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Finding the right agent to sell 25 acre lot with 3 houses, downtown Los Gatos
A good friend of mine is looking to sell a 25 acre lot with 3 properties on it. It is located in downtown Los Gatos. Where can he find agents that specialize in lots, construction, or high end areas?
How do I find a list of the top agents in my town (San Bruno, ca) , listed by volume of local transactions ($ and unit volume).?
I'd also like to see stats on time on market for their properties and difference between asking and closing prices.
can I proceed with a short sale on a home property if the house is occupied with a tenant with a signed lease?
I signed a lease with my renter for 2 years... however i may need to short sale my home soon. What happens to my tenant? and the signed lease?
We purchased our home from my mother 10 years ago and hold over 75% equity. Does she have to approve sale of the home if we decide we want to sell?
We stated in the agreement that we would not sell during the first 10 years, unless she was no longer living. We hit the 10 year mark in July of this year. The title company handled the closing, escrow,…
Modular Home on sale since Oct.07.Not sold yet.Lowered price. Silver City Park.
Nice 2 bedrm. 1 den. 2 bath. Yard, and side yard. One park slot, & one in front of house. Kitchen nice, live rm nice. Vaulted ceilings. 5 years old. Earthquake safe. Solar screens on front windows to…
I've never been late on my mortgage BUT I need to move asap. What if the house won't sell for what its worth? What options do I have?
I'm in a horrible area and my son will be starting school soon. We need to move somewhere safer. From what I gather, I'm screwed because I pay my bills on time. I've been told I won't…
My agent told us the house is sold and move out in 3 days when the house wasn't even sold. Who's responsible the moving expenses and
storage fees? My real estate agent needed to submit all inspection docs within 5 days from the contract date but submitted 3 weeks late and the buyer back out 2 days before closing the escrow. My agents…
I am real estate agent with Prudential Prime Locations in Evansville IN - our listings feed to you from our mls. When a listing is updated how long?
before you receive and post the update. My client is concerned about the photos being shown which have since been replaced and added..
hi i would to sell my property at 8432 mcdaniel dr nfm. 3-1/2 plus ac with wells ,and pond in he back yard. it also has a 3br 2ba manu ,home on it.
this property is all fenced in and butts up to delprado ext. i know the market is soft and my price is 300.000. anybody want to list my property??? thank you robert
In reference to foreclosure notice and response to this, what information should be included. As the departments are not communicating with each other
Short sale dept was working on file/ ordered a BPO after the low ball offer, I cannot get a straight answer of what occurred next to send foreclosure notice. Ordering a BPO should indicate working with…
Hi, Thinking about selling my condo soon and wanted to find out about how much the asking price should be. Thank you.
The location of my home is 412 Eagles Chase Drive, 2nd level (upper), end unit, 2 Bed., 2 Bath, kitchen with upgraded wooden cabinets and tile, living room with gas fireplace , dining room, 1 car garage,…
What do I have the realtor add in the contract to allow me to renegotiate the sales price if the non-paying occupants leave with damages to the house?
The house is a short sale due to the owner can't make the payments but it had been rented out. The occupants have been living the last six months and not making the rent payments. I want to be able…
My agent presented an offer $100k below list price on my home that had just been reduced by $65k. I am alarmed that she doesn't seem concerned
over this ridiculous offer. My home is over the $500k price range. Any advice would be appreciated.
What is the current commission rate for using an agent to sell a home? Is there a range?
I am trying to decide between FSBO and an agent. Last time I sold, the rate was 6%. I heard that some new agents have a lower fee. What is the going rate?
can i take a loss from my current mortgage and add it to a new mortgage? I would like to buy a bigger house
now that i make more money.. problem is owe more than this house is worth.. is it possible to add balance to a new mortgage?
we selling a house in pensylvania it is under contract nhow we can get out from contract
there was awather lik in the foundation we send the adendum to buyers to sign as it is
In todays market, how long can I expect it to take to sell my house in Piedmont South Dakota, just an estimate, could it take more than a year?
I know it's probably tough to estimate without seeing the property, but how bad is todays market? I have 20 acres, a three br, 2 bath split foyer in Piedmont South Dakota. I need to sell it within…
Should I consider selling as a "pocket listing"?
My real estate agent is recommending that I consider having him initially try to sell a small investment property (single-family home) as a "pocket listing." I'm relatively new to real…
Looking for comps near North Pima Avenue, Fresno, 93722
Currently used as an outstanding rental property with 4 bdrm, 1.5 baths, recently refurbished and upgraded with new paint, carpets, light fixtures and chandelier, outdoor security light, bathroom tile…
I am trying to sell a move-in-condition 3 bedroom 1 bath home that is located in unincorporated Hallwood, Virginia 23359. Got any advice?
on market for 3 months, 100% renovated 5 years ago, 1 acre, NOT IN INCORPORATED HALLWOOD, close to Rt. 13 for easy north/south commute/driving, surrouned by Hall fourth generation farm.
easiest way to sell a house ?
Can you get PRE-APPROVED by the bank for short sale prior to listing it with a realtor? How does this work? I want to do the same thing my friend
Is this a good time to sell my home or should I wait until spring?
I am considering selling my 1900 sq ft home in four oaks nc . Is this a good time or should I wait until spring
If I'm unhappy with the agent I was assigned when I listed my house, can I request a different one ?
