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What are some downsides to putting down less than 20%? I would be able to do 10%, but 20% I would have to wait longer.
I have good credit and am looking to get a house in the area North of North 45 and beltway 8. The houses I am looking at are around 130,000. Should I just wait till I have 20% ?
mobile home lot rent
I've read that Florida state law dictates that mobile home park owners can't raise the lot rent more than $5.00 per month per year. Is this true?
How safe is a Deed without Warranty?
I have recently been given 100% ownership of a home after my mom has passed. We went to a lawyer and my siblings signed away their rights to the home. I wanted to pay off the home loan but what I am worried…
I need advise! I am the buyer, and agreed to a purchase price of $275, but the appraisal came in $17K short.
The contract says contingent upon loan approval, but since I'm putting down almost 40%, the low appraisal don't change the loan approval. Should/Will the seller still negotiate the price? Do I have the…
Would you ever allow a buyer to rent before closing?
My husband (foreign buyer) and I are coming into the Valley on April 15th and we intend to buy our vacation home, all cash, for appx 300-400k. Due to regulatory/bureaucratic reasons, moving funds overseas…
How does it work?
I'm recently divorced and we had owned a home together. I let him keep it but I am wanting to buy another home. He is unable to refiance for
financial reasons and was told by the lender they wouldn't let him anyway since we only owned the home 4 years. I've talked to my attorney about doing a quit claim deed, will this help and allow…
I currently have an accepted offer to purchase a home here in Montesano, Washington. The home is a foreclosure and I have been approved for a 203k
loan to rehab the property. I am looking at a rehab around 45k which will include mostly updating the property, no structural repairs are needed. The problem is that I am short in funds for the down…
Why doesn't 2160 Cumulus Dr, West Lafayette, IN come up in a search for West Lafayette homes for sale?
The house is listed with MLS# 201511508 on other sites. The photos are not the same on Trulia when I search for the address as those on Zillow and Keller Williams.
will i get a fixed rate?
Iam buying a home for the first time and very shacken up about it.
How can we get our deposit back because we did not qualify for loan?
We made $3000.00 deposit for the house we made offer. We could not get the loan and our escrow expired. We signed extend 2 weeks escrow, paid $50per day. And still could not get loan. The seller wanted…
We wish to put down the minimal of down payment required (20-30% ?) to qualify for an ASSET BASED LOAN for either a 30 YR FIXED or ARM 5/5.
Hello, My partner and I are planning to purchase our 1st home. I can qualify as 1st time home buyer; however, I cannot qualify using current income due to inconsistencies with gaps and lack of 2 yrs of…
Are there any property management agencies/offices in Elma,WA?
I have a vacant duplex for rent and I need someone help getting it rented & managing it
Can a FHA Home Loan with gift of equity be used on a three way split title where one sibling is buying out the other two?
2 Siblings want to sell thier 2/3 share of thier home to thier other sibling who owns 1/3 share and wants to buy them out preferably of course without forced partitioning. They are all on the title. If…
Do some banks offer first time home buyers assistance when purchasing their first home?
I'm just starting to work full time, fresh out of college. I'm starting to put some money away because I'm sick of renting. Do some banks offer first time home buyers assistance?
Are Lenders supposed to charge for a credit report?
I am trying to find a lender, and have not been very successful so far. I am looking for a lender that can meet face to face, as I will be a first time home buyer. Last year, I found one, but they wanted…
Jumbo Loan with 10-15% down and with alimnoy for 4 years...advice
Hello. I am looking to buy a home in the spring/summer and recently divrorced. I am looking at the 750-800k range and have about 15% down. I have alimnoy of 6 figures for 4 more years. Is it possible…
i would like to purchase a house in the country with the owner or seller financing it for me.... I can pay 5 - 7,000 down......can anyone help?? t
I would like 3 or more bedrooms and would like at least an acre or so....can anyone help please??...thanks.... Teresa..... steelewhisper@gmail.com
Is it possible to remove a review you posted ?
The review was 100% accurate but their apology makes me consider removing it.
Want to make offer on house that is being leased
The seller has left the area after their house sat on the market for a few year, and decided to lease it (9 months left). Its being sold "by owner". I do not think a bank would give us a mortgage…
inaccurate descriptionj of my property
I have an attached garage, I have brick siding on the first two levels and aluminum siding on the top level. Also there are 5 bedrooms or 4 bedrooms and a study. Threre are 3 1/2 bathrooms. Please make…
WHy are my listings leading consumers to my previous company??? My company is Own Myrtle Real Estate NOT Premier One
Please advise me as to what I need to do in order to remove my previous company from my listings. I am the broker owner of Own Myrtle Real Estate, LLC and NO LONGER affiliated with Premier One
Want to buy manufactured home and land, where to start???
I'm 30 and my fiancé is 32. We both have bad credit, mine is best at 617, and still growing! We need a home and land but aren't sure where to start nor do we have a lot to put down as a down…
Should we buy or rent in the Austin area for only 3 years?
My husband is going to school at the University of Texas for 3 years this fall, and we were wondering what the market is for buying and selling? We would like to buy, but don't want to be stuck with…
With Zillow and Trulia being owned by the the same people, Zillow, and since Zillow and Listhub are now fighting has anyone else seen their listings
here disappear when Zillow decided to remove all listings that were originally sent to them via Listhub? I had all 6 of mine get pulled and no longer appear here or on Zillow. Since Listhub is owned by…
Why have the school ratings changed overnight?
I am looking in Maryland, Delaware, and Pennsylvania and I noticed that many of the school ratings in the houses I have saved seem to suddenly change overnight. What is the reason for this?
Apartment Finder
I am looking for an app or a website that allows me to find apartments quickly in my area and compare pricing. Does anyone know of an app or website that would allow me to do that? Figuring this out would…
where is the public beach?
Add some detail about your question
Property Taxes around Dallas
Which county has the lowest property taxes and is still around a 40 minute or less drive to Dallas?
I'm considering taking a job at Watson Clinic in Lakeland, FL. Any desirable areas between Tampa and Lakeland to live?
I'm moving from New England and my extended family currently lives along the western suburbs of Tampa.
what is wrong with your website? All the school ratings are incorrect on many NJ homes listed on Trulia?????
Schools Elementary School Below Average Middle School Below Average Hunterdon Central High School Above Average More detail
When can I get FHA loan?
Two years ago I got discharged from chapter 7,I had several properties included in the bankruptcy. Is it 3 years after discharge or 3 years after the sale of the least property. Thanks
they're creating individuals fool through false claims
They need however, candidly speaking, these ar 100% false and faux claims and you'll conjointly verify them simply through looking out its fans page from facebook and from its fans you'll choose…
This is still true and active we don’t really know
This is still true and active we don’t really know the verdict is still out there aren’t really a lot a good studies that have look at the correlation between two Acme on what we do know what's cleaning…
What are some ways the listing agent can help get the appraiser to appraise at sale price?
Other than offering comps to the appraiser that help justify the sale price, what other things do experienced listing agents do to try and get the appraisal to come in at value? In the large scheme of…
Is it possible to buy a single family home under 160k in the north/northwest of chicago, oak park, elmwood park...?
I won't need to finance much of the purchase so is there a cap amount lenders require tax info? Is a portafolio loan and option, and what exactly is it? ml
Two Weeks before Move
Transferring is actually deemed as some sort of dull perform to complete which can be to some degree justified as well. Due to the fact along you will discover numerous problems throughout switching in…
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