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My parents have an older home in the heart of crystal lake. Three areas of the home need updating.
The kitchen, windows and old carpet. What would you recommend doing before putting the home on the market? The home also had an additional bedroom and half bath added without a city permit. Is this…
I need to relocate to the Sacramento area, but currenly own a home in Bakersfield, where it is saturated with
foreclosures. I have approx. $80K in equity and live in a great neighborhood with great schools (cute little cozy small 5 yrs old house, 3/2, approx 1300 sqft). Should I rent it out for several years…
Do any real estate agents work on Thanksgiving Day?
Can you get into homes on Thanksgiving if anyone does work?
what is the best way to determine which local brokers/agents have a strong international presence?
I am looking for a broker/agent with a very strong assertive approach to international RE marketing as well as extremely internet agressive. I have a waterfront home to sell locally (pasco) and am interested…
I live in Nothern VA, Due to all slow down in the real estate market, I know my house will sell less than i
owe. I do want to move to cheaper house . What should i do? Thank you for your response.
I have a 3500sqft apartment in 605 Park Avenue, it has 5 beds and 6 baths, how much can i sell for?
It used to be 3 apartments that are combined now. It has views to Park Avenue and to 65 street
We wanted to buy another house and sell our current house right now -since the market is slow we are now
We are now thinking to rent our current house - can somebody advice me if it is ok to rent instead of sell our current house to a lower price- our house is currently in North hills,ca
I want to take my 4 bed 4 bath to a 3 bed 3 bath. The extra space will be redesigned to make a large walk in
I have a small bed and bath that is attached to the master bedroom and bath. I would like to absorb this small bed and bathroom and make the master suite of a lifetime with a hugh walking closet with…
Is it legal to represent a real estate agent and collect commission?
I am currently shadowing an agent right now and trying to learn the ropes of real estate in SF. I am planning to get a license and work under her for a while without paying money to a RE company for insurance…
I am in 3/2 in Sylvan Hills @ $215k & I need to move quickly. I have been told I can't get a what I owe on
it. I am current & do not want to default and do a short sale. Does anyone have a suggestion?
What do I need to do to have someone just take over payments on a mobile home. I live in a different city.
We are moving out of state and the home is in a park in Concord, MI. There is only a manager on site and I'm told it cannot be sold by a realtor unless it's permanently on the site. I would just like…
I live in the University Park neighborhood and own a 6 bedroom home with a joining build able lot next to it.
I'm getting it ready to put on the market and would like to know what would be the best way to sell the lot and home. Together? Or Separate? I'm a widow, and concerned about the capital gains tax…
This is a multiple-choice question. PLEASE JUST ANSWER EITHER A or B. Don't waste your breath with any?
wordy, irrelevant fluff because I won't ready it. Here we go: Based upon historical data gathered for the Chicaoland area it takes an AVERAGE of 15-20 showings to generate an offer. Given today's market…
How much value does off street parking add to a home?
If you listed two identical homes for sale and one home offered off-street parking and the other didn't, how much extra value would you place on the one with off-steet parking. $$$, % of buyers who wouldn't…
What are common preferences for floor coverings?
hardwoods throughout, carpet or hardwoods in bedrooms, dark or light hardwoods, bamboo is in or out, what is best in the kitchen?
Need to sell my 3br, 2ba home in East Hanover, NJ. Can anyone help?
Not sure where to start, what the value might be, etc.
I have a investment property that is for sale(short sale) I'm selling it as is. The price is a real bargain
$113k. There are violations in the building but due to my financial situation I can only just maintain and rent the apts. Need advice.
My realtor advertises well (print, online) but she has no suggestions on how to sell home & never provides
feedback. 2600 sq ft, year old home in Rio Rancho under $250K since May 07. Time to switch agents?
10 day option period
If my 10 day option period started on Sat. April 19, when does it end? Is Monday 28 or Tuesday 29 the last day?
I have a question about a flip tax! We bought a Co-op in Hempstead LI in 1999. ...
a few years later the co-op board inacted a flip tax of 5%. Since then...the monthly maintenance has been raised every year and every project has generated an assessment. I think the 5% is excessive…
hy my name is ram i am a realtor in ny , i have a house in clermont its 4br 2 bath inground pool fully
furnished is anybody has buyer or lease option to buy or long term rental let me know my no is 347-3220466
Are homes starting to sell we have home we want to sell and wonder if we should list with a flat fee mls?
we could ask less money selling it that way and still pay the buyer agent commission
The average time on the market to sell for condos in my area is 147 days. My condo has been on the market
for 60 days. I've had 12 showings, and 1 second showing...but no offers. The feedback from every showing has been that my place shows well, is priced right, but just isn't the perfect fit for the buyer.…
we have a home and need out of due to husbands transfer we owe more than what the home is worth and can't
seem to find renter who pay even a1/2 of our mortgage we what to do a short sell but are afraid of what it might do to our credit can you help
I'd only like to see answers based upon EXPERIENCE, rather than opinion. A veteran realtor once told me that
regardless if it's a hot market, or a slow market like we're currently in, after 16-20 showings the seller should get an offer...provided that the property shows well and is priced right. The realtor…
hi my name is shalonda
i live in a 2 flat building the lady on the first floor said shalonda i think we better start looking for somewhere to go i said why she said cause i just found out the landlord sold the building without…
I wanted to get some real estate pros opinions on what philosophy they think works best when it comes to
dealing with low ball offers. If you are representing the seller on a place listed at $349,900 and you are feeling pretty confident about the asking price, less than 3 weeks on market, 3 second showings…
Any tips on selling in Hilliard?
