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Way to get second opinions on listing price?
We are about to list our house and have a agent that we plan on working with. However, we were hoping to find a way to get a second option on our asking price. Are there agents that charge like a flat…
What options are there if we are upside down on our mortgage?
We need to sell our house because we have run out of space and have another little one on the way. If we sell, we will net $5-10k less than our mortgage is currently at. We do not have any extra funds…
My realtor has stopped communicating with me. How do I get out of the agreement if they just keep ignoring me?
My wife and I have left several messages with him (email, voicemail, and messages with assistants in the office) over the last three weeks. The only response I received from him was a terse email that…
Are home sales in Longmont picking up for everyone?
Hello! I have been very pleasantly surprised on the high level of activity and interest from buyers on my listings this spring. We have priced our homes at a fair price point and had serious interest immediately.…
What are the reputable home buying companies in East Tennessee?
My property is unique and having had several couples coming by to view my home in the last few months, there has been no one with true interest. It is a 5 BR 4 BA house that is over 3400 sq. ft. Just…
I signed a listing contract with my realtor on 3/14/13 and he did not submit to MLS listings. Until yesterday, no mls listing yet.
i called him to cancel our listing and he agrees. However, he says there is no cancellation need to sign because we are not submit it to the mls listing yet.My question is 1) Should he submit the listing…
where do we find lot values?
we own two lots we need to sell
End of Purchase Agreement
If the purchase agreement says "Close of Escrow to be extended until 06/31/2013", does it mean that the purchase agreement has expired ? If not, how can I get out of the purchase agreement ? The listing…
what is the procedure for rent with option to buy property?
Can you explain the process for the down payment going into an escrow account
Is anyone looking to purchase a carriage house?
We have a unique carriage house for sale. Untouched with beautiful original details.
Best time to sell the home
I am looking to sell my house. I would like to sell it this year. I am wondering when can I get the best price ? Would it be now (like August) or some time around Oct/Nov/Dec. Please let me know.
How to work with Bank of America ?
For one of my homes that I need to sell, the service provider is Bank of America and I owe them 48 K in back interest. Will they waive the back interest ? Please let me know. I would like to see what I…
What is the best way for a home owner to sell a prime lot in Edina Mn?
I Have contacted most of the builders in the area, And I will need to buy a home in Edina after I sell this lot. See www.5929InEdina.net for more Info. Thanks
How to advertise my property?
I want to sell my property so what will i do?
How important is it for you to prepare your home for sale? What should you do and how far in advance should you prepare?
It is critical to properly prepare your home for sale prior to listing. You must first look at your home “through a buyer’s eyes”! This is sometimes difficult to do but what do you feel…
What important factors do you consider when you are selecting a Realtor® and a Broker to list your home?
Sellers have criteria which they use when interviewing various Realtors. In an effort to better service sellers, I would like to know what criteria that you use when selecting a Realtor®?
What important factors do you consider when you are selecting a Realtor® and a Broker to list your home?
Sellers have criteria which they use when interviewing various Realtors. In an effort to better service sellers, I would like to know what criteria that you use when selecting a Realtor®?
What would you Estimate for selling the home?
283 San Dimas Ave, Oceanside, CA 92057
We are wanting to sell our home in Odenville to move closer to downtown. What is market like and do you think we could sell it quick?
There is a lot to be done in the home and we don't have the money or time to do so, so Im thinking if someone is looking to flip or just someone to buy it as it is that would be an option.
Is there a waiting period after closing to short sale?
My husband and I closed on our home 3/9/09. Then had to refi because something was wrong with paper. We completed that on 4/29/09. Now we are divorcing and need to short sale. Will we have to wait…
I don't want my house anymore. Help!!
I have had my house on the market for almost a year. I have recently gotten married and moved in with my husband. The house is not in a good neighborhood and is in need of some repairs so renting it out…
Can a homeonwer sell by themselves and what is needed? Are there Web sites to list under?
What paperwork and documents are needed to sell on your own?
We have a contract in place to buy a property but we can't close until the seller finishes construction and fixings in a number of things that
were included in the contract. The problem is that he doesn't seem to be in a rush to finish the work and keeps lying to us about when things would be completed (month ago, las week, yesterday, etc.) Our…
Langston Farms does not retain value?
No Langston Farms does not retain value. The Village section is nice although they seem to be clear cutting huge tracts of land adjacent which is taking away some of the charm. We paid almost 168,000 for…
Why isn't my home showing my most recent tax appraisal for 2013? It shows only 2012 which is much lower.
113 Brevard Point Road Savannah, GA 31410 Here is a link to my county property record: http://boa.chathamcounty.org/DesktopModules/ChathamCounty/BoardofAssessors/PropertyRecordCard.aspx?RollYear=2013&PIN=1-0037-07-002
why do you have the picture of the picnic area instead of the house on my listing located at 3257Sundial Drive in Hernando .MS
Please, send me your email so that I can send you the main picture of the house. Thank you Taciana 901 270 5667 My email address: tina@diversifiedre.com
what is current booking amount of Gera Trinity Towers ?
