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How do I upload a lot/land listing to Trulia? It does not have a postal address, only a street and zip code.
When I attempt to upload it, it fails because Trulia cannot validate the address.
Got the house rented. How do I delete my ad?
House is no longer available 6/1/2013 but I don't know how to take the ad off the site. Pleas advise.
How can I get Trulia to update the info I corrected?
I corrected property details within the last two months, and I can view the changes I made, but Trulia's not showing those changes; still showing incorrect information. This property is not for sale,…
i am looking at a listing on your web site and how do i know if it is for real?
it is a 3 bedroom two bathroom end unit for 900 a month and the number it ways to contact the person renting it out is out of service?
I have been inquiring about many, many apartments for rent, I have never received any responses!!!
I would think with my email address you could find my requests. Please let me know what to do to get some answers!!!
Please delete account
I have two accounts set up by accident. I want to delete this one and keep my other one. I've sent two emails to trulia staff to have this account deleted, and no one has responded. Please, please…
Hi, When I pull up my name on Google, and then click the Trulia link that is assigned to me, I see a blank profile page with no information on it.
I have completed my profile and it looks ok to me. I would appreciate it if you could please expedite so I or for that matter anybody looking for me can see my profile. Thanks, Alain Gardner
why arent my listing showing up on my mobile app when I am searching?
I downloaded the mobile app so that I can log in when entering and showing my listings and my listings are not appearing on my app.
I'm wanting to list my home on Trulia:
I have my account set up, however I cannot find where to go to put in additional specs on my home & the address. Please help!
I have rental properties posted for lease, however, when trulia sends me the leads I am unable to reply.
The reply button sends me to a blank screen and the trulia email address comes back to me. I'm sure it is something simple, but I am unable to figure this out.
I got an email in my inbox today telling me 1 trulia user "viewed my profile". I don't have any profile that I know of so what were
they viewing? Where they viewing my home I bought 4 years ago in Pittsburg, CA? I would like an answer back.
When viewing the Trulia satellite pictures on my iPad, some lakes appear much more green in color than others.?
I searched southeast Wisconsin. Lake Shangri-La appears almost as green as the country side, while the lakes in the immediate area appeal much more dark blue. Doe the green color indicate more water…
How to edit my rental profile ?
-- This question was asked from this property:
How do you reach Customer Service with
i was distressed over the quality of leads (2 bad ones) in over 3 weeks -- person that wants to chat said he'd go over my profile.....said I needed something called filtration ??? what is that…
how to edit my ad?
-- This question was asked from this property:
Re: 2110 W Caleb Rd, Phoenix, AZ 85085 Why Price History of this house is not updated?
The house was sold 8/8/12 for $272,000. Much younger sales in same area are updated. This one is not. What is holding you back? Why this house is treated differently?
How to cancel search?
Have found a home
WHAT IS trulia's estimate of price today?
This question was asked from
What exactly populates from MRIS when you start a listing?
Do the pictures come through? Do the details you put in like utilities and amenities actually show up in the listing b/c I can't find them...Please email to with the answer.…
How do you get comments consistently on your blogs?
I would like to know how you are marketing your blogs and how you are getting comments on your blogs. I have posted 3 blogs with little results and few comments. I want it to work but wondering if creating…
How to delete home photos?
I have purchased a home, and would like to remove the pictures posted on Trulia. How is this done?
How are the values calculated for property on your website?
The original ranch house at 13 East Main Street, Brookside, Mendham Township was gutted, completely renovated and doubled in size to 3046 sq ft in 2007/8. Your picture and details are of the new house…
please don't send me any properties that have mandatory golf fees
-- This question was asked from this property:
Why isn 't my neighborhood Bellevue shown on your Neighborhoods list?
Hello, I have a house to sell, $285,000 4beds, 3037 sf in 37221 location. While I am searching for my neighborhood in Nashville, TN, I could not locate my neighborhood, Bellevue. Why it is not on your…
how tos sale house on here?
There is no obvious button to click to advertise my home on trulia. I would like to sale N buy...
Email said posting was live, link doesn't work. Listing page says submission processing.
Listed a rental property, I got an email confirming that my posting was live, but when I click the link I get an error. Also on my listing page it still says submission processing. A google search found…
I entered my house for rent but it does not show as a listing.
I can see the info when I search by specific address but I can't edit the info already entered nor add as a new listing since the information is already in the system.
How do i get info to any of the homes on trulia?
Lookin to move to fl ! How do i find info about the homes on trulia? Help!
Where is my new password?
I sent a request for a new password since I've forgotten my old one and still haven't received it 30 minutes later. And yes, the email address for the new password to be sent to is correct.
I have edited the information on my property several times yet the information has still not been changed. My home has (5) bedrooms not 4 as it states
Please edit this to reflect (5) bedrooms ASAP & update the value accordingly !!! address: 8701 Mesa Madera Drive. Spanish Hills, Las Vegas, NV 89148 thank you J. Weinstock
looking for house carrollton area
-- This question was asked from this property:
Why does my ad not show.?
Received confirmation that ad was place.. However link says not found and I could not find it myself when I searched Trulia. Please advise. Thanks
Hey guys, I signed up for Trulia yesterday and posted some of my listing. It's been 24 hours and it still says (submission processing). I got an email
Hey guys, I signed up for Trulia yesterday and posted some of my listing. It's been 24 hours and it still says (submission processing). I got an email saying that my listings are now live, but they are…
In Submit Feed Listings with xml file, can we add listings for more than one broker?`
In Submit Feed Listings with xml file, can we add listings for more than one broker?
how do i delete a rental property i listed?
i can't find it anyplace on this site or on google.
hello, one of the lisitngs has the wrong zipcode! how do you change that?
1005 Shepherd Dr #620 Houston, TX 77007 This is wrong........the zipcode it 77019!!
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