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how do you delete a home you have saved to a board?
how do you delete a home you have saved to a board?
This is not a question, this is to report an issue with your site. I am not able to open pictures for any of the listings.
This is the case on several different computers and internet browsers in which I've tried to view pictures.
I listed my property to be rented on Zillow and it has appeared on Trulia now as well. It is rented, but I can't get it off of Trulia. I need it
remov Could you please help me remove it from Trulia. the address is 1840 S. Pickwick Ave. Springfield, MO 65804
I need to remove photos of the interior of my home.
I have recently purchased a home, and would like to remove all the interior images. How can I do that. I searched different forums and they all complain about not being able to do so. Please help with…
How do I remove Rental?
Remove rental for 7 Parker St North Andover MA
How can I change the basic information on my house in your listing?
My home is a 4-bedroom house and you have it listed as 3 bedrooms. 5417 San Jacinto Avenue, Clovis, CA 93619
Does anyone else have to deal with the not providing an estimate for their home but instead trying to make one interact with a realtor.?
Its annoying and at the end of the day won't provide the realtor who pays to be represented any money. Secondly as one of our properties doubles and then falls back every couple of weeks I'm wondering…
How do I remove pictures of house from my home on Trulia?
I can edit details but not able to remove photos. I want to only show the map location. Thank you
I want to delete a for rent listing and your F&Q said "hover over your listing". WHERE on you site is this possible???
Your website is impossible for Landlords to use. I have over 80 apartments for rent at one time or another and managing the listing once it is placed with you is a nightmare! You need s landlord link…
I can't save properties any longer
Is there anything I can do to be able to save properties within Trulia? I haven't been able to save anything for a month or so.
I am having problems with your website; the links to images and maps work about half the time.
I cant open the photos in this link to look at this property:
Remove a rental listing
How can I remove a rental listing that I cancelled on Zillow and you still have it active? Thanks,
I can't log-in to Trulia or Zillow. I need to change my lead on Trulia and the entire system is messed up. It won't let me log-in as the
agent/broker. These "changes" are wasting time and money. I was unable to change the notifications phone number last week and this week I can't even lo on. No one responded to my question…
I am trying to edit the home I listed for rent.
I cannot seem to find a way to do this. I need to add a photo and more details
Trulia hijacked Safari and locked me out of my browser until I granted it extra space. It created an inescapable loop. BAD ACTOR!
If you try to say Do Not Allow the extra 5 mb, trulia keeps you locked in the pane. You can't look at other open web pages, you can't close this page, you can't get to the preferences,…
I see you can show school zone boundaries, can I use these to restrict my search area?
I need to stay within my children's school zone to remain within the busing zone, which aids in making my commute to work as a single parent. Also, Im bound to this school zone by a divorce agreement…
removing my home for sale
how do i remove my home for sale on your site
Please stop sending me emails
Its a really annoying getting notifications every day about what celebrity slept where or being told what Trulia tells me I need iny home, after I have unsubscribed from emails several times
How can I edit listings put up by your site?
I work for PinPoint Realty Group and we have some listings on your site that are not all accurate. What do I need to do to be able to review and ensure all of our listings are accurate. There are also…
You need to go back to the old format because the new format hangs all the time and the picture decide when they want to open. your new format is
ridiculous and not user friendly. you lost me. sorry when i have to refresh a page 20 times to get the pictures to open. wow.
Why is my home information wrong after I corrected it?
How come I correct the errors in the information about my house and you still get it wrong? You had the square footage correct for a long time and then this week it changed and is wrong. And, there is…
Unable to Edit My Rental Listing
There is no drop down menu available to edit my listing. The information on this rental ads it out of date and I need to change it. My rental listing is at 3436 Bahia Blanca W Unit P, Laguna Woods, CA…
How do i flag a listing for fraud?
i was almost scammed by these people and I want to report them and get their ad taken down
How to update my listing on Tulia?
My home is listed on Trulia FOR SALE BY OWNER I can't find out how to edit / update the information. budt
How do I submit a review if there is no SUBMIT or SEND button?
1) Trulia sent me an ad for a house I found very interesting. 2) I sent a request through Trulia for followup to the listing agent. I never heard from him. (This has happened before, so perhaps the problem…
how do i stop getting emails from trulia?
I have already unsubscribed from all emails in my email preferences but I am still getting about 5 emails a day. Please stop sending me emails.
HI My profile has wrong city & state. I'm not registered as an agent, which is what I am. So I see no options for changing it & going on
from there I need to manage my listings, add picture, change brokerage from PenFed Realty - Berkshire Hathaway to Keller Williams Realty. I currently should have 2 listings in Ocean City, MD 21842 &…
I'm a real estate agent and cant find this listing under my profile. This is the email that was sent out to me by trulia...see below
Activate your Trulia account to claim your listings. Hi Curt Norwood, The following listing(s) submitted by your broker are now live on Trulia thanks to Norwoods Realty. To ensure that you get leads…
I listed a property (4 days ago) at 19799 Summerglen Place, Castro Valley and it does not show on your website. Do I need to manually upload it?
And if yes, is there a charge for it? Please reply. Thank you!! Maria Soldat, Re/Max Accord, Castro Valley, CA Tel (510)2068180
Can I purchase an HUD home using a conventional loan?
There is a HUD home that I am interested in purchasing but only list an FHA loa. I am pre-qualified for a conventional loan and would like to avoid the hassle of a FHA loan. Do HUD home FHA qualified…
Old photos are appearing on my home that I want removed. How do I do that?
They were removed from the Zillow site by request, but I have been unable to remove them from Trulia. Please help.
Don't call me! I was only attempting to edit my home facts.
Don't call me! I was only attempting to edit my home facts and the link to do so doesn't work. Also, depending on the link I click the value changes $189,598.00 and $192,000. So I really don't…
How do I create a Board to save potential places to?
Everytime I try it tells me to put in a valid title.
How to remove a listing?
Never listed on Trulia (Listed on Zillow and Craig List ONLY) but you are now showing the listing and the house has already been rented
I had my home listed on trulia and Zillow and they were removed, is there a reason that was done?
I posted it back on Zillow and it has been a few days, when will it get posted on Trulia? Address is 13326 Sugar Creek rd Highland IL 62249
Tracie Gaskins , an agent, with Howard Hanna is listed as a home buyer and we can not edit her information.
She should be an agent. Is this something that you have to take care of.The edit screen will not stay open long enough to make any corrections.
I have asked this question with still no reply.
Why are the tax rates different on your app then they are on your page?
please tell me how to end service thank you
service was done with site like to close account
how can I remove my home from trulia?
purchased it 5 months ago and would like it to be taken off online, thank you.
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