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Anyone have any crime and safety info for Davis Mills Ct, Lawrenceville, GA townhouse area? This is very important. I am a single woman.
I am looking to rent until I can find a purchase so I don't want to waste my time or a 1 yr. lease on renting and find out the bitter later. So please, give me some true reviews.
how can i find out if my home is in forclosure?
i have no made any payments in about two and a half years and have not recieved a letter from my lender
How long do you need to be with your employer before a bank will consider you for a loan?
My boyfriend and were looking into getting a home soon, but aren't sure if we would be able to get a loan yet. I have been with the same employer for about 2 years now, but just switched from commission…
Any medical facilities available?
We are considering retirement around Natural Dam and the obvious question is if something goes wrong, in a remote part of Arkansas, am I just out of luck?
USDA loan processing times in Northern Virginia
Hi, I am trying to buy a home using the USDA guaranteed SFH loan program...My lender told me that my loan was just submitted to USDA's online system yesterday Oct 1, 2012, and that it could take 30…
What is the avg per sq ft. on a 3750 sq ft home, 2 stry, all brick, 4 car gar. Well appted and ldscped w/sprinker. no lot in Bolingbrook IL
The home is well appointed with 2x6 walls and high efficiency air and heating. Brick patio and upper deck with brick pillars. Granite and custom closets and wine room on 1st floor.
Where is Naples?
As one searching for a home in Naples, I'm really confused by all of the Realtor-speak on here. It sounds like everything in Collier County is in Naples. Are the City of Naples and Collier County merged…
Relocating to New Orleans. Can you recommend neighborhoods for family with two children under 3?
Would love a walkable area of the city. Looking for a move-in-ready home with 3 or 4 bedrooms around $400k. We are aware that we will probably have to pay for school. Thanks.
Where can I find list of discount brokers or rebate brokers in Morris County?
I am planning to buy a home in Morris County and want to connect to real estate agents who provide cash rebates
for a $32.800 house what would be the minumum down payment and closeing costs?
now if house is in need of some repairs where would i get that information to see what they are and what would it cost me to repair it?
Can I offer on a different house because of a low appraisal?
I am currently in a contract with a bank owned house(House A). The appraisal came back very low (15k difference). We have sent this back to the bank to see if they are willing to lower the price (2 weeks…
Want to purchase a home with no certificate of occupancy??
I am trying to purchase a home with no certificate of occupancy. The house is set on 14 acres which is included with the sale. The house has not been occupied in 60 years. I was told there would be no…
What is the reputation of Standard Pacific homes builder?
In Dublin, one of the standard pacific homes charging home bond charges of 995$ per year apart from HOA. No other community charging this price but only this. SPH sales guys are saying it's mandatory…
Can I get my deposit money back from turned down short sale bid in Florida?
Over 2 yrs ago I put an offer on a short sale which was turned down; the house immediately went into a long foreclosure. Realtor said I could not get refund at the time due to FL law. After 2 years of…
Why does it seem like there are so many homes for sale in Burleson?
Why does it seem like there are a lot of home for sale in Burleson? I see hundreds of varying prices and lots of foreclosures. I have my eye on a home for sale and want to know also if people are dealing…
Buying a co-op, what is the minumn down payment?
My income is about $80K but don't have a lot in my saving, is that possible to buy?
FHA loan advice... Looking to purchase in next 6 mos
Hello. We had to short sale our last house over 3 years ago. Prior to that our credit history was impeccable, and that is the only default ever. We had to relocate. So we are starting over. We have no…
This may sound dumb, but can I buy a house without a job? I have over 20,000 saved and want to move home soon..
I'm currently getting out of the army medically and want to move back home to Burleson. The problem is that I don't have a job lined up but can pay like 6 months up front if I have to. Really…
Advice for what to do on a home that isnt forsale
My boyfriend and I have found this piece of property in fairview, the address is 17 Sparky Lane, however the home is not currently vacant and has been abandoned for years it isnt for sale but we contacted…
Looking for buyer's agent to buy multi-family in Cambridge Somerville to rent out -- Are you the one?
We have a downpayment ready and are looking for someone to help us ask the right questions and find listings. $400-500K 2-3 family in Cambridge Somerville. Tell us about you and why you could be the…
my question is, im still paying on my home we been here for bout 6yrs but we woukd like to move closer to my husbands job in a different town 8hrs
away. what are the chance of house getting a 2nd morgage loan if we dont find a buyer for are current home?
