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How can I use rental income as income for a new mortgage loan right away?
My husband two kids and I live in West Haven and are interested in renting out our home and purchasing a new one in a different town but still in CT. Heres the negative- we are under water on our home…
Will a lender give me a FHA loan?
I currently live in my home, which was discharged in BK in Oct 2009. I have maintained payment. I have been getting mixed answers on if I qualify for another loan to buy a different house. Some lenders…
I have placed about five offers over the last 3 months in the San Fernando Valley. However, I keep getting
rejected or there were other better offers. I have offered at least 30k more than the asking price. Is it time to get a new realtor? My wife is getting really frustrated that we haven't been able…
First time home buyers with credit issues
My boyfriend and I are looking into purchasing a Townhouse by the end of 2013. My credit score ranges between a 580-602 and his is in the upper 700s. We will have 20k by May of 2013 and plan on putting…
New college graduate looking to buy a co-op in West Harlem - advice?
I am a recent college graduate working in banking and am interested in buying a 1Br/1Ba/studio co-op in Harlem. I have a thin credit file and so would likely co-sign financing with my parents. -Will…
Hi everyone, we put a offer in on a home that was never listed as a short sale, the seller signed the contract and the listing agent after we signed
the contract says it is a short sale and we will be able to close the 20th of November. Now, our realtor is saying that he has never seen a short sale close in three to four weeks. We have looked over…
apartments or house for rent on highland hills Follansbee WV
I need a 3 bedroom / 2 bath & kitchen . I would like a house or apartment on highland hills Follansbee WV
Will they use both scores?
My husband and I are looking to buy our first home in April 2013 when our lease is up. We just found out that we should get pre approved in January/February. My husband has good credit and I have poor…
many homes for sell in the middlesboro ky how do you go about finding a bank that will do a rent to own if you don't have good credit.
if i had a stable job for 2years will lender be willing to work with me so i can get good credit.
I am 25 years old, married, with outstanding credit...are there any FTHB incentives for me in Chicago?
I am looking for any place in greater chicago with metra train access, don't have a lot of money saved up.
Why have HOAs become so tyrannical? We can't believe some of the oppressive rules along with high monthly/annual fees.
We have read 7 different HOA covenants. We are shocked they may put liens on your home. Some HOA commitments say HOA can come into your home "in the event of an emergency." There is no way…
Are there still opportunities to fix and flip in Tucson for a profit in today's market?
Im interested in purchasing fix and flips. I prefer houses that are discounted below market value to fix and flip for a profit in today's market. Thanks!
We have been considering buying a home in the Hiddenbrooke development of Vallejo. What is your opinion?
Is is an inconvenient location? Does the Vallejo bankruptcy affect this development negatively?
Levittown School District has a bad reputation that it doesn't deserve. US News & World Report 's ranks MacArthur High School with a
silver medal. How can we get it out there that MacArthur High School is one of the better quality schools? I am trying to sell my house and feedback is that my house, yard & neighborhood are great…
Anyone know a website showing available acreage lots in Sarpy County?
Want to build...looking for treed lot with acre or more
short sale didn't go thru after 3 months
banks are unreasonable; much higher than comps. do i keep looking with not much on market that is regular sale; do i just rent; do i buy a mobile instead; approved for 220k conv.; 125k mobile; been living…
How is Crystal Lake area of Collierville in terms of resales??
I am planning a house in this locality-Crystal lake and want to know if it is a good idea to go ahead with it....
am a Nigerian and live in Nigeria, how do i buy a home in the USA when i have never lived there?
i dont need a mortgage, i can pay cash but it depends on how much the apartment is
I'm looking to buy new home in Collierville or Bartlett. The new homes I've seen are overpriced. Is it possible to negotiate the price down?
much? Someone advised that I find a realtor that was experienced in working with new home construction. Suggested also that the cost of a new home should be reduced by at least 10-15% in today's market.…
With credit problems, what would be the advantage of traditional financing vs. owner financing? How does?
owner financing help a buyer with bad credit? And does is this situation truly realistic? I live in Maryland and you don't see many owner financing properties.
