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Real estate agents interested in learning more about negotiating and working short sales?
After spending lots of money and time (mistakes included), learning about short sales and working short sale deals, I have learned A LOT! A long time friend and I realized we needed to put something together…
Need a Short Sale Negotiator?
Hi All, I just wanted to let the trulia agent community to know that I can handle all of your short sale negotiations and allow you to focus on getting more listings. We close short sales. Simple.…
What contact management program are "you" using?
I have been subscribing to Top Producer for almost two years and I just can't discipline myself to use it. I am into technology and try to stay on the cutting edge, however, I am having a difficult time…
Any agents out there subscribed to ? Advice? Feedback?
They want $400 to get started, say they guarantee BPOs & REO listings. I wonder if any of you gave them the $400 and are getting the guaranteed work.
I am interested in hiring 3 qualified and experienced sales people prior to the end of the year.
Compensation plan commensorate with experience. If you are interested in making a move, please contact me for a private interview @ 914-906-6754. Anthony Marciano, Broker Century21Marciano
Advice for finding a mentor?
What's the best way to interview and ultimately choose a mentor? I had the thought of finding on of the top realtors, or one of the best, in the area and take them out for lunch. I thought a nice lunch…
Are there any exclusive buyers agents out there that have buyers they want to refer to the same in Cape?
Coral, Fort Myers, Naples or Bonita Springs? I am new and I hope this query in ok for this format.
I think every home buyer should throw their computer out the window when trying to gauge the market.
It makes good reading.... but just like Fox News... you cant alway believe what you read or told. What say you???
Has anyone ever negotiated a sale price AFTER the home inspection?
Today my seller suggested offering this scenario to attract prospective buyers: With an acceptable earnest deposit, he will take his house off the market for one week so the prospective buyer can conduct…
Are Real Estate Brokers licensed in NH required to run their business out of commerical space?
Can I obtain a brokers license and operate as a LLC on my own out of my residence?
I am selling a bulk lot of foreclosure properties
The lot includes 3 duplex's located in Detroit, MI. 1 x 3 bed 1 bath single family home in Detroit, MI, and 1 x 4 unit apartment building located in Youngstown, OH. All properties are gauranteed free…
Anyone know a bilingual Spanish/English direct lending mortgage loan representaive.?
I have a few cross border clients who wish to assists family members living in San Diego South Bay area purchase a home/s and would like to find a mortgage loan representaive with whom I can develop…
Look out for new scam for rentals on Craigslist!!!
I help a number of my clients from renters and a new scam popped up this weekend. A scammer copied my rental listing but lowered the price from $1475 to $1000. When you emailed him, he said he was moving…
Updating status for a SFR in MLS
I have a Limited Service Agreement in place with a Seller, who has now entered a Lease Option agreement with a Buyer/tenant. How should the MLS reflect this status change? What status would you use to…
I am looking for an individual who is willing to Joint Ventures with my project.
For those of you who are willing to Joint Venture on my own project ( Single Home) please email me or call me (408) 422-5102.
What is the best way to break into the real estate business? I have completed the classes, but...
I have not yet taken the test. I have talked to a couple of agencies. I have been consistently discouraged about starting part time - insinuating part time means lack of committment. However, I cannot…
Which Real Estate firms are better for beginning agents?
I am not sure if a Franchise firm or a small firm is suitable for beginners. I will be taking test next week and I am looking for a Good Firm that offer the best perk for agents. Any advice is appreciated.
Short sale? I have approval on the 1st but the 2nd wants $5k more. Can the buyer increase the loan $5k?
I'm have an approval for the first but the 2nd lien holder wants and additional $5k to settle. The seller has NO money and the buyer is willing to increase their purchase price to $5k more. Will the 1st…
Have any other agents received emails recently from "buyers" who are from overseas?
I received two email inquiries from "investors" overseas-specifically the UK from this site. With all of the internet scams going on out there-not sure what to think. Has anyone else been getting these…
Is there a public website for the Pittsburgh area MLS or is listing information only available through IDX?
The possibility exists I may be relocating to the Pittsburgh area and would like to search for a possible home or condo. Our local mls has a good website available to the general pubic but I have not been…
Can a second demand or stop a short sale?
The transacttion negotiation is done with the first, escrow is set to close, can a second enter the picture and demand payment? I thought the second was SOL unless they paid off the first.
I am a new lawyer who just got my NYS Brokers license without taking any courses.
