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My listing D1301347 is expired and is still shown inTrulia and my phone number is not shown; the renewed listing D1363353 is not at Trulia.
I am the listing agent Gladys Martinelli and my phine number 305.300.5377 is not shown at the expired listing; please delete that expired listing...can I delete a listing that was automatically listed…
The "send client listing report" feature does not work consistently. When is this going to be fixed?
One of the main reasons I subscribed to TruliaPro was to have weekly reports sent to my clients so they could see the market activity. Over the last 2 months, this feature has not worked consistently.…
Trulia - Voices Activity seems to have a bug - yesterday I woke up to my Blog View tally having been wiped out to zero - now it is the profile views
Please help - yesterday, I found that the Blog View tally went to zero, I reported it and it has been corrected overnight. But now, the Profile View tally has been stripped to zero. Please address and…
How to locate the Heat Map on Trulia?
Sometimes I have access to the heat map, other times I do not. What's the criteria for gaining access to the heat map for an area?
My listing is listed as an Apt/Condo/Twnhm. I would like it only listed as a condo. Is it possible to change this?
Here is the link, Also, when I perform a search for the property, I choose condo under property type, and…
The city of Golden Gate Florida is missing from the list of cities provided could you add it to the system?
Golden Gate, Florida is at coordinates 26°11′07″N 81°42′13″W / 26.18529°N 81.703623°W Zip code is 34116
Trulia Bloggers: What makes your Trulia Blog a success?
We’re looking to expand our own list of Top 10 Blogging Tips and we want you to weigh in with your expertise. What’s a surefire way to create great posts and build a thriving blog that brings…
Hi Trulia do you have a listing for a house to rent and option to buy?
I'm looking for a 3 bedroom and 1 bathroom house to rent and option to buy. I'm interested in Maybrook or Middletown. I'm presently working with Wells Fargo on a loan. My mother and sister…
Have you seen Trulia's new feature for agents?
Under "My Trulia" menu: "Local Ads". And do you plan on using it?
Answers deleted from my questions?
Hello! I recently posted a question on Trulia regarding REO and Foreclosure cleanup businesses in the Bay Area, my original question can be found here:…
How do I remove my listing. It sold 6 months ago and the buyer is really upset.
1625 University Avenue, Palo Alto, CA MLS# 80922662(SamCar) The buyer saw it and is really upset. Bob Highsmith, Burlingame Property Management. DRE# 00296626.
I want to delete my account completely. Can you help me?
My name and city I live shows up on Google search, I don't want that. I thought this is a secure web. I want to delete it. Please help me.
Can I get "history" from Trulia for older listing details? I wonder if "same" addresses can be found. For example, if Trulia
shows a listing for over 200 days but the realtor site and all other sites show it as a new listing, it leads me to believe it was on and then off the market but the historical listing information would…
Does anyone know how come some house's descriptons are carried as part of the listing information on Trulia and while other
house's descriptions are not? My agent says that it is by chance - there's nothing that she can do if Trulia chooses not to carry the MLS house description. Ditto on the house pictures - she…
If I go away for 32 days and do not post at all I will lose my VIP badge. When I come back and post enough will I be the same level vip again?
Does the badge come back the same day when I post my 20-70 points worth catching up or does it take awhile to return?
Is Spam increasing within Trulia Blogs?
I have to admit that I usually enjoy commenting on Blogs more than on Questions- It seems lately that Trulia Blogs is getting a lot of Spam.
Does Trulia gather 95% of all CT listings?
Hello, Would you be able to tell if one can rely only on Trulia as a comprehensive website for listings all around CT? Does it gather, say, 95% of all listings? Thanks for putting a number on it from…
Pictures on Trulia.
I understand that the Listings are fed through many different websites to Trulia. For instance I have listings fed from and However, how come on those other two websites…
You have incorrect info listed from "public Record" on my listing. It's neighboring property and makes my listing look bad. How do I?
get it removed? it is the $41k that they paid for 1 acre and falling down house next door to my 1.45 39 acres.
Why won't new pictures for a listing save?
Whenever I try to update the photos for a listing I'm getting this error: The file you uploaded could not be found. The pictures definitely exist in the directory and they're within the specified…
Where do my inquiries on my listings go?
I have posted listings on Trulia over the past couple of years and have always recieved inquiries via email on my listings. Now I've noticed that when someone submits an inquiry on my listing I never…
BRAD MCKINNEY -- This question is about this property:
Please take my home off your website. I bought this home in September and it is NOT for sale!!!!!!!!!!
