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I want to rent an apartment in Brooklyn, NY. Brokers tell me that they need a W-2 and a minimum annual salary.
I am semi-retired. i do not have a W-2. I do have the financial assets to cover paying rent and a long, documented history of paying rent. Should that be an obstacle to getting approved for an apartment?
Ok not sure if anyone can help - there's a home in my neighborhood that was forclosed on and is now owned by a bank
We are house hunting at this time and would love to buy this house - is there a way to find out if it will be listed or do I just wait and see if it comes up for sale .
Is Amerisave.com a good lender and has fair practices?
Their rates look very attractive due to their direct lending model (that's what they claim). Has anyone closed a loan with them recently and how was their experience? Thanks in advance.
My Bankrupcy is over April 2016
I'm interested in purchasing a home but my credit is in the low 500, would I still be able to get assistance?
How can first time homebuyers build a home?
My husband and I have rented for almost 20 years, we gross $81,000 per year, have credit scores in the 635-650 range, no bankruptcy and we own 50 acres outright. We want to build a 1,400 sq. ft. home on…
Can I go against the previous owner who are investors and sue them for fraud and neglect??
6 months ago I bought my house in San Diego, just over a month ago I start having issues with backing out the water on one toilet, also the bathtub was draining very slow, a friend insert a water hose…
Collecting social security
Can you buy a home if your income comes from social security
Would Absecon NJ be a good town for a 24 year old single female?
Hello. Would Absecon NJ be a good town to live in for a 24 year old female? I enjoy nightlife, a nice downtown, shopping, restaurants etc. I would also like a town filled with people my age. I also…
Is my lender allowed to talk to the seller of the property I'm buying on a regular basis? They are confirming things to the seller and not me.
They even gave him a copy of the appraisal. What can I do about this? They didn't know each other before this. They are confirming things with the seller about MY contract. My agent and I are highly…
UK Buyer looking for a property in the USA
How do we go about buying a house in the US from the UK, we have the deposit, what are all the cost implications involved.
I'm looking for 203k experience contractor in the Orange county
I'm looking for 203k experience contractor in the Orange county area to please help me out, my contractor backed out at the last minute and now I have none with 10 days left to close. If any one is interested,…
First time house buyer
Right now i am not working but have money for downpayment as a first time home buyer. My husband if filing his taxes in India. Can we count that? Can i get loan?
How could you do this?
My house is for sale--how do I get stats on how many people have looked and and saved my house on Trulia?
I am the home owner at 12 deer hills drive, north oaks, mn and my house is for sale with an agent and shows this on your website. I get weekly emails from Zillow on how many people have looked at my house…
Why when I called to inquire about the property,the young lady who answered was very rude and hung up me.b/c she thought i didnt want to give my name,
I didnt hear her how dare she hang up.Is that how you do potintial clients my number is on your phone which is posted to inquire about a property .She can call back and aplogize very soon. I can and will…
I have been trying to list my rental house on trulia. have not had any success. is there any way, that I can email the information to?
your office & either you or associate can list my rental home for me? thanks j zuniga (562) 480-1796
I filed bankruptcy in 2012 and home was repossessed by bank and sold in Dec 2013. I have been told that I might be eligible to purchase a home in Dec
I have been renting a home in Greenwood ever since October of 2012 and I am tired of paying rent at the rate of $1100.00 per month when I am quite sure I can handle purchasing a home at $600.00 to $800.00…
problem of appraisal contingency in offers
We have been actively giving offers on single family homes. We have been approved of a bank loan of 700K . So far we have lost 3 offers only because we were not comfortable in removing appraisal contingency.…
Getting approved with bad credit.
If I have the income and down payment but bad credit why can't I get approved for a home loan?? My husband and I make annual $65,000. He has been with his company for almost 10 years. I work two jobs…
interest rates (future)
are interest rates going up???
do you have homes for rent. To purchased
I have a small down payment but i would like purchase it eg rent plus payment
How can you get Trulia or Zillow to remove your house photos from their sites?
Does anyone know how to remove your home from Trulia or Zillow? I really don't want burglars to see the inside of my home.
How do I find out who the builder of my home is?
I am planning on buying a home in westchester, grand prairie. I would like to find out who built it, but I have hit a dead end. I have called the tax office, county clerk and the appraisal district. It…
Benji Home Buyer in Valparaiso IN I want to buy a house but I have no social security number hence no credit history but I have a good down payment.
