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I am looking for an agent that is seasoned in bank owned properties in the Frankfort, IL area.
How does the foreclosure sales effect the values in the sub divisons??
First time home buyer
My husband and myself would like to buy our first home. My credit is poor 530. I've never had any credit cards ( nobody will issue me one) or forclosures. My husbands score is in the low 600s. We…
After requesting info on a rental property, a man called claiming to be the owner & asked me to wire $. Who do I contact to report this?
He has been texting/calling since last night. I just lost everything in a fire and now this. I know you warn of scams, but how safe is your website if the info I supply can so easily be retrieved by…
Is re-grading landscape a buyer or seller issue when standing/active water is found in the crawl space?
My husband and I are in the process of purchasing a house with a crawlspace. In our home inspection, standing and active water along with some sort of fungus (mildew/mold) was discovered. It is fairly…
Looking for a house that has potential for future growth in the Beach Cities (South Bay LA) with a budget around 1mil.
We are looking for a house that has potential for future growth in the Beach Cities (South Bay LA). We are willing to remodel ourselves. Being in a good public school district is very important. Do you…
What is the typical range for an earnest money deposit in Los Angeles currently?
Hi, I'm just trying to get a feel for how much people put down typically for earnest money deposit in Los Angeles for single family residences.
We are looking for a home contract for deed in Washington IL or East Peoria. trying to find at least a four bedroom, 5 bedroom would be ideal.
we are having a hard time finding homes in the area. Would anyone have any helpful hints on finding these homes?
Constable Auction
I bought a house at constable auction ,the house was auctions because non payment to HOA, Later was contacted by owner attorney that his client want to redeem to HOA ,because by Law he has 180 days to…
I have been looking for info on helping my mother buy a home for herself, she is tired of renting.
She currently lives in Northeast/Oxford Circle area she likes the Northeast area and wants to know if it is even possible for her to buy a home. It would be her and my sister. My mother is on a set income…
No credit, first time home buyer, is credit needed if I have the money for a down payment and a co-signer on the loan? HELP!
I am looking to buy my first house. I have a family member who has excellent credit and is willing to co-sign for me on the loan/house. I have no credit at the moment. I also have help with the down payment.…
My husband and I are wondering whether it is better to rent (when in your early 70's) or sell and buy another home, because of the low interest
rate? some added details. We no longer enjoy the fixing up of the yard, outside area, etc. we would love it for someone else to do that work. We cannot seems to make up our mind only because of cost monthly…
I own 100%home ,but I have a niece& her family living there. The home has been posted to leave in 72 hrs, on the 12 of DEC. I cert & mailed
her to leave but help from her. She has 7 false affidavits that she record, knowing the notary wasn't there& witness the signature. Help w/ keeping the house my mom left me8 yrs ago. However I…
looking for a realtor in TN
can any one tell me if all agent,s or any can work throw the hole state of TN and not just in part,s of the state. im looking to buy a house there and i dont want to go talk to alot of agent,s to find…
What kind of Lease to Purchase options do you have in White Settlement?
Pretty much the heading. I'm looking to rent to own a house in White Settlement. I've got about $3000.00 to play with as far as move in deposits are concerned. I'm not looking for anything…
My husband and I are trying to get a home loan we have ran into a small problem. My husband was a supervisor in the oil field and now he's a
consultant in the oil field. Our tax information has changed to a 1099 and he has only been working as a consultant for the past 6 1/2 months. Is it possible to get financing?
trying to find a lender who will help us get a VA loan with credit between 500-590.
trying to find a lender who will help us get a VA loan with credit between 500-590. I know there are lenders that work with this range credit score, I know they are out there, I'm just not exactly sure…
I have a bid in on a short sale for about four weeks now. I under bided the asking price by about 15%.
The bank countered my offer. So I added an addendum to my bid waving the seller obligation for the hazard title fee and the 1 year home warranty. The bank contacted me saying that they have performed…
REO's and low appraisals
What has been your experience with appraisals coming in lower than purchase price in an REO? Does the bank usually come down to the appraisal price? Thanks!
Our appraisal came in a lot lower than our offer. Our realtor and the listing agent are trying to negotiate
with the bank to adjust the purchase price. Anyone have any experience with this? What has the outcome been? Doesn't seem like it would be in the banks best interest to close off our deal and put it back…
“we were just closing escrow when we were told that the seller did not own the home he only had an option to buy, why did it go all the way , days
after escrow should have closed to find this out? It was a VA loan but we were paying all of our own closing costs. We also paid $600.00 for a home inspection $400.00 for the apraisal . Now we are told…
Will I be able to qualify for a mortgage when I retire?
Living on US Social Security & small IRA ... Married ... Plan to sell current home.
Which areas feature the steepest price gradients in the US real estate market?
I would like to see the best examples of comparable houses blocks away from each other with massive price differentials.
why is my 30 years experience, training and education NOT wanted???
The more I know the less I understand. How can an entire lifetime with great success end in silence? I get that refusing to lie cheat and steal is a deterrent to my market value, but Whiskey Tango Foxtrot…
Seller wants to cancel contract one day before close of escrow. Time to hire an Attorney?
So seller had a mortgage restructure and a subsequent bankruptcy. Supposedly thought since the bank wasn't actively billing him for the second mortgage that "it went away" in either the bankruptcy or restructure.…
I need to contact Trulia Fraud department and need a phone number
It is regarding a fraud posting in your web site
Dmaoyk, Both Buyer and Seller in Coral Springs, FL When can I buy after a modification that has had late payments? I have a home in NY that was
modified (I now live in FL). The modification was completed 2/2014. I was late on payments several times and behind by 2 payments once. This happened between 4/2014 and 9/2014. I have been paying on time…
License application.
I have been told that it can take anything from 2 weeks to 2 Months to receive your license number back from the BRE but I wanted to know if there was a way to check the status of a pending application?
How do you sell a time share?
I have a Diamond time share and would like to sell it. How do I find a reputable broker?
Controller Real estate pricing
I have noticed a lot of home bought in mid 2014 sold for about 20% higher price by end of year. Not sure if anybody is buying these homes. Here is one example: There are many such homes in the 92014…
We have been unsuccessful getting information on a foreclosure
The address is 91 Village Club Trail, Clayton, GA 30525 that is due for auction next week. Can someone please help.
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