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Planning to buy house
I am planning to buy to house/condo in Nassau county. Are there any incentives for first time home purchase?
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how much value does a horse barn add to a property in AL?
it is fairly nice, about 8500 sqft. with water, electric, indoor riding arena, etc. the outside is a bit rough. I am just curious how to price that into the value of the house. it is close to city, not…
Would go first I'm solutions phrase?
it will ask you what the operate at that both statement yes so you have to consider that in regards to other sentences in the passing online know the function a bat K and don't just concentrate on…
It theorizing in the course
It theorizing in the course if that theorizing the word witness has come to have a very specific and powerful meaning the interviewer was you think herself or himself as not a questioner or as an interviewer…
who pay the reality fee?
buying a home (for sale but owner) both the seller and myself needed someone to wright up a purchase agreement so now who pay the reality fee do we split the fee
mu uncle agreed to sell us his older house as a rent to own. We began renovations before moving in. 3 weeks after we moved in he wanted the home back
We did not have a written agreement just a recept stating rent paid to go toward purchase price. Can he take back the house?
What is the process of buying a home without a realtor?
My husband and I kind of fell into this house that a friend if a friend is selling. We have already settled on a price that we both agree on so there is no need for a negotiation. We understand that we…
Is making the same offer twice on the same house acceptable?
About a month ago i put and offer in on a house for $70,000. the asking price being $72,000. I then received a counter offer from the seller for 72,000. I refused the counter offer at the time because…
TAXES! Homestead exemption on exs home still has my name.... Now want to buy my own
My ex and I (never legally married, were together 10 years with children) have not lived together since December 2014 (8 months now) I have been renting but I want to buy my own home. My name is still…
If my agent isn't doing anything for me can I change to someone else?
I have had one showing after about a month and no feedback from the agent although she promised to get back to me. Her agency sells homes that they build on properties that they are selling. Is this…
Looking for owner financing in Los Lunas NM need to find a home lease bought to end
Need a home that is Four bedroom two bathroom if possible we are sick of renting can anyone help us get a home we don't got great credit but not bad credit please call me at 505-352-4599
My property is listed with incorrect public record information. I sent in for edit and it was corrected in homeowner info but the public info
didn't change. There is no way for this to be correct. The sq. footage listed is against covenants and grossly incorrect. How does this happe?. This could interfere with potential sale of my home.
I would like to permanently delete my account
I want to delete my account
Mortgage rates conventional versus a V.A.
Do you get a lower mortgage rate if you use a V.A. loan and put down 20% towards the purchase price of a home.
my step son and I are relocating to Knoxville in the near future, we are both veterans and can pay up to $700 a month.
property with 3 beds, 2 baths, and garage. with appliances, with a fenced back yard, good size lot near trees.
Any walkable communities in Knoxville, TN area.?
By walkable I mean continuous sidewalks outside your home. These sidewalks would continue for several miles and would pass through shopping districts and restaurants.
New Builds for sale
We've heard sometimes you can get a better deal on a new build. If it's in your approximate price range. Is this true? Will the Builders take bids on new builds?
how much lower than asking price should i offer in concord, manchester and hooksettarea of nh?
3/4 bed 2/2.5 bath listing price ranging from $240 000 - 290 000, hardwd floor in LR,
It would be nice if you answered my question about the house in Grosse Point that I asked last week. Is it available or not or is it just an Airbnb?
I am very disappointed that no one got back to me about the fine and unusual English Tudor home.
How is the area off of Frank Sinatra & Portola? I'm mainly interested in the subdivisions off of Shepard. - the Sundance development for
instance. Are the Betty Ford clinic outpatient homes on Daisy Lane a problem for resale? Does this clinic cause any problems for the neighbors?
how do I delete my account? We rented a place.
I tried to delete my searches, but they won't go away.
What are your biggest challenges when moving into a new home?
Moving into a new home is an exciting, but stressful time. There's so much to do with loan applications, title deeds, moving companies, learning a new neighborhood, etc. Often, people find that…
where you can find low income or affordable housing listings????
To HOA or not to HOA!That is the question ? 1st time Home buyers, looking in the Cutler Bay area. Are HOA's good or bad or ? advice thanks in
advance. We are currently looking in the Cutler Bay area, Isles at Bayshore & Windy Pointe. We are 1st time Home buyers and just needed some advice on HOA's. I have heard nightmare stories from…
Why do so many properties in the Seattle area have interiors that are stuck in the 1980's (or older)? Will buyers not pay enough to justify updating?
I've been looking at waterfront condos and small homes (Lake Washington and/or the Sound), and the vast majority seem to be totally outdated. Is there a reason, or should I look at this as an opportunity?…
Why does my home show sold? I have not sold it yet
196 Wycliff Drive Webster NY 14580 is for sale
hello my name Is Lori Galaska and I am interested in maybe buying a house. From what I understand there is a program for people on disability with
to buy a house as long as it is in a rural area. theres like no down payment at some other things you can contact me at lorimarielori@aol.com
Deerfield IL 60015
I live in Deerfield IL 60015. Our school district, 113, has two schools. I want to have my search include only one high school in 113, Deerfield High School. However, there are about 4 towns that go…
Can i buy a house without my spouse? we are separated (not legally).
she filed for divorce in 2013 and when she found out she was not getting any visitation she stopped coming to court now i have no idea where she is. i have already spoken with a mortgage broker and was…
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