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It is possible to combine the mortgages from two properties into one mortgage
have house A now, been paying on it for 5 yrs, just found say house B Starting to finance can you get house A & B together on same mortgage payment
Florida Real Estate Options for Older NY'ers ?
All - Parents are interesting in looking for a 1-2 bedroom in florida to escape the NY during the winter months. I am green when it comes to FL real estate and the plethora of places that exist (Clearwater,…
Looking to buy an Ocean front/view condo in Florida
Possibly moving to Orlando area for work. Looking to buy an Ocean front/view condo along Florida Coast. Possibly Condo-tel? Looking to keep price under $70,000. Any leads would be great!
what is the cost of cleaning a 2000sq ft house wny?
30 yrs 4 kids now just me. I would like something smaller. how do i get rid of all the stuff, and clean the house for sale?
Is there a way to find out how long houses have been on the market? I know on Trulia it says Over 30 days,
but was wondering if there was another way to find out. Thanks for any help you could give!
I'm considering Martin's Chase community near Brambleton, VA. I would be interested in finding out what the pros think about that
development/Lennar. My wife seems a lil bit spooked by the trees and "secluded" aspect of the community. Do you think it is a good area to live in from a resale perspective?
about pre approval
my husband cosigned to his cousin to buy a car. now we cant get preapproval because of this, what should we do?
To whom to ask for the escrow of a house to buy?
Is the escrow to be reimbursed?
Do realtors have info on how much shadow inventory banks are holding in New Haven?
In my research I've read that in the past year housing prices fell 5% in NH. And NH leads the state in distressed sales. Do people have access to how much inventory banks are holding or is that…
Hi Carol: Took my home off the market as there was little action. Should you find a place I like, I will list my place fast.?
Looking for a place with a natural setting, lots of privacy, LOW maintenance, access to a pond, beach or stream. The idea is to get away from all the work this place demands and yet have a feeling of…
My house has been on the market less than a week. When should I look for a new house?
I'm an emotional person, and don't want to find myself getting attached. We won't be staying in Pasadena and will be moving to somewhere around the Baltimore Metro area.
We bought a older Mobile Home in Ocala Fl. I was not told about the mold problems in the home. My mom has become Very ill.
Are their laws in Fl. to protect a buyer? If so,What can we do? Thank You...Jackie F.
Question with 2nd home mortgage to be primary home? How hard is it to get the 2nd home lender approved?
I bought a home in Los Angeles about 2 years ago, and now I got relocated to San Francisco, and am looking for a home to buy. As my SF home is going to be my primary home, is it possible that I can get…
are there any lenders that accept scores below 620?
i have a median score of 607 but cant find anyone to approve me for a mortgage
Do you think the new development condo, Madrone in Mission Bay is a good long term investment?
Let me know your pros and cons please. I am a multiple property owner in San Francisco/Bay Area.
How should a seller obtain an appraisal review, after the buyer's realtor, mortgage lender, and appraisor stand by their report?
What effect would this appraisal have on the future selling price, if, for FHA, this appraisal "sticks on the books for six months" ?
Credit in the Toilet! Help!
My husband and are are trying to figure out how we can buy a house in our town for 89,000. My mother works at a bank and tells me there is nothing we can do to secure a loan because our credit is in the…
Are there any home available for owner financing?
Looking for a small farmette, with enough acreage for a few animals and a green house or two. Would like owner financing with very little down and reasonable interest rate.
Are there any home available for owner financing?
Looking for a small farmette, with enough acreage for a few animals and a green house or two. Would like owner financing with very little down and reasonable interest rate.
Fort Myers - Looking for first home $100k to $150k - Income good, credit 640-ish (bad?) can anyone make this happen?
I am single, looking to purchase my first home. Have worked for the same company in this area for 5 years and have wasted 60 thousand dollars renting! Credit around the 640's, brought up from low…
How long after FHA preapproval can you take to look for your perfect home?
I'm sorry, we are getting things together to begin the process of buying a home and I have a few dumb questions. Im just wondering, we are looking to apply for an FHA loan in the next month or so (as soon…
Is there something I do not understand?
I'm a foreigner and I'm thinking about moving to U.S. I entered this page in order to check the apartment prices in Chicago. And I'm a bit confused, as here, in my country, I live in a 1000…
Townhome Toll Brothers Vs Winchester
I am thinking to buy townhouse and have narrowed it to two. Toll Brothers-Meadows(Ellicott) and Winchester-Paxton. I did some homework and found that both have almost same area and price. Please advice…
Brambleton Townhome Beazer(Chatham) Vs Winchester(Praxton)
Which is better w.r.t construction, design and footage.
Where can I fin PRE MLS listings?
I am already working with a Realtor who is capable of searching through the MLS and arranging property tours in the 92101 zip. I am open to MLS realtors for 92103 provided they will only get credit for…
its a short sale.in escrow signed loan docs and realised today, approval has not come from the second bank. can we get our deposit IF we back out?
feel cheated as our agent didnt inform us there is second bank involved. the first bank has said the approval will be void if its closed later than 29th feb, our agent and seller agent is the same. we…
Opinion on rental property with attic converted into bedroom and bathroom, no permit
I'm a newbie buy & rent investor. I'm interested in an attached 3 bedroom house that has the attic converted into extra bathrooms and bedrooms with no permit. What issue could arise from buying & renting…
What is the maximum amount of fund you can reserve in Escrow account?
I am first time buyer of new home in Mcdonald,PA area. What is the maximum amount of fund you can reserve in Escrow account. eg. If total amount including Home Insurance and home's property taxes is $6000…
Is it illegal for an agent to list your home, buy it and pay himself a 6% commision?
Only showed 3 or 4 times, then offered me appx. 80,000 less than listing price, 8 mths later he is selling it for 100,000 more than what he paid for it.
If a property has already began a short sale process twice before, would the third time around be a little easier?
We are in the fifth month of a short sale, and the sellers' lawyer has not been providing us with meaningful details about the process. The unit has been through the process at least twice before -- once…
Where is the best place to Purchase a condo in Chicago right now?
I'm moving to Chicago and I dont want to waste $1400-1800/mo on rent. But I may have to move in 2-3 years so I want an area that will keep its value and will not be far from dwntn and city attraction.…
How bad is the train noise in the Grande community in monmouth junction nj, is it a silent or a no honking zone.1st time home buyer
I am looking to buy the single family homes in the Grande community but am worrried about the North east corridor train sounds. How bad is the noise especially at night. Is this a no honking zone?
How can I get approved for financing without any credit history?
My husband and I are looking to buy our first home and do not have any credit history and have never had a credit card or anything like that.
Looking for a 3-bedroom manufactured home to buy 6-12 mos from now. The more rural the better.
Hope to be using VA Loan and keep monthly payments around $800.
Cost of Fully Detached with Historical Charm in Addisleigh Park?
I am looking for a fully detached home with historic detail in Addisleigh Park or surrounding areas. What should I expect to pay for a home in good (if dated) condition with at least 3 beds / 2 baths?…
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