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I am searching for homes with 3 car garages; I cannot find a spot to specifically put that request in. I have to search thru all the listings.
Please tell me how to state specifically that I want to see homes with 3 or more garage space only
The house at 502 Stinhurst, Durham, NC has 4 bedrooms, 2 baths. This need to be corrected in your iformation page . I bought this house recently.
The infpormation that you provided on this house wrong so far the number of bedroom this house has.
do sold properties on trulia have pictures available to the public and can they be taken to my pictures, on my computor??
do sold properties on trulia, have pictures avaiiable to the pubice and can they be taken to my pictures on my computors??
How do I establish actual communications with a live person at Trulia ??
I have a problem concerning Trulia's information source when promoting listing info. How do I get in touch with someone that can resolve the problem ??
why are my listings being exposed to AVA when my buyers said "no" on the listing Agreement?
sorry I meant Sellers say "no" on their listing Agreements with the MLS regarding having AVA revealed and your site is based on that.
Why aren't there more pictures posted? There are a bunch of pictures on
-- This question is about this property:
I know that advertizing revenue is important
I know that advertizing revenue is important; but 10 to 20 seconds to load banners and adds each time I advance a page is not acceptable. Too bad, I used to use Trulia frequently and have contacted more…
I haven't been on this website in a number of months, and was very suprised today.
I came on to check to see if a virtual tour had been loaded for one of my listings, and lo and behold, when I clicked on more information, it said the "Listing Agent" was an agent I knew (not…
Can I delete an old account? I don't have the e-mail anymore and don't remember the password..
the account e-mail is I have set up a new one..
Could you please list commercial appraiser in your City?
My e-mail address is
please take this listing off your website - now!!!!!
it was taken off mls on june 14, 2010
Could you please remove 111 Arrowwood Place, (Ballston Spa) Malta, NY from your active listings. This property is SALE PENDING. Thanks.
Property: 111 Arrowwood Place, (Ballston Spa) Malta, NY 12010 Status: SALE PENDING. Not Active
How do I warn a buyer who posts a question that an agent who posted a reply to them is so far from professional that agent should be avoided?
I had one comment removed because I said of one person who posted a lot of attacks on others "Ignore him, he likes to hear himself talk". Should I have said instead something like "…
houses how can i see if a realtor sold it or owner sold it.thanks,san
is this also for sale by owners, i want to post my house for sale and my sons' how to? when you show the houses sold, how can i see who sold them. does the mls info get put into this site automatically…
What difference does it make if I close an account here or just go inactive?
Simple enough question. If I deactivate my account or just walk away does it make any difference? If I decided to come back in a few years would my account still exist if ignored? If removed could it be…
Is there no way for Trulia to pull outdated or old questions from the Q & A section? A question from 2009 was just answered- yesterday.
I don't think we can offer much help to someone who was seeking a rental almost a year ago. How long do these questions stay active? "Seeking rental with lease to own or owner financing in…
Did you read the guidelines? Trulia can remove anything for any reason now. Did you know that? Does it make you more afraid to post here?
"Trulia reserves the right to remove or edit any content for any reason, at any time without notice. Likewise, Trulia may, for any reason and at any time, deactivate any user’s account and…
He is one of the most valuable members of this community. You may not like they way he always demanded the truth from you but Trulia is a better place because of him.
Do you have advertisers on your site? We are looking for a quote.
Hello, I am the Marketing Director for a new website that is currently being built. We are working toward being available by October of this year. On behalf of, we would like to…
How do I get my home for sale to show up on your website?
I just listed my home located at 9590 Castlebridge Court, Elk Grove, CA 95758 on June 1st, 2007 and noticed it wasn't showing up on your website.
Why fill out criteria (foreclosures,price range, zip codes) & U giv diff. price range, sq. ft, etc.? I will not deal wth U. Remove me from yer
lists Highly disappointed with this website. Spent an hour and got nowhere. Sq ft-age required min. of 2000 sq ft and you had range of 800 to about 2000..wasted my time.
Why does Trulia allow "certain companies" to lie about homes for sale?
A client of mine found a home on Trulia while searching "homes for sale". One that came up seemed too good to be true. It was for sale for $20,000 in the greater Seattle area. He immediately…
What Happened to the "CNN Money partnership to feature Trulia as sole search website" Blog posted by Trulia under "Using Trulia"?
It appears to be here...Was I Hallucinating" Was it Removed?......Why? CNN Money partnership to feature Trulia as sole search website Posted under: Using Trulia in San Francisco | July 16,…
what is the number of hits per month on Trulia?
Trying to find out what sort of average monthly hit exposure Trulia has
Should Trulia rethink the current "Blog" position?
Is the information presented meaningful to individuals interested in real estate issues or is it just "fluff?"
How come Trulia and Zillow feel the need to kill the value of my home by mis-asigning it to the Southeast. People use you guys as they do EBay to find
current value. A mistake like this has cost me many potetial sales and about $30,000 in value. Check your own maps. Cheyenne Meadows is in the Southwest. These homes are very well kept and it is a…
Hello, is available only to RE Pros? Can a private citizen list her home on Trulia? Thanks!