My wife and I have our home listed with an agent and are looking to sell ASAP. We are currently offering a $2,000 Buyers Agent Bonus. Aside from dropping the price drastically is there anything else…
I am wanting to do a short sale. Should I use my same realtor or change to one with more short sale?
experience. Is it better to work with those with ex[erience or a realtor that you can trust?
We are trying to find the value for our folks house that we will more than likely list this Fall.
The address is 18 Elliott Avenue Schenectady New York 12304. Any thoughts or Advice would be helpfull.
My house was listed for 170K on 10/07 Apprasial done today said house worth 145K Are appraisals truly correct?
I am very recently divorced and waiting for my small settlement which I will get when the house sells. We listed the house for 170K Oct. 1, 2007. Reduced it twice. The Ex had an apprasial done because…
I have a house in Bentwood in port orange w/ 1.8 acres 2500sq ft living space in the house 600sq ft garbage
and 650sq ft buliding in the back for recreation. --- I need to get out of it - what can i truely sell it for????
Idaho Falls Real Estate
Does anyone know where I can find information on the recently sold houses in eastern Idaho ( Idaho Falls)?
I'd like a rough idea of a listing price from an agent
This is a single family home. It is is fair condition. It needs about $5,000 worth of repairs.
Own a camp in Grand Isle, La with 3 lots. Has a 20 inch concrete bottom and up 12 feet with around 1200
living area. What would be good price. Older home remodeled since last hurricane.
Can any agent give me a rough idea of what I could list a property for?
Can anyone give me a rough idea on what we could list this property. Its in fair condidtion but within walking distance to Stanislaus State University.
anyone looking for a wonderful house to buy in Ranson, Wv within minutes of shopping, schools and in a?
wonderful neighborhood. my house is in Briar Run 172 Jack Rabbit Ln. please let me know if you have any questions.
I currently am trying to sell my home in NM and got an offer for a REC. I wanted to know if it were possible
for me to purchase another house in AZ as my primary residence if I went ahead with this Real Estate Contract in NM. What are the benefits or risks involoved, and does one outway the other? Any info…
ow much do you think I can ask for a home at 11550 South Artesian, Chicago
3 Bedrooms, possible 4th, 2 -1/2 baths, new furnace,, air conditioner , water heater, electrical, roof, doors and windows, Florida room on 2 car garage
I have a home that is better than most others because all the little advantages add up. How do I reach the?
few buyers out there that would really appreciate all these nice things that make my home special. Our house ends up looking like all the rest on the mls. Help us. See the website that we made ourselves…
PRIOR SALES HISTORY on 2101 Camino a los Cerros, Menlo Park, CA 94025
Also PRIOR SALES HISTORY for: 2001 Sharon Road, Menlo Park, CA 94025 2007 Sharon Road, Menlo Park, CA 94025 2021 Ashton Avenue, Menlo Park, CA 94025
Since April 3 I have had no contact with my realtor . One of the most important thing I made sure she
understood was that communication was very important to me. All communication has been done by me thru either phone or e-mail. I would like to terminate my contract with this company reason being abandonment.…
Hi! I have a condo in West New York, its 1546 Sq Ft, 2 BR, 2.5 Bath, on a high floor facing Jersey and the
complex is great with a spa and mall. Its been over a year now, i have even brought down the price to $399,000. Lots of people come to see the place, my broker is good in that sense, but i have still not…
What can we do to make our home more visible to the buyers out there. its already on several web sites and
home guides. We have been told that we have great curb appeal, and a wonderful home, but no offers. any advice?
also we have just dropped our price $10k last week and the house has been on the market since Jan 15th 08. do?
you think that dropping our price will attract more people to consider our home?
Anyone interested in small investment properties in Hawaii?
I have two listings for two 2 Bdrm/1Bath apartments in Waipahu. The first unit is 598 sf, corner end unit listed at $178,500, currently rents for $1100/mo. The second, in the same complex, is a 1st floor…
How long usually until offer is made?
We had our Open House ourselves. They had seen our realtor sign and realtor directed them to ouropen house. They loved the house. In fact as I was closing the door I heard them saying "Well its unanimous!"…
What is the average number of days on the market for a condo in Edgewater Glen?
1 bedroom in walk-up (3rd floor); with parking and in-unit W/D
Thanks for the answers to my last question. How can we compete with foreclosures and short sales? How can?
we reach buyers who want a move-in ready home. We need people to see the house because everybody is impressed when they see it. I'm going to modify my approach based on the advice given here. Thanks…
Brand New Roof Cost Re-Coup? I am putting my house on the market in a few weeks and had already set the price
in the low $300s. Then I come to find out that I need a whole new roof and chimney that is going to cost me $12,000. Is the cost of a brand new roof (high-end, lifetime warranty roof mandated by my HOA)…
I love Craftsman-style houses, do you? I have one for sale in historic Cumberland, MD, mountains and valleys,
low cost of living, low crime, easy access to major metro areas, contact me.
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