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How do I find the information on a home that is not for sale ex: Square footage Year bulit etc,?
I want to ask the owner if they will sell it but before I do I want to know details about the home.
what is the multi familiy home at 2120 tiago street used for, and is there a church right accross the street?
is this proberty up for sell at this time? -- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/3048801945-2120-W-Tioga-St-Philadelphia-PA-19140
BWhen is a good time to start looking to buy a house?
I am in the military, so im going to be using the VA Loan of course. My lease is up in march, when is a good time to start looking for a house, contacting a realtor, and someone from the VA?
I have been on here before asking for help and didn't get very far me and my husband are looking to buy for next year and need help!!
wanting to buy in the 78216 area!! need someone willing to work with va loan. my husband is off weds and Thursdays to meet and talk please contact me 719 351 8946 or email
Which neighborhood is likely to experience better appreciation, Glen Cove or Westbury?
I have some houses in my range in both neighborhoods. Glen Cove looks like the better neighborhood, but I've seen people on Trulia saying they are selling homes in Glen Cove because of changes to the…
I'm looking to get a $125,000 joint loan with my grandmother.
I have low 600s for credit, car and school bills, and credit cards (all in good standings), with an annual income of $40k/yr. My grandmother has credit above the 800s mark, however does not have very high…
I continue to receive Trulia updates on properties when I have requested repeatedly to be taken off your contact list. Case # 931401 or Case #
don't want the home now?
Hi, I had signed the contract to buy the home. It is signed by me and the seller. What if I don't want to buy that home. Is there any chance I can tell the realtor I don't want this home? Thanks David
Where can I find updated info on what units in a particular condo building are currently being rented out for?
I know I can find out what people are ASKING for rent, but what source/website can I go to which will tell me what tenants are actually paying for rent? My realtor is currently on vacation the next 2…
Willing owing back taxes that I have setup a payment plan affect me getting approved by a lender
My boyfriend and I want buy a house but after filing our taxes we found out he will owe. We have planned to make payment arrangements and have the money to pay most of it. Will owing back taxes affect…
What mortgage holder or real estate agent is showing property: 204 Oak Leaf Cir., Unit # B, (Condo), Abingdon, MD 21009-2947
I am very interested in seeing same with the intent to purchase same if possible but don't know who to contact.
House positioned at a street corner. Is this an advantage or disadvantage ?
Hey... everybody, My question is about a house positioned at a street corner. Is this an advantage or disadvantage ? Thanks RK
Buying a home with $30,000 salary
Is is possible to buy a home with a $30,000 salary at little to no money down? I'm at aprx 19% credit usage with a fair credit score however I have not been past due in the past 3 years. I also have…
Best buyer agent in fairfield
I am looking to buy a home in fairfield in a good school district. May I know who is a good buyer agent?
I'm stuck with a crappy home I'm in the middle of getting. Anyone know why 214 Astor drive still on the market? I've prefer just dealing with homeowne
Instead of short sale. And rushing to buy cause of the market rising. I love that home is it too late to back out
Lowest credit score of 633
I have a "real estate" credit score of 633 (lowest), and 670. I had identity theft that caused 2 judgements on my credit. I fought only TransUnion, thinking all the credit bureaus worked together. These…
vacant lot in florida
I will be closing on a vacant lot in florida that is in a partially developed community. The community has an HOA and there's an HOA fee to pay for all vacant lots. I plan to purchase title insurance…
Home buying process / hunting : competent realtor seeked
Hello, We're a young couple of foreigners looking to buy a house in L.A area, and even thought we've scanned the heated market for quite a few months now, we are seeking for a competent realtor that…
What city in Texas has the most Nepali nationals?
I'm married to an Nepali national. We are looking to relocate to Texas.
Is it a 'bad' thing to have more than one offer in on several homes? Thx!
-- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/3110239713-4565-Cherry-Ave-Santa-Maria-CA-93455
Convert Loft area to a bedroom
Hi, I am looking to a a three bedroom property,I found a inventory townhome with two bedroom and a big loft area, which I like the location and size. I was told the loft area was a optional bedroom as…
best/most desirable area in fullerton?
I'm interested in buying a house in Fullerton area. What is the best/most desirable area in fullerton? I like Las Palmas area and was wondering where else I should be looking at.
First time home buyer
I want to buy a home in NC what are procedure in do that?
Usual closing cost?
What's the usual closing cost? What factors affect it? For instance, 84k double in Kenmore, NY
Crime Statistics
I just looked up crime statistics on homefacts.com and St. Augustine appears to have a much higher crime rate than many places, including Jacksonville in all areas: overall crime, violent crime, etc.…
10827 gallop falls San Antonio TX 78254
I want to find out what is the value on this property any help is appreciated
Is it ok to work with 2 loan agents at the same time?.?
I'm working with one loan agent and they are processing my loan. But I'm not really comfortable with them as their interest rate is very high. Is it ok to ask another loan agent to process my…
I am interested in purchasing a 3/2 single family with a garage in Vallejo, however, I am currently going through a bankruptcy (filed 092812).
My wife currently has a FICO above 720 and I want to get the process started but I am hearing conflicting information. Does my bankruptcy affect looking and qualifying for a home loan now that I am in…
What is "reforeclosure" and how long does it take??
We were very close to purchasing a house and the day before we were supposed to close on the house we found out that it had to go into "reforeclosure". It has now been six months and the bank…
Is this home still for rent at $900/month? Property ID 25758, 5280 NE 3rd Street, Ocala, FL 34470-1572.
I found on the webb under choiceofhomes.com with a contact name of Crystal A Sonsteng phone 439-635-8221. I haven't been able to reach this person by this phone number or by the email.
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