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High-floor 1BR apt in Metropolis/Montgomery for $190-200K...possible?
I currently live in a 550sqf, 20th floor, 1BR rental apartment with a balcony in Metropolis (280 Marin Blvd), which my current landlord purchased for well under $200K (around 190, i suspect) in late 2011.…
I leased a home in january 2009 ith a verbal opton to purchase. Recently when applying for loan i found out
the house has no C/o or final inspection. I have around 16k invested in paid lease and home improvements. What does all this mean and what should i do?
How will the Presidential election affect the housing market?
Will the re-election of Obama be better or worse for the housing market? What about Romney?
We signed the P&S but didn't sign the contract with our agent. She's acting weird now and we want to switch our agent. Could we do that?
It's 20 days since we open escrow. And we had not lifted any contingencies. Our agent did not act in our best interest. She even told us to send paper works to wrong place. We did not have any contract…
Land Contract Homes
I am currently looking for a land contract home 2-3 bedroom either on the NE side of Grand Rapids, or in the Sparta area and having a tough time. If anyone could help I'd greatly appreciate it.
What are good towns in Central Jersey for a Daily commute fron Philadelphia, is Piscataway an option ? We need good schooling Towns !
My Job is moving from NYC to Philadephia, we plan to relocate from north to central jersey, what are good Jersey towns within 90 mins drive from Philly ?
I want to move to an area in Utah that has year around warm temperature and cost of living is low. where would you suggest as I am a disabled vet?
being an out of state disabled vet I would like advice on the above. I would like to live in a suburban'rural area but near to the city and to a veteran medical facility
What is the current status of the home located at 1525 Roble Grande Lane. In Alpine, CA?
I see on foreclosure.com that it is inactive, but it is not showing any recent buyer/seller information.
Are there any sellers out there considering lease to own or bond for deed?
it appears that most listing either make no mention of this or say flat out that they will not accept it. I am eligible for the VA Home loan but with a poor credit score I doubt we will qualify for it…
Why are short sale listing prices so much lower than comps. Is this what is called flopping see http://bit.ly/ze1iLF, it seem common in Las Vegas?
Am looking for more info on how to identify when a realtor or lender is doing what is called flopping on short sale . Nolo Press Legal has a summary of this unethical method of selling at http://w…
I have been tryin to put my offer in on this short sale for 6 mths. First 2 offers were turn down 3rd offer is still pending for 3 months now?? why?
I realize a short sale takes a long time to process, but obviously the first two offers were decided quickly, Why would the 3rd take longer?
Can someone explain this legal language - which mortgage is in first place?
Reading a "subordination of mortgage" document and it says PNC Bank does hereby agree that the lien of the above recited Mortgage ($xxx,xxx) to be subordinated to and postponed in favor of a…
backup offers accepted
I´m intested in a house that has been pending for the passed 80 days and accepting backup offers. What does that really mean? I´m willing to make an offer without contigencies. Thanks
How does the average cost per square foot of building a new home compare to new home sales prices?
I am considering having a contractor build a home from architectural plans that I would provide vs. buying a new home on the market. Homes on the market include the price of the land, the size of which…
will they rent this with option to buy within a year?
mobile home on north vine st. berwick pa.
How much per foot would it cost to build a ranch home?
Would a modular home being less to build over a stick built home.
If I buy an HDFC co-op while single, and then get married would I still meet income guilelines?
I only meet HDFC guidelines for condos if I'm single. My fiance and I combined make close to 150K. So can I buy an HDFC property while single, then get married and have the joint income? Or is this…
I have an FHA and want to see if I can approve for a conventional for a secondary home
I currently have an FHA loan on my primary residence (which will become my secondary). I want to purchase another property as a conventional loan since I cannot have two FHA loans. My monthly income pre-tax…
If I rent my property that is now under Prop 13 and move to my rental property that I own, will it effect the taxes on my first property?
I'm thinking on moving to my rental property because it is smaller and fits my needs. I'm also thinking of refinancing this rental property, as my new primary property. WIl this affect my taxes…
Question for an loan expert
I had a Chapter 7 three years ago. My previous mortgage was included in the paperwork, but it was NOT a foreclosure, nor a deed in lieu because I was a co-borrower and my ex-wife remained accountable.…
I'm interested in the 212 Norfolk home. What needs repair for a house that is only $10K? The roof looks needy and maybe the siding? Furnace?Etc.
I can see that the inside needs painting, the cupboards need sanding and repainted by a body shop or all new cupboards. The style shop and its contents all need to be ripped up and a new floor put in.…
what is the main check list for a first time buyer?
