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My father in law passed away. His name is the only name on the mortgage. He is survived by his adult children and 2nd wife (1st wife deceased)
there is no will in existence, but there was a notarized pre nup, indicating the house would not go to the 2nd wife. The adult children live in the home and assisted with the mortgage and bills. However…
Would you like to know more about the advantages of living in the Lake Oconee Area?
This includes: Greensboro-Greene County, Madison-Morgan County, Eatonton-Putnam County
Are there any brokers or lenders with 80-10-10 programs (up to 2M home value) in the Los Angeles area?
We're looking for pre-approval to buy a primary residence up to $2,000,000 and would like to put down only 10 percent (to preserve cash for renovating). FICOs 780 . Are these loans currently available…
Anonymous offers.
Can an anonymous offer be submitted in Florida, i.e. without providing details about the potential buyerss?
what happened to the small red cabin on toadhill hollow road in little valley? im looking for something in that area with a small amount of acres 1-5
i want a location in or around little valley not very expensive as it would be used for a weekend getaway , near stateproperty close to the 219. Whig rd Hungryhollow rd, toadhollow had a piece of property…
Who do I speak with regarding FHA loans?
My family is thinking about trying to see if we can get a FHA loan to purchase a home? How difficult is it to get one? There is no debt besides things like rent, phone bill, electric bill, car insurance…
Looking at buying a holiday home in the area, I am based in the uk at present.
Are there any management companies out there and what sort of property is more secure.
Do one really need a Buyer's Agents, How Much does it cost & Who pays for it?
We are in the market to buy a home in the Wayne, Hawthorn, North Haledon, general area. We have looked at some homes sole on the internet and via drive-by...we have narrow down our list and are in the…
Why are some sellers (Fannie Mae for example only) allowed to refuse to sell a home to some one using FHA?
If a person is approved by FHA for an amount higher than asking price on a property, How is it allowed for a seller to refuse the buyers bid or attempt to purchase the home?
No sidewalks, no street lights: positive, negative, or neutral to buyers?
What do buyers generally think of the rural feel (no sidewalks, no street lights) in many parts of Los Altos? Positive? Negative? No opinion? Los Altos has so many other positives, but wanted to get…
When closing on a property, by law, does the home must definitely come with a working cooking stove?
I've heard that somewhere but wasn't sure if it's only a state lay(Safe and Sanitary Housing for Massachusetts Residents) or maybe a federal. I'm buying a single family home.
Want to bye a house in long island
Need house for my family. Is there real estate that speak Spanish to help us start.
Why does Texas hate carpet? :-/ (PART II) Looking for a good experienced Realtor to build a long lasting relationship with.
Thank you all for answering my (fun) carpet question. Now for the real question. I had been reaching out to a couple of realtors so that I can find someone to work with and build a relationship, as I need…
my escrow office mail me wire transfer instruction. I offered short sale condo and seller accepted. I'm a cash buyer I'm just waiting bank approve
but my escrow office send me wire transfer instruction. He said when we do closing just hand that paper(wire transfer instruction) to the bank then bank will take care of this. but i don't know why escrow…
Down payment money any and closing costs
You guys do real estate so I'm sure you would have an idea of how much money is typically needed for down payment and closing costs to buy a house is the Massapequa area?
Looking for a good Realtor. Someone who knows the areas and will
actually look for me and not depend on me to find things on listingbook. I had someone that was only showing me houses that were out of my price range and only house I found for myself. If there is someone…
Help Me Searching A Beautiful House In New York?
Let's just virtual summit is brought to you by in the in acts as a pastor in its not sponsor acts as well the let's virtual summit independent air letters and masters and spotlight did not think…
Finding trailer park rentals in Hagerstown, MD or Cumberland, MD area.
Looking for most anywhere between Hagerstown and Cumberland
What neighborhoods in Charlotte will provide us easy access to the financial district and amenities downtown?
My wife and I are looking to move to Charlotte, NC in the next year or two. We are looking for a "walkable" neighborhood with easy access to restaurants, culture and nightlife. We would look…
Is square footage/space more important to you, or specific amenities/features of the home?
Just wondering how picky home buyers are being in early 2014. :)
Anyone know of any rent to own homes in the area?
We would prefer a home in the Riverview, Southgate, Trenton, or Wyandotte area. Looking for a 3 bedroom, 1-2 bathroom, and a basement. I am eager to get the process started, but will not rush into anything.…
Is there any benefit to going working with a real estate agent as opposed to contacting a broker associated with a property directly?
We found a property on trulia with the broker information listed on the posting. Is there any benefit to getting a real estate agent involved? If so, how much more can we expect to pay doing this rather…
Saw a home in short sale, bank approved sale at 210, it's 3/2. It's a nice home, nothing special. Doesn't have a pool which I want so I'd?
I would have to have a pool put in and the added costs of putting a pool in would far exceed the value of the home. The homes been on the market for 6 months. I have excellent credit, pre approved and…
I am retired and wanting to purchase a home with FHA financing. Will there be a problem in securing the loan based on my retirement?
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