I did this with the intention of halving any Brokers fee when I can afford to buy my own home in NYC. Is there any benefit in terms of access to listings that I can take advantage of in order to get a…
What's the best real estate company to work for in Chicago?
Who's the best? Where would you hang your license and why?
Will pay 2% of SALES PRICE for referrals!!?
We will pay a 2% referral fee of THE SALES PRICE to agents that refer business to us! This is NOT 25% of the commission that you may be used to. My company is located in beautiful Upstate SC. We deal…
I am a Real Estate agent in the Palm Springs area of California. Do you have any clients who may be looking?
to purchase in this area (which includes Rancho Mirage, Palm Desert, Indian Wells, La Quinta and Indio)? I will pay a Referral fee for any closings that happen from your contacts. I am also a former…
My buyer client needs financing on a small piece of residential zoned land- he will hold a few years then
build a home. What are going rates and are ARMs allowed? Are points customary? Assume 25% down and good credit and income. Is this Fannie loan?
What are Real Estate professionals doing right now to ensure a good first quarter in 2009.?
The Top Ten List for getting a jump start in 2009. 10. Not letting the holiday season be too much of a distraction. 9. Call all your contacts before January 1st. 8. (your turn)
I have a client who is a relative and his home is over priced.
I have provided several 'CMA's to show him that he is overpriced by about $50,000, but he will not listen. He is in a sutuation where he needs to sell but keeps saying that his house was built in 2005…
I am thinking of relocating to Canada. Any advice on specific areas or getting licensed there.?
We are interested in being near water and a larger metro area - Vancouver, Victoria, Toronto, Hamilton... any thoughts would be greatly appreciated
What percent of Real Estate brokers are consolidating their offices in this market?
Controlling expenses, and reducing overhead may be the norm in this market environment, but shortsighted , if we are at or near the bottom.
Has anyone had any dealings with Deutshe Bank National Trust Company. Placing offer on foreclosure
Hi guys. I have not dealt yet with this bank and one of my buyers chose one of their foreclosure listings. I am putting the offer together just wondered if anyone had any insight into them.
What kind of "corporation" for broker company in California?
Hi, I am about to get my Real Estate Broker license in California. Was wondering if its possible to open a real estate broker company as LLC or does it have to be a corporation. Will appreciate if…
WANTED: 540 Lake Shore & Grand Ohio
Looking for unlisted units at 540 Lakeshore & studio's or loft units at 211 Ohio. Send what you have. Cash buyer is ready to go.
Has anyone ever heard of
It duals as a great online database with capablilities to remember birthdays for the whole family and store all contact info. The GREAT thing is that you can send actual greeting cards through the mail…
Foreclosures presenting unrealistic goals?
Now that I'm starting to actually talk to buyers, I've spoken with a few that want foreclosures. That's fine, but I think that people expect foreclosures to be code for a unbelievable deal that only real…
anyone have great ideas for free or inexpensive marketing?
we use craigslist a lot, giving trulia a run and use constant contact for cheap email blasts, looking for any other ideas to help market in today's challenging times
Is there broker who charges monthly fee to agent instead of fixed fee for sale of property near South Bay?
I like to pay monthly fee to a broker to hire me instead of fixe % charge of commision for property sale. Any body help me to find such broker?
FSBO - How to handle the situation that your client asks u to paperwork as FSBO
Hi, I have a client who would like to sell her house and asks me to CMA so that she can review and comes up with a selling price. I did not complete a discussion with her to list her house yet. I recently…
What is your strategy for qualifying a buyer before taking them to see homes?
What do you feel comfortable asking them to assure that they are really financially qualified? What tells you that they are a serious buyer and not just passing the time or chasing a dream? (I'm curious…
I need a lender that loans does under 100k?
I hear most lenders don't do loan under 100k. I need a lender that does. Could someone assist me?
What are the current sold comps on 25045 Oneonta Dr.,Los Altos Hills, CA?
Has anyone viewed this home? I would really appreciate it if you would share your professional market value opinions and comments on this property. Thank you very, very much!
A FL RE Broker moving to NY ,can be licensed as Broker or has to start as a S.person.?
I Know there is no reciprocity between FL and NY. Having 5 years experience as a FL Broker, would it be consider for a NY Broker license or you have to start as a salesperson?
Hello, I am currenty R. E. agent in Mahattan, and I am here colorado springs
agent in this area . I want to know cost of to be active agent in CO, AND A GOOD PLACE TO START( with a good training program). Thanks in advance for all your help.
Have you seen the latest Trulia Video Testimonials?
