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I am looking to add to my website a click to call Icon to try to increase my conversion.
I have been looking into a few vendors such as Halloo and Callonclick. I like Halloo as they offer a free version to kind of test the water. The problem is that its not working correctly and "their enginneers…
I am a marine currently about to be stationed in San Diego Ca, and have been playing with the idea of getting
my real estate license and selling real estate as a part time income on the weekends. Any opinions from current agents on wether or not this would be feasible?
Does broker has to have trust account to deposit personal check for down payment (for his personal residence)?
Does broker has to have trust account to deposit personal check for down payment (for his personal residence)? Or Broker can leave escrow’s name space blank and deposit direct into seller’s…
I am new in Real Estate working on license, I am seeking Advice/Partner for project...
Looking to Build a house on land across the street from a college. Will rent rooms to student thats looking to stay on campus. How can I get started with this project. College is interested in buying…
How do I get an Expired to list with me?
I call and call and send letters and thank you's and leave messages... and nothing.. How do you get an expired listing to list with you?
Chicago Realtor has a client looking to buy in Madison. I'm looking for a experienced broker who handles
investment properties for a referral fee. Please send me info about yourself, thanks!
I have 3 listings which are supposedly syndicated to Trulia.
How do I pull them in under my listings? or do I have to enter all the information from scratch?
Has anyone negotiated a deal with Fannie Mae recently?
About a month ago I submitted 2 offers on a property owned by Fannie Mae and didnt get anywhere. Before the takeover occured, I was planning to re-submit my highest and best offer to them last week.…
Any advice for bank owned commercial properties?
I am new to the commercial properties, and my client would like to know what's a good buy in commercial properties at this market condition. I would like to know is there any bank owned/foreclosure in…
Looking for brokerage advice!!!! I have been a part-time realtor for the past 5 years. Recently due to
finances I need to push myself full time. I am presently with a very, very small firm with no name recognition. I receive a very nice split and lots of free perks. The downside is the lack of any other…
Where do I start???
I am about to finish Real State school and taking the state exam. I would like to become a residential Real Estate Agent in Orlando and was wondering what would be the best Realtor Company to start with?…
An agent stole my buyer from me. Convinced my buyers to leave me out of the sale.,or else. So my buyer did. after the closing my buyer will come forward to the the board to let them know what has happened.…
Are liens initiated on other properties within the HOA grounds for terminating escrow in California?
I bought a property at an REDC auction. The property was in a HOA. After two plus weeks of escrow HOA documents arrived and I found that 239 liens had been placed on other properties within the association…
I have a house in the arts district that I want to sell
Looking for agents that know of people looking to buy a house on the outscirts of the Arts District. Completely renovated 1200 sf 3 bedroom 1 bath with 10,000 sf lot. Will do seller financing with small…
Does anyone know of someone who can tutor us on the use of Point2, answer questions and help.?
We're having technical challenges. We need a teacher & maybe someone who can do some of the input.
Thanks to every one for the advice,
MY Trulia , I found a Lawyer for my friend on Trulia. f my I remember correctly his name is a Joseph Ferrara. she called him and said he will help her out. Thank you all and Trulia iworks for me. From…
Investment property in Schaumburg, Hoffman Estates or Streamwood, IL
I have a client who wants a pre/post foreclosure or bank owned or distressed property in the 160K price range. 3 bedroom 2 bath, basement. Lives in Schaumburg and will be renting it 100% of the time…
I am searching for on-site agents to help me with 2 new construction projects....
I am searching for on-site agents to help me with 2 new construction projects. I need agents that can close the sale, any advice on the best way to find good on-site agents?
Attencion Realtors And Loan Officers
Attencion Realtors And Loan Officers We need more advisors in the work from home program Please let me know if you are interested. You must have experience working internet leads, We have at least 20…
Is anyone familiar with Google API mapping? I am trying to integrate maps into my website. If anyone can
help take a look at my site and I would appreciate input.
Any insights into the takeover of Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae by the federal goovernment?
I would love to hear anyone's take on how or if this will have a positive or negative impact?, and why?
I am trying to find out about paid buyer agency representation in states outside of new Jerey.
