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Why is a VHDA loan for $100,000 costing me $108,007 on the purchase agreement?
I'm submitting an offer for a town house for $100,000. In the purchase agreement it says "Purchase Price $100,000 shall be paid as follows: $108,007 by VHDA/FHA loan to be obtained by the buyer".…
First time Buyers with a few questions.
My husband and I are looking to buy our first home - budget of roughly 200k-270k - we plan to move when our lease ends at the apartment complex in July 2014. A few questions: - Should we do the hunting…
Can I rent my home in Mammoth Lakes on a nightly basis?
What about seasonal renting and renting a home or condo to locals?
Short sale time line
We put a bid in for a short sale,now waiting for bank approval,but we hear it takes 3 to 5 months to get an answer. What if we find another house and it's taking longer to close the short sale, can…
Which appreciate faster? Brownstone condo or those newly developed condos at Upper Grand?
I saw many two Bdr condos in the new development has appreciated more than 20%. Brownstones (even gut renovated) don't seem to enjoy the same appreciation. Does that mean we should buy new development?
I'm looking for a fiver bedroom house with three or four bathrooms
I'm with the rent-to-owner in I'm looking for a bigger house with that many bedroom for a low price like around $100,$239 or $300 and the Jackson Mississippi area area code 39206 or 39211 is…
How do I remove my house information from Trulia?
I have 2 listings on Trulia - a NOT for Sale home @ 114 Clarence St. Cranston, RI 02910 - a 1st fl furnished 5 rm rental @ 114 Clarence St. Cranston, RI 02910
How long of a wait for coop board interview/review in Forest Hills, Queens?
I submitted my application to the board 7 weeks ago. According to the seller, he said the board would expedite the process. That was 7 weeks ago I was told that. My realtor also called several times, getting…
First time home buyer is not sure about getting a realtor
I am a first time house buyer in Roseville, CA and have been looking on Trulia for the past few weeks. I have saved a couple of houses that look good. I am now at the point where i need a realtor but i…
when do I get my refund?
I get a refund because I am disabled
Will somebody please help me. I need a property to rent. I Dont have good credit. Its poor. Very poor. But I have job stability and I make a pretty
decent income. I really need to change my living situation. I Dont care if my deposit doubles...I wish it wouldn't be too much. But somebody please help me.
I need someone in charlotte, nc who can help me with the home buying process.
My husband and I are wanting to buy a house. He is self-employed and his adjusted gross last year after deductions was 10,791. He currently has around a 619 credit score. Is home buying possible? I am…
Can anybody explain what is up 716-718 Degraw Avenue, Newark NJ - This house has been in and out of listing for the past 2 and half years.?
I remember seeing at 279- now is up 20k. I guess the market picked up and the economy went up since they decided to ask for an addition 20k. Anyone knows what is the deal with that house.
Overwhelmed and uncertain about the home buying process.
My husband and I are looking to purchase a 2 bedroom home for 100k or less. We currently have 4k in savings for an FHA Loan however it seems that there are high closing costs and I was told we have to…
Currently have an FHA and want to buy a new home.
I'm looking to buy a new house but I'm not sure if I qualify for a loan without selling my current home. Do I have to sell my home before applying for another loan? I would like to rent rather…
Is this particular house only heated by fireplaces?
-- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/3056578875-15562-233rd-Caputa-SD-57725
Is it possible to close in 2 days?
We just signed loan documents this morning and we are gonna wire our down payment tomorrow morning. Our loan officer and escrow officer is telling us that they are working like crazy to get this closed…
We are seniors and don't want to take a chance that we might sell our house and not have a place to go, so what should our approach be?
We have very specific "must haves" and potential homes don't come on the market often in our desired areas and when they do they sell quickly. We can't afford two mortgages even for…
We are looking for a long term rental in Sarasota, Longboat Key or the like.
Is it possible to see what is available or will be available. Unfurnished
Eagles Point Condo, Port Richey, FL
Condos in this 55 unit are allowed to be leased immediately for three month periods. Does this mean the tenant must also be 55 ? How are the live in owners protected against bad tenants?
How much might we be approved for, for a mortgage? Trying to get a round about idea...
My husband and I want to buy a home by the end of the year. We're currently in the process of paying off our bills which are less than 10k combined and my student loans. Everything will be paid off by…
Eagles Point Condos in Port Richey
These condos allow new buyers to lease immediately for three months at a time. Since this is a 55 community, must all tenants leasing be 55 as well? How are the owners living there protected against…
Hello! I'm ready to buy my first home and looking for a good Realtor around the Stockton area!
I need a Realtor who has experience working with 1st time buyers like myself and one who can also suggest a good lender, any suggestions???
Foreign National Loan/Mortgage
I'm going to Florida in November, I'm looking forward to buy a condo in Pembroke Pines area. The price range is around $100k. I have about 30% for down payment closing costs already in my Bank of America…
We are still looking for a house in whitefield, maine. We would love a place off the road, even a dirt road,
Even 1 acre is good. Looking for something priced very low. Forclosed or whaever. Cooper Rd., Devine rd. , Vigue rd. In that vicinity is great.
I'm finding conflicting information regarding the HOA and CCRs in American River Canyon North. Is the HOA mandatory and how are the CCRs enforced?
We are considering buying a home, but have learned that improvements we may want to make may or not be governed by the HOA. We understood originally that they HOA was voluntary and that they could not…
Is a "Bargain and Sale Deed" the same deed as a "Bargain and Sale deed with Covenants"?
We're in The Villages, Fla. Divorcing, due to Cheating X - (will be final within 2-4 mos.). I have already paid him off for the marital home, he is coming off the deed and I will remaining. Divorce is…
VA Loan approval 2 years after short sale
Looking for a local LO who can underwrite to VA guidelines. I'm told we qualify based on 2 year waiting restrictions. Short sale was due to extenuating circumstances and we were released from liability.…
the agent represents builder/seller and buyer, as a dual agent. Will it cost me more to get my own agent instead?
I consider buying a new construction townhouse in Washington county Utah.
looking for an appraisal from a real estate agent
Hi I found a townhouse complex in which i want to live, the complex has a few properties on sale and i would like to buy one, i do not have a real estate agent but would like to get a real estate agent's…
Silicon Valley versus San Francisco . Investment property for rent
Which area would you recommend as an investment property? I'm looking to purchase and rent out. Looking for a 700k property that will provide capital appreciation. Not interested in du/quadplexes.
What are the best commuter towns in North and Northwest Begen County?
Thinking in the Ridgewood, Hillsdale, Westwood, Oakland etc area. And commuting to NYC Thanks
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