From NAR 2008 - See the latest Trulia Voices members tell us their stories
Does anyone use e neighborhoods?
If so how do you feel in benefits you? What is best way to get what you need out of it?
Christine, Would you please delete Creek View from your group of listings. thank you...Elizabeth
-- This question is about this property:
Are any agents interested in rental referrals for Southern California?
I refer potential real estate buyers and sellers out for a referral fee, and recently have been encountering a large number of clients that want to use the help of an agent to help them find a place to…
What should a Realtor do to sell my home.?
Specifically what should I look for in the marketing of a home. Say its a suburban home in a nice area in the $300,000 range.
I want to register with companies that do BPO's and REO's
Can I get a list of Companies that wilol give RTEO listings to Realtors?
Short sales facilitators. Does it realy work???
If any of you had ever delt with any of the Companies out there who claim they know the ins and outs and can get the job done. Please share you experience bad or good. Thank you
We're a Manhattan (New York) firm looking to partner with some Bay Area brokers who may have clients
interested in buying in Manhattan. Will share referral fee. Email me if interested. Wei min
Hey San Diego Realtors do you work with buyers?
I have a buyer that was referred to me by a friend. She is looking a 3 bed 2 bath foreclosure in the San Diego/Chula Vista, Northpark, HIllcrest areas. whats your broker to broker programs?
Is anyone a Commercial Real Estate Agent on this site?
Are you having problems closing on Commercial Investment properties?
What are your great home buying market stories?
I'm currently in three multiple offers with buyers right now. What are your great home buyer stories that combat the current media buzz? Join 1000s of REALTORS across America on November 28, 2008 to…
Auction Sale
Anyone have experience with auction sales? What is the process of buying? Are they really a great opportunity for buyers?
Advertising trends? Do you find local and major News Paper advertising a waste of time for properties & Agent?
In Australia, even in Sydney and the sprwaling Metropolis, we are increasing finding advertising property & Agent Profiles in local & Major News Papers an expensive waste of time.....have found this for…
What is the best free (or minimal cost) websites for advertising listings.?
I have 20 listings and want to increase advertising over the slow winter months on a small budget. I have not had one sale front print advertising this year.
When leaving an agency properties listed by you while with that brokerage are the property of that firm but?
How do you go about professionally contacting those people(clients) that have put their trust in you when you took the listing. Can you contact them by E mail or phone just to tell them you are changing…
Moving to Chapel Hill, which firms are the best in the area to hang my license with?
I'm looking for a high commission split and office space, preferably close to UNC (I'm applying to grad school right now for the city planning/development program).
What are the keys to attaining new clients in this type of market.?
I have been very frugil with my marketing dollars and Im looking for new ways to generate new clients. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Helene M Moore
Is this property a condo?
-- This question is about this property:
Agents: Any issues with Land America Inspections?
Help! My buyer chose this home inspection company becuase she had a coupon....not my idea. They did a horrible job...missed several key items. I cannot get a return call from these folks....does anyone…
A homeowner is going through a foreclosure, what is the homeowner's responsibility for the property tax?
A homeowner is going through a foreclosure, what is the homeowner's responsibility for the property tax? Are they liable to pay the property tax or does the property tax goes with the property? I'm…
Muriel Levin, agent immobilier en Californie, Los Angeles. Question: Compte tenu des restrictions de
prets immobilier pour les non residents et residents americains, que peut-on proposer pour le montant d'un apport personnel si le pret est effectue aux Etats Unis? Quels sont les termes de prets les…
Looking for Agents in Charlotte,NC
I have a house in Charlotte,NC near the Arts district. Looking for agents that are familiar in that area to help me sell 3 bedroom 1 bath completely rehabbed house 1200 sf 10,000 lot. Need to sell imediately.…
can you suggest any mortgage company who hire or commision base part time broker? in Torrance or Anaheim.
can you suggest any mortgage company who hire or commision base part time broker? in Torrance or Anaheim. thanks
Need HOA info on address 109 SittingBull Ct Waleska, GA 30183
-- This question is about this property:
Can you recommend a real estate attorney for my client?
North Phoenix or West Valley would be great. My client was a victim of fraud and needs to clear a cloudy title. Thank you!
For Realtors in and around the Nashville area - how are you doing? is anybody seeing buyers?
My business and agents are honest - how are you doing? looking for a 2nd job? still hopeful for an upswing?
I am curious....
As to where the questions are coming from about schools. (Testing, specific classes, etc.) More and more of them....a lot from young students.
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