Any Horse Friendly people in or near Storden?
have horses need a place to land with them~2 weeks from now.
Stonewall avenue haines city Fl
Is this home still active? Can You send me more info about it please?
Can you give me an idea of the cost for home inspections? Who pays for the pest reports, buyer or seller?
We are looking to buy a second home in Vegas. Also, if a hud home is for sale is the price negotiable? Our credit is excellent would that help us in negotiating the price?
Hello... I want to buy a repossesed house (3, or 4 bedroom) but I have very bad credit for my 2 divorces
but I want to pay half of the debts in order to clear my credit and start from scratch. Someone told me that I can´t bu anything due to I am presently in Mexico City and I must be there for 2 years,…
What is the percentage of average actual sale price to average listing price in Bloomington, Indiana?
I just want to know how much higher the asking prices are than the actual sale prices over the past six or 12 months.
What do you think about Highlands Ranch?
Just wondering. Initially we were considering Stapleton, but now we've seen what we can get for our money in Highlands Ranch and are leaning that way. We are looking to stay under 300k. Its a little farther…
I bought a fully inspected house 1year ago which is now uninhabitable due to majorplumbing issues not covered by warrantee.Can we sue for nondisclore?
We have some serious plumbing issues beneath the slab and the driveway that causes all of our waste water to back up into our basement through the main drain, and flood our laundry/living area. The house…
I'm Looking for First Time Home Buyer Programs in PG County
My wife and I are looking to buy but don't have much for a down payment. We make too much for most of the first time home buyer programs we've seen(110k gross). We were thinking about borrowing…
Is there a way to see which buying agent helped place on offer on a home?
Here's the deal not sure it's true, but I have a strange feeling. I've been shown a few homes and with each one it seems as though my realtor has seen the home for the first time. Out…
Closing by last date set by the 2nd lender, in a short sale in California
What if we are unable to close escrow by the aggressive last day set by the 2nd lender, for them to get paid. Will the 2nd lender have to extend it. Will they charge penalties? Will the short sale…
Is 13006 Vicar Woods Lane back on the Market? Whats the new asking price $749,0000 or $724,000?
I was informed by the listing agent a few months ago that is was rented. What's the staus on this property?
Why does it take so long for a hud house to accept a bid?
I have noticed that when trying to buy a hud house that it takes a very long time for them to do anything. Ive seen three people get accepted and the houses got destroyed before they could close.
I'd like a local broker to set me up on an automated query
Looking for a (near the) beach condo with the following: Priced under 150K, maintenance under $400- mo. Ability to rent out (I'm over 55) Need at least 1 bedroom, kitchen and parking Walking distance…
I bought my first home last year and want to purchase an investment property in the Eastlake/Otay Ranch area with a purchase price under 180k.
I have 6k income, my mortgage is at 363k owed and 2555/m payments. My wife and I are both on this loan, I would be the sole owner of this investment property. I have 20% down. Is this possible? Can…
654 credit score
Is 654 credit score good enough to purchase a home
Where should I invest?
Hi experts, What are good strategies to invest about $450k in realty estate in bay area? I live in SF and work in MTV. Any suggestions? Thank
Is it a good time to buy and lease out in Henderson?
Is it a good time to be buying in Henderson and renting it out?
My husband and I plan to move to the Brenham or College Station area this year. Our best guess is we will live in the area 3-5 years.
We need enough space to add a workshop approx. 20 x 40. When purchasing, where is the best investment, considering resale in 3-5 years...........in a subdivision in town, or a small "ranchette"…
I was "caught" in a rental scam on this site. Is there anyway to verify the information ? This could be very serious, I caught on to
it..... I really need to contact someone concerning this, scams like this could ruin this wweb site
What constitutes a 'bedroom'? A few agents have marketed their listings as such "2bd/1bth- the loft is the 2nd bedroom" when I dont consider it a bdrm
I'm not sure how your appraisers are in Tahoe but I consider a bedroom as having a door and I don't believe the lofts they are speaking of have doors or are enclosed. I've also heard the standard is "it…
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