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what about me can i buy a house i only have my ITN number but i dont have any credit line just my bahk account ?
i used to have an gas bill open and i always paid on time but my rent come with bills paid and they are at the renters name but i have almost 25% of the down payment for a 40.000 to 50.000 house
what house should i buy?
what house should i buy
Is there a website where I can get addresses for celebrity homes in & around Nashville TN?
Address & maps for celebrity homes in and around Nashville, TN
Is Erie PA. a safe and good place to raise my family? Is buying a BnB in Erie a good idea?
I am moving very soon to Erie. Just blocks from the water.
Is TCE contamination common in Lackawanna county?
Is TCE contamination common in Lackawanna county? Is anyone aware of the impact of low level TCE water contamination on or around a property to the value of the land/home? Should these properties be…
Why is it high and where is it going?
So I was looking at some properties in East Windsor and really surprised to see the taxes ranging from 4K-9K! Not too familiar with the historical background of why they are so high but more importantly…
We are looking into the possibility of buying a vocation house in Poconos.
We want a property walking distance to a lake (beach), kids friendly, convenient to shops, easy to commute to New York. It does not need to be lakefront and our budget is is 100K to 130K. I know that…
What's the best Neighborhood in Philadelphia for professionals with a family?
What's the best neighborhood to purchase for someone in their 40s? I'm looking for safe neighborhood that's convenient to restaurants, shopping,etc....and possiblilty raise a family. Rittenhouse…
Home Buyers and Home Sellers - Do you read the testimonials that appear on agents Trulia Profiles?
If so, do they influence your decision to call or email them? If not, why? I'd love to hear your perspective of agent testimonials.
NJ buyer's rebate
Now that Gov. Jon S. Corzine has signed the legislation, A-373, into law to allow real estate brokers to pass some of their profits onto their clients, just wonder how the realtors are going to do with…
Lansdowne Area info
I was just wondering how this neighborhood is these days? Some sites I've read that it's going down, while others state that its up and coming? Housing is affordable right now, so if the latter is true,…
What is the building right across the road from this house .. is it apartments and if so, what is the name?
-- This question is about this property:
Planning to purchase a condo on 14th and Adams. I want to know if this a good deal: 375K, Parking, Gym, 1 BDR, 1 BR, 758 SQ FT? Additional questions,
how is this area? how are the people? Is it safe to walk outside at night/day around these blocks?
I am looking to to relocate to greenville in about 6 months, I am looking for a 4-5 bedroom with 2 baths I am
looking for a family oriented neighborhood with great schools, ( my children currently attend a christian school), Price range 100-150K . What areas close to downtown would you recommend?
Do you think the popular MTV reality show "Jersey Shore" will help or hinder Real Estate transactions on the Jersey Shore due to the show?
We are a fully licensed, MLS Real Estate Brokerage and Agency that specializes in the Jersey Shore market. Popular tourist destinations like the highly profiled town on the MTV reality show "Jersey…
how do I find out if a property was built on a Superfund remediation site?
I would like to buy a condo property in San Jose somewhere along the VTA Light rail system but am not sure if I could get prelim information if the property is on or near a Superfund remediation site.
I s Henderson pet friendly,considering moving ther with our dogs,is one part better than others? Is enderson pet friendly,we are?
considering moving there and have dogs,is one part better than the other for pets to live or are excepted more?
Is Park Lane Fremont a good investment?
I bought a 3 bed 3.5 bath corner townhome in Park Lane fremont in April. I see prices elsewhere in Fremont have fallen down since April , though Park Lane builders have increased comparable properties…
Desperately seeking serious advice from Professional Realtors...
First off, THANK YOU for taking the time in helping me! I am strongly considering becoming a Real Estate Agent in 2010. I have a strong background in the Title & Escrow Industry, I'm currently…
Independent Brokers
I will be a brand new agent very soon and I am interested in speaking with some independent brokerages regarding opportunities. Any suggestions or recommendations?
Is there a condo price index? if so where can i find it?
like the HPI im trying to look for a legitimate CPI if it even exists if anyone knows of one please let me know, thanks!
My family will be relocatin gfrom New Jersey in the coming months. The job is in north St. Paul. Our wish list in order of importance..great schools
(1st grader), walk to restaurants/parks, 4 or 5 bedrooms. We are flexible in areas and old vs new house (we would like character). We'd love to be on a lake. We are open to private school, but…
Help us find some potential locations!
We are a young professional couple from Chicago in our early 20s. Our budget is ~100-125k, income is ~70k. We really value close proximity to things - shopping, universities, downtown areas. We also would…
How come there are so many $30k properties in the Miami area (not even the foreclosures) ...?
I always thougt of Miami as a very expensive area. Is it pure economy or are there factors such as tweather, criminal rate, home quality... ? Thx for clarifying
Is there a realtor that can help me find an apartment?
