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The mission of the U. S. Marine Corps Reserve Toys for Tots Program is to collect new, unwrapped toys during October, November and December each year, and distribute those toys as Christmas gifts to less…
Owner Financing
How can I tell if the seller has a lien against his property? Who hires the attorney to draw up the loan..buyer or seller?
Looking to work with Realtors!
Hello Agents! i'm a new investor in San Antonio and i'm currently looking to purchase some houses to rehab and sell.. I am looking for starter homes under $200k anywhere in the city.. There is…
How do I flag a rental property that I know to be a scam?
The listing is located @ 5306 Imperial Court, #1, Cheyenne, WY and is ostensibly being rented for $700.00. I just received an email from the scammer.
Why do some of these listings appear fraudulent and pricing to good to be true I called for information and five minutes later person did not exist?
Some of your listings appear to be provided by people who collect your rent and take off, as I spoke with one landlord name phyllis and she said she never listed anything five minutes later I called back…
Owning a home while on a fixed income of $700/mo
I am curious if there are any programs that cater to people with disabilities. I am currently on a fixed income and am wanting to buy a home in Chandler, AZ.
What are the qualifications and stipulations of buying a "Hud "Home?
Looking at Possibly purchasing a Hud home and want to know how to Qualify... What are the Stipulations?
Do I contact brokers, realtors, agents,loan people here in Pa. if I plan on moving and buying in NC, within the next year, to get preapproved?
Moving within the next year, from Pa. to NC., not sure if buying or renting, but would like some info about who to contact and which state should I do it in?
no town names shown in listings
I am searching Sussex County, NJ, rather than a specific town and in the listings, the town name does not appear. I think that would be helpful.
Multiple preapprovals
Is it common to have more than one preaporovals while house hunting
Need urgent info re down payment assistance programs, or private loans for down payment, or loans against the 1st time homebuyer tax credit in Oregon
I entered into a sale agreement based on my approval for the USDA rural housing 100% loan, which has since fallen through. Now I'm approved for an FHA loan on the house, but need to come up with…
Hello, I recently purchased a property that is shown on your website and I would like to know how I can remove the pictures from the listing you show?
I feel very uncomfortable people being able to view the inside of my new home. Any help would be appreciated.
Information from the public records on the home at 934 Spruce Ct., Denver CO 80230 is incorrect.
The home has 4 bedrooms instead of 2 bedrooms, and the total finished square feet is 2573 per my property tax records. Can this information be updated on Trulia? A Trulia representative called me several…
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If my wife and I had excellent credit and then after my son and I infested in a business and when the economy dipped in 2010/2011.
And we lost the business and had to go bankrupt and lost everything including our househow if any way can we get to own a house again we have owned for 37 yers never a problem till then, so now what do…
Home listed for 9 month in HI. Lots of activity online but no showing from other realtor. Price well within range of comps and area And shows well at
At open houses. Has an unpermitted area that is rented for income and realtor says that is why other realtors are not showing. 85% of HI home have unpermitted area. Contract is up with present realtor.…
Does no garage mean resale will be impossible?
My husband and I are relocating to Des Moines. We recently saw a house we love. It's perfect (great neighborhood, beautiful 3 story house, etc.) except that it doesn't currently have a functioning garage.…
How may I know if the person that publishes the advertisement is not a fraud?
I contacted a person to get further information about a property and he ask me for a deposit to get the key from I don't know where to see the property. I've seen that this person (Michael Brown)…
she lacks negotiating skills. I have a buyer for my house but they won't consider it till it closes
Do you (Trulia) have an accurate pre-approval calculator we can use?
I have seen several different calculators that give very wide differences on several parameters, such as debt to income ratio.
why you do this?
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hxloA81ePPc http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OniPtE2bT4c http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EVoQPQYaJjo http://www.water4.org/4/boydGaming300show
I am a foreign buyer, Is now a good time to invest in residential in San Francisco?
Is there still a lot of room for growth? What percentage of rental yields could there for 700K to 1 million apartment?
Mortgages for Cooperative Apartments
I sold my co-op in 2014 and moved to Chicago. Now I would like to return to Mount Vernon, NY to live. I am retired with low income. Are here mortgages for purchasing a co-op in the Mount Vernon, NY…
How do I check into a person renting/selling to make sure it is not a scam?
Does Truia offer verification that the seller does indeed have a home for sale or rent?
Can offering my building on a 99 year Ground Lease gain me more Bank Financing then a sale of the property?
I have a development property with 150 buildable square feet I can sell at current market rates of between $150 and $200 per buildable square foot. Someone claims I could keep ownership and gain the same…
Can a Realtor choose a Home Inspector for a Home Buyer?
I just started a home inspection company. I was approached by a large real estate company that offered to endorse my services if I paid them so much money each month. I was told that I could be their exclusive…
Opinions about the accuracy of value estimates between Zillow (Zestimate) and Trulia
I know Zillow's accuracy varies with regions. In my region, Trulia is much closer to real home values, measured by actual selling prices. Zillow is almost always on the low side, often by a lot (>10%).…
can my boyfriend take my name off the deed to the house or evict me?
my boyfriend and I are renting to own I signed all the papers and within two years we need to get a mortgage on the house is there anyway he can take my name off of the deeds to the house or evict me…
I'm thinking of moving back to St. Petersburg, FL in a couple of years - I used to live there in the mid-90's.
Please tell me how the property taxes are computed - is it a percentage of the sale or market value? Or depends on the neighborhood?
Deutsche Bank accepted my offer of $150k but declined 6% seller concessions. Can I counter?
They claim their max is 1% so I would like to counter 140K and 1%. Would I risk loosing the home?
Villas at Regal Palms, this is the return that investment company promise me , what is your opinion?
2700 Sand Mine Road Davenport Florida 4 bedrooms 3 washrooms JAMAICA PRICE : USD 120,000 Plus Their service fee: 3% of the 120,000= 3600 I must pay cash for the property They…
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