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SELLING YOUR FIRST PLACE? Then HGTV is looking for you!
MY FIRST SALE, a brand new show on HGTV, is kicking off its first season and we're looking for first-time home sellers in the Denver/Metro area RIGHT NOW!!! We are in search of fun, high-energy people…
Installment sale vs. lease to own
What would be the pros and cons of either of these for a seller? I'd prefer a lease to own but we have a buyer who wants to do an installment sale (our agent is currently trying to find out why). We've…
How do you sell a house for more than it's worth? We need to sell in order to move, because my husband
recieved a full-ride scholarship to an out-of-state graduate program, but the value of our home has dropped because the market here is so flooded with homes. How can we get out of our home when newer ones…
If I pay the assessment due on my condo, when I sell, can the cost be added to my basis for tax purposes?
The condo owners assn. voted in a large assessment, due over the next five years, to replace and upgrade all decks and stairways to improve the property, upgrade to new building code requirements, and…
how do I find out which realty company sold a specific house in New York city?
I am looking to sell my home but want to find out who was the real estate company responsible for selling a home on my block.
Awsome answers! But is's not about being behind on payments or owing more then what it's worth! It's the
times not benifiting the seller even at priced to sell. I'd rather keep the extra $20-$30,000 for another Home instead of the Agents pocket. Is that wrong?
Can a seller offer to pay the buyer's PMI or Property Tax payment in order to reduce the mortgage payment?
I have a person who wants to buy my house, but they are unwilling to come up to my price due to the expected mortgage payment (though they do qualify for the high loan amount). I was thinking of offering…
Is it better to increase square footage or to remodel a bathroom (kitchen already done) to increase property?
If we had $50,000 to spend, is it better to try to create an extra bedroom or remodel the master bathroom?
Sell now or wait
I have purchased property in Florida and need to move. The purchase does not depend upon the sale of my existing home. Should I wait a few months more to list it or will it even matter? I have looked at…
How do I get out from under this house I've got?
I have a trailer house that I have owned for 11 years. in that time I have only paid 4,000 towards the principle. I can't afford to keep it any longer how bad will it hurt me to let them repo it? I have…
Why would a realtor and their clients write up numerous offers on several properties over and over again just?
to back out in the end each time? Would this be a financing problem? Shouldn't they know what they can and can't do before they write an offer and waste everyone's time?
I need a dedicated Realtor in Punta Gorda, Florida. I have super clients that want to sell their home
there. I want to make sure that they are in good hands. Please call or email me for all the details. My contact info: Ava M. Pioker Keller Williams Realty Platinum amp559@gmail.com 602 697-8739
How can I find a good Real Estate Mentor?
I have been doing research for almost a year, I have decided to make steps. My interests so far is Short sales, Foreclosers, Lease to Option, Tax liens, etc. I need help, I am not looking for any scams…
I signed a contract with an investor and he was supposed to make my house payments, keep the house up and
move a renter in that he would eventually finance. He never makes the payments ontime and on two occasions he has not made the payment at all. Can I get out of this contract and take my house back since…
That is not a tough wish. There are often investors who are looking to buy a home a good price and then
re-rent it out. If you can sell the house at a good price so its a good investment for someone, you could get your wish. Too bad you don't live in Florida, I have such an investor I am working with now…
Multiple liens came up on a title search that were from a disolved corporation, how can these be handled for
a short sale? There are a first and second mortgage on the home and liens from a defunct business (incorporated)came up on the title search. Do these need to be removed and how do we remove them?
What's a "Basic Basement" Worth?
I live in a sought after neighborhood near Fort Meade. I've heard of 22,000 jobs coming into the area thanks to BRAC. We are looking to sell in the next year. Right now we are in the process of deciding…
Hurricane Prepared Townhome - Downtown St. Petersburg Florida
I have a FULLY Hurricane Prepared Downtown Saint Petersburg Townhome for sale. The home is up to Miami Dade code standards and is an extremely safe home to live in. It was built in 2005 and is in a small…
Is it a good time to sell still or should we keep the house?
We can still make payments, but wanted to move to different location from Lynwood.
Have decided to start the short sale process and am looking for a short sale expert. Must be highly ethical,
proven success with short sales, great communication skills, very knowledgeable on current laws and market conditions, puts customers interests foremost. Please send qualifications.
I am relocating for a job with no relo assistance. In this economy I need to price my existing home for less
than I owe on it to be competitive. What options are out there for someone with good credit that doesn't want to ruin their credit? I have no savings and already need about $17K for realtor commission…
I am doing a short sale on a investment home, it has fallen out of escrow 3 times. Will I need a lawyer?
Our mortgage co, may not give us another extension and they my sell the property in an auction. I don't know what will happen next, will I need to get an attorney and why?
How do I renew a listing that is expiring?
40 Wigwam Rd. Nantucket,Ma. 02554
I'm moving for work and have to sell first house prior to 2 years. Can we avoid paying taxes?
Moving from Durham to Boston, so will be a big price jump. Are we exempt from capital gains tax since I'm moving for work and moving to a more expensive area?
i will be selling my house i currenlty live in right now as a short sale. My brother purchase his house 8
years ago, can they put a lien against my brother's property since i am on the title as well?
Can we continue to market and take offers?
