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Anyone check their listings on Trulia. Mine have disappeared(10) and having a difficult time re-entering them. Any other Agents having this problem???
What is the width and height requirements (in pixels) to upload pics to Trulia? How many pictures can I post? What is the max file size 4 each pic?
I have photos of my home with dimensions of 3456 x 2592 (W x H). My realtor told me to resize to 512 x 400 pixels for best quality MLS photos, but if I do that my image will be cropped, on the sides,…
$1,075/mo 289 Cedar Street, Newington CT 06111 - Before the overseas scammer were sending out fake bank checks and offering you a percentage
if you cashed them. Now they pray on us by lising these fake rentals in hoping your stupid enought to send them a deposit! This makes Trulia responsible!!!!
I have 22 listings, 3 are lots. Where did you come up with 10? Do you all not stay up to date?
Where did you all come up with only 10 listings when I have 22?
How do I change/fix a listing?
The listing for our home has the wrong # of BRs and wrong date and price for the most recent sale. I claimed the house, clicked Edit and entered the correct info, but the listing is still wrong. How do…
I registered for an account on and can't find my listing on trulia.
I registered for a postlets account on 5/23/2011 and posted a listing for 4470 Seymour Drive, Medina, OH. I did not see my listing on the available websites (including and sent a question…
can I sell with you if I am a For Sale by owner?
would like to sell with out a real estate agent, can I list with you as a for sale by owner ?
Odd thing happening this a.m. - answers to question are posting to last question answered rather than one being answered - happened to me 3 times....
Seeing it the first time caused me to check and found that it was happening repeatedly - I went back, deleted responses that were misposted and then tried to answer again, and it posted correctly. Anyone…
how do I remove my add?
29 pine valley circle is rented
trulia is not saving my openhouses
trulia is not saving my openhouses
How can I view who the selling agent or at least the realestate company was for a property that has been sold?
I am able to locate a listing of properties that have sold, but not who the selling agent was. Would like this information to help guide me in selecting an agent. Thank you.
Why were my pictures deleted from my listing?
One of my listings has had 35 pictures for several weeks, but when I look today, I only see 8. Why were all the others removed?
Delete my account
Hi, I would like my trulia account to be deleted please. I never intended to create one, so I don't have a use for one.
Why Trulia?
Agents, why do you elect to participate in this trulia forum? A. I have nothing else to do. B. I enjoy helping others. C. I'm finding customers and growing my business D. It a way of maintaining…
There is a house I viewed with my realtor and is on the MLS but it isn't displaying on your site and was wondering why? 8925827
I would like to get comps for the place but without it being listed on your site I cant do it here, and was hoping it was just a glitch... thanks..
Would I be able to find church buildings for sale on this site?
I'm looking to purchase a church within the Essex County area in NJ. Thanks for you assitance!! Cindy
Why are questions removed that do not promote the "buy now" agenda?
This question was removed. It simply asked why buy now and why listen to agents who have an agenda? The agenda is to make a sale which is not necessarily a bad thing. Every sales person out there wants…
Can I advertise on Trulia that I am having an open house?
My house is on site because it is on mls I guess,but I would like to put open house on it.Thanks-Dan
How to get past reports for any specific week.?
How do I get your previous Stats and Trends, for Las Vegas, not for tihe week reported today but for any specific week.
How do I change info on a listing.?
The listing NWMLS 106930 Lapsed but was reinstated right away. It shows inactive on Trulia.
How do es one get this web site to correct listing mistakes?
62 ruckner rd was built in 1975 not 1924 and the property is .32 ac not .19
Does Trulia provide an "email campaign" or "email blast" to other real estate agents in the Los Angles County region?
I hope to market an up comming listing to agents where we match in a home's criteria. Is this an "add" that can be purchased through Trulia?
Do you give other like-professionals a "thumbs up" for good responses?
I have noticed that there are some really great informative posters on here. In the short time I've been a contributing member I often wondered if other people who are in the same profession (loan…
The pictures on Trulia for 2920 Shady Ln. in Pollock Pines CA, feature our newly RENOVATED home. It is now For Sale at: $379,500. Lowest SF price!
Please revise the price shown to $379,500. and remove Sold status! It is for sale again (5/2011) after a MAJOR RENOVATION! Thanks, owners, 2920 Shady Lane Pollock Pines, CA
How come all the questions for the Walla Walla area are over a year old? Is there any active users in our area?
I feel that this is a good option - blog - forum, but it it isn't being used, is it really a necessary tool?
Again, why would I get an e-mail alert for open houses that happened YESTERDAY!?
I've submitted this question before and did not get any acknowledgements...
Can we reveal the agent's name and her company's name here because the agent cheated us?
We just bought a home in Miami and found some pre-closing damages both inside and outside after closing. The windows and the doors were locked well with security bars when our manager went to the property.…
Why does trulia show only street name of new foreclosure listings? How am I supposed to know which house it is?
Is there away I can find out where these supposedly foreclosed homes are? Thanks!
How is the estimated payment calculated on Trulia?
Looking at purchase of a single family home
Everything from looks to be invalid
I've contacted my real estate agent and it looks like the recent listings from in the phoenixville Pa 19460 area are invalid listings. Is there a way to get this information to someone…
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