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My house has been on the market since November, and we have only had TWO showings! So frustrated!!! What can we do to help attract potential buyers?
The price seems to be about right, but we are competing with new construction. (Ours is only 2 years old. We just want to downsize...)
8615 Lykens Ln, Andorra 3BR, all updated, largest yard/land,lower than comps $217,800. Quick settlement,message me or my agent 267-236-4330
8615 Lykens Lane, Andorra, quiet street - twin, 3BR, all updated, largest yard/land on block -priced under comps that were sold~~ $217,800. Quick settlement - message me or my agent 267-236-4330
I asked a FSBO on Trulia question and it was flagged as spam. I can only imagine a realtor flagged the question, but I asked Trulia to look into it.
This is why I do not want to work with local realtors to sell my house. My new question: When will the real estate professionals act professionally and clean up the real estate agents' reputation?
Can a buyer force me to convert back a garage if his lender requires this to fund the loan, or can I walk away ?
I purchased the home in 2008 with the garage already converted to a playroom. I had no difficulty in getting the home financed. Now that I'm selling it turns out it was done without permits. I never…
Do prefab homes sell like traditionally constructed ones?
There are some neighborhoods where building a prefab home appears less expensive than buying existing ones. Assuming a good builder and no structural issues, how might a prefab home fare when it's…
My buyer received a mortgage commitment letter, now my lawyer states that he was refused the mortgage because he didnt' met the mortgage
"conditions." The buyer had 20% down and was financially strong. I'm not quite sure what the unmet conditions were (I'll find out soon) but I had already moved out of the house. Am…
What are current price per sqft in 10011 for a new condo loft, Chelsea NYC?
Bldg is a prewar conversion 19th and 5th Ave, 13 ft ceilings. Is 1000 per sqft still reasonable? What has sold (not presales that are closing in Q109?) in the past few weeks that are comps (new condo…
Can anyone explain how land contract works when selling a mobile home?
I have a friend who has been asked to sell her mobile home land contract, can anyone explain how that works so I can let him know? I suggested he contact a lawyer and find out, but he wanted me to ask…
Why Didn't My Home Sell?
The good news is there are only three reason homes do not sell in any market. I know the thought of seeing another "for sale" sign in your hard is making you anxious; but if you want to sell to move to…
Why am I not getting any showings/offers?
Hi everyone, I listed my house almost a month ago. We've had one open house and only had a total of 8 showings, 3 of them during the open house. I was told by my realtor that the market is hot right now…
Do we need to hire an attorney to create the deed and review closing documents or can we rely on the mortgage company's attorney for that?
We are selling and buying a house. We hired an attorney to construct and review P&S on both properties. Both documents are signed.
What is your opinion on Salinas real estate market recovery?
I have 5 investment properties that I bought within the last 4 years in the Creekbridge area of Salinas, CA. I like to learn your real estate market predictions for 2014 and 2015. When should I consider…
The Realtor I liked best will not do open houses or work Sundays
I interviewed 3 realtors and clearly like one better than the others. She said she will not do open houses, and does not work on Sunday. Can I make this a condition of giving her the listing or should…
My son and his wife have a mortgage they can't afford. Needs new carpet to sell but no money-military family
They are a military family. His wife can't work due to medical problems.What can they do?
Question for Sellers. Why were you not able to sell your home successfully?
I would love for brokers to chime in as well and note their biggest reasons for homes not selling.
Are there any realtors in Boone County who will do a flat fee MLS.?
I have it listed on Zillow {1190 Napa Ridge ct, Union KY If your interested}
What is the average days on the market for a mobile home on 3 acres in zipcode 32222?
We put our home on the market in May 2014 and have had not one person come to see it. We even lowered the price and still nothing. Please help us figure this out?
Question for Sellers. Why were you not able to sell your home successfully?
What do you think went wrong? I would love for broker to chime in as well and note their biggest reasons for homes not selling.
how to set up the daily report about viewer of my ad?
the ad you run on 2724 Long Lake Dr Roswell GA home from FMLS by Clickit listing agent
Installing a fence while house is on the market
If I install a fence while my home is for sale, can I raise the price of the house if I get an offer?
why do you say that there is no such location for Washington, DC?
Also, why are the pictures not updated which they have been since the listing?
Is anyone looking to buy a Private Farm/ Ranch- w-117 ml Acres with 3,400 Sqft, 4 BR's, 3 Baths, 2 car garage, 55x60 Barn, 4 ponds. Plus Guest house.