Is there a realtor that can help me find an apartment for rent for 3 months in palm beach county?
I received an email from a place called EastWest Developments that apparently looking for land to develop hotels condos overseas.
Doing a bit of background research on Eastwest developments and apparently they are giving an address of USA Office: 370 (or 381 that was just soldapparently on your website) Hawkcrest Circle, Sacramento,…
What are the development plans around 14th street and Adams?
I see alot of new condos built around here but that's about it. What else are in the plans? It seems very shady around here.
I'm actually looking to rent a home in the Pocono region within about an hour to Netcong NJ. I am not all
that familiar with the area and am concerned about safety issues. I'm also having a hard time finding places to search. Can anyone help?
Is South Scottsdale a good area (85251 zip code)? Im thinking of purchasing a newer built home surrounded by older homes.
The issue is the surrounding area. I think that it goes without saying that the location will not appreciate as fast as a place slightly further north. Would you envision there would be a possibility…
248 Edison Road, Barnegat, NJ Any comments on this forclosure?
Does anyone have info on this forclosure?
Would you prefer to live in Jamul or Alpine?
We're looking for a property that has enough space to keep all our toys (boat, RV, jet skis, motorcycles) and no HOA. We've heard lots of good things about both areas but are unclear as to which…
What can One person, each one of us do to help bring faith back into our economy, the dollar, & our nation. Any Ideas?
How can one person make a difference to help boost our nation into recovery? Can one person make a difference?
We are looking in Bayville , NJ to purchase a house on a lagoon.
We were told that in a certain area ,where the stree names end in "Wood", you have to pay the "Wood" family to put your boat in the water. Is this true?
I recently bought a condo in Rockrigde and was interested if anyone knows where I could find historical sales
data for my Neighborhood. I just want to see where we bought on the price curve. Hopefully we got in at a good time. Thanks!!!
thinking of buying in Connecticut
Hi all, We're thinking of buying a home property in CT. We've never visited your state but, as a macro-location, we're thinking of something within 2 hrs driving from NYC, <30min from…
Akron area south of Market Street
How is the area of Akron south of Market street near West Point Market. Specifically around Westover and Jefferson streets? I was thinking of buying in this area after seeing all the beautiful stately…
What's the commute like from Dover to Weston at the rte 20 rte 128 junction?
I'm not sure where in Dover, we're looking at Dover and Sherborn. I guess the commute would either be rte 27 of just straight up 128. How long should it take?
Many years ago I stumbled upon a few interesting roads with huge Dutch-style homes that had interesting slate roofs. There was a circular street
nearby with large English style homes...not tudors. Anyone know those streets? May not be flourtown..could be wyndmoor area, too
Can someone provide information on the different neighborhoods in Needham (pros/cons), not just based on price. Thanks.
I have two young kids but work downtown and am trying to learn which section of Needham would be best for my family. I know where the downtown area is and where the commuter rail stops are, but don't…
Considering a relocation package to Greensboro, NC.
My wife and I are considering a relocation offer from my employer. We are both 30 and expecting our first child in April. We&#039;re looking for great school districts with newer homes priced in…
is there any real estate listed for sale on oak trail?
-- This question is about this property:
Where should I live in one of the Carolinas?
I want an old, quaint historic feel but in a big city. Is this possible in the Carolinas? Newbury Street (Boston) meets Clayton, St. Louis (Mini CBD) meets entertainment but not too touristy. If you also…
I need help finding the "right" Jacksonville neighborhood.
We have been looking at Jacksonville properties primarily in St. John's county for over a year. We have focused on St. Johns because we have two elementary school aged children. We have decided…
I am looking to buy a house for about $100,000.
Mayfair seemed an obvious choice because the area is inexpensive and safe. The only problem with the area is that it is a bit far from work. (intersection of Belmont and City Ave) Can you recommend…
Can anyone recommend a good structural engineer that is familiar with the ins/outs of San Francisco? I want
to rehab a large attic space but have been told it may trigger a seismic upgrade. Thanks!
My wife and I are planning a move upon retirement to the Jeff area. I want to buy a building downtown and
renovate the top floor as a loft and lease the lower floor(s) as commercial space. Any special considerations for doing this? Zoning, insurance, access, parking, noise, etc...
How do you find out about a murder in a home.?
I recently purchased my first home in El Sereno, it was a foreclosure and didnt get much info on the home. Recently, well today, I was talking to a neighbor who told me about a gruesome murder that took…
I live in a ground floor condo (which I own). Is there anyway to prevent extensive damage to my home from a water main break?
What precautions (if any can be taken)? Are there any websites that can educate people as to this event? It seems it can be catastrophic.
I have a question about property tax rates in Contra Costa County Vs Alameda County
My husband is 82 and I am 63. We are considering selling our property in Berkeley (under prop. 13) and purchasing land to build a home in Contra Costa County for our principle residence. 1) Do we retain…
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