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I was just sent an email telling me my property is now live on Trulia. Problem is it is not my property.
My rental is 5279 Isla Key Blvd. #412 Saint Petersburg, FL 33715. Also, checked yesterday & my property is on page 12 of 13 pages when it was listed 1 day ago (Sunday). Why so far back when it was…
Remove /Delete pictures of a recently claimed(bought) house.
Hi, I Just claimed ownership of a house and its listed in your site. How can I remove the pictures as this is a privacy issue to me? All I have is the previous owners name and no other log in information.
How can I get Trulia to update my pictures on their web site.?
How can I get Trulia to update my pictures on their web site. The one's there now are old out of date pics. Ron
My moyher's home is for sale, 901 N 29th Street Sheboygan, WI 53081and it is not listed on your site, WHY? Not
My moyher's home is for sale, 901 N 29th Street Sheboygan, WI 53081and it is not listed on your site, WHY? Not
I have a condo for sale in Century village can i advertise on your webpage. How do I go about?
1b/1.5 bath located on lush green golf course and a canal with paranomic view in 55 community having state of the art club house, 24 hrs security, 24 hrs. medical assistance, free transportation and much…
I come back to make a little visit
and see some of my own Trulia friends, and the first question on the list is "Question Removed by Author", which I always hate to see. Why not just allow the "author" to close the comments,…
Below is the lead I received from Trulia. Just another scam so be aware if you receive the same. Lead in Your Trulia Profile From: Peter FrancoisFeb 15, 7:03 AM Email: Sent…
How can I link my Facebook Fan Page to my trulia account? I want it to post to my Fan page automatically not my personal page
I just want to link it so that everytime I add a new listing to Trulia it will automatically post to my Facebook Fan Page. Is this possible?
When attempting to post to blog question under "write a blog post", we keep receiving a post save failed error. Does anyone have any ideas?
We have picked tech tips as the category and seattle as our location. We have included some text, an image and one hyperlink.
Why does Trulia allow Realtors to claim listings that do not belong to them, and facilitate misrepresentation to consumers?
I am a Realtor and find many of my listings are claimed by low volume Realtors. I work hard for my business and Trulia should have a process that prevents this unethical activity which abuses realtors…
What do I do if my client's previous agent has not removed his listing from Trulia?
I recently listed a house for sale, but I realized that on many websites his previous agent has not removed the listing. I think this is preventing my listing from coming up on these sites and costing…
how can I get statistics on feed?
I have submitted Trulia XML feed on the properties on my site ( We are curious about how many views/emails these properties are receving from Trulia. Is there a way to get these statistics?
Do you love Trulia? Would you like Trulia to buy you a romantic Valentine's Day dinner for two?
Then make sure to enter the 'I love Trulia' contest for a chance to win. Contest ends tonight and only the first 500 entries will be eligible.…
VIP Score Updates... are they ever really going to arrive or was the blog just blowing smoke?
VIP Score Updates Posted under: Using Trulia | April 29, 2010 2:33 PM | 1,371 views | 119 comments "Now we’re getting…
What is "Review" in the points summary of my Trulia Voice Activity?
I see the breakdown of points in my Trulia Voice Activity and there is a category called Write a Review. I just can't for the life of me find anywhere on the site where I can write a review. I saw…
How do I close this account now that I am no longer searching for a property?
need to close my account on this website- I do no see an option anywhere. please help.
Can I add pictures? And Why is Sq. FT incorrect on Trulia?
How do I add pictures to my claimed house? And why is the square footage on my house incorrect? The basement has been completely finished, and yet, the square footage info does not reflect that on Trulia.…
how to remove a home from the site completly?
we just purchased a home and want to remove it from the site.
I have a listed with status 'unknown', but it is still active. How can I fix that?
Incorrect status as 'unknown' - how do I edit the status? Or any other information on it for that matter.
Your area for Irvington in Indianapolis, Indiana is incorrect
Could you correct this error? You left out a large portion of the eastern area that is also part of Irvington. Irvington goes east to Edmondson Ave for the area north of Washington St and to Kitley for…
I need to add my Virtual Tour to my ad here on Trulia.
I would like to add some more photos too. Thanks
Question for Emily & Staff - any progress on fixing whatever bug is keeping some agents from appearing in the "Find a Pro" box?
Still no sign of me in the Find a Pro box that features four agents - I'm on Trulia regularly and though I see repeat of many agents, I've not had a Jeanne Feenick sighting for months.
Please contact me to remove ALL information about our company from your website. How do we do that?
You are totally misrepresenting ALL of our listings on your website by cycling through our listings from OUR website with the wrong addresses, photos and prices. I have checked our website everything…
Does anyone els get so annoyed at not being able to post your answer after you took the time to write it because it doesn't like what you wrote.?
GRRRR It not spam but somehow thinks it is but does not give you any idea what it is that it doesn't like. So you spend a while trying to figure it out and finally just move on because it is just…
how do i get my house listed on trulia?
my realtor said he doesn't know anything about trulia, so was wondering how do we get it on and is there a cost
When i google my address a picture of a bus appears,can you get it removed?
I would like a picture from the front of the home.
How can I get a home that I purchased and price removed from Trulia. Broker says they have no access to this. The home is sold. I want this removed
When I type in my address, the picture of the home pops up plus what I paid for it. I don't care to have other people viewing this since it is sold. I contacted by broker and they said they did…
does any know how to attach a report to a trulia blog. I only see insert for photos
I want to add a pdf attachment to a blog is that possible?
In your market trends pages, where does the data come from in the charts that say "number of home sales"? Thanks
Not trying to question the data, it makes a lot of sense to me, but it seems to be different from data on home sales that I am gettign from Moody's. Thanks again - this is an awesome website
Please advise on how I can change the address to a listing. My addresss is 62 Muttontown Road, Syosset NY and the house is supposed to be 60 Muttontown but it says 62- Its my neighbors house not mine but…
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