This Beautiful Country Farm is so Peaceful & Private, lots of Deer, trails for 4-wheelers & Horses. Main house has Cedar Siding, Beautiful decorated, a must see property! located near Rolla & Salem MO.…
House paid in full 12 days ago. Contract states 'with crawlspace'. Broken water lines (not disclosed) NO crawlspace = expensive repair.
Who pays? There was no home inspection but I believe it's reasonable to expect running water when you buy a home. Also, had there been a crawlspace, as seller, agent, and contract states the repair…
Would a 4-bedroom, 1340-square foot house in western Livonia sell for more money with 3 full baths, rather than 2.5 baths?
Consider a 4BR, 1340SF brick ranch in western Livonia with an unfinished basement. Suppose the owner has the basement finished with a bath, and spends the extra money to have a shower installed (to make…
My parents have a home in MA that is currently under a listing agreement with a local MA realtor. They are quite unhappy with her service (she's
only had 1 showing in 2 months) and would like to end the contract. I don't see anything in their contract that looks as if they can't end it without a penalty but they're afraid that there…
I am getting ready to put my Kiley Ranch /Sparks home up for Sale. Do you think with spring around the corner That the market could pick up a little?
We are considering how we will price the home. We are not planning to ask out of the ball park., but at a comparable price for the other move in ready homes in the area that were sold as a regular sale.…
I have a question about selling our house "as is".
In 2002, my husband and I made what we thought was a good investment and bought an old forclosure home. It was our first time buying a house and we hadn't really known what we had gotten into. We had to…
Why should my home's selling price be based upon the CMVs of the homes in my neighborhood when my home has more to offer, is newer,?
One home was offered as part of an estate and family of the deceased wanted a quick sale.....Realtors, or so it seems, want compromise to the comparative values and that dictating the market is unfair....…
I heard that there is huge residential complex is coming up in santa clara near central park in the place of the old kaiser hospital.
They are planing to build around 220 town homes and 45 single family homes by next year. How is this going to affect the property prices in Santa clara (95051)
Can I fire My Realtor?
We are sellers and are under contract for a couple to purchase our home. Our realtor told my husband that if we agreed with the buyers price he would lower his precentage 1 point to compensate for the…
I've been approved for a short sale. Any local real estate agent that can help? 33189.
I'm up to date on my payments, but the value of the house is down approx. 66% since July 2006 when I bought. I was just approved and the bank told me the first step in the process is to get a real estate…
Have you ever found a dead cat or dog in a foreclosed home?
I talked to a realtor today who once showed a foreclosed home to a potential investor, and they came across a dead dog in the middle of the floor. What would you do if that happened to you?
How can I list my home for sale without a license #?
I am selling by owner, no agent. Thanks!
Capital Gains tax on house bought in 1950?
My grandmother bought her house in Westport, CT in 1950 for $45,000. Now the property is easily worth over $1million. She should sell the house and move into a smaller place. But she believes that if she…
Should I be present when selling my home FSBO?
My husband and I have our first showing tomorrow and the people seeing the home have a realtor? Is it necessary for us to be home during that showing?
Want to place my condo on the market for best price and quickest sale...It is in the Historic District of Collinsville Ct and a destination place
The location is a destination point for weekenders for bike trails, kayaking,antiquing..restaurants and local night club activities
Are old homes hard to sell?
Many Sellers that live in old homes in Wilmette have a fear of selling their homes due to the fear of finding out the true market value of their real estate.
Value of basements and value of 2.5 vs 1.5 bath
Can anyone help please with some estimates of values of basements/ In my neighborhood the basements are typically approx 700 st and typically 160 sf is finished. Can i have opinions please on how much…
NM Real Estate Contract
1. Can i still claim the interest on the house for tax purposes until the house isn't in my name ? 2. Who pays if the house is damaged? 3. If damaged, can we have a clause about who pays…
My house is listed for sale and it has been off the market since the 26th of June. How do i get the listing agent removed from my address?
I fired the listing agent on june 26th and removed the house from the market. She has been asked to remove herself from the site and not done so.
What is the ROI on finishing a small garage, i.e. insulating, drywall, heat, etc.?
My garage is very small. In fact neither of my cars fit in it, but I'm considering finishing it to make a home gym. I was wondering if I would get anything back when I sell the house.
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