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is this condo sold too?- iwant to buy a condo small house, or town house, with a large deposit.
is this condo sold? i want to buy a condo ,small house or town house, please send me a list/thanks
What is the best location to live without a car close to the Redwood Shores companies complex?
I'm moving from NY to Redwood City, CA next month for work around the Redwood Shores companies complex. I won't have a car, so I wondering what would be the best location/city close enough to…
Are there any predictions about increased housing values in the North Hills vicinity - either North Hills itself or Bellvue Terrace?
I'm specifically wondering how those neighborhoods compare to the rest of Raleigh, given the incredibly rapid pace right now of flips, knock-and-rebuilds, and major renovations in those neighborhoods.…
What is a good environment for kids and I can commute to White Plains?
I've heard about White Plains schools... are they good?
I am trying to determine the pros and cons to have a realtor for a new construction home? If you used one what were the pros? if not, Why?
I see every realtor say you should have one, but I have yet to see true experiences from homebuyers. Too me it seems the builder agent does a majority of the work while the buying agent would collect…
Homes sold in Rocky Mount area
Homes sold in last 6 month
Hi, I am writing an article and I'm looking for statistics on the Top 10 Realtors in Memphis, TN. Jennifer Kinzle
Can anyone recommend a website/link or send me data on the Top 10 Realtors in # of transactions for Memphis? I would also like to interview one or two from the list. Any help is much appreciated!
Where can I find the name of the party that purchased a property in great neck recently?
where exactly are the names of the buyer and seller of properties recorded in great neck?
How do I get in touch with the Orchards Area Concerned Citizens? Who are they? What are their concerns? I live in Illinois but love the PNW.
Nobody has told me anything about this group. Are they environmentalists? Are they an anti-tax group? Are they against something that would concern me as a homebuyer? Are they "red-liners" (keeping…
looking for a home A.S.A.P. must talk to the seller to work something out though.
I am a single mother with low income and cant get a loan. I and my 3 kids are being forced out of our home that we have been living in for almost 7 yrs now. I have keep up my bills and still have to move…
What is a average oil heating bill in this area?
My wife and I are about to move, and we have never used oil before, only gas. I know it differs from people to people, but what would an average be in the winter months?
112th Street between 2nd and third enough area for two male students?
would love someones honest of them works late at night and will b riding the 6 train with a two block walk...what do you think?
What area of Fort Worth is a good place to rent?
I currently live in a small town north of Dallas, I am looking to move to Fort Worth with a friend in the next couple months. I am 21, and straight out of college so I would like to move to a nice area…
Looking for commercial bldg $600,000 Brooklyn or Chicago
I'm looking for a mixed use building ineither Brooklyn or chicago. Commercial space at least 2,000 sq ft. Want to use commercial space myself plus live in building. Must have at least 1 apartment, preferably…
Are there turbines now, or are there any plans or discussions of industrial wind turbines in or around Union Mills, NC?
I'm selling a home that I love because industrial wind turbines have been installed too close to my property. I wish to avaid this in the future
If a new construction house has been on the market for 471 days and is selling for the appraisal price, would it be difficult to sell in a 5-10 years?
If the house has all new appliances and systems now, will it be worth less when it is no longer new construction? If it is so hard to sell when it is new, will it be much harder to sell when it is not…
I have a water channel for flood control behind my house is that bad luck?
my house in facing north and the water channel running west to east and it located about 15 - 20 feets from the retainer wall of the house.
My company is opening a facility in Mooresville. I'm trying to find a reasonably priced home ($150 -) in a
good school district. Is this possible? I was thinking about Concord. I'd love some help with this. I'm not familiar with NC at all. Thanks, Maybe Moving Mom
Seeking Ways to raise funding for commerical real estate projects
Hi I'm a young real estate entrepreneur in the Charlotte area. I have 2 years of experience in commercial real estate an I'm currently seeking to do my own projects so because of that I'm…
Wanting information on how to rent homes near the UNC Charlotte
Hi I wanted to rent out a home near the Unc Charlotte area an possibly rent it to unc charlotte student. Im wanting some more information on the process on renting homes in there area. If you can provide…
What is a single level home referred to in Utah. In Ca. We call them "RANCH" homes.