As a buyers agent we are constantly showing houses and many times no sale is consumated. Are there any agents out there whose state allows paid buyer representation? If so how is it set up and how is…
Buying a home to rehab
As a realtor are you seeing many homes in the market today that need work, the seller is motivated and financing is limited. Are you familiar with purchase rehab options and How they can help sell homes…
Agents,Have any of your past clients asked you about how to check if they are entitled to getting an
exemption on their property tax bill since the market has come down in the past year. Lou
Bulk REO packages at 35 to 65 cents on the dollar. $50 million to the Billions. Email for
US Bulk Reo packages avilable now, 35 to 65 cents on the dollar. Direct reps or mandates only. Sorry, no long chains at this time. this is real so you should be real
My question is how do other Realtors drive traffic to their listing?
Apart from the MLS, Property Tours, e-Fliers, Post Cards, etc - what are some "out of the box" ideas that have worked for you in the past? At this trying Real Estate time, I'm really trying to come up…
Looking for some new questions to ask at Open Houses. Any thoughts?
There are only so many ways you can ask the same questions when speaking with people as they walk through a home. I am personally not the type of agent who will be in their ear all throughout their tour.…
1.2M Homes in Foreclosure
Another milestone was reached in the mortgage crisis this week with just over 1.2M homes in some state of foreclosure now. The number represents 2.8% of all mortgages outstanding Here is an interesting…
Has Anyone had any luck with Home Gain
Just your thoughts Please
Did anybody have any experience or was asked about the 2008 Housing recovery bill? Please do share.
I encountered a borrower who have 75% of his income going to mortgage. He is having a hard time keeping up the payments and asked me about this bill that he heard about. Surely, he qualify because more…
How many Australians invest in property in the States?
I'm considering buying an investment property in San Francisco and claiming travel cost etc... once a year to the States from Australia!
Need some tips on how to effectiively market your properties on Craigslist, Backpage and Others?
Are you ads getting flagged or just not posting enough? Are you looking for cost effective ways to drive traffic to your website without breaking the bank. Pro's like Craig Proctor see the value in Craigslist…
Which MLS search site do REALTORS use?
(reposted since it went to Arlington Texas the first time) I want to open up a debate and see if Realtors all use the backend MLS access offered by MRIS, or if they use other sites to search the MLS for…
If you have been there and done that I can use your advise--this is my frist eviction process
I have given all the required notices(Texas). The tenant should be out 9/5/08 as per notice , but I see no action in his part to vacate the property. He owes rent for Aug. and Sept. rent is due. How…
To New York real estate agents: I would love to hear interpretations of Broker agency- and why it makes more
sense to take this route than simply representing the buyer with fiduciary (buyer agency) or the seller with fiduciary (seller agency). Just curious- it seems like a completely ineffective form of agency,…
i would like to know how far from the property line you can build a fence or barn cause my nabor is trying to
say he can build a fence on the line and without a permit in portageville new york
Hi there, I work in the real estate industry in Canada, I would like to work in NYC. What are the?
requirements to become a NYS licensed salesperson as a Canadian citizen? I want to move there, I just am not sure where to start. Any help would be appreciated.
I am a new realtor, but I hesitate to contact my sphere because I am so inexperienced.
I was quite succcessful in business for myself for 7 years, and sold it 1 year ago. My contacts know me as a professional. I really don't seem to get the big picture yet, don't want to stutter and stumble…
Commercial Client will build to suit for your Commercial client
I have a client that is willing to Build to suit He will do various types of projects. 1. Buys apartments and converts to condos 2. Will build various types of commercial buildings industrial or office…
In trying to comply with the new requirements for sales agent I was scammed into taking a course I didn't need
I took the 45 hr course in 2006 & passed but wasnever able to work in this field due to illness and multiple surgeries.In July this year I tried to comply with the new requirements but was misguided by…
Any agents looking for additional income in the real estate industry. Get Paid Daily!
Utilize your current sphere of influence and provide a service that ever agent needs. Its also a great way to see what other succesful agents are doing to survive. In the short time we have been a viable…
How do I get more buyers?
