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My Name is Joseph J Hajjar. I am a 50% owner of #1 Howard Place in Brooklyn, N Y 11215. You have my home listed for sale and I am not selling it.
Please remove my home from your listing immediately and send me an apology letter. Don't you guys check out what is being listed? You may communicate with me at Someone is using…
I have a property that shows "no longer for sale". This is in error but I do not know how to restore it to active status and how to edit.
Property is 23845 Creek Branch Lane in Bonita Springs,FL. MLS# is 210002143 It should be active!!!!
Realtytrac and Trulia Partnership?
I saw where Realtytrac has a notice on their site about partnering with Trulia. Anyone know if there are benefits for Trulia members in this partnership?
How do we replace a house photo? I have a listing on Trulia (MLS#1264741) , 7506 Cambridge Dr., Crestwood, Ky. 40014.
The listing came from a feed - not sure which one - how do we replace the incorrect photo? Thanks... Bev Shanks Century 21 Joe Guy Hagan
Where is the URL for the ad so I can upload to Craigs list.?
I used to be able to cut and paste the url for the ad and upload to craigslist...can you no longer do this?
Is anyone else having a problem with their blog? As of today the pictures are gone from all of my blogs! It's really strange. If I look at
another agent's blog their pictures display just fine. The frame is there with a small red X in the upper corner. Is this happening to anyone elsey? Any ideas for solutions or is this an issue on…
Is there a way to change my listing's location on the map in Trulia?
I have a listing in my account that is not properly mapped and I'd like to edit the map, but can't seem to fix it at this time. Anyone have any suggestions?
Many times the pictures that were showing on my account for listings disappear.
The picture outline is still there but it is blank..what happens to the pics and why do I keep having to upload them?
When I try and cancel my ad, and go into my Trulia account - it's not accepting my email address. House has sold and need to remove ad.
I have tried all my email addresses - none are accepted as being on file. The property has sold and am still getting many inquiries from the Trulia ad (works well for sure). New owners are not happy with…
How does Trulia deal with syndication data differences?
I am using multiple vendors that provide syndication services - how does Trulia determine which data to use if there is a difference in the data between Postlets, vFlyer, Listhub, Point2 or any of the…
I have been entering all the appropriate info to submit a new listing, but the listing hasn't appeared live - am I doing something wrong?
I am having trouble getting my listings to go live. I do all the correct things to submit a new listing...when I'm finished it says that the listing will appear live in 24 to 36 hours. When I come…
Still waiting on how to cancel! I also called the phone number Trulia gave and you have to leave message.
Please help identify how to cancel - there is no cancel subscritpion under my settings - i find it ironic - because I'll get charged and have no way to cancel.
I followed directions to cancel account - I have 7 day free trial and CANCEL subscription doesn't exist.
I followed directions to cancel account - I have 7 day free trial and CANCEL subscription doesn't exist. Please help cancel my account. I find this odd that they state it's there....and it's…
Can Trulia get me listings for rental properties? in Augusta or North Augusta?
-- This question is about this property:
When I do a search for an address, only 1 property shows up and then a list of other properties in the same zip code.?
When I do a search for an address, only 1 property shows up and then a list of other properties in the same zip code. Why not ALL listings at the address searched????
I’m a Keller Williams Real Estate agent and my listing are automatically sent to truilia. I now need to get into them to make up dates.
How and with what user name and password was I supposed to use? Not knowing what to do I set up a new account as directed. Then I had to I think claim my listings which makes no sense. I feel as if I was…
wrong contact info on my listing.
I listing a few houses for sale by owner, when I make search on trulia, it come with my contact info another contact agent on MY PAGE????? I do not know this guy, can you check what is worng? the address:…
How do you make changes to a Trulia listing?
My home is listed as a 4 bdrm & 2600sq ft when in fact it is 5bdrms & 5600sq ft.
MLS#108115 - 10 Hudson Place, Hudson Falls, NY 12839 only comes up when I put the MLS # in as a search
When an inquiry on available multi-family properties for sale in Hudson Falls is put into your system, this listing does not show up! When it was first listed, it was on your site, now it isn't.…
Does anyone think it would be beneficial for Trulia to incorporate the ability to add an automatic signature to your answer?