When I look for a ranch style home in Utah, almost all have basements. Trying to eliminate stairs from my living space.
Plagiarism - what's your opinion?
As real estate pros answering questions on this web site, do you regularly provide the reference to consumers? I'm of the opinion, if all a real estate professional is "cutting and pasting" their answer,…
My family is looking to relocate in North Carolina, Near Chapel Hill. What is your opinion of the 27707?
Zipcode area. Is it a desirable area, good elementary schools, safe neighborhood? Thank you
I need a Broker's Price Opinion (BPO) in Houston, TX 77072 from experienced agent.
I need a Broker's Price Opinion (BPO) in Houston, TX 77072 from experienced agent in this area. Please contact me!
Does anybody know the phone # for the HOA for Savannah Estates in Lake Worth located off of Lyons between Boynton Beach Blvd & Hypoluxo?
Can't find it I've searched online and cannot find out the # or which management company handles Savannah Estates in Lake Worth, FL 33467.
why is akron board of realtors website down today?
I understand that there is a very important vote today for the akron board of realtors members. Wouldn't you think the website should be up and running on such an important day?
My wife and I are relocating to Houston from the UK on 8th July 2013. Best / safe neighbourhoods and other area advice please.
We are a young acting 50 year old couple, no kids, no pets. I will be often working away somewhere in the US and my wife does not yet drive so walk score is important as is safety. We are open to either…
Is the area by 1st and Washington especially noisy? The bedroom does face Washington...
I read elsewhere that Washington street is the main thoroughfare for emergency vehicles but since this is at the bottom of Hoboken/Washington street I was hoping I would avoid the sirens.
Selling Agent contacting Appraisor? Is this legal / ethical?
I am buying a house and recently had an accepted offer fail to appraise at the agreed to price. We cant afford the larger downpayment so this may end the deal. The seller's agent has called into…
I am considering relocating to Charlotte area and was wondering where a good area was?
I will be working at Queens University and Metro Fitness Club in Charlotte. I love the outdoors ( fishing, running, hiking, climbing, camping, backpacking, etc. ) I wouldnt mind a 45 minute or less drive…
where do I get a parcel number?
8200 Altamont pass Rd
Hi, I'm looking to move to Houston within 6-9 months and would like some advice on which areas would suit my needs the best.
I'm 25 and single and would like to take advantage of the young/hip/urban/your adjective of choice lifestyle and amenaties. I want to be close to one of those areas but not so close that I can't afford…
Telephone/internet service in the Brangus Rd. area
Which telephone company would I need to contact for the installation of a land line telephone? Is high speed internet available in this area? Thanks.
Are there any mello roos in zip code 92336 which is in Hunters Ridge Fontana?
Hi I'm very interested in the Hunters Ridge Area in Fontana which is west of the 15th fwy and want to know if most of the properties there have mello roos.
My husband and I are trying to decide whether to enroll our 4 year old in St. Mary's Catholic School of Odessa, or at El Magnet Hays Elementary.
As we weight the pros and cons of each school, we would love to hear from anybody who has experienced one or both of the schools. Thank you!
Relocation to Coral Springs area from NJ
My family (high school and middle school aged) will be relocating for a position in the Coral Springs area from the Northeast (NJ). We would like advice on towns we should consider. The quality of schools…
Does anyone know about area around Edgar Place & Cottage Street, where the Cottage Landing condos are being built? Thanks
I'm not familar with Rye, NY and any insight to this particular area will be appreciated.
We're relocating to Sonoma County (from NY). Where are the best areas for growing vegetables & fruits?
We've already figured out that the coastal climate areas are not good, but would like to narrow down our search to a few atreas where gardeners do really well and which is within 90 minute drive to…
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