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Where did you come up w/ a "foreclosure" and the "wrong price"???
I recently put my house up for Short Sale, not Foreclosure. Yet, it just appeared on your Foreclosure list w/ a price that makes no sense. The house is:…
can someone give me a call - 410 562 1034 cell?
about blogs, listings, terms. completion of profile, etc
How do I know if Trulia offers a comprehensive look at all properties for sale in an area?
For example, if I do a search in zipcode 94117 I get 107 homes for sale on Trulia and 130 homes for Sale on Zillow
why are my listing shpwing another agent web site address as a link to my listing?
when I look at my lisitngs they ahev all different links or names under the picture of the lsitings on a feew is a site to another agents site how does this happen? How can I fix this they shouold all…
My real estate broker has advised that he cannot list our house on Trulia because there is a software bug that is not allowing an update of info.
We purchased our home in 2002. We are told that the old listing cannot be altered, no matter what is submitted and that Trulia's IT folks have been unable to resolve this bug.
I can't get my email alerts for questions in Trulia Voices to come back on.
My email was down last week for 48 hours, when it came back up my alerts were down. I re-verfiied my emial with Trulia. Since thenI have tried to enable them multiple times and still recieve nothing. Please…
How can you get specific figures for price / sf and median sales price?
I'm looking at some of the charts and would like to obtain information on price / sf in specific months. Unless this information for a particular month is discussed in the overview description sections,…
I am a agent and I recently changed companies. I have entered my new profile and now some of my listings have my new place and some have my old
place. My understanding is that I have 2 accounts. I can only find my new one so how do I find my old one and delete it?
How can I end my Trulia account?
I would like to end my Trulia account.
I noticed that the satellite image on my listing points to the wrong house. How can this be corrected?
This is regarding the listing for 108 Roselle Court, Port Charlotte, FL 33952. My e-mail address is and my telephone number is (941) 766-7382. Thank you for your help.
Hello, I would like to know why I spend my time looking up properties to buy, only to discover that many of them are already sold! This is a waste
of my time. Otherwise, I like Trulia and think it is easy to use, but I don't like wasting time on sold properties.
Is anyone else having problems with the antispam code not being accepted the first tim even when typed in correctly?
Often I find I type in the code like 2by468 and then have it rejected saying there is a problem and it needs to be re-entered. Once done it works the second time. I have also posted a reply with no code…
I really like your website...but it makes it impossible to browse seriously when you don't include the property taxes in the listing details.
why don't you include this info? I simply choose other sites that DO provide this information. I wish you would list this in the primary page for the property......I would be more inclined to seriously…
Some days, I see under "voices activity" that I have points for a completed profile, and then some days, those points are gone, even though
in the right column, it says my profile is 100% complete. Why is this happening? Is it me, or is it Trulia
If updated every night, why are my contribution points not changing? They have been at 28 this whole week and I've been contributing?
Underneath my VIP 1 status, points earned and points needed, etc. it states "Your contributions are recalculated each night based on your activity during the past 30 days and your total points are…
I Dave Perdue have lived here ,since 1986,not 2000, what are you talking about ?
-- This question is about this property:
I just got the vip2 badge. The second level up. What does it really mean? What should it mean to consumers?
My first reply was on Oct 2 2009. I never thought of being rewarded for simply answering a question. I also posted a few blogs. The first one was showing important things to look out for when buying…
All of my listings are showing as "No longer for sale". How can I fix this?
The listings are indeed for sale in the MLS and Trulia should pull listings from, correct?
Why the Sep -Nov average?
When will this stat move to later months?
I am not a member of an MLS but have posted listing to Postlets. However they are not showing up on Trulia. Why?
Only listings I post individually to Trulia show up there, not the ones I post to Postlets.
Many of my listings are have the incorrect front picture, some are showing up that are either expired, sold, or withdrawn. How can I fix?
Do you fix the listings that are incorrect or can we fix them? My clients are getting very frustrated with their incorrect listings (ie wrong sq footage).
How can I refine my searches / alerts for lake front / water front homes?