FSBO - Washington State. Received offer with long close period and contingencies via RE Agent on WAR contract. Negotiations thus far have been extremely one sided - to the buyers. So the question is: If…
We have had at least 1-2 showings everyweek since we've listed, but only recieved one unrealistic offer so,
what do we need to do in order to sell this house? Here are the details: Single Family Property, Area: Pottstown, Subdivision: Upland Vil, County: Montgomery County, Approximately 0.14 acre(s), Age:…
Can you correct the info for 1536 stephens shreveport louisiana?
the house listed at 1536 stephens shreveport is mine and the picture you have on the site is my neighbors house. the price is $143000 and a fha appraisal was just completed and is on file for 6 months…
how much to pay to find a tenant?
How much should I expect to pay a Realtor to list a rental and find a tenant? Not property management...just find a tenant, provide the paperwork, then I'm on my own. One property management company…
how about the real estate market in east brunswick nj till now? will 09 be better than 08 in this zipcode?
08816(for selling), because i saw it is no. 1 in trulia popularity? what exactly does it mean?
HELP to get rid of homes in DULUTH and CUMMING
I have 2 homes - in DULUTH and CUMMING. Monthly payments $1,200 & $1,300 Cannot keep with houses, so please help to get rid of those. ANY CREDIT is OK, will do OWNER FINANCING or RENT-to-OWN. Please…
Offering 4% for the Buyer's Agent?
Our home has been on the market for 3.5 months (the average is around 4 here, we're told). We've already reduced the price and seem to be below market for what is selling in our area, with great comments…
We have obviously made some realtors mad at us - for 1. listing flat fee mls as our realtors cannot stand
that arrangement even though we are offering a hearty 3.5% buyer's agent commission. 2. dropping our realtor albeit quite nicely with a generous thank you gift and 3. questioning pricing strategies of…
I bought a house for 242k in April 2007 in Asheville. I believe I paid pretty fair market value at the time -
would I even have a prayer of breaking even if I needed to sell it this spring after a realtor's commission?
message box says it can't map my property!
After entering street #, street address, city and zip, in the new listing process, I continue to get a message that the property cannot be mapped. What's up with this?
Must sell fathers house
My Father has become disabled and has been moved to a senior care home. As his son and power of attorney. I must sell his house. I know the neighbor (and a friend) is interested. I want the best for everyone…
As a rule of thumb in the Tampa area how are comps determined? Do they only look in the same neighborhood or?
will they look in other nearby neighborhoods to determine market values? For instance what if no comparable homes to mine have sold in my neighborhood, but there were 10 similar ones sold across the street…
looking for an investor. any suggestions?
I have a home on Lake CC in Mathis TX. and am looking for an investor. Any recommendations?
Rent or Sell my house?
We may be starting new jobs in North Carolina in August. Due to the possiblility of needing to get out fast, should I look into renting instead of selling? I'm in the Chapel Gate Duplexes - great unit…
I'm interested about 243 VIA DEL PRADO, Santa Paula, CA 93060
can you tell me at what priced is listed ?
What is the value of having an agent list my rental? And how much do they get?
We are trying to rent our home, and it's been slow-going even with a price decrease. I don't mind doing the showings myself, but I'm sure we'd get more exposure with an agent. How much do they usually…
Tenant agree to purchase at current appraised price between 12-24 mos. Property is down $100k and Seller does
not have money to produce CLEAR TITLE. What are Seller & Tenant options?
I have sort of the same question as client whose property was on the market for 6 months wth no bites. The
difference is I have 56 acres with a 2696 sq home and a 4 bed/2ba remodeled mobile. 20 acre fenced pasture and 4-stall barn, large commercial garage priced at 750,000 by my realtor. Only one showing…
How can I place a link in my Trulia listing that brings people directly to my website ?
Trulia allows only 1 picture and my website has a lot more photographs plus a detailed description of our business and I would like to be able to have viewers conveniently gain access to this additional…
We have a newer home in East Tacoma near E 47th st and Portland Ave. The house is nice rambler about 10
years old, with 3br/2ba, 1200 sq ft living area and over 6000 sq ft yard, master bedroom, laundry room, almost new interior, and landscaped yard. I am wondering how much are similar homes in the area…
Are you falling behind on your mortgage and wondering how the new Housing Crisis Plan can help?
are you a good candidate for it or are there better options out there?
Owner Carried Loans
I am looking for information as to what exactly is an owner carried loan and how the process works. I have never heard of this happening before. Is this a pretty common practice when the market is down? Any…
What motivates you to list your home with a Realtor?
What do you expect from your Realtor? Do you take his/her advice? Why? Why not? Would you be interested in receiving monthly newsletters full of tips, advice, recipes, and "green" ideas?
we have a upstairs room over our carport that has a finished stairway as acess to it. The room has been
completly finished out with heat/air and return for cooling and all electrical. All of this was done by the building contractor at the time of the build. My question is this countable living space or it…
We want to put our house on the market but don't know where to start. Any suggestions on picking a realtor?
We have met several but haven't made up our minds yet on who to go with.
I am thinking about renting/leasing my house in Dupont Commons (zip code 30318).
My friends are currently renting the home, but put an offer on a house in Buckhead, closer to his employment. The house will be 3 years old in November and is 3 bedrooms, 2.5 baths and in great condition.…
How do you sell a home with multiple construction defects?
I have a home in MH which is a little over a year old. This home has tons of construction defects, how do I sell this given all the defects I will have to disclose in a future sale? The worst of the…
What was done to 3409 Barmouth to sell for $300,000?
I need to fix my house to sell and want top dollar.
How do you correct our information on your website?
My address, 70 manzanita rd, fairfax, ca does not show our house on your website, but another home down the street on Frustuck. We are ready to list our home for sale and want to be sure it is our house…
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