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WHAT MOVES YOU? I am doing a quick study of why agents leave companies and join new ones.Please answer
the following questions. Keep an eye on the results. 1. Why do agents leave offices? a. The money b. Better company (market presence, reputation, etc.) c. Better tools…
Has anyone heard that the DownPayment Assistance programs may be in jeapordy?
I just heard that the D.P.A. programs like Nehemiah may be done away with very soon. Please call you Senator or Representative to ask them to keep these programs. You can call 1-866-751-DREAM to find your…
i am curious about a vacant house in Palmdale and if it is up for sale. the address is 37628 E. 27th. St.
this property was was once inhabited by my Step-Mother who passed away in July 0f 2007. the property is part of a Trust in which I am a Beneficiary. Any iformation concerning this property would be helpful.…
Does anyone have success with Pay Per Click Advertisement?
Just wondering if anyone has had any success in herding traffic for cash to convert into leads. I have a plan in mind that might work wonders, but wanted general experiences. I was thinking of sending…
What are some of the typical problems most agents are finding with foreclosure properties?
What are some of the typical problems most agents are finding with foreclosure properties and what are some of the financing options being used as a solutions for buyers?
RealtyTrac How much does RT charge agents for territories & any success?
How much does Realty Trac charge agents for "exclusive" territories & has anyone used them with success? (as in closed sales)
How do you generate leads for, and place, Agent to Agent referrals?
I am working hard at establishing a productive agent to agent referral business, one that supplements my own, "regular" business well. I am making serious progress, but think I can learn from those with…
I am starting classes to become a real estate agent. How do I find the right broker that is experienced and?
professional? What kind of questions should I ask him or her? thanks. Jenny
Want to know what happens at an Open House?
Watch NOW - LIVE: Rudy
Short Sale Listing Referral Fee. If there are any agents who have current or potential Short Sale Listings in
the Tampa Bay, Sarasota or Orlando areas, and possibly other areas, that would rather not try to complete or feels uncomfortable with the whole process, I am willing to take them on and pay a referal fee…
Accidental Agency? Are we creating Agency Relationships by our Answers?
I saw this in a recent post where an agent responded to a question by including this line at the end of his reply: "This advice does not imply or create an agency relationship." Have we come to this? Is…
Need Countrywide Negotiator Quickly.
Is there any way to speed up the process? I'm representing buyer on a short sale and I understand we have about 45 days before foreclosure auction.(First Tue in September). Buyer is Strong...Offer is…
I am looking for some cool widgets or cutting edge tools for agents. Anybody have any suggestions? It doesnt
have to be free a service...The Real Estate Tomato was a real find... so any new start ups would be great... Oh yeah.. thanks for the recomendation.. Great stuff there.
What does "just looking" really mean?
As a Real Estate professional, I hear and see the "just looking" statement mosquitos in the summertime, these folks fly in front of you, land every once in a while, suck some blood and…
I held a Virginia Real Estate license years ago. I know I have to take the test again, but is there anyway to
find proof that I did take the 60 hour course? The agency that gave the course went out of business. I think I remember someone telling me that the state keeps copies of records. I have searched but do…
Good news for Las Vegas area home buyers.
Not only are home prices and interest rates low, but a few days ago FHA raised their mortgage limits through the end of this year.
I am a Uk agent who sells property all over the world to all over the world, are you planning to have an
international real estate section any time I had to put NY down as it would not let me put UK down
I have a listing under contract with the 'right to continue marketing' contingency.
It doesn't show up as a live listing any longer on trulia and my client is upset...Is there a procedure to correct this?
What's up with the coming soon riders?
Maybe I'm too grouchy, but to me, a property is either ready to sell, or it's not. If it's not, I don't want to answer questions about it, and I don't want people pestering the occupants for access or…
i've noticed that on nearly every answer to questions to potential customers there are thumbs down
indicators. is it possible that every question is a bad answer to folks, or is it possible that some people on this board are hitting that thumbs down just because? i don't get it. aren't we all in…
I am a Uk agent who sells property all over the world to all over the world, are you planning to have an
international real estate section any time I had to put NY down as it would not let me put UK down
Do you know of a law where in a short sale, the holder of the 2nd is legally entitled to 10%?