-- This question is about this property:
how can i verify if a feed has been created?
I am working for a vendor, they out sourced a product that should post a feed to trulia, I can't find any listings that I tried to submit. The software developer should have created a feed already.…
Delete listing sent from local board
I have a property being display that expired, was listed by someone else and has now sold (of course!). I cannot remove it from being active in my listings. All listings are automatically downloaded…
To all Agents out there. Have you all experienced using sites like Linkedin, Facebook,Squidoo and Trulia
Voices? How do you use these sites? Help I am new at putting these sites to use and was wondering how do you put these to great use. Also have a Happy New year be safe and have fun. Thank you. Jacqueline
What is the best way to wall off the so-called "pros" from discussions?
I used to participate on Trulia Voices, but got tired of the endless self-serving promotion by realtors of themselves and the real estate market. It is quite a turnoff and just ends up dumbing down the…
The Trulia Voices questions hit my email 3-6 hours late. Is this an inefficiency in the Trulia computer system or an attempt to milk more fees?
If it is a system defect that can be fixed please do so as the several hour delay does not give me a chance to answer promptly, if one needs to pay extra in order to receive the questions in a timely manor…
Who is now the #1-VIP in Austin?
Who is now the #1-VIP in Austin? I was for the month of December and I don't see who now has it for Jan. Thanks!
Why are my listings under someone else's name and I cannot access them?
I have several listings which appear under "My Listings" however they have someone else's web site address and I cannot access them to edit and put as "For Sale"?
I would like to know where the "refresh" button is when it comes to updating lisitngs
I am trying to up date when of my listings (re-listed) and I am trying to find the "refresh button that is mentioned when you click on For Sale in the my listings area
Hello Trulia World... question: Did you know that this is MY LISTING and Trulia does not have a place that I can say: IT IS STILL FOR SALE !!! ???
This is my listing and it IS ON THE MARKET !! $975,000 Call Pam Guthrie, Listing Agent - google me and you'll find my info :) -- This question is about this property:…
Just wondering where you get your square footage from. Houses listed in our neighborhood are way overdone.
the largest house in our subdivision is 2980 squft. yet you list them as being 3200 or more when they were 2300 or such.Which of course brings down the per sqft price and so you cant really compare
how to sell my house on your site?
how to sell my house on your site
I see my alerts, but can't change them.
Changed computers, so now I continue to receive alerts that I want to change, but I don't see them on My Trulia to change. How to fix?
Servers down? I've been trying to post a blog for weeks and it keeps saying, "sorry, server error." When is this going to be
resolved? Servers down? I've been trying to post a blog for weeks and it keeps saying, "sorry, server error." When is this going to be resolved?
bistisaxti is a robot phishing spambot.
bistisaxti is a robot phishing spambot. Bistisaxti has engineered a massive phishing spam attack across continents targeting social networking sites over the New Year weekend. Do not click on its links…
Why didn't my real estate post on Postlets come across correctly on Trulia?
There is no picture or email link to the listing. How are people supposed to contact me?
When "Public record" is cited as a source of data, what governmental record was actually cited?
I have STRONG reason to believe that a report of a sale of a property in Ann Arbor, MI on 7/29/2009 is FALSE. Why should I trust anything TRULIA (True Lies?) says? Why shouldn't I report post…
International agent profile change not possible
I live and work in Costa Rica. I was trying to correct my name at trulia and add more, but the software does not let me. The answer is always: you have to fill in the correct Location/City. Well, this…
my listing has the wrong listing agent info. can a trulia pro retain a listing on here that is not her's.?
the agent that had the listing before me is still listed as the active agent. how do i get her off
I intend to sue you if you don't remove my house from your website.
-- This question is about this property:
Agents: Why does my questions answered count not increase after answering questions on Voices?
Just getting started with answering questions on here, and have answered a few today. Do the answers show later? Thanks!
At what point should Trulia remove an entire thread?
I am receiving answers on a thread that began well over a year ago. Someone recently added to that thread which gave it a new life, and agents along a few buyers and sellers are beating each other up…
Pls fwd to your Iphone Ap developer: I use your full site often and love it. But the ap needs the "keyword" field to be useful, at least
for me. Whether I want 'lakeshore' in New york or 'canal' property in Cape Coral, I now have to open and peruse 100's of properties to find a couple that meet my criteria. May…
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