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I am a legitmate cash buyer of a condo in Florida. I can not find a real estate agent that retruns calls and this is the only reason that I have not p
I am a legit cash buyer , and I do all the work myself despite being out of town. I can not find agent that returns calls and I am fed up. I am looking for a buyer agent who returns calls. Is that too…
I'm buying a bank-owned home in Westland, price was approved before I got involved. Now it is stalled after the agreed-on closing date.
I don't understand this. I'm going through a very reputable realtor and we signed the papers, put down earnest money, and agreed on a closing date of on/before July 23. Now they're saying that the investors…
I recently put an offer in on a short sale. I am the second buyer to put an offer in after the previous buyer walked.Will the process be shorter?
I recentcetly put an offer in on a short sale. I'm the second buyer. The previous buyer walked away after being approved. That was less than 90 das ago, probably within the ball park of a month.I…
Closed on my house last week. Now my realtor slaps with a $1000.00 bill for credit repair fees.
Shouldn't this be paid out of her comission? Is this legal? I knew she was doing a credit repair, but she never said it would cost extra.
Is it customary to interview several agents before choosing one?
I hire accounts professionals in the IT field. Would it be appropriate to set up a time, have several agents waiting in a waiting room, and then proceed to interview each one of them and then notify them…
How can I prepare myself to buy a house?
Do I have to have 20% to put down? What is a desirable credit score? How long should I have been with my current employer? Are there any other basic things I need to have squared away before I speak to…
Has anyone offer to buy the Note secured by your Short Sale listing!? Don't buy their story!?
We were recently contacted by a so-called Investor offering to buy the Note on our approved Short Sale offering full commission plus another 1.5%.....etc. To make the long story short, the lenders rarely…
Does tenant improvement affect allowance?
Do anyone knows that whether tenant improvement allowance affect the amount or way leasing commissions are calculated?
Is there a way to find the designer of a condo floorplan and see what else they have built?
I fell in love with a floorplan in a certain condominium in Austin, but the place was foreclosed on early this year and is not back on the market yet. There are no others of that floorplan for sale in…
Are there any property managers in Forsyth County that could help a recently wounded wheelchair bound vet find a one story handicap accessible home?
This is their story.... My fiance, Jessie, is a recently wounded veteran. He is now in a wheelchair most of the time, so we're looking for a place that's one-level. His wheelchair is about…
Should I get new realtor?
House has been up for 9 months and my realtor has not brought anyone through.Other realtor have brought their clients ..Aren't your agents suppose to try and sell your house for YOU???
I owe my on my house than the market value.The It is currently rented with the lease to expire in Jan. 2013., but the rent is less than my mortgage
by $300 a month. I recently retired due to age (68 ) and health problems. If I do a short sale, what happens with my tenants? The house is located in GA.
I've been looking at houses.....I was told I could get a buying agent to help me.
Do they charge or work off commission? If they charge, what is reasonable?
There is a abandoned house in Somerton, AZ and I would like to know if there is a chance for buying it....
I just fell in love with the house, what can I do about it? It has a paper saying is owned by bank of america.
I have been under contract for a home in Texas for over three months, with earnest money of $1K contingent upon financing.
After several extensions, the lender is asking for new documentation which is not available and has no assurance the loan will be funded. Understandably, the seller wants out. Not understandably, I am…
Hello - I am looking at purchasing a house from a very close (and extremely honorable) family in Michigan.
This house has been in their family since the early 1900's. They have taken great care of the house. They are very close and are extremely trust worthy. I know there are often pitfalls in buying…
Rent to buy when a house is for sale. What are some options?
I am looking for a rent/to buy home in this area. Can i ask the seller is this an option. My credit is ok but like to continue to raise score an not have to move in an apt. Thanks
Looking for five acres with a commute to Charlotte that is not horrible
We are looking for 5 acres of land in the area of Charlotte, but outside of Mecklenburg County, and possibly in SC. It would be awesome if the commute into Charlotte is not horrible as well. Any suggestions?
If a house on the market for over a 1 year,shouldn't there a price reduction?
I have been looking at a particular house since the end of 2010,the house seem to have been sold but closing may have went bad and a new real estate Co. took over.However since the new agent has it (over…
San Bernardino Location question...Need local Realtor to advise.
Can a Realtor please give locations in San Bernardino that are OK for investments/rentals. Looking to purchase a few to hold and rent and would love to know where people would prefer to be in that City.…
How do I get information about current foreclosures?
Am interested in the 34446 area.
We are looking for a manufactured housing community w/pool, in the Las Vegas area.
We are interested in buying a manufactured home complete with utilities and possibily furniture included. We are retired, and need to be in a good area.
Who can help me with my VA home loan?
I am looking to purchase a property in the North Rosedale Park area and I already have a VA loan, but I am unsure about the steps that I need to take in order to secure the property of my dreams.
First time female home buyer in her mid-20s. I am looking to buy my first house, how does the process work?
I have a house for my family and I in mind but have absolutely no idea where to start. How do you know where to go for a preapproved loan? What should you look for in an agent? What questions should you…
Investing in Avondale Estates
I am looking at some condos in Avondale estates, particularly at The Condos of Avondale Estates. The complex seems well kept and the neighborhood is nice. I'm looking for a good investment, would…
Buying a tenant occuped duplex in Rockridge
I am considering buying a duplex in Rockridge which is currently tenant occupied. One side of the duplex is on a month-to-month lease where as the other side has a year long lease. I would like to move…
Estimated Mortagage
Can somebody help me estimate what my mortgage would be, i am getting an FHA loan and i have a budget for about $1300 a month, so what are the price range of house i should be checking out. I am interested…
My question is, is it legal for someone who is selling their mobile home to say that they will only sell to senior citizens and not to a family.
This is an all age park that once was a senior citizen only park. These particular people want it to go back to a senior park.
Are there other recommended websites to search for houses for sale?
We currently life in Central PA and the realtors use www.centralpahomefinder.com and turned us on to the website. It's includes every home listed and is easy to follow. Is there a similiar website realtors…
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