We are looking into selling our home privately. I have learned that sites like or provide services which include the marketing or listing of our home on, local…
Fraudulent Listings
Listing is inaccurate. The apartment pictures are not of a Seward Park apartment. (I live in the neighborhood, Seward Park is not a neighborhood, it is a coop complex on the lower Eastside in NYC. In…
how can i put my home for sale here?
im selling my home and want to put an add
some of the ads on your site are baits, they are not for real, i have been looking at your site for about 4 months now and there are certain
real real estates agents that do this one of them is listed under agent as POSTLETS, you guys shoud do something about this problem, con artists preying on your web customers..thanks
Does Trulia only transfer information from MLS on single family homes?
Do I have to enter those listings myself on Trulia?I have two multi-family homes and one vacant land listing that do not show up on Trulia.
Why are you allowing deceptive advertising like the postlet ads in seattle. Sorting through these is a waste of time and makes trulia trite!
I loved using tulia but recently the influx of auction and foreclosure ads which are deceitful and frustrating to sort through. IT has made trulia cumbersome and trite. While it used to be a wonderful…
Problem with lot size for one of my listings under comparable sales.
I finally took the time to schedule all of my client reports and the one for 4911 S Harvest Moon Dr. in Green Valley AZ under comparable properties shows this house as having a lot size of 348,480 even…
Hi I want to report a bug... with Google Earth Feed
When searching for houses that have recently sold there is an RSS feed option in the top right of the page. All of the feed options work correctly except the Google Earth. The Google Earth feed will only…
Pertinent questions in Q/A digests are delayed 24 - 72 hours. Anyone else with this problem?
Since the last two weeks or so, I noticed that questions pertinent to my area or the subjects I have signed up for are being delayed to a point where answering them doesn't make sense anymore because…
Posting a question
Hello: I posted a question last week under 33604/Property Q &A: Yet when I go to Q&A…
Wordpress to Trulia Auto Post widget???
I find that re-posting a blog on trulia from wordpress is problematic, slow, and the form crashes often. It seems like an unnecessary extra step especially since you can auto post to facebook and twitter.…
I own 3510 Blue Goose Way in Celina Texas. The map baloon note on the wrong lot. Our lot is vacant and is on Culdesac area. Can you correct this now?
3510 Blue Goose Way in Celina Texas. Map shows information baloon on wrong lot. Please correct this quickly. Move the info baloon to the vacant lot on the left side fot he round area of the culdesac.
My listings haven't become active yet and it's been a week! Why is this happening?
I've posted a few listings to Postlets which promised to synchronize with Trulia. On Trulia, I see my listings but they do not show up in searches because they say they are still processing. It's…
how to find all the saved houses.?
I pressed save to all the houses i liked so i can see later.
Do the statistics about viewership of listings reflect individuals and not some computer program?
If Trulia reports that a particular number of people have viewed a listing...or checked out property details, are these real humans or could it be programmed "bots" that roam the Internet and…
Does trulia know what bait and switch is? That is what all the realtytrack listings are here. Will trulia stop this violation before the FTC comes?
Trulia has been engaged in bait and switch with realtytrack listings as shown below. Notice realtytrack shows houses for sale at prices not sales price. Per The Federal Trade Commission http://ww…
Is there an easier way to navigate between pages?
I have 41 pages in my search and frequently get "bumped" back to page one. In order to reach the higher pages, I have to advance a few pages at a time until I get back to where I was. It would…
How dare you,, allow all categories of housing (condos, apts., etc.) to advertise in the "single family home" category? Stop
this at once. I'm confused and wasting my time to click on "single family home" and then find out it's a condo or in a multi-family building. You MUST weed these out. Make the realtors…
I posted a review specifically for a home in my neighborhood & was horrified to see that Trulia posted my review for EVERY home in my zip code!
That means that homes that are not even in my neighborhood have the review I wrote attached to them! Everyone, be careful when you read a review for a home you are interested in. More than likely the person…
What's going on with the new, rabid changes in the Community Guidelines policy?
The parse rules need more intelligence. They're flagging some words (eg knee-j erk)--that aren't even pejorative--as profane.
Need to change the price on listing MLS # 2910063, Greystone Druve, richmond, VT for Toni Trombley, Realtor. the new price is $649,500.
When I click on Edit Details, it does not give me the option to change the price, just to Edit photo , change Open House time, or delete listing.
Why do I have to input the city when trying to search a MLS# ?
Several times I have tried to use trulia to look up a MLS#. Many times I knew the general area, but not the exact town it was in. Why does trulia insist on having the city shown also? It makes it impossible…
Why is the blog of the week almost always a trulia ad showing some new service, feature, or partner?
It is a simple question. Using trulia widgets how to be found on the find a pro page a webinar for (insert here) trulia psa tips to write a good blog many more examples have existed that seem…
price change
I changed a price on a listing yesterday but when I click on the picture of the home and look at the details it still shows the old price. What else should I be doing?
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