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How to change email address on Trulia?
Mu old email has expired, and I can't find where to update my new email address
Pictures I've uploaded are disappearing on your website. I go to my listings and they are x'ed even though I uploaded them months ago.
I've been using trulia for a couple years. Just recently all the pictures I've uploaded for different listings have disappeared. I go to "my listings" and notice they are x'ed…
How can i delete this page?
how can i delete this page now
how to change all errors?
This is my home and we do still have it on the market and it is not a mobile,manufactured home. all information on details is wrong. I need to claim my home and go in and change info. Please tell me how.…
My home is Westport, TN is supposed to be on Trulia, but it doesn't come up? Why not?
6695 Smyrna Rd., Westport, TN 38387 21 ac 2002 3/2.5/4 brick home, private country estate, pasture, ponds, woods, orchard, fenced, landscaped, auto custom gated brick entry, 1000 ft. rd. frontage, 1000…
Find a Pro: What determines "Best Match" and/or "Featured"?
There are several ways to sort out people in "Find a Pro", and since Trulia doesn't answer my question directly, does anyone else know how it works? How is an agent determined to be a "Featured"…
Estero Search
The Estero border ends North of Belle Lago, The Reserve and I think Estero Country Club. Why are these areas not included in a Trulia search for Estero?
Do you think the relevancy of our responses affects the value of the site overall?
I recently asked the question "Does the relevancy of our responses matter?" in the Agent to Agent section and stirred up a good discussion. I am shifting it here in hopes of drawing Trulia and…
homes for rent?
3-4 rooms. 2 bath. spacious, finished basement. central air would be nice.
Were is the information on your web site for 45 Gray Street Rochester NY. I would like to know how to find the page for when the house was build
cost of the house, and any information you have on the house at 45 Gray Street. And the value of the house now.
How do I update info about my home on Trulia?
Details about my home are incorrect
I am trying to respond to Truila. How can 9 respond. II asked how I can add another listing to my page.
You made an reply that makes no sense. I do not have a sold listing at present.
Since when is saying jer-k profanity?
I do not get this. It makes no sense. The filter disallows the word.
i want rental property, not property for sale, can you help?
This is for my sister and her family. There are four of them and two dogs. They need a house to rent and fast. I am not finding anything for rental property in mabank. The kids go to mabank ISD and we…
Just check My Voices Activity to find that Blog Views again disappeared. Looks like the "fix" needs to be fixed again
Had this problem last week, was resolved, but has again returned. Impact is 10,000 views/points.
Meet the Trulia VPs section - do you think it should be aligned geographically?
More specifically, in the Q&A or Blog section, when you finetune the geography, say to a state or city, I think the "Meet the Trulia VP" section would be more valuable for both consumers…
Why do so many people give the exact same answer for every question that people ask?
i don't really see the point of this. If someone is asking a financing question, what is the point of responding that the person should contact a loan officer, and stating that they can get an FHA…
I am looking to rent a house and the owner is in the UK and says she uses to collect rent & pass keys. Is this a service u offer or a?
scam? I am looking at a rental in downtown San Diego that is too good to be true and the "owner" said she works with your UK office. I send money and they hold it in trust while sending the keys…
My name is Kayron Devereaux. I would like to know how I would be able to get my listings and my picture as an agent in Shawnee on your website.
I am a Broker Assoc in Shawnee, Ok and I would like to be an agent on your website. I do several listings in the rural areas as well as in town.
I did a bunch of searching on Trulia and later, when I went back to look for the mls numbers, they were gone. How can I re-call these numbers?
Several of the houses I lost were favorites. I had not registered at the time I did these searches, and had not saved them to anywhere. I know Trulia could give me the addresses and tell me if they were…
Trulia Voices Points Total - did they change again?
It looks like Trulia is now giving 4 points for a Thumbs Up again. Is this true, or is it only me?
When people sign up with Trulia, should they give them advice on watching for old questions that pop up?
I always get a good laugh when I see 20 questions on the same subject being answered by the same person. I say to myself, "I guess that one just signed up". Do they realize they are answering…
Trulia, why don't you answer questions that are e-mailed to you?
I find this one of the more annoying things about using this site. There is no phone number to call, and when you e-mail them a question, it registers that they received it, but then they don't respond.…
Why would a realtor post old listings from the 1990's on trulia? Could you please remove the listings from victoriasadvantage?
on september 21st i spent over 5 hours on trulia finding "great deals" on newly listed homes in the 12020 zip code. all were listed by victoriasdavantage of Realty USA. the next day i called…
Are you working with IRES multi-list?
I have a listing in IRES multi list #632290 and is 29320 Industrial Way, unit 312. Are you hooked up with them? Phone # for IRES is 1-800-596-4901. Thank You
We cannot access either new account. What are we doing wrong???
We have tried to create a new account using, "", "and". However, we cannot access either account, (to list one of our houses). We emailed…
Active listings coming up as 'off market' now
Anyone know why my active listings (active in MLS, active in Visual Tour feed where they usually come from) are coming up as 'off market' in Trulia? I've checked all my data and they are…
How do I "complete my profile?"
it says it's 100% complete, but I have completed it over 24 hours ago and still have not received any points. Am I missing something?
How do I get a Trulia VIP badge for my website?
And exactly how do I put it on my website ?
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