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How to use Trulia Pro. I am on the 30 day free trial and have one spotlight listing but have not gotten anyth
I have received no inquires at all for the my Pro listing and feel I need to be doing something but don't know how to max. this program. Based on results thus far would dought I will continue it beyond…
Does Trulia REALLY list **ALL** MLS listed properties?
I am NOT seeing houses that I am seeing on etc. I love the rank by price/sqft feature here - but if properties are missing then this is a major defeciency. I am seeing this issue in 43617…
public profiles
what do I put in public profiles?
Stan Luczkowski
How can I get a property removed from the system? My listing 1005 Caliche Rd in Wimbelrey Texas is correct when I log onto my listings. But if I (or a potential client) just searches in Wimberley the…
My question is probably mostly for Trulia tech.
I sometimes sign up to be notified if a home changes price or is sold. I get emails about price changes, but I never get any emails that homes are sold. Surely some of these homes are selling? What am…
Next to my picture is written 'No Stas yet" . How can I delete this?
In Profile Section of Trulia, unexplained information is next to my photo.....
my property is 2065 forest blvd. jax. fl. the information is all wrong. It says it is 3 bedroom 1 bath, it
really is 4 bedroom 2 bath. It says its 648 sq. ft. when its reall 1268 sq. ft, It says its info received by public records when public records says the actual size and facts. How can this be corrected
HELP. I want to save on trulia some homes to " my saved homes" list.
I do not see anywhere that save to my trulia tool or link. How do you save them? I've looked all over, please be specific. I only see on search page on left up corner "save search"
katherine davidson when you read do you insert what you want to read. My agents info is correct, the trulia
info is incorrect. Im not obama I dont owe anyone a apology. Hes doing his job. The website is not.
Why are you listing these homes for such low prices? You know that this home is not really listed for $20,000.
Should I consider this false advertising? -- This question is about this property:
Why can't I change the List Price on my listings I have on Trulia?
Also, when I tried loading photos...they wouldn't load.
When do you up date listings, such as price drops?
We have a home listed with Coldwell Banker and have added incentives that do not show on Trulia, they do show at Coldwell Banker web site
Tech issue- I have no problem to log on to your site and conduct search. But once first search result page
comes up, I click the detailed page such as more information or the hype link of the property, most of the time 70%, I got an error message says Internet Explorer has encountered a problem and needs to…
My Listing is not showing on Trulia
I have a listing at 510 Garden Ct. Simpsonville, KY 40067 MLS #1236686. It is not posted on Trulia. I have checked out database, CRESTEDG to be sure all information was added correclty for the transfer…
How can I make sure trulia pulls from my feed directly and not from the same feed I've syndicated to hotpads?
I have many different xml feeds all going to different real estate search sites like trulia. How can I make sure that tulia pulls from my feed and not from a feed that I've sumbitted to hotspads or zillow,…
Your website does not sort to South of Broad in Charleston, SC even though you can check this neighborhood.
the google map shows another area of town labled as South of Broad. Could this be the problem?
I was just fooling around with a search of McConnellsburg PA and my spot lite ad never comes up, just a
generic as seeking advertisers. I don't get it. This is one of my target zip codes.
Can I post a listing if I am not a Real Estate Agent, but the Property Director for the Development?
We have a 24 unit condominium development and 14 lot Home Owners Assoc. that we would like to post on Truila. I am not a licensed agent, but the Property Director head of sales and rentals for the Development.…
Why does another agent's virtual tour pop up on my listing of 6149 Loma Avenue, Temple City, CA?
I have a signed listing wth the owners of the above mentioned property however when you go to the tour, another agent who previously had the listing shows up. This is misleading. Please remove Realty…
how to edit my profile to mortgage broker?
I thought that I had done it correctly since I remembered that it had changed. But now it has reverted to agent
Hello, I currently have 5 total listings on Trulia.
Three of the 5 listings didn't have pictures, which I have now uploaded (I do realize it takes 1-3 days to post). Those listings were uploaded by tourfactory. The other 2 listings have pictures, but no…
When a given listing lists the number of views, are these actual page views, or are they unique visitor?
views? In other words, if I continually go to my listing to check how many views, am I influencing the number on my own? Also, it appears that my listing has reset itself in terms of views. It has…
Why isn't my approved feed showing?
