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Why do some listings show up associated with me in my inventory and others don't even though they still show up individually tied to me?
For example, when I pull up my listing inventory on Trulia it shows a listing that just expired as not being active, but it doesn't show "12596 W Horsham Dr, Boise ID 83709 ". When you…
If I am selling a house by owner, can I get my house posted on
I want to sell my house without paying a real estate agent, if I post my house on a for sale by owner site, will pick it up?
I am a FSBO but listed in the MLS through an agent. He doesn't have an acct. to advertise on trulia.
How can I get him to set up an account to advertise my home on trulia?
Can a owner list a property on Trulia?
It looks like owners of real estate properties cannot list their property on Trulia, if you are not a registered broker, property manager, mortgage lender.
I have international listings in Europe, how can I list them on Trulias web site?
Does anyone know of other web sites to advertise? Thank you.
Is Trulia getting our website's XML Feed ?
Hi, We have created a XML Feed and submitted on Trulia around a couple of weeks back but haven't seen any of our listings online as yet. I have also been tracking my server logs but didn't see…
How do I get my listings to pop up on the front page of trulia?
What do I need to do to make them show up? Do I need to upgrade my account?
Befor I am a buyer, now I want be seller. How can I sell my house at here?
I have a condo at Bath Ave, Brooklyn, NY. I want to sell it at here? How can I sell it at here?
What can I do about listings in Trulia that are significantly lower in price than what's in the MLS ???
I'm not sure if Agents are doing this on purposet to create more BUZZ for their listing or if this is a Trulia error.
How do you add a closed sale to Trulia for comp purposes if Trulia has no record of the sale?
I went through the add a listing procedure and attempted to add it manually (Trulia does not have record of the sale for some reason), however, the add a listing feature doesn't give you the option…
This home is now listed at the asking price of $399,000 by Linda D'Ambrosi of Keller Williams of RPV. Phone 310/938-6958.
It is now in Sale Pending status. -- This question is about this property:
i've been answering questions from my BlackBerry 9700 ....
Seems like more often than not...... My answer gets cut off after the first few words. Any solutions? Or should I just give up?
Haven't been able to set up account...could you have someone call me and help me to get set up...Have had the messages for months call
336-272-1011. Help me get set up please call 336-272-1011 philippe white, also do you all have land category?
I would like to know why you use this gossipy school evaluation. Why don't you put your own association non-signed evaluations before the?
public? They have incorrect and old information - publicly slander people, and don't ever ask for corrections. Use really old ratings and you will subject yourself to lawsuit if you want to use this…
I noticed yesterday you had a house on my site that was for sale that was an expired listing 2 months ago for me.
This house was listing of mine 2 months ago. Now another agent listed it and his face and details of the house come up on my site. Not Good!!
I had a listing posted with you and i don't see it - where is it posted? 425 14th Street JUST REDUCED TO $419K Open Houses Dec 18th and 19th By
Where is my listing 425 14th Street Sale Reduced $419,000 Open houses by appointment on Saturday Dec 18th and Sunday Dec 19th
I am having trouble finding this property on Google Earth. Do you have a property boundary map?
what type of heating / air? City Water? -- This question is about this property:
what does status unknown mean?
-- This question is about this property:
Why are my searches returning much less results now than before the recent upgrade?
For example when I did a search I would get numerous "hits" and now I get just a few if any.
Are their any Real Estate or Tax Attorneys That Contribute to Trulia Voices?
Would be very good if there were. A lot of folks need RE advice in todays market and an attorneys response is needed in may cases.
Data on a neighborhood!
HI ! This website used to give extensive data on the neighborhood one's looking for (details on spending: restaurant, groceries, ...) how can i find those again? or on an other website? Anyone has…
My Listings
When I go to "My Listings" the "More Options" tab will not open. It did once but after that it never did again & I want to share my listings on FB. What do I do?
House selling
The information about my house 236 meridianna dr tallahassee florida32312. is entered wrong , the area of house is 1410 sq feet .Public high school entered wrong is leon high school
Is this ad legitimate? I had a lead ask questions & the address did not exist. Tried to contact Trulia, but the help section was down. Check
I have a rental listed in Trulia, and under contact information it still says "Not available.' 105 E. Pine Hollow Rd. unit 202, 32086 is
listing. I am afraid my rental listing is very confusing since I am listed only as a person making a query about the property. It is at 105 E. Pine Hollow Train, Unit #202, zip 32086 and that has not…
My name is Tim Washko
I am the owner of this property and the selling price has just been reduced. I am no longer with an agent. -- This question is about this property:…
How do I discontinue Trulia alerts once we do not need the service any longer?
We have bought a home in Sonora. We closed on 11/24/10. No need to look any longer.
I reduced a price on one of my listings and it still shows at the old price. How long does it take to update that?
I reduced a price on one of my listings and it still shows at the old price. How long does it take to update that? This mls # is 81044143
I have a rental listing entered but I (landlord) am not listed as the contact. It is at 105 E. Pine Hollow Trail, #202, St. Augustine, FL 32086
How do I get my name and phone number to prospective renters? The property just listed today.
Why am I unable to post to my blog from outside U.S?
While traveling this year to Belgium, Chile, and The Netherlands I have been unable to post to my blog. I have been able to login and access Trulia, but not post. I suspect a firewall that identifies…
I listed a property for sale and then when i log out of the acct and type in the address the acct doesnt show up? Why?
I hope my question was understood. I cant find my listing eventhough I know it was entered onto Trulia.
Could Trulia provide an edit button for agents to edit their answers after submission?
I proof my answers, but frequently come up with something spelled wrong or left out and am forced to delete and start over. Does anyone have any tips?
What is going on with prices in Honolulu?
Looking at stats in Trulia, they look all over the place. Are there reporting problems. Median and sales numbers just fell off a cliff, but I notice a huge spike in 2009. These can't be accurate.
When I check the box on the Truila website for maps and near by I am unable to view them. What am I doing wrong?
When I select a home and want to see the distance the box continues to be map appears at all.
Summer rental Eureka/Crescent City area 2008
Either furnished apartment, senior housing, cabin
How do you change the email notification for receiving answers on Trulia questions?
I answered a questions months ago and must have checked the box to receive updates when the question is answered again. Is there any way to "unsubscribe" later?
How do we get our former condo listing off Trulia. It was sold 2 months ago.
the address is 33 Stonyridge Drive, Lincoln Park, NJ 07035
Has anyone wrote a review on Trulia?
What does it mean to "write a review" on Trulia?
I would like to chang my user name & password. How do I do it ? Email to Thanks Moses
I cannot get in with my past user name & password. My past user name is
How do i show that my listings are pending & sold? We have some properties that are being represented incorrectly.
We like to keep our internet marketing as up-to-date as possible for any interested buyers & also for agents. We do not want to misrepresent ourselves online, but I can't seem to figure out a…
We have team members who would like all of their listings (which they have claimed already) transferred/claimed under the team name. The process is?
We have the LLC necessary, brokerage approved, and the data in the MLS will show up as the listor being "Team Name". How do we go about getting this done? Thanks in advance for any help.
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