I want to see homes for sale by lot type features
Real Estate Map Widget shows San Francisco and not the correct city. Anyone else having this problem?
I have posted Trulia Map of homes on my website for Soldotna Alaska.....All that shows after I placed the code correctly, all that shows is San Francisco. Is this a problem…
What happened to the pictures?
Just a few days ago the pictures disappeared from all of the listings except for those called "featured". You are now no longer compettive to other search engines.
How can I get a refund of my monthly subscription to Trulia Pro? It isn't allowing me to submit a listing, so I can't use it.
I paid for a monthly subscription for Trulia Pro because I thought I'd be able to list my home that way. It let me make my payment without asking me what kind of RE pro I am. When I created an account,…
Ok, well, I have receieved a buyer requesting more info ona listing, that I know is a condo, looks like a house, an he wants more info, not my
listing, and maikes me look bad? False advertisement, I know this community, and the proerty looks like it is in Europe somewhere? How do u fix that?
Why are agents disabling the "Allow comments" feature in their blogs?
This is so frustrating! A good title, you click on it, a good blog then you want to leave a comment and you realize that you cannot leave a comment as the blogger disabled the "Allow comments"…
Error posting blog entry
Hello, I have not been able to post a blog entry in several weeks. Everytime I try, I get a 'server error' message. I tried contacting your tech support, but they were absolutely useless.
I am a real estate agent. I work with buyerswho go on the Trulia website and find REO listings that are not on the MLS. Can I get more information?
about these listings and do I have to pay a fee to be able to get the information about these listings? email
I am trying to find a reliable online source for home sales in my neighborhood. I thought I had found that in Trulio at one point...a search page
that allowed me to choose how far back I wanted to see the sales prices (some properties were SEVERAL years old). It was a nice feature but now I lost the recipe... I can't find it. Any help would…
Since I'm still a newbie to blogging- How often do you all blog & what time is best time to post a blog?
I am a newbie at blogging and have heard it's best to not blog more than once per week and yet I have heard others say once per day? I am wondering what experience you all have had and also whether…
Can you explain how to load more photos by linking to the web where I have more photos? Not sure how to do this. it seems to tedious to load one at a
Can you explain how to load more photos by linking to the web where I have more photos? Not sure how to do this. it seems to tedious to load one at a time.
This home is no longer on the market...please remove from this website...its misleading us to believe its still avialable
-- This question is about this property:
Apparently, I have two agent profile -- one which I created, and one which I don't recall creating and which I cannot access. The one which I
cannot access is one registered with my former broker as the broker. This phantom profile is not registered under my current email address, so I cannot ask for a password to be sent to my email (old email…
What is wrong with my data feed?
I have submitted a data feed to Trulia but recently it stopped working. Please let me know what is wrong with my data feed.
How does Find a Pro best match work? Is it really meant to be helpful?
If you go down about 6 you will find me there. Go down about 2 more and you will find Hally S. I posted many decent replies. A few…
How can I change the broker that shows up on my listing?
My listing at 771 Autumn Glen, Melbourne FL 32940 is showing the old broker/agent, but my new pictures, description, web address etc.
Do you have a list of all the site that use trulia?
I am thinking about advertising on trulia and would like more info o where my ad will be seen
Did you know the new TRULIA guidelines are out?
DON'T SPAM. SPAM INCLUDES ANY OF THE FOLLOWING: Trolling: Do not post inflammatory or contentious posts for the purpose of provoking others and starting a dispute. Advertising: Do not post blogs,…
Active listing will not show up when address is typed in.
Listing is active and has been for a long time Listing criteria is set to allow address on VOW This refers to listing at 11 Ziegler Rd, 12540
Does Trulia have a problem with posting blogs? Everytime I try to post my blog, it removes my city and then tells me there are errors. Is anyone else?
having this problem. If so... how did you resolve it. I tried writing to post again. Same thing. And before you ask, Yes the city is spelled correctly. Thanks!!!
How do I post a open house?
I have a listing I'm wanting to do a open house this weekend, (Saturday). I can't figure out how to show post it. Help Please, Phyllis JC Anderson Liberty One Realty 602-316-0115
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