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Can they force me to use a loan?
Help! Can they force us to buy? So we got denied on the home loan we applied for, without asking they tried to get us another loan and we got approved but the interest rate went up and the insurance which…
I am looking to buy and flip homes in the South Florida area. I have bad credit and need an investor.
I am in the construction trades and I am looking to do the work needed to re-sell the homes. I have a friend who is a very well connected real estate agent and would be going through her to close all deals.…
Hello! I am looking to get a mortgage for a home, and I was wondering how I would go about it.
I have a credit history of less than 1 year with a score of 689. I have a slew of other questions if any of you are willing to help me out past this question. Thank you!
I cancelled a home purchase 1 day before close of escrow, for many reasons. Can the seller keep my deposit even though I NEVER removed contingencies?
While there are a number of days to remove appraisal & inspection contingencies in CA (17) and loan contingencies (21). I never removed mine because the appraisal I got was bogus (a completely different…
I work and live in New York. I would like to buy a home in PR. Is there is any Bank that offers a loan program that I can be approved.?
Travel to PR 4 times a year to spend time with family. Currently working in NY...good credit...good salary...28 yrs with the same company. Wants to buy now and move in the future; but would like to payoff…
We signed papers on June 8th and funds were transferred, now the seller says he isn't happy with the lien amount he owes. Is there anything we can do?
The property had two liens on it. The buyer purchased the property without title insurance. The day before escrow we were informed of the liens. We have been very patient. Escrowed open Feb. 25 and was…
Am I responsible to pay the closing cost if I get denied the loan the day before closing because I started a better job?
We have been waiting on closing for two months and while waiting I received a better job offer. I can't wait any longer so I put in my two weeks. I figured they had already checked my employment and wouldn't…
When are you going to update the estimate on my house at 6339 Bridge St Ravenna Ohio 44266? I have already updated everything for you in description.
It seems as if you are going off of an old appraisal from the 80's or 90's when we may have refinanced our mortgage. At 92,0000, this is horribly out of date. In fact, somewhere between 2006-2009,…
I live and work in NY, would like to buy a house in Puerto Rico. There is any bank that has a loan program that would approved me.
I travel 4 times a year to PR. I would like to own a residence there with plan to move permanently in the future. As stated in my question, I am currently working in NY, before moving to PR permanently…
I am building a new home in frisco, should i get my home inspection done. If so when should i start the inspection.
It's been 3 weeks since they started the construction. Should i get the inspection done at various stages of construction or towards the end.
how to delete pictures?
I claimed my home on trulia, but do not see any place where I can delete the pictures
Is a mortgage tax/stamp fee assessed when you are building a new home in Florida? (.70/$100)
I have several GFEs from lenders and some have the stamp doc fee listed and other GFEs don't. Please help!
My home is located at 3 Lyndale Court, Smith Point NY 11967.
It is posted on the general area map and listed as OFF MARKET. It is an active for sale house, please fix the error. http://longisland.craigslist.org/reo/5026746235.html Thank you, Gordon Best
Where to live in NJ - easy commute to NYC price range up to $1M?
We are struggling to figure out where to live in NJ. Basically, we have 3 young children and want: 1. A family friendly area - with kids outside playing (lively) 2. A home that has some updates (if…
Hello. Why not the proposed options and the introduction of new houses in the e-mail I sent?
Hello. Why the proposed options and the introduction of new houses in the e-mail I sent?
Heather wood villa town house
Was looking for 3 bed, 2 or 2.5 bath in Heatherwood villas. How's it to live there?
Can you change the school system that is attached to my home? It is incorrect
My home is listed for sale. The address is 2923 White Azalea Street, Buford, Georgia 30519. We are in Gwinnett County and the school system is Mill Creek cluster. The school system listed on Trulia…
Are there any regulations that define who a cosigner can be on a mortgage?
For example, does it have to be immediate family?
Just got a new job and want to purchase a home. Is that possible?
I have a 750 credit rating and minimal bills. 40,000.00 plus income per year.
How long does a seller have to sign a contract/agreement of sale of a house they are selling,but have verbally accepted an offer to purchase from a?
buyer? Isn't their a specific timeframe to accept or reject a contract or should it have been written in that contract? Can sellers take their time and make the buyers wait indefinitely?
how do i find what a property sold for two years ago?
680 Landon Street Birmingham MI 48009
We are considering building a new home in either Fairfield Glade, Daddy's Creek, or Saddlebrook located in Tennessee. Any information?
Please provide any information regarding the quality of homes built and whether or not the sellers in any of these areas can be trusted. I could not find any information from the BBB regarding these areas…
I am looking to buy in Florida, 25%-50% loan possibilities?
I want to buy a property of around 150k, house or condo in florida to rent out, I can pay cash but I would like to use some leverage. Can I get 25 or 50% loan? payment it will be about half the rental…
I need to update my property info
your estimate is $146k
Looking for a rent to own property we didn't get financed our credit scores were too low or income is too low we are still looking for a rent to
own property we pay our rent on time therefore we will make the perfect honors the problem is we need someone who will report to the credit bureau that we are making our rent payments on time we need this…
An agented assist me with entering into a two year lease for which he was paid for the first and second years. Renewed twice more totaling 4 yrs.
That agent wasn't involved with the additional renewals. Our lease expired May 31st but we received an extension from the landlord due to my daughters prom and graduation occurring during this time.…
How do i edit a review?
How do i edit a review?
Where would you suggest for a good area to try to flip some homes. price range in the $60/$80,000. North Of Tampa
Where would you suggest for a good area to try to flip some homes. price range in the $60/$80,000. Hope to purchase do my own work and after all is done show at least a 10% profit. I am retired, might…
i am looking within a 20 mile radias of boca raton fl for a 2 bedroom atleast one bath I am not 55 yet only 53 is there communities out there
this is a second home so would like to pay cash under 40,000 and keep hoa fees under 350 a month
Are there any boat mechanics you can recommend at Lake Monticello?
Looking to see if there are any mechanics available and who would be recommended to service a boat currently docked on Lake Monticello.
During purchase of a Short Sale, the appraisal tagged the roof as needing repairs before loan. What are my options?
We knew that the roof was old and were planning on replacing the entire roof within the first year rather than waste money on a $2,500 2-year roof cert. However, with the appraiser tagging the roof, they…
Can I get a FHA or Conventional 97 with a 590 fico.?
I was wondering if there is anyway I could get a mortgage with a 590. I would be a first time home buyer, and looking to purchase in the Burlington or Camden co. area.I am currtly still paying down balances…
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