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How can I tell which properties have ocean views?
I saw something about Trulia being able to post listings into a layer in Google Earth, and in there I should be able to tell which parts of town have ocean views - does anyone know how to link up Trulia…
Where do I get the news from Trulia?
I read that Trulia does a report on the percentage of sellers that have cut prices. How do I get this news and other news from Trulia on a regular basis?
Is there any way TRULIA can make efforts to keep SPAM and other self-serving blogs out of the blog section?
Every time I visit the blog section I get discouraged because its hard to find the few gems inbetween all the self-promotion. Its my understanding Trulia has said that its okay for people to use the blog…
Hi! real estate in ukraine
hi! Hi I am from ukraine and i want sell largest warehause on the west of ukraine 40 000 sq m please adwise me how can I do it
I want to change the description of one of my listings. I cannot access this area?
Makalei Estates listing does not want to be known as Tuscan inspired villa.
Your feedback "contest" survey has issues.
1) Requiring answers to questions I feel unqualified to answer. 2) I'm supposed to win a prize, but the only time I was asked for contact info is "if you want to participate in future surveys."…
I list my properties on FMLS, MLS, KWLS (Keller Williams Realty Listing Service), and point2agent. How do they feed onto
I have some active listings not appearing on Trulia and some listings sold which are still active on Trulia. I need to know where this information is feeding from? I would like to use Trulia's client…
Can I change the order of my listings? I would like for my residential to be grouped together; land/lots, farms. etc? Is this possible?
Can I change the order of my listings? I would like to for my rsidential to be grouped together, farms, land/lots, etc?
Should there be a FAQ section on Trulia?
A place where askers can input a phrase into the SEARCH Box, then scroll through a list of similar questions that have been previously answered with proficiency (and sometimes ad nauseam) before opting…
Who thinks find-a-pro is worthwhile for a home buyer? I think it has problems and is worthless do you agree?
Trulia recently redid the find-a-pro algorithm. It now only shows those who pay a subscription to trulia for at least the first dozen pages and who will look further than that for references? I see…
Are any realtors/agents getting disturbing emails through their Trulia account?
I have had 2 very disturbing emails & 1 threatening email from an unknown source via Trulia email since Friday.....Anyone else having this problem?
I was on my account and have noticed that when I click into my listing and under where it says contact this agent, my photo is not there.
My picture is uploaded onto my account so why would my photo not appear with my contact info? Thank you!
i have two listings not posted on trulia that are in the mls and posted thru postlets, mls 9079395 17090 chapin way lake oswego oregon 97034 a lo
and 9079401 greenacre lane lake oswego oregon 97034 a lot. don't seem to get sent over. any suggestions how to post them ..are pro upgraded
Why have the Trulia Voices Alerts stopped?
I have been an active participant on Trulia for a couple of years now, answering several questions a day from Buyers, Seller, and Professionals in Southern California. Suddenly, as of February 24, 2010,…
Why are my listings not reflecting the correct price when opened up for further information?
At first glance my listings that I changed the price appear correct until I open for further information, then the old price is still in the top right hand corner....any thoughts or advise on how to correct…
Is there a way to block properties from showing up in a search?
Example: I search for 3 bed 2 bath at 125k. A house at 123 Main street comes up. I visit the house and decide I do not want to buy it. Can I mark it off and have it invisible on future searches?
What does "property record" mean in the status bar on a saved listing. ?
The listing is grayed out usually with the picture gone, but it doesn't say sold. Sometimes previous sales are listed in red, but nothing recent. If the home is sold I'd like to take it off my…
We are selling our home ourselves. Can we get it into the Trulia website system since we are not Real Estate Brokers, rather private sellers?
May private owners list there home on Trulia, and if so, how much does it cost--per month, per week, etc.?
There is an erroneous listing on 173 Grandview in Encinitas, CA 92024. It is listed for $149,000. It is not a currently active listing in our local.
How long will it take you to remove it. The last time this property changed hands it was for over $1.4M. dl, 760-402-3156. I sponsor 100% of the Local Ads for this zip. Dominick LaGatta
How do I update pictures in my listing in Trulia. Jim B
Trulia pictures are different than my MLS pictures. Trulia is still using the original pictures fom the MLS, but my pictures are now upgraded. My client is complaining about the pix in Trulia.