Not that it's a big deal to type in your name, position, company, phone numbers, website, etc. but to be able to add an auto-signature I think would just save some time. Its redundant typing it in…
I have no problem uploading my JPEG photos to all my other sites; unable to upload to the new Trulia RENTALS site
The new Trulia RENTALS site doesn't seem to recognize my photos; unable to upload.
Why is a property that was sold over 18 months ago showing as "live" on Trulia?
1418 Longfellow Street was sold December 2008 for $600,000. It was since renovated completely and now for sale for $999,180, listed with a new company. The prospect drove especially to that address and…
My property details need to be updated. The current information is incorrect.
The address is 4848 W Medill Ave, Chicago, IL 60639 MLS 07480519. I put the house on the market on March 25th. Apparently the new information has not yet migrated to Trulia?
When trying to upload a new photo into my profile I am told that I do not have permission to do so. How do I accomplish this?
Is there a phone or email to get assistance from Trulia? Can't find one for my situation!
Price change
I have changed the price of a listing MLS 40253, 1335 Mt Laurel Rd, on the MLS, Web site, etc, and in Trulia. Have made the change in Trulia several time and the change never carrries over to Trulia web…
Need to change address on listing
How do I delete a listing or change the address??
No Address Disclosed on my new listing? Why not?
My listings come in through and I am seeming to have troubles with them loading into the system, keeping them as active and now my addresses on my new listings aren't being disclosed.…
Is there a sold google earth feed?
The RSS feed works with for sale, and with sold. However, the google earth feed is always the for sale.
The "expand map" and "large map" features do not work with Firefox or Opera on Mac OSX 10.5.
The links above the map labeled expand map and large map do not function on my computer. I am using the latest versions of OSX 10.5, Firefox and Opera. Also, I am not able to log in using Firefox. The…
Why is the data so inaccurate? The properties I've found on your site are way off. The ones listed with Realty Trac in particular. When I go?
to RT, I either can't find the property at all, or it's listed for way more than the price on trulia, or in one case, Trulia stated a price of $111k & on RT it was up for auction with no…
I just received vip3 68 days after receiving vip2. Is the vip system of help to a buyer? If so how can someone only post blogs and receive vip3?
15,090 points in 68 days. 1-21-2010 to 3-30-2010 going from vip2 to vip3. There are now 22 vip3 members. one staff member, one other/looking and one buyer (that's me). Does the program help a buyer,…
Why is taking my listing info and posting on Trulia with wrong price and no way to contact me.
I know that the ad copy is from Homes and Land that is about it. If you have any idea please post here.
Why do we receive all emails from twice? Why can't I contact Trulia support directly via phone or email?
Client listing reports, scheduled open houses reports etc etc everything comes in twice... The "contact us" form does not work nor does the "how to contact Trulia" - lets me know the…
1 of my listings is showing up as 'Address Not Disclosed' but I'm sure that it was entered into MRIS as it is showing up on all of the
other websites. Why is this happening? How do I correct the issue? Last week another new listing popped up with all of the correct info but no pictures (which were on MRIS). Please let me know if there…
All listings not showing? I have recently purchased the local ad - in the listings rotation there are only 15 of our 100 listins showing?
Don't all our NWMLS listings get auto loaded? Please give instructions on how to do... Thank you.
I'd like to know when Trulia will finally merge zip codes and corresponding city names for search purposes.
If a consumer searches for a Professional in a particular zip code.....and then searches using the corresponding city or town name instead, they will get 2 different search results. We have been told that…
How do I get a listing removed that RealtyTrac has on your site with the wrong house pictured? I have asked RealtyTrac to remove but no response.
My house is shown on a listing for a foreclosure with RealtyTrac and it should be another house on my street. I am ready to start calling the Better Business Bureau and the KS Real Estate Commission if…
Trulia web manager: You are posting the sale of a property which is not for sale and did not sell. See below is showing the sale of 12 Prides Path, Orleans, MA 02653 on 6/24/09 for $495,000. This house is owned by an elderly couple. It is NOT for sale. It has NOT sold recently. THis has to be a…
How does Trulia's price reduced function work? I've seen a few houses where the prices have been considerably lowered (all by the same
agent), but it doesn't appear in the property's pricing history. Can an agent choose whether price reductions are visible?
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