I had to ask her to retake bad pictures and bring me an info box. The flyer contained very little information about the property, but there were many typos. I've been printing my own flyers to as…
how to find experienced and successful short sale broker?
need to find very experienced and successful realtor for short sale process ASAP
If selling a condo in Monroe, NJ - do I need to get a Certificate of Occupancy inspection?
If selling a condo in Monroe, NJ - do I need to get a Certificate of Occupancy inspection?
My huband and I are beginning our first house-hunt. We are searching for a buyer-agent and found a "non-rep" What is a non-rep agent?
Agent said they do not represent the buyer or seller, they are simply there to sell the property. But they did say they would represent us if we wanted to view other properties. This is very confusing…
My stepmother, who has my father's power-of-attorney, would like to transfer a small house and land to
my half-siblings. It's presently in our father's name only, and is in Wisconsin, as are they. What would be the legal, cost-effective way to do this? Is it possible to do it without an attorney or realtor?…
we want to rent to own but does that mean we have to live there til its paid off?
We were thinking of having a rent to own place for about 10 years, and then selling it for more than it was sold to us. But we are unsure if we have to live there until its fully paid or if we can sell…
We are selling a house in Saginaw Mi and have been told by our agent, that we have to pay a stamp tax. Is this true or should the buyer pay it?
I saw where someone else had asked this question and they were told that normally the buyer pays the stamp tax, so I am concerned that our agent is taking advantage of us!! He has seemed to be working…
I signed an offer to sell my house but within days the house i was to buy wasn't available to me. Although I
signed can I withdraw my offer to sell, we are supposed to be moved by friday. Unfortuantely my family has no where to go and I have small children. I only signed two weeks ago. Boston MA
Can you remove 4828 wheaton dr. 15236 immediately
my home is on market for the last 6months, it is 4br house. advise me with the suggestions that i can use in
selling the house. 2 1/2 baths. with den and separate living and dinning room. sq. feet. 2500. we reduced the list price recently. but of no use.
Continue to rent out, or sell and run?
I own a home near Western Golf & CC, but have since relocated to Los Angeles for work. In fact, I posted a similar question on here about two years ago, and I'm back to ask you again. I'm…
My Remax realtor will not answer phone and never calls me back. Has been three weeks since I talked to her.
Had closing date of Sept 30 and I sold my furniture on the 26th to be out of house. Buyer wants to sell their house so I am living without much furniture. They have the bank loan to purchase my house.…
Is it harder to sell a house that has Liz Pendence against the previous owner. We have clear title in our name. we bought the house from the bank.
We were told that our Title insurance will protect us from previous owner, and it will carry over to the next owner. We just have to disclose the Liz Pendence to the buyer when we sell? Does Liz Pendence…
Is the boat about to leave the dock for mortgage rates?
Marketwatch.com has forecast rates climbing closer to 5 percent by the end of 2011. Meanwhile, home prices may soften (more), too. If you agree, what are agents advising clients in this environment? And,…
Sellers realtor misrepresents property
Sellers realtor misrepresents property and says it has a basement and does not have one. But, refuses to change it in MLS because the house gets more traffic that way. Is this illegal?
i am a licensed broker in portland oregon seeking to refer a commercial client in longview, wa.
please advise as to your area of professional expertise as well as familiarity with the longview, wa. market. what percentage of your business is commercial versus residential? how many commercial deals…
How many payments can I avoid before making a short sale and before it goes to foreclosure?
I'm two payments behind I know I have to short sale but I want to buy as much time as possible
I'm moving I have an investment property (town home) on the South Side I want to sell. Cash flow is $1,200 no mortgage/liens. Had it for a
year... ...hasn't been appraised and it isn't on the market. It's section 8 approved, occupied, and tenant has 6-8 months left. The address is 6824 S Anthony Chicago IL 60637, How much could…
do i have to wait for lien release on house before I send contract for deed to title company?
Our house burned, neighbor wants to purchase the house and land, the house is fixable, the insurance paid and I sent lender a check to pay off loan. We just did a contract for deed on house, he paid 1000.…
We live in the bay area and need to know more information about capital gain and taxes?
My husband owns a house with his brothers that their parents just vacated due to needing elderly care. They acquired the property in 1997 by an Aunt. Now they would like to sell it. After selling it…
What are the risk of a real estate contract.? Do many people back out and if they do are you looking at being in serious trouble?
Real estate contracts seem to be the way to get out of your home in today's market but I'm worried about the risk we may face.
how much is my home worth?
located in prairie oaks subdivision. 5 acres on charles lane
What does it mean ease of showing our home? Dont you just put a lock box on and have people make appts? Do you mean how easy it is to get an appt?
If a realtor calls for an appt dont most people just say ok? If I want to sell my house I would always say ok to an appt. As long as I know in advance I dont see why I wouldnt want people to check out…
Is there a way to cancel a contract to purchase real estate? I am the seller
There is a contingency that the buyer sell their house in the contract.
I am posting here because there are many houses, especially larger ones in the Marin area that have been in the market for many months and the
ownersI am posting here because there are many houses, especially larger ones in the Marin area that have been in the market for many months and the owners may consider leasing their home to good tenants…
What should I do with my safe when my house is up for sale?
Also where should I put all my personal papers from my files so people dont go snooping? Im not so sure it would be a good idea to leave them. Do I need to pick up dog food and take down my dogs cage…
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