialize in real estate , business law and etc. and also write blogs on our website…
I want to delete my account - how can I do so
I cannot find anything in the interface
How do I edit information on the home I own?
I see where there is a link to edit my home information. I click on that and a dialog pops up asking for the owner's name in the county records. I select the correct one, but I am NEVER shown any…
Today's greed in Flipping houses, profit by instituting the action of taking advantage of ones misfortune. How can those of you sleep at night?
Morals, the respect for human kind, the kindness to be shared and given to one another,,,,a concept that is now overshadowed by greed, self indulged persona that engages in the exploitation of another…
Regarding how to use ap .
How do I search efficiency's in Sebring and Avon Florida ?
I was pressured into leaving a review for an agent and now want to remove it.
I was pressured into leaving a review for an agent and considering I have spent almost as much in repairs on the home as I did the purchase price, I wish to remove it. How do I do that please? Thank you.
Why cant a person i invite to see my board accept?
I added my fiance's email to a board of houses i made and she cant join? I gave her my password and she is still unable to access it. Is this a glitch?
How to removed house pictures from a property that has been sold years ago?
Dear Trulia, You have many customers who want the privacy of their newly bought house to be kept private.. how do you remove content of home from Trulia? Are you capturing the home content from Trend?
How do I remove pictures of my home?
I have claimed my home on your website and I want to remove the pictures. I was able to do so on Zillow, but can't seem to find out how on your website. I do not want photos of my house made public.…
I want to cancel my ad. How do I do this?
I want to cancel my ad. How do I do this?
How to change the cover picture of a listing that was created on Trulia through Zillow Rental Manager?
Please help us figure out out to change the cover picture on our rental ad that we created on Trulia through the Zillow Rental Manager. Many thanks!
Help!~ I am an agent. Where do I go to add my listing?
I am an agent. Where do I go to add my listing?
I previously sent LOTS OF correspondence to Trulia regarding the condo I purchased in Dallas nearly 4 years ago. I want the old photos taken down.
My address is 6227 Bandera Ave, Unit C, Dallas, TX 75225. PLEASE TAKE DOWN THE PHOTOS YOU HAVE ON TRULIA. THOSE PHOTOS DO NOT DEPICT MY CONDO. Do I need to have my attorney contact you with a demand…
how can i write a review of my agent?
I signed in, but see no link for posting a review
How do I update the photos and description on your website, and associated with my home?
I owe the home at 11303 126th ave ne, kirkland, wa 98033. here: I want something more like this: htt…
How do I update an agent's information on a listing?
The contact phone number is wrong
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