I need to know everything about buying a home for the first time, is it better than rent?
Hi, if I already owned the land, and all the construction plans to build a house of about 1700sqf near the mountains in Greenville SC, what would my
expected cost be? Hello, I have heard that building homes in different parts of the country can considerably vary in cost, I understand that SC is about in the average range for home building in America.…
I currently live in a condo worth @$280K conservatively. I owe @$85K. I want to move into a 2 to 3 br / 2 br house @1200 sq ft without paying half
a million dollars. The houses I've seen in Temple City are very small and start at $475K. How do I find short sales or bank owned homes?
What happens when the seller can't get all the paperwork/signatures needed to buy a house before our locked in interest rate expire? (life
estate) Life estate owner is living, not living in the house. And the owners still need some other signatures and/or paperwork from the living estate owner's deceased spouse in another state.
What happens when the seller can't get all the paperwork/signatures needed to buy a house before our locked in interest rate expire? (life
estate) Life estate owner is living, not living in the house. And the owners still need some other signatures and/or paperwork from the living estate owner's deceased spouse in another state.
Real Estate Agent Protocol Breach?
My husband and I are just starting to look at homes. We went to an open house (and we didn't have an agent with us). We met the sellers agent. We weren't intersted in the house she was selling…
Is half mile distance from I-280 considered too close?
I saw a property which is 0.5 mile from highway interstate 280, I can hear the noise outdoor, it's not loud, but the noise is continuous. When I inside of that property, it's absolutely quiet.…
Today in the listings there is a listing for 15006 aruba in corpusa christi texas PRICE IS 25.000, IF THIS IS CORRECT WILL CONSIDER ESCROW IMMEDIATELT
coould look at propertu TUESDAY OR wEDNESDAY. Please contact me immediately 979-542-6818 mobile home 979-542-9858
Can I get a loan with a credit score of 630?
I am a recent elementary education graduate, but have no job yet. I am wanting to buy a house in Florida for $100,000 or less. My fathers and husbands scores are below 600. I want to know if I can get…
I just graduated from college and want to move to Florida.I'm looking for affordable housing and good employment outlook. Thanks!
As is with most people, I'd like to be as close to a beach as possible and the warmer (more South) the better for me. I've been renting apartments since 2007 and am ready to move on from that…
How do I find out if a lot (that will be part of a townhome) is covered under the Interstate Sales Disclosure Act?
Based on my research, I think that the subdivision would have to be registered, it seems to meet the criteria for the act on the HUD site. Around 300 of the 800 or so lots are completed with homes &…
My husband and I would like to know which community in the Myrtle Beach area would be best to permanently relocate to from CT?
We have vacationed several times (off season) and always stayed in Barefoot Resort. We absolutely love the area and the weather. We would appreciate any advice as to what the best areas would be to look…
We are really not happy with our realtor. AFter the comment well you were so organized i figured you knew when this paper was due? what can I do?
It ended up only delaying the insepction by a day, but I feel like I'm pulling teeth instead of just being given the answers.
Search filters available beyond obvious ones?
My wife insists on a pool. I have found several homes that appeal to me, only to discover that there is no swimming pool. Can I filter the searches to only homes with pools?
If I am on a fixed income of $1400.00 per month, is there any posibility that I can still purchase a home? And what can I do to prepare for this?
I am not that particular of what neighborhood I live in as long as its not the worse neighborhood in the city. I like Irving, Grapevine,Garland,Euless.
Is a cash buyer held to the owner occupancy rule?
I have an out of state cash buyer. Is she required to occupy the home as per FM rule? AND, is there a link I can send her?
looking for country property, small fixed up, with about three to four acers
posibly one for back taxes owed, or forcloser, three bedrooms, two baths,
Relocating to Austin for job at UT (wife no kids presently). Looking to Buy at $160-200K. Would like easy commute (<40 min) with good resale.?
Advice? Suburbs would probably work better for us, but could certainly be flexible. Probably looking for >1800 square feet. Thanks!
uninstall bathroom
we are checking a property with a un-reported bathroom in the basement and the buyer is responsible for co. how if we want to remove the bathroom: how much work do we need to do to remove the bathroom?…
Is our real estate agent really working in our best interest?
After 7 months of searching my husband and I found a house that we really liked and wanted to make an offer on. It's a double dormered 4 bedroom 2 bath cape in 08817 with a lot of potential. With the…
when to do inspection when buying a short sale.?
most of property sell "as is", what is the point to do an inspection?
should i reconsider?
i am in the market for a farm home...1 farm house that i am intereseted in, has high tension wires running through property. i will have animals and kids on property at all times.
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