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How do I add/delete photos?
I recently purchased a home, and I don't want any pictures of the inside of the house on this site. How do I delete them?
Consolidated data on recently sold homes?
Hello, my name is Seongjun and I am working on a project at the University of Michigan. I am interested in the data you have for recently sold homes in Ann Arbor, MI. However, I can only view one house's…
How to delete my house pictures on Trulia?
I bought my house a year ago. Currently there are 14 pictures shown on Trulia. For privacy reasons, I want to have these pictures. Can you tell me how to do that in my account. Or if I cannot do that…
how can I stop the alerts?
I get alerts all day long for a search I did once. I am not remotely interested in the homes in this area and I have tried to change alerts eight times and they keep coming. If I cant stop them I will…
Why are scammer's and spammer's answers allowed to remain up?
In the question about bridge loans, as an example, there are two spam answers and two clear scam attempts. Why don't the moderators remove them. They make this forum almost useless
Where on your site is the estimated value of my home. You used to provide this information. Is this information still provided on your site? Where?
I do NOT want to be contacted by realtor at this time. I do want to know your estimate of my home's worth. Thank you.
Remove photos of my home
I recently bought a home, 2842 Margesson Xing, Lafayette, IN, and all of the photos of the inside of my home are on here for the public. When editing/updating the facts I saw no where to delete these photos.…
I live at 5326 darby ct, cape coral, 33904 and on your web site to my adress it's writ bank owned!!!!! I really appreciate if you make a change
!!! I would like to know where this information is coming from? I have no loan on this house! Thank you ! Jean francois Dubois 819-3620-0377
These real estate sites are very annoying. Slow to load. Wastes the customers time. I think realtors are lazy.
When you finally get there it doesn't give you the county name, subdivision name, or covenants. Also, how far is power and where do I get my internet ? This makes the realtors look deceptive and who…
How do I remove or edit a rental listing from Trulia?
I listed my house for rent 4 days ago and want to edit some content on the ad. I have received several responses already and I also need to know what to do to remove the listing once I rent it, as we are…
Where can I find my home's estimate on your site.?
I do NOT want to talk to a realtor at this time. I will be downsizing but not for at least two years.
How do I report a fake ad?
I am not a member of Trulia. A fake ad advertising my rental property at 95-211 Kapanoe Place, Mililani, Hawaii for sale is currently up on. I did not see a place to flag the ad as a scam.
I used to go to your site to get an estimate as to the value of my home. I will not be selling for at least two years but will ultimately
"downsize." I do NOT want to talk to a realtor now. Why do you no longer offer this "guesstimate" on your site? If you do, how do I find it? Thank you.
Does Trulia/Zillow no longer pull updates from the MLS?
I am wondering if I will have to update our postlets profile everytime we make a change (Price-changes, status updates, etc.). How long will it take for those changes to appear on the property landing…
Hello, I am the current owner of 45 Hickory Place, Livingston, NJ 07039.
Can you please remove the pictures from this listing as the house sold over a year ago, and for security reasons I do not want pictures of my house on-line. Thank you for your prompt attention to this…
phone number for Trulia
would like to talk to a company rep. for info. about listing lots.
How can I submit a blog post?
I am asking on behalf of a client who is a mature consumer market expert who would like to submit a blog post about multigenerational housing and elder home buyer needs (with trend and market data). To…
I am not able to send a "recommendation" link to my most recent clients from my Trulia account . Has this been disabled?
Another agent told me it's all through Zillow now. She said she lost a bunch of recommendations from her Trulia site. Is this true? Thank you.
How do you unlike a home that is saved?
I'm having trouble taking homes out of my saved homes. How do I unlike a home to remove is from the saved homes?
What is wrong with Trulia for the new update for Apple OS update. My wife has an account with you guys and as of a few days a go it will not open?
My wife Kathy on has a account she used to open everyday on her ipad and now your pictures will not open for your software was not revised for the new OS from apple. You have a…
Not really a question
Not really a question but a suggestion. You need to reduce the redirects when someone clicks on the link to register a review. I tried to review my agent from my cell phone, but Safari wouldn't let…
What if we found homes that we think are not real?
I found a couple written the same way and they want such things like: RENT QUESTIONNAIRE 1)Your Full Name? 2)Your Full Address? 3)Phone Number? 4)Are you married ? 5)Age…
Having trouble when trying to Delete a listing For Sale
Hovered over profile picture and listing or any related tab does not appear.
Cannot get my account to work correctly
I'm trying to delete saved houses in my account and cannot get them to delete. How do I correct this? I have a lot of home that are no longer available saved and need to delete them. The delete…
My house (47 Phyldan Road, East Hanover, NJ) is currently on your website in active foreclosure for 45 days. This is NOT ACCURATE!
I would like to have this removed from your website. I have proof that I am current in the mortgage. I also checked the Morris County Sherif's Website foreclosure list, and my property is not listed…
Can I get log on information from my account, I do not have access to the old email?
I do not have access to the email account that is connected to my Trulia account. I have tried every password that I know. Is there a way to retrieve that information so that I can change the email address…
How do I get a copy of a review that I left for a agent?
I had posted a comment for my agent a couple weeks ago. It has yet to show up on her profile. What do i need to do to get it to show up on her profile or a copy of it as she wants to put it on her own…
Confirm my account? Anybody else getting this when they answer questions?
Every time I answer a question I receive an email asking me to Confirm my account. There is a link and a code to enter. I click the link and do what's asked but nothing seems to happen. My answers are…
what is the value of my house?
2619 Tradewind Dr. Lake Havasu City, Az.
How do I change the asking price in my listing?
I don't know how to change the price on my listing
How do you remove inappropriate content from listing?
There is nudity in one of the photos in my listing and I can't find the flag to take it down. Please help me.
I have edited my home to show 3 bedrooms, but the website still says 2 bedrooms.
Also, the est. value of my home is off by $100,000.
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