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I have tried reaching the selling agent multiple times and have yet to hear back from her. Needing information for 1118 North Drive.
I was told it was already sold, but was also told it is still active. Need help please!
How do I list my home for sale?
I can't find a place on your site to list my home for sale
this lot is in Coryell County I live next door LOL!!! do your homework!!!?
-- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/1037678706-1505-Quail-Point-Dr-Kempner-TX-76539
Anyone know one of the few lenders in NV that offer combo, piggyback, second/soft mortgage? Need to avoid Jumbo. I have 10% down.
I know these are difficult to find in NV, so hoping someone can help point me in the right direction of a credit union or lender who can get this done in NV. 1st Loan: $417K 2nd Loan: ? Down Payment:…
How much of a loan can you get making 28 thousand a year with almost no debt and a credit score of 630 and ill be putting 5to10 down?
How much of a loan can you get making 28 thousand a year with almost no debt and a credit score of 630 and ill be putting 5to10 down
Property to rehab
Hello. I am interested in working with a real estate professional knowledgeable on the Lancaster, PA and surrounding areas. Looking for a property to rehab and resale. Please reply and let me know if…
Why is this posting up - this property is sold.?
Please take down this listing.
Is the property at 1233 Palm, Abilene, Texas a RTO...it was listed as such on HomeBidz. My son is interested but has bad credit.
My son has a 2 1/2 yr old who needs a back yard. They are currently paying $650 for an apartment in Abilene, with no outside play area. What is the best way to go for a buyer with bad credit? Would a…
Hello, I'm mystified by mobile home space rent variations. They seem to range from $350 up to $1100, with
no apparent reason for the differences. Cheaper homes sometimes have very high space rents. Is the high rent one of the reasons they are cheap?
I just received another scam email from trulia. 2 homes from st. augustine, fl.
705 waterlily way, st aug, says it's for rent $900....it is actually $1550! another is 187 missioncove circle, st aug, says its for rent $750.....it is not for rent at all & it's for sale…
We are trying to decide between buying a condo and a single family home. It seems like the HOA fees on condos are a ripoff. What do you think?
Monthly HOA fees of $350-$375/month are common for a small condo with average amenities. When we add up all the things that the HOA fees include, we get a sum equal to about $200-250/mo. It seems like…
I am currently purchasing a home thru owner financing. I have owned the home for over 4 years with never a late payment. My credit score is
approximately 605 at the moment. My good house payment history is, of course, not reported to any credit reporting agency. I am now considering selling my home to purchase another. Even though my credit…
Where can I find an apartment near me, for up to $1,200/month?
Rent that includes utilities, and wifi.
Why is it the custom for the listing agent to get an equals hare of the commision on a sale. ?
Listing agents do little work and my experience is that after they get the listing the practically disappear hoping some other agent will sell the house. A much fairer split I believe would be 1 1/2…
This person is scamming, not the first time on Trulia
This is 100% a scam, this criminal posted another Venice house on Trulia for about 1 or 2 days, sent instructions to wire funds to Nigeria, etc etc etc. PLEASE TAKE THIS DOWN. A 2 bedroom anything in…
Loan vs debt to income ratio
How can I calculate what price home I can afford? And how much loan to ask for? I have a lot of savings as I sold my previous home with a hefty profit, but my income fluctuates as I am a single mother…
A Lender is trying to get me pre approved to purchase a certain home.
It isn't on the market yet because the buyer has to wait 90 days to put It on the market. Would I be obligated to purchase this home because I am being pre approved for it?
Buying a home and rebuild
Hello. I am living in Little Neck, Queens right now, and my house is worth about 1M. I want to move to Long island mainly for better school district, the area that i am looking at is Manhasset/GreatNeck/Herricks.…
An investor selling a "No Disclosure" house in GA that he purchased as Foreclosure. He cleaned up flood and mold? Should he have disclosed this?
We paid to have home professionally inspected and mold tested, the house needs a new water heater, furnace and mold remediation. WLe could not check the gas because the seller did not have the gas turned…
I need infrmation about your listing for 95 Hollow rd., Stillwater,PA
septic and well? tarp on rooof - leak? hating system? taxes? How long vacant?
Recently, I ask for a realtor to come and give me advise on selling this home.No advise, no contract, no word about a sign.
she wrote down what my furnishing were, and added the remark where they were going to put me, I would not need my Stuff. what should I do since the place she was representing wont talk?
Anybody know any information about Tamiment, PA?
My sister was looking to move there.
Can I get out of a contract for a home after the inspection date ?
The seller states that if I do not buy the house he will take my deposit and sue me for every month the house goes unsold and for utilities and for any amount under my contract price. Is there anyway for…
I am emigrating to the US from New Zealand. Can I get a US mortgage even though I don't have a US credit score?
I am self employed so will have income but it is variable. Alternatively, is it possible to post stocks and ETFs as collateral for a mortgage, in order to avoid the need for a US credit score or regular…
I added 3 listings and one of them disappeared within an hour after it was added. In the spot where it was is now an advertisement. What's up?
Another problem is I added photos and the main picture initially showed up as blank. Another listing's picture has the google street photo for the address instead of the photos I added. Why?
Can i break a lease on current apartment in order to buy a house?
Can i break a lease on current apartment in order to buy a house?
Looking for a house that has potential for future growth in the Beach Cities (South Bay LA) with a budget around 1mil.
We are looking for a house that has potential for future growth in the Beach Cities (South Bay LA). We are willing to remodel ourselves. Being in a good public school district is very important. Do you…
We are buying a rental property in Port Aransas, TX and wonder if there are statistics on which rents better?
- a condo or a house? 2 bedrooms - 3 or more? In town or further out on Mustang Island? Rent yourself or use a management company (some charge 50%)? Taxes higher further out because it's now Corpus?…
Buying a house (new buyer)
Buying a house on an approve loan, what % can ask for a discount or if is acceptable to do that. i never buy a house before
Can i break a lease on current apartment in order to buy a house?
Can i break a lease on current apartment in order to buy a house?
Does anyone know of a website that accurately reflects the crime rate in Rock Island? This one is clearly BLANK.
Trulia really shouldn't report a lack of crime in place of information they clearly don't have, it's VERY misleading. I found this: http://www.neighborhoodscout.com/il/rock-island/crime/ but I don't want…
Is New London, CT a good place to live? (I am single male with no kids)
There is a chance I will be changing jobs in the near future and have been looking at houses in the New London area. (Lyme, East Lyme, Waterford, New London, Groton, Stonington & Westerly, RI) It…
Can anybody recommend a mortgage company that provide mortgage for a US citizen with foreign income?
Hello, I'm a US citizen living in Hong Kong. Most of my income are from my employment in Hong Kong. I do file US taxes since US citizens are required to file US taxes based on worldwide income.…
Looking at investment opportunities in the Orlando area with a budget of about $150k
Really looking for a specialist that handles investment real estate. Needs to generate a solid ROI for me to make the move.
My newly built home was appraised for $22,000 less than what the builder is selling it for. I also have a $21,000 deposit with the builder.
Because of the large difference on the appraisal, the only way to close on the home is if I come up with $11,000 and the builder will come up with the remaining $11,000 to cover the $22,000 difference.…
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