My feed was approved on 7/9/09 and I was told to expect the listings to show within 24-48 hrs. They are not showing yet. I gave it a week before replying to my ticket, and I haven't heard back.
Why doesn't my home, listed on MLS, show up on trulia?
13196 N 104th St Scottsdale, AZ 85260 MLS #4197851
I removed a listing for 5 Clairburn Dr, Mechanicsburg, PA from my listings - it still appears on the site.
Why has this listing not been removed? The new owner has installed a security system and is freaking out about the virtual tour on Trulia. They are holding us responsible for any losses incurred as long…
how do i put a listing in here?
i can't find how i put a listing on your site
FOR STAFF: Why does another agent's picture appear on my listing even though I have my own photo on file?
All information appearing with my listing is mine (e.g., name, email, phone, etc.) The only error is the photo appearing with the listing is that of another agent in my office.
photo for listing doesn't display; Also, "more info" needs to point to different website. ???
one of my TRULIA listings doesn' display the photo. I tried to upload one (which didn't seem to work); there is one on our mls database---where I think you pull these listings, but it's not here. ALSO,…
At least some Google imagery for Draper, UT is 18 months old. The credit at the bottom says 2009???
Eaglecrest Drive in Suncrest is a good example. A lot of building has and is going on there.
Why hasn't the price change gone in to my 3748 Vancouver? Why hasn't my newest listing appeared yet?
14641 Waterview Circle went into the NTREIS MLS in Dallas last Wednesday and yet has not shown up here yet.
comparables on after pulling up an address
when i click on See all comparables, i choose all sold comps and the page is blank and theh when i try to click back over to see all listings it will not pull up...this has been going on for about a week.…
Why, when I click on my spotlight ad listing it does not open up the listing and give info, pictures, etc.
If you click on the spotlight ad it goes directly to my website and you have to then go into featured listings to find it.
Can anyone help me on how to change a price on one of my listings in Trulia?
Does it come direct from the MLS? I changed it in the MLS and it didn't come thru onto Trulia.
how do I list my townhome for sales in Deptford, New jersey?
We are looking for new and creative ways to sell our townhome in Deptford, NJ. Suggestions? How do we list on this site?
My FSBO Overview section suddenly changed, misrepresents essential facts. How change immediately? 14 lilac ct
Overview description text misleading and inaccurate. Should conform to MLS description: "Modern, updated single-family on quiet road near cosmopolitan Kendall Square. Deeded parking directly in front.…
I am an agent How do I put up my profile so I am seen by other who are searching for an agent in my area,
whitch is Kalkaska Michigan 49646 my name is Phyllis Hermes with coldwell banker schmidt, Thanks I would like to be on the seach for a pro page thanks 231-564-1282
I tried to edit a price on a listing, but when I click on "edit listing" it will not link me to edit.
The "edit listin" tab stays orange and nothing happens. Please email back -Stephanie Nelson...assistant to Frank Schuster.
Why do my chosen photos for my listings not show up first when searching for a listing?
I have 25 listings posted. All have the outside photo of the home chosen as the main photo for the listing. About 80% of these, when searched for or looked at by me under 'My Listings', do not come up…
When I claim a listing, often the photo associated with me is a very old logo from a very old website.?
I've uploaded my professional photo into my Trulia account/information and it appears alongside this question, but not with my listings. How do I get the correct graphic to show up with my listings instead…
Most of my listings are showing up as no longer live. But they are. How can I breath "life" into them?
I just check on my 14 listings are only two are live. How did this happen and how can I prevent it from happening again?
How long for listing to be syndicated to atrulia from my site?
Entered a listing on my point2agent website a couple of days ago. It's still on Trulia.
misrepresentation of property
Hi, i am the owner of 7 Girard, Winchester, MA. Trulia has 21 photos of the interior of this property. These 21 interior photo is out-dated and does not make true representation of my property, please…
Getting posted on Trulia
We just listed our house for sale; it is in MLS but not on Trulia; how do we get it listed on Trulia
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