Gera Trinity Towers. Being a part of luxurious cum affordable project, the builder offers 2BHK and 3 BHK apartments meeting with all living needs and desires if property seekers from all backgrounds. All…
I am looking for an agent who is not interested in being a dual agent.
I will be helping my mother sell her condo in Park Ridge, IL and would like her to receive as many offers as possible.
I am considering an auction with all personal effects.
not sure how this would be accomplished or whether the normal agents could help in this.
Looking for a local listing agent will be in the area from July 27 til August 9.
Have a home in Lehigh Acres and looking for a Local Listing Agent for the property and a realistic Idea of what the home would sell for in a reasonable amount of time.
Is this a bad idea?
Just wanting some advice and "I know how you feel" comments! We are considering leaving the house in GA and going ahead and move to AL(live with the family)until our house sales. We would leave it furnished…
Are there any real estate attorneys available to consult me on a sticky situation? I believe my real estate agent isn't really working for me.
I noticed some red flags and tried to cancel my agreement with the buyer last Thursday as they hadn't removed contingencies - I was in my legal rights to send a notice to perform and follow through with…
What are my first steps to help my mother-in-law who is under water on her mortgage and needs to move into an assisted living facility?
My mother-in-law purchased a 1 bedroom apartment in Orlando back in 2006. She still owes a lot on her mortgage and is under water...probably by about 100K or more. What can we do to help her? Does she…
I am interested in selling my Belmont home as quickly and for as little further investment as possible.
Would love a realtor (who is familiar with Belmont properties) to come look at my home and help me to prioritize the NECESSARY updates in order to sell quickly and not end up upside down. :P I live on…
I want to do a quick sale on a multifamily house I have in Woodside.Any suggestions?
I demolished the old construction of single family home about 2 yrs ago and have a new construction 3 family house and all 3 apartments are rented.With the slow market these days is it possible to do a…
Creative finance/purchase by investor to rent/sell back to me
I am in a situation where a refi is not an option due to credit problems/late pay. Financially back on track, but now due to other issue must enact sale to satisfy divorce agreement. Are there local investors…
"I have 2 condo's i live in one as my primary and the other i rent out
My question is if i sell my condo for $183,511 how much capital gains tax would i owe?"
Trying to sell Park model trailer/addition etc in a co-op association resort - excellent lake - MN with no luck. Ideas would be appreciated.
27 Units -option to build - 1,000 sq ft garage - very nice resort - must see to appreicate all that is has to offer.
Housing market Split Houses for North Edison (08820)
How is the housing market for the 4bed/2.5bath split house in North Edison (08820)? Any tips for the potential seller are appreciated.
How much does a short sale affect my credit if I already modified my loan and my credit is bad? score 580 - paid house and not visa and amex
How much does a short sale affect my credit if I already amodified my loan and my credit is bad? I actually have an oppurtunity for an "equity sale" but I might have to pay $5,000.00 to make up the difference…
Getting rid of fines from HOA & collection agency
My house was rented by a tenant in Las Vegas. The HOA kept on putting fines for keeping the garbage out and removing the weeds. The violations were fixed immediately, and I sent emails and letters to that…
Selling my home in Forney, TX
We have a unique type of home in Forney, TX to sell with 2.23 acres. It is a very warm, friendly home and neighborhood. Is anyone looking for a Farmhouse style with large wrap around porch in a quite…
Would like to get an idea what my house is worth. I am planning to put in the market soon.
Colonial Gambrel, easy access to I-290, excellent neighborhood, recently upgraded, newly redone kitchen with top of the line appliances and granite counter top, new roof, new windows, pellet stoves, enormous…
So, when I sell my house, can we take the curtains? How about the curtain rods? Ok, now, how about the area rug?
The area rug was a remnant that we cut to size to fit up to the walls, yet it's not adhered down, It's just lying like an area rug.
Why are the Agents so against housepad or others like them? I have been ready to sell this house for three years and..I know how to do it ! y give 6%?
I am ready to sell and a very savvy Business Person.I also know how to negotiate a sale.I do not have a license....but,have learned a great deal about property and their values my entire life.I would end…
In 28027 - Why can't we sell our house?
We have been listed for 400 days and conducted just 15 showings and received no offers. My realtor hosted an open house for other realtors. Over 50 realtors walked through and all but two said the home…
How often do listings appear on Trulia with the wrong photos?
We are real estate photographers, not realtors! We post our photos and tours to Metrolistmls. Sometimes the listings we shoot appear on Trulia without photos, the wrong photos, without the tour, etc. Does…
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