Hi All, I have a short sale going south due to the first only willing to offer the 2nd a 3% payoff. I have heard rumor of a 10% rule? Any truth to this or is it just an accepted practice. Thank you!
As the incoming President of PA State Chapter CRS, I am looking for PA agents working on their designation or
CRS agents who have not yet joined the State Chapter. If interested, in more information contact me at my e-mail address,:
Are discouting fees effective?
....or are they? So we hear that discounted listings are they wave of the future whether the claim is to list a house for 1%, $500, or whatever. In reality most listings are sold with another agent…
Does anyone need BPO assistance? I'm a licensed Appraiser Trainee very familiar with the Southwest Riverside
County REO market. I have experience in all areas of Pre-Listing including occupancy checks, cash-for-keys negotiations, lock-box and re-keys. My appraiser experience allows me to provide quality BPO's…
I received my salesperson license in 2007 and I am looking for a broker in Cypress/Houston area to activate
my license. I just had a baby so I don't want to get to involved until about 6 months. Basically, I need someone to hold my license so I won't loose my status. Please advise
Hi. I am an Appraiser Trainee and am looking for agents/brokers who need BPO help. I have experience in all
areas of Pre-listing REO work including occupancy checks, cash-for-keys negotiation, Lock-box/re-keys...etc. My appraisal experience allows me to provide quality BPO's with quick turn around time. I…
IN state of PA, how many credit hours do I need to renew my license. I have never renewed it (it expires in
IN state of PA, how many credit hours do I need to renew my license. I have never renewed it (it expires in 2011)
I have a property under contract with a Buyer that is an Indy Mac foreclosure. We are scheduled to close
July 30th, but am wondering what implications the FDIC takeover of the company will have on the contract to sell.
How Creative are you with your Advertising and Marketing?
I did an interview yesterday with Mike Lefebvre, The Uncommon Agent, on the Trulia blog. He uses some very creative advertising and marketing strategies for promoting his clients listings and himself.…
Recently I came across a beautiful "green" closing gift for my clients that has been well received, are cost effective and will keep you on your client's mind. I am providing Baby Aloe Vera plants that…
Why is it that, as an agent, we have to have matching photos on every piece of mail we send?
As a French speaking real estate agent I feel that we should have the opportunity to be seen in different light and not be stuck to that one look. What would happen if the photo on my stationary does…
Does any other market work like San Francisco?
When we were in boom times sellers would get multiple offers. No one knew how high the buyers would go so you'd price the house according to recent comps and the buyers would bid up. Now to the dilemma.…
Received an offer on a short sale. The bank required that the PA be fully executed.
Because we are waiting on approval from the bank should the listing still say "active" on the MLS? Also, there are still showing requests, any suggestions as to handling these as well as others interested…
How do I get one of my active listing back on. It is now showing inactive but it's not.
It became inactive about a couple of days ago. Any asistance is appreciated.
Has anyone ever referred a buyer to Rossmoor Realty.
I tried to refer my parents who bought a condo there but was told they never work with agents referrals.
Are you interested in more relevant education?
Who would like to see our own Clerk of Court, Diane Matousek speak coming up this week? I know it will be very educational for everyone in our business, especially during these challenging times in our…
HELP! I found the Q&A section about 5 months or so ago
I started answering questions on the Q&A section and had been doing so for about 4 months. However, recently Trulia stopped sending email alerts for the cities in which I have the alerts set up for -…
Please tell me why some find it necessary to comment on Realtor responses... ?
As a Realtor, I don't find it helpful to our image as professionals to do more than answer the questions we get from consumers. When a home buyer or seller asks a question, we should answer the question.…
Attention Middle Tennessee RE Professionals- Ignoring the NAR publicity machine and National News Sources
regarding Real Estate and Economic predictions, what does your street sense tell you about which way our local market is heading. I'm assuming most homes are being priced accordingly reflecting a soft…
Looking for an excellent mortgage broker: I have a client in San Francisco who owns a condo free and clear
in Honolulu -- value about $500k. He needs a cash out refinance and I need a great mortgage broker to refer him to -- a seasoned professional who has an excellent repuatation in the Honolulu community.
Have you seen this Information?
TAKE ACTION and tell Congress how you feel....
what is the future for real estate agents after they do masters in finance???what job will they land in?????
i want to know if a real estate agent has one and a half year experience as real estate associate and later does masters in international finance.what are the job proposals he may get....
