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How long does it REALLY take for a posting to show for the first time?
Just frustration from a single unit owner waiting many hours for my apartment to show on this site. Do I really have to go through a realtor in order for this to work?
All leads I am getting are being duplicated to other agents. So when we contact a lead, some have already heard from agents. Please advise.
There have been times recently when we have contacted a lead, who has already heard from other agents & are very frustrated. I am confused here. Why would it be set up like this? Buyers are confused…
Why are my points down to zero?
Yesterday I was on my way to VIP 2. Now I have zero points whats going on? Help
Hi all, Watch out! I was on the site adding my comments, and all looked fine, I just logged on now and all my points are GONE! Anyone else have this issue??
do you rent to own?
rent to own houses. so i wouldn have to get a loan?
Is it OK if I share my 1st time home buying experience here?
I am a 1st time home buyer now. Earlier I was unknown to the world of terms like real estate agent, closing cost, title insurance, transfer tax, HUD 1 sheet, agreement date, GFE etc. And also completely…
Are there any other sites like Trulia for Real Estate Professionals?
I have found Active|Rain & Trulia. Is there anything else out there like these?
When I read the listing on the Trulia website it states that a two car garage is listed as part of the rental price. . . ?
When you arrive at the property, to be shown the house, the rental price changes (?) due to us wanting the the garage also. The agent states that the owner uses this garage to store personal items in…
May I advertise on this site as For Sale By Owner/?
I am planning on selling my Condo and I am looking for information at where I can or cannot advertise.
good afternoon, how do i rent an apartment via your site. i am not a us citizen.
i am interested in the following apartment: $1,200/mo Boulevard East Duer Place 1br, Weehawken NJ 07086 for my company i will be working in new jersey for 2 years and i would like to live in weehawken…
how do i cancel my subscription until i get moved to Hiawassee, GA in May? I do not want my bank card charged, it will be overdrawn, at this time thxs
I viewed your site we are moving to Hiawassee, GA in May. But I can't afford to have my bank card charged until the first part of May. Please help. I loved the site it was very easy to get around…
Why is my home NOT LISTED on this site within my price range at 98908?
Address is 7301 Avalanche Ct. Yakima, Wa. 98908
I have a new realtor, who has been under contract for 30 days. Why does this site continue to send me updates with my old realtor's information?
My contract with the former realtor ended on February 3, 2011. My new realtor became active on March 8, 2011. I continue to receive weekly updates from Truilia from the original agent. I've written…
LOVE neighborhood search. Can I draw out & add more neighborhoods?
I see that some cities have some neighborhoods. I can draw out some in my area and wanted to know if that was possible?
Hi, I have now purchased a home and would like you to stop sending your emails about properties I might like, how do I stop these emails?? Marie
Just want to have the emails stopped....bought a home and am no longer interested in homes for sale.
I am a Realtor and when I submit a new listing to our MLS are the Sellers automatically being sent a listing report from your system?
Just wondering if I need to do anything to generate these reports automatically from your system.
Our Coldwell Banker office agents need to know how to find out their passwords for registration on Trulia. Some of them deleted your email in error.
I am the manager for Coldwell Banker Residential Real Estate in New Milford, CT.
Can you please take the listing for my house off your website???
1016 Sand Hill Drive, St. Albans, WV 25177. Please remove the listing ASAP. A scam has been reported!!!!!
I own the 1951 se 160th ave Morriston, FL 32668 is my property ,but I saw you people put this place on sale at your web page with wrong price.
Yes, my place is for sale for $150000 ,My contact number is 352 4848336 and my email ,thank you
Does the "# of Viewings" go up everytime someone looks at a property, or only when it from a?
different machine I have been watching a property for a few weeks. When I first got on Trulia, its number of viewing was about 10, then me and my family started looking at it from different websites and…
What happen to our activity option?
Are we no longer going to have ratings and points for our contributions on Trulia?
The Trulia description for my home lists it as a manufactured/mobile home. It is not nor has it ever been. I need to get this false information remov
How do I get the false information about my home being a manufactured/mobile home off of the Trulia home description?
If the Listing price is not correct, How did I change that?
Clearfield listing I have the price is 169,900. Not 174,900. How do I change that?
Why is "crime and safety" even a category in Trulia's Local Area question column, since real estate agents have no expertise on the?
subject.? Is it dumb of Trulia to have a category that all the agents answer the question with: "We are prohibited from answering that question" ? Corollary to the above question: Why…
I have several more listings that are not listed here - why?
I work with a partner - only two of our listings show here under my name - how can I fix this? I just paid for the Coldwell Banker Agent Branding program, so I expect to see our listings on both of our…
Are the prices on trulia accuate.?
I'm looking to move down to Cape Coral or maybe Naples area of Florida. I wold like to be on a canal with access to the gulf. Can I acctually buy a house for 60,000 to 80,000 on a canal?
One Word Questions
I've recently seen several questions which are very brief, one to three words. At first I thought perhaps they posted before finishing the question. Then thought perhaps they think Trulia is Facebook.…
On the foreclosure listing of 25 Hickory Lane, you show an aerial photo of OUR house, #26. Please correct this. We've been here 47 YEARS!
Thanks! You may respond to us at Why would your company post an aerial view that doesn't even show the house? Instead it shows our rooftop solar system. Makes us wonder if this…
Why don't you show MLS 11571625 (4332 Livingston Avenue, Dallas, TX 75205)?
Why don't you show MLS 11571625 (4332 Livingston Avenue, Dallas, TX 75205)?
Active MLS Addresses aren't showing up on trulia..
I have plugged in the address for about 15 homes that were on my favorites from another site. When plugging them in over here, 4 of them show as not for sale - I doubled checked with a third site that…
Ms. Emily, My house is still for sale. I'm not sure why it's not active on Trulia. I've notified my Realtor.
Can you reactivate the ad and ensure my unbranded virtual tour is on there too. Thanks.…
The picture you have on your website of my house I had our agent remove from her listing. Can you remove it or replace it with a current one?
Since listing my house I have done a landscaping overhall. Can the picture you have listed be replaced?
Does anyone know how to unsubscribe from a question? I am so sick of getting emails on questions that should have been put to rest.
What do you all think about agents who respond to questions that already have 50 or 100 or 200 or more answers? Am I being too negative. I just would like to clear out my inbox from these people who…
responding to answers
how can i respond to the people that answer my question, sorry for not knowing
Where do I add additional search cities to my profile?
Want to broaden my search area for client preview of listings
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