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Why don't obvious scams get removed and why isn't there a report button? The above is a rental that goes for 1300 a month, but is listed on your site for 700.…
How do I delete a saved search?
Multiple searches ..... need to delete a few areas
why is the home i purchased 2 years ago, with pictures on site, still showing up on Trulia? This is an very unethical and needs to be removed now.
2945 Green Hill Drive, Salem, VA 24153 REMOVE LISTING AND PICTURES Agents advising me I have to go thru you to have done. So I'm doing so.
when i try to use the more information or the contact the agent button i get an error that a script is unresponsive. if i allow the script to continu
Add details about your question (optioif i allow the script to continue it fails to exacute the operation
Why is the home I purchased 2 years ago still on Trulia? Pictures and all? To whom should I say is responsible and how soon will they be removed?
2945 Green Hill Drive, Salem, VA 24153 Invasion of Privacy and I want removed please. Thank you.
How can I stop Trulia leads phone calls and messages?
I am a broker in Texas. One of our agents subscribes to a Trulia (and Zillow) leads service. Last summer that agent traveled out of country and so directed his leads to me. He is now back and we need…
Removing pictures from listing on a house that is NOT for sale.
Hello, I have been trying to find out how to take the pictures of the inside of my house off of Trulia for some time. I have tried "claiming" the home but haven't been able to find where…
How do I edit my home?
I have been trying to edit my home. I have tried to confirm my identity through my email, and it states it was a success, but as soon as I go back to my account I get the same message to confirm my identity.…
How do I delete photos from a listing?
I purchased my property almost a year ago, and would like the photos removed/deleted from the old listing on Trulia for privacy reasons. From what I understand, there is no way to remove these photos on…
Hello, Please remove the home 96 Tichenor St, Newark, NJ from your website. It is not for sale. Thank you. Scott N. Baldassano, Esq.
My clients purchased this home months ago and have been annoyed by fielding calls and inquiries regarding the home due to your marketing.
I received this response from a "homeowner". I know it is a scam, I just wanted to report it. There was more to the email asking for person info..
Hello, I received your inquiry about my property for rent at 142 Woodlands Glen Cir, Brandon, MS 39047 My name is Mary Fuller, My family and I just moved down to West Columbia, SC 29169 due to my job…
Housing sale data
Hello, I'm looking for median sale price by neighborhood in San Francisco from 1999 - 2014. Does Trulia have that data available? Thanks, Avra (415 706 0174)
Why is listing 1675 Jerrold Avenue listed as a JODI Group listing in the description?
We currently do not have any listings by that address anywhere on trulia, postlets , or any marketing website. Is it possible to take that description off if it is under someone else's trulia account?
Details regarding my home are wrong, how do I get them amended and so that he home details are accurate and my home value is correctly assessed.
4 full bathrooms vs. 3; 3 car garage vs 2; heated swimming pool and jacuzzi vs. swimming pool only etc.
How can I request a photo to be deleted?
There is a picture for the home at 305 Live Oak Street Auburn CA 95603. The picture is of the black gate and shows "no trespassing Campos Family". The Campos Family has not lived there in almost…
Error message that my valid address is not correct. How do I fix this?
I have entered a valid address but Trulia keeps rejecting it. I've tried both with and without commas etc. but I cannot proceed to list because the address is not recognized. My house is in a populated…
Question about Trulia Pro and Leads
When you sign up for Trulia Pro and get leads for your listings, is there an API to access those leads or are you only able to be alerted by SMS/Email?
Great website, but almost impossible read and to concentrate on the information because of so many popups.
Either hire me to continue reporting fraudulent listings or stop letting just anyone make listings! Very annoying when I'm doing a job for free!
I have been actively looking for a home for more than a year now, and I have become very impatient when it comes to Trulia allowing anyone to make listings without background checks. You have become so…
We are Canadian citizens looking to mortgage a Florida property? Do we qualify?
We have excellent credit rating here in Canada but would prefer to do all transactions in the US
Why am I unable to claim my home?
5012 Iron Horse Way Ave Maria FL 34142
Someone has used my phone number to post several fake properties for rent. How can I remove my phone number?? I don't have anything posted on Trulia.
I have probably gotten a hundred calls in a week due to this scam. The calls are coming from different states around the country. I have sent several complaints to Trulia and have not heard back from anyone…
What kind of screening does Trulia use to prevent scammers from listing?
851 S. Krameria St., Denver, CO property listed. "Owner" replied to my inquiry & is another "owner now in S. Africa"...
Scams and frauds on Trulia
If I'm getting continual scam emails, to whom should I forward them? Within the last 2 months, I've gotten no less than 8 emails that all have the same spammy characteristics, both from supposed…
I am having issues creating an account....
Hello, I am trying to create an account for an agent in our office and when I try to make an account it says that the email address is already being used but when I go to sign in, it says that an account…
How do I get stolen images removed from a listing?
All of the images on are stolen from a recent listing I posted for 1112 Blue Ridge Dr Apt 11. This is copyright…
How do I delete my profile?
I have an apartment and will not be using Trulia for a couple of years, so I would like to delete my profile.
Has anyone had trouble logging into Trulia this past week?
I sure did but it is good to be back! I tried and tried to figure it out. I don't know if Trulia's servers were down over the weekend. Anyone???
How to cancel account?
I am not in the business
verifying listing
I am trying to verify my listing and it asks for an email address but it doesn't allow any "symbols". How am I supposed to put in an email address with the @ sign. Our information and pricing…
Hello- I posted an ad on Zillow and understand that it also goes on other sights, like yours. SOmeone is committing fraud with my listing.
How do I report this? I have copies of the text messages that were sent btwn interested renter and person committing fraud.
Trulia website usage - issues
I have written a bunch of emails to trulia helpdesk asking to remove the pictures from my property from the website. I have a couple of case numbers but never got any reply ! Please remove the pictures…
Please respect my privacy and remove all the photos of my house from your website. They are not available in MLS.
how to remove photos of sold property?
I want to remove the photos of sold property as it is a major security/privacy issue.
You need to screen this application better people are being scammed using this app. I busted someone trying to swindle me.626 672 8775 is my number if you want info
Next step is serious legal action because I've requested multiple times to delete the photos of my home for SAFETY SAFETY SAFETY
reasons!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I've tried calling and been on the phone for damn near an hour! so unprofessional. I am frustrated and at my end with being patient. I haven't had any responses via email…
How do I get pics of my newly purchased house off this site. I really prefer that no one can see images of my house please!
17590 Silver Fox Ct Mead, CO 80542 - PLEASE, take the images off this site. The house has been mine since Dec 29th, 2014, Please take the images off. Thank you.
Does my agreement with Truilia comply with Northwest Multiple Listing Service Rules and Regulations?
I need to know if my agreement with Trulia is acceptable or prohibited based upon my MLS rules and regulations. If any portion is prohibited, WE will need to readdress the agreement. Here's a link…
How do I remove the pictures of my purchased home from Trulia?
I registered and 'claimed' my home, but I don't see any photo update option on the edit details page.
Please cancel/delete my account.
I do not want to have an account with Trulia anymore. Please cancel my account. Thank you.
We have a listing at 18 Homewood Drive, Morristown, NJ 07960 that is active but showing as withdrawn. Can you help ?
I am Peter Freeman, assistant to Marlene at Coldwell Banker, 211 South Street, Morristown, NJ 07960. Please respond to me at or 973-479-9505.
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