I am the listing agent for this property. Karen Pope, Appalachian Land Company, Murphy NC, 28906 1-800-837-9199
-- This question is about this property:
Why did my blog comment total drop today when the comments are still all there?
I went from about 76 yesterday to about 41 today. Is this another glitch or something that reported wrong being fixed?
Error with Client listing report
I am an agent with listings on Trulia. My listing shows fine as posted on Trulia. However, the client recieved the wrong property in the client listing report. She got another unit (foreclosure) in the…
Why is our listing not appearing in trulia?
We put 2405 Tower Drive on ourwebsite and marked that we wanted the listing to appear in trulia. It is no where to be found and we are not sure why.
Calculation of rolling averages in market trends
Look at the market trends. There one will find Sep-Nov 3 mo. rolling averages for various stats. I presume the next 3 month rolling average will be Oct-Dec. When will this update happen? Since it is now…
Our agent photos are included in our XML feed but do not display. Why?
We include agent photos in our Trulia Feed (<agent-picture-url>), but they do not appear. Is displaying agent photos, like displaying our logo, limited to paid accounts?
How do I delete an account if I have 2?
I have 2 trulia accounts becuase trulia gets my listings from 2 different sources and not all of my listings are on one account. Is there a way to specify which acout I want to use or just get rid of one…
I seem to be confused concerning the coverage area that I selected when I signed on to Trulia. I thought that I selected 70% of the 21035 zip code.
I conducted a search of that zip code and my name did not come up. Either I am doing something wrong or I have misunderstood what I was contracting you to do. please call me - much easier for me ---…
One of the questions has 6 answers, but I am unable to see them. When I click on the link it refreshes to some random page. Seems like a bug.
One of the questions has 6 answers, but I am unable to see them. When I click on the link it refreshes to some random page. Seems like a bug.
The link is -
Where did you come up w/ a "foreclosure" and the "wrong price"???
I recently put my house up for Short Sale, not Foreclosure. Yet, it just appeared on your Foreclosure list w/ a price that makes no sense. The house is:…
can someone give me a call - 410 562 1034 cell?
about blogs, listings, terms. completion of profile, etc
How do I know if Trulia offers a comprehensive look at all properties for sale in an area?
For example, if I do a search in zipcode 94117 I get 107 homes for sale on Trulia and 130 homes for Sale on Zillow
why are my listing shpwing another agent web site address as a link to my listing?
when I look at my lisitngs they ahev all different links or names under the picture of the lsitings on a feew is a site to another agents site how does this happen? How can I fix this they shouold all…
My real estate broker has advised that he cannot list our house on Trulia because there is a software bug that is not allowing an update of info.
We purchased our home in 2002. We are told that the old listing cannot be altered, no matter what is submitted and that Trulia's IT folks have been unable to resolve this bug.
I can't get my email alerts for questions in Trulia Voices to come back on.
My email was down last week for 48 hours, when it came back up my alerts were down. I re-verfiied my emial with Trulia. Since thenI have tried to enable them multiple times and still recieve nothing. Please…
How can you get specific figures for price / sf and median sales price?
I'm looking at some of the charts and would like to obtain information on price / sf in specific months. Unless this information for a particular month is discussed in the overview description sections,…
I am a agent and I recently changed companies. I have entered my new profile and now some of my listings have my new place and some have my old
place. My understanding is that I have 2 accounts. I can only find my new one so how do I find my old one and delete it?
How can I end my Trulia account?
I would like to end my Trulia account.
I noticed that the satellite image on my listing points to the wrong house. How can this be corrected?
This is regarding the listing for 108 Roselle Court, Port Charlotte, FL 33952. My e-mail address is and my telephone number is (941) 766-7382. Thank you for your help.
Hello, I would like to know why I spend my time looking up properties to buy, only to discover that many of them are already sold! This is a waste
of my time. Otherwise, I like Trulia and think it is easy to use, but I don't like wasting time on sold properties.
Is anyone else having problems with the antispam code not being accepted the first tim even when typed in correctly?
Often I find I type in the code like 2by468 and then have it rejected saying there is a problem and it needs to be re-entered. Once done it works the second time. I have also posted a reply with no code…
I really like your website...but it makes it impossible to browse seriously when you don't include the property taxes in the listing details.
why don't you include this info? I simply choose other sites that DO provide this information. I wish you would list this in the primary page for the property......I would be more inclined to seriously…
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