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Class C Certified Manufactured Home
What is a Class C Certified Manufactured home and how do they compare with regular wood framed homes? Can these homes be conventionally financed?
How can we get into a home with all of these investment companies buying up a lot of the market in cash?
My Fiancee and I have been pre-approved for a FHA loan of $250k. We both have stable jobs, and have 5 years with our current employers, and bring in about 85k a year. Both of us have good credit. We are…
Thinking about purchasing modular home. Should I sell existing home first, and then buy modular?
My husband and I are not sure of the best way to schedule these transactions. We are inches away from buying the land, but what comes next? Thanks for any help and suggestions!!
Can anyone recommend an agent who deals with lower priced homes/foreclosures?
We are looking to buy a home for 150k(absolute maximum) but would prefer something much, much cheaper. Willing to consider vacant lots as well for 5000k or less. Looking for something in Durham, Chapel…
why is this home asking for so much money compared to others on the same street and same area? I noticed its been on the market for almost a year
-- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/3094405631-14209-Rectory-Ln-Upper-Marlboro-MD-20772
Searching for a property similiar to the property 525 westfield ave. (mls#3079810) in elizabeth, hillside or union nj.
Searching for a property similiar to the property 525 westfield ave. (mls#3079810) in elizabeth, hillside or union nj that is coming to the market soon or is In the market.I am preapproved and ready to…
Most houses on Breckeridge built/sold in 2001-2003 were $200'sK. Now sellers are asking $270K for these while new homes are built at $K220-240,
same square footage...Is there a need for reality check in special when the market is full of houses?
Retired Chicago couple (55 and 50 yrs old respectively) looking to buy a second residence in a country club in Boca Raton area
What would be the clubs (in the general area of Boca Raton) best suited for the following requirements: active (primarily fitness and tennis, not much into golf), very active social life, younger residents…
Which neighborhood in Cambridge to invest in?
I have a rental unit in North Cambridge and have been very pleased with it. I am hoping to pick up another rental property in Cambridge over the summer. Can anyone suggest a good neighborhood/area for…
Owner financing/lease purchase/rent to own for a 3BR/2BA in Knoxville?
My husband is currently an active duty Marine who is separating from the service in July 2013; we are looking to move to Knoxville mid-June 2013. We currently own our home in Jacksonville, TN and will…
Relocating Issues
We are looking to buy our FIRST home in the Smoky Mountains. We are having a hard time trying to get a loan since we live in Illinois currently and do not have jobs there but have steady jobs here. We…
How long does it take someone to get approved for a loan on a home? I fell in love with this home and someone has already put a down payment on it
Someone put a down payment on this house that I just can't let go of nothing will ever compare to it so I'm waiting to see if the person buying it gets approved how long would it take to know if its completely…
I keep hearing that the banks have tightened restrictions for mortgage seekers. I'd like to know what the new guidelines are so that I can
realistically start looking for a mortgage . I have the 20% down payment and want a mortgage of $60,000 -my 20%= $51,000.
How much are condo fees at Hawaiian Inn? Is owner of Unit 303 open for offers?
I am interested in Oceanfront units with balconey on any floor but first (ONLY)? Are there any repossed units?
South Bay Area agent that specializes in "fixer-uppers"?
Can anyone recommend a real estate agent in the South Bay Area that specializes in "fixer-uppers"? I have a conservative budget (considering this market) and want to find the approprate agent. Trying to…
This question is for anyone: I am a 59 year old man on a VA disability income(permanent condition on remission), I am the sole caregiver to my 87
year old mother. We recently sold our condo in Portland and are wondering wether we should buy or rent here in Venice. If I pass, mom is on her own and no money if she passes before I do I am left without…
I am a real estate developer that fixes and flips properties throughout NE philly seeking home buyer in 112k price range
I am an investor that fixes and flips property throughout Philadelphia and I have a project that will be complete in the upcoming weeks in the NorthEast Area off Tackawanna St. It is a 3 bed 1.5 bath totally…
Is a selling broker required to state it a property is a short sale? The sellers have been painfully slow to get into contract. We have discovered a
few details that seem suspicious: - the building only accepts 70% financing, but our accepted offer was for 75%. - the listed maintenance fee was $60 less than the actual maintenance (and not an assessment) -…
Advice about 55 communities in the Boca Raton
Hello, can anyone send some advice about 55 communities in the Boca Raton area? I was looking for something for a relative of mine, and was curious what the price range would be for 1 bedrooms/1 bath.…
What's the reality of purchasing with poor credit but decent income?
My husband and I don't have very good credit but are actively working towards cleaning it up. We are looking to purchase within the next 12months, the sooner the better because we currently pay $22k a…
I'm about to have my divorce finalized (executed MSA filed with the court). I just opened an escrow,
can I apply as an umarried person and have the title in my name only as long as the divorce is finalized before escrow closes?
How do I purchase a home directly from the owner. They are carrying the loan.
I am renting the home now and adding $300 per month towards a down payment.
Will there be new construction houses being built for under $350,000 next year around this time?
My Wife and I want to buy a new construction for under $350,000, preferably closer to $300,000. But we will not be willing to buy till next year around this time. We have been looking at Groton and most…
Looking for multifamily house in Philadelphia
I am planing to buy a multifamily house in Philadelphia. I do not have much idea about neighborhood, I am looking for a tech savvy agent and a mortgage broker, Preferred if both working as team.
Highest and best offer on an REO property. Was bid good enough?
My husband and I just submitted an offer on an REO property listed at $84,900 (reduced $15,000 from original listing). It also said possible seller paid closing cost and home warranty. They asked for our…
Hi guys! I am looking for a Real Estate Agent PA and NJ Licensed. I am a First Time Home Buyer. Score 731.
I am trying to purchase a house for sale around/near NE Philly. Saved up 15k , but just wanted to spend at least 3%-3.5% on down payments. I have not yet applied for a pre approval letter from any lenders.…
are there discounts for real estate taxes for the elderly in Pittsfield,MA?
Do people over 70 receive any discounts on their real estate taxes?
Most affordable part of town?
What would be the least expensive area in Danville to purchase a home or town home?
Who works with Hubzu or Deustche Bank?
I contacted Hubzu they tell me they have no such property. How do I find an agent that works with Hubzu or Deustche Bank? I did the leg work and I am going to FAX Deustche Bank next myself but would like…
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