Here's a security question for Realtors:
Thursday evening you get a call from a propspective buyer whom you've never met who wants to see a particular home. You explain that you are booked but offer to set up an appontment for the next day. Friday…
charlotte realtors question
I'm working on offering a seminar seminar either later this month or early august in the weddington area. This will not be a flashy event, more of an open, honest overview of how the mortgage process…
Great Listing - How do I attract other agents & buyers?
Here is a question that I am sure many others have as well. You have a listing. It is a good house, in a good neighborhood. It is priced right to sell, and commission is 2.5%. The sellers are motivated…
Has anyone had any positive experience with a lead generation service?
I keep getting sales calls by HomesValue,, Realtytrac, etc... and would like to hear of your dealings with them or others.
Real Estste Professional Wanted....Thinking about changing offices in the Chicago Western burbs? Let's talk
Suburbs talk to me about our Prudential Office in Naperville Illinois.
What is your opinion of a local market blog, with detailed analysis of the local market?
I am interested in creating and publishing a local real estate blog, with a fairly detailed analysis of what's going on locally in real estate, accessible by the general public. First, do you think this…
I am looking to work with some great realtors in the Katy, Sugarland, Fulshear..if you are interested send me
an email at or you can reach me at 832-689-2211!
What "should" the entry-requirements be to become a Realtor?
A recent post by Deborah Maday in the "general" section prompted me to ask this question of professionals. I think we'd all be better served if it was a little harder, and more r.e. education was required…
What is the rental for a duplex (2/1and 1/1) in South Sanfrancisco, around Gardiner & Chapman Ave, ZIP 94080?
I have a client looking to invest in rental residential properties. Where could I check out the rental surveys for various areas in SFO, San Mateo and Santa Clara Counties, for single family homes, condos,…
Agent to Agent Question - Ancillary Income Opportunities With per transaction profits being reduced along
With sales prices declining, and expenses increasing, I am interested to know what, if any, ancillary income opportunities you or your brokerage have attempted. Research shows that clients prefer one stop…
Do you know a student who needs a summer job helping a lender.?
I need help marketing, supporting my clients with their credit improvement projects etc. Do you know a student who is good on the web who would like a summer job? Learn More at
If an agent lists a property and another agent in the same office sells the property, how is the commission
split? Does the listing agent get 50% of their 70% split and the selling agent 50% of their 70% split? What if the broker is the listing agent? What does the broker get? CT
License requirements for property manager and home inspector in NJ?
Hi. I'm considering starting my own business in real estate as a property manager and also as a home inspector. On the property management end, I'd start off managing single family and multi-family homes…
Inman Real Estate Connect for free - have a Trulia Voices testimonial?
We want to hear how you’ve connected directly with serious home buyers and sellers on Trulia Voices. Whether it’s getting an email through your Trulia Voices profile page, a phone call that…
How do I write and Offer when my buyer is applying for a government grant?
What is the proper way to write up an Offer to Purchase when a first-time homebuyer is going to be applying for a government sponsored downpayment grant which will match a sellers contribution? For example,…
Is Trulia the next My internet stats for the past 6 months are showing a tremendous trend for
Go see other replies in A trend is brewing............
Can potential tenants sign new leases while they are in bankruptcy?
I thought they weren't supposed to sign any new contracts without judge's approval? Tenant says she is about 2 years through the 3 year process.
Once you receive a referral from another agent, and the buyer/seller referred to you continue doing biz w/
you, how long are you supposed to pay referring agent? I was referred a client and everytime he does a new deal directly with me, the agent who origannly referred him wants to continue getting a fee?
H E L P ! ! The VA says it's not really a house if there are no appliances in it.
Does anyone know of a vendor who will deliver and install appliances and be paid on the HUD-1? The file can close as soon as I find equipment. Thx for your help!
Hello. I was wondering if anyone knows whether there is a maximum allowed percentage/amount that a landlord
can raise rent for the year in MA. There is nothing written in the lease papers and I'm wondering if there's a max they can increase it by, every year. Perhaps something in Massachusetts Law?
I'm a realtor from MA- daughter is looking for housing to attend downtown SB paul mitchell school fall 08
young student looking for room rental or apartment to share with others. Social and has good values and standards
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