I am an agent that really focuses on working with buyers. Do any of you other agents have any sound advice for getting potential clients? I would really appreciate any help; I have seemed to have hit a…
Need a great agent for my client not my database anyone servicing Ocala, Florida. If this is in your mls
area please post here. Must service zip 34476 - Must be ready to provide a CMA, and a marketing plan for a possible future listing.
Real Estate Magic Words for Ads and Advertising..
Anybody looking for some "Magic" keywords for ads?
I have buyers looking for..
Clean Shadle area home up to 160k. 1600 sqft Rancher in Spokane area with inground pool up to 200k.
Can an agent from Breward County give me a general idea about the value of a property in Palm Bay?
A friend of mine from NJ has parents that are probably going to be selling and he asked me what I thought the value of the property is? It could lead to a referral.
we sll or rend ground front in the sea (coastal) in the centre of tourist region [Larnakas] Cyprusground front
we sll or rend ground front in the sea (coastal) in the centre of tourist region [Larnakas] Cyprusground front
I am thinking of joining a network, BNI the business referral Organization
I would like to be part of the new Chapter in our area. Can you please share with me any of your thoughts or experiences with BNI, the business referral Organization?
For agents: Grand Prarie lead
Hi there, I have a hot lead for an investment home buyer in Grand Prarie. Please contact me quickly if interested. Thanks! Terri Hayley
adding an addenduim on mineral rights after executed contract
we are 13 days into executed contract and sellers rep sends an addiendum fo rseller to retain mineral rights. Isnt that just void at this point. I think she forgot it earlier.
Can anyone help me sell 7.80 Prime Commerical Acres - Right off the Interstate I-40 Exit 432B In Newport????
This is the best location I have ever see for a large Truck Stop if anyone has any contacts. It would be great for any business just a few feet off the exit ramp. All City Utilities on site. One old…
Labor Day Weekend is a Huge Real Estate Weekend!
Today is the day to make sure you have all your Craigslist Ads posted! Labor Day Posting Special: 50% Off Every Order for New Clients - can post your property flyer in any…
I'm an agent who knows someone who is selling their home in Franklin, Ma & I'm looking for refferal for them
They chose an agent they thought they'd like and I sent a referral out to their agent. The house is listed and they are not happy with the (lack of) work this agent has put into marketing and selling their…
Anyone utilizing the new Apple iPhone?
I am currently using a Palm Treo and am thinking about the iPhone... I was looking for some input on fellow agents currently using the product...
Under John Jaymes Answers (at left)I did not recommend BY REFERRAL ONLY. I am not acquainted with this
coaching program I have only dealt with Coaching Institute (Utah) & they are a scam.
Fellow agents: Has anyone had any experience with "elistings", a lead generation company out of CA?
They provide leads for a monthly fee, rebated at the time of your closing, 15% referral fee, etc. I wonder if they are a good resource or if you've had problems with them
Have you met Team Trulia?
....if not, we'd love to thank you for making the Trulia community a fantastic place to connect with others.
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how can i know wats the status of my house...... i am the purchaser(my agent company is proplocate realty) and the seller(keller williams)....... address of the house is 3416 braddock drive, woodbridge…
when am i entitled to receive a paid EXTRA months rent.?
The requirements for move in on this duplex are first month rent and security deposit. when i moved in, went ahead and paid an extra month on this month to month lease. communicated that job relocating…
Is anyone doing seconds on 4 unit residential TIC in SF?
Are there any banks today who are willing to go in second position for a combined LTV under 80% for a 4 unit residential San Francisco property. Any suggestions would be appreciated!
What are some agents doing to get more activity on their listings posted on Trulia?
Other than added photos and description? Is anyone having any luck with point 2 mls?
How do you convince someone to lower there price?
This person I know is trying to sell a home for 1,295,000. I looked up the vaue of the home online at and it was valued somewhere between 719,000 and 1,175,000. When I told them that they…
Realtors, with all the unique questions we have been getting here, do any of you feel we are being tested ?
It just seams the questions are flooding in on some touchey subjects in different areas. And by law we are not to answer these questions. It just seams that someone is out there testing us to see what…
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