I'm thinking about buying a condo in the Savin Hill Area. How is that area looking in about 5 years. Will I have issues selling.?
I had been looking in South Boston for a while but the prices are a little high for little space. I've been told South Boston was good because of resale value. I know Dorchester/Savin Hill has soom…
I'm looking to move to a safe area in Garfield, NJ ..3bdrm and spacious needed, reasonably priced
3 bdrm, spacious, safe neighborhood is a must, reasonably priced
Can we cancel escrow as a buyer if it's past 17 days, loan still not approved, because my wife and I are separating?
The loan will probably be approved any minute, but I want to cancel prior or even soon after.
Is it better to go for a single storied home or duplex type?
We came across wonderful floor plans in East Dublin by KHovnanian duplex and Braddock and Logan builders single storied plans and both are beautiful. KHOB floor plan is duplex 1b/1bath downstairs and 3bed/2.5bath…
how can I find a How House With instant Equity in California?
how can I find a How House With instant Equity in California?
I buy home and they told me I must buy home insurance I call geico and go to deal afetr i get the recipt how I can open escrow account to whome i pay
I know the escrow account hold by third party but if I but it how can that work I dont know I must still pay yearly to gecio or to whom exactly.
VA Appraisal Rejected!
We are buying a home through the VA & the VA appraisal has been completed & appraised over the asking price by 45,000 with no repairs needed. But the "in house" reviewers state they…
Not able to open marketing reports that are sent to sellers.
I have my clients set up to receive the activity report each week but am hearing from some of them that they are not able to open the listing. I had it sent to me and also could not open it. It jus said…
Help! Short sale in Hendersonville
Made initial offer in june for 125000 (including closing costs) on property listed for 119,000. Found out we were one of 3 offers, one walked. Apparently our offer was #2. Bank responds in july after appraisal…
I would like to adv my house for sale
How much is the cost to advertize with trulia
433 new rand road, raleigh. I am in rocky mount but have been trying to follow this house.
does not look like it has been foreclosed yet based on register of deeds, but someone who lives near the property told me that it was listed and sold within days. anyone have more information? thanks!
First time home buyer in need of sound advice
want a 3 bedroom townhouse/single fam home I have poor credit score and my husbnd does not have much credit history but good credit so far Where should I start?
Looking for a buyers agent in Orlando Fl
I'm looking for a buyers agent for the Orlando area. I've been in touch with a couple of agents, but it seems all they want to do is enter my criteria in some system that will automatically email…
Boca Market assessment
Is the possible to find a small bungalow (without upgrades) somewhere in Boca (west) for 150k or under? Is this price range even possible? If so, which neighborhoods/areas (to check Google Map)? Not…
How difficult is it to get a mortgage in Midland? my husband has been working there for almost 6 months.
We have 5 horses how expensive is hay there? I would like to move there to be with my husband the horses are like our kids we can not leave them.
Disabled Veteran looking to move back home from Overseas. Not sure where to start.
I am a medically retired veteran currently working in Germany as a DoD civilian, my wife and I are currently looking into purchasing a home near my Hometown of Clayton, DE, using either the FHA or VA mortgage…
Does anyone know a lender for a non US resident / citizen to buy a property in upstate NY ? URGENT !!
I am not american, don't have a credit report or a social, and nothing to get a mortage on, but I have great income and I am Ok for a short term loan. Anyone ?
I live on social security and get paid $700 a month in benefits
I am interested in get a Multifamily house for about 100k that is already occupied. I want to use the rent towards my mortgage. How much of the rent can I count towards my mortgage If I apply for FHA loan?…
Are real estate agents in Benzie County, Michigan telling people about the industrial-scale windpower that will reduce property values by 20% to 40%?
Duke energy of North Carolina is planning to install 56 industrial generators in Benzie County. These are 50 story towers topped by bus-sized generators with turbines the size of 747s spinning at 120…
Looking to buy a Condo in NYC area for investment purposes. One that could be put up on rent right away.
What are the prominent places in Manhattan where I could get a 1-2 BR for upto 550,000$? Looking for areas where there is big need for rental properties ( as it would be easier to put one on rent). In…
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