My name is Ben and I'm looking for any information to help me to buy a house in valparaiso as I said a dont have a social security number just have itin number from IRS I opened a restaurant 3 years…
Incorrect address in "Deed of Trust"
I just bought a new condo, but the "deed of trust" shows my address in incorrect unit#. Which places I have to have them to correct? What will happen if it will not be corrected?
Re: inspection results disclose to lender
I am buying a house from a relative and have shared the results of the inspection with him but we do not wish to share the results of the whole house inspection to the lender. Is it okay to just check…
I was tricked into claiming my own home now I have realtors calling me. Please delete me from the listing at 1804 Moonglow rd. Centralia Illinois.
The ad was to see what my home is worth yet upon filling out the prompts I now have realtors soliciting me. Please cancellthis situation that I was tricked into filling out.
first time buyers- Looking to buy a home in a very good school district(middle and high) 3bd, we have good credit score and our budget is 750-850K$
Will be great-full for recommendations, knowledge about any benefits for first time buyer and relevant areas. thanks!
We are looking at buying a new home in a new development. Is the price listed firm, or can we negotiate a lower price?
If the price is negotiable, as I expect it is, should we try to do the negotiating ourselves, or should we hire a realtor to negotiate on our behalf?
Do real estate agents need to sell what they represent rather than what the buyer is searching for? It has happened twice now, in 2 different states.
In Kentucky the real estate agent went thru the list of properties she owned, not what we filled in the form. In Florida, the agent took us to the house we saw on Trulia and began to list why we didn't…
I am a realtor and have a buyer. I would like to show them the property at 6108 Brookside Ct. How I can get the information on showing instructions?
There are several others I might want to show. Please let me know how to get showing instructions for properties.
Buyer's Agent: Responsibilities?
What are the responsibilities of a buyer's agent? How much should one rely on an agent for referrals to brokers, real estate attorneys, and home inspectors? What is the buyer's agent role once an offer…
Kendrick Jones- How do I see a price trend or history for a property or neighborhood?
How do I see a price trend or history for a property or neighborhood?
Are bank own properties a good buy?
Can purchasing a "bank own" sold "as-Is ever a good bargain and is there anyway to find out the property issues before you buy or make an offer?
Why is Mastic Beach so much cheaper than other homes near the beach in Suffolk? Is it because of crime? If not, why? Considering buying there.
Lives on UWS in Manhattan. Just started search for a vacation home. Has vacationed in Hamptons and North Shore.
Our BK was finalized 2/2011. We have paid 2 years Rent. We have one unsecured credit card to start building credit and purchased a trailer to start
credit. We have at 10k to put down and a reserve t, Credit scores now 658 on mine and husbands. I have continued to pay off a car after bk and been at my job for 14 years and husbands for 2 years. We would…
Johnson Ranch Az stability
With the current water situation is buying in Johnson Ranch an ill advised situation. Looks like housing market would plummet if golf course has to close
I'm buying a home that is 460K, with 10% down, I feel lost trying to pick the right lender. Please advise. Thanks!
I have excellent credit and good income, I need to find the best lender so I can minimize my monthly installments. Which is better lending company or bank? Please note that I'm trying to avoid PMI,…
I'm looking for a hard money lender that is willing to finance 100 percent.
!!! The purpose of this loan is to generate cash-flow!!! Investment property is a duplex and is tenant occupied. Property has $30,000 in equity. Own a SFH that has $60,000 in equity and will as collateral.
Does having a very large down payment, despite a poor-fair credit score make a difference?
Due to some truly difficult times we only have a poor-fair credit score. We would like to buy a nice home, soon. We have land that we have inherited up for sale. We should have a down payment of 60-75%…
I currently not working but I get EDD desability benefits and I have over 20 k on savings. I'm eligible to apply for buy my own house?
I also have a workers comp. Work injury case which claim adjuster wants to settle now I have permanent desability but I can work. I need to wait for my attorney's answer when I will return to work.
Tax rebates first time buyers?
Are there any tax rebates available for first time home buyers?
Mortgage broker vs bank
What extra cost are associated with going through a mortgage broker over a bank for instance? What are the pros and cons of both?
remove my house and pictures. my house not for sale since Sept. 2013. 3001 SW 147 CT Miami,Fl 33185
How can my property and pictures be taken out of all Real State apps?
FHA possible in Alameda?
Do Alameda sellers frown on FHA loans? I am 3 years post ch 7 (mortgage included in bk) and its my understanding that only an FHA loan is available to me at the moment. With 60-80K down, scores in the…
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