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how can I list my home?
We just got out of our contract with out agent because there had not even been any calls to inquire about our house. We have now dropped the price $10,000 and I'm wanting to update that info, but…
Hello I initially asked for homes for sale in the East Boise area..Barber Point end..I seem to be receiving information for homes for sale too far
out Could you narrow the search please, from the eastern side of Bown Crossing down. We continue to enjoy perusing the lovely homes you have for offer! Regards, Jamie
email to realtor
Where are questions to Realtors saved, I emailed a realtor regarding a property and need to refer to the questions I asked her
How do I list my home for sale on Trulia?
It only gives me the option to list for Rent.
How do I find my ad for a rental house and how do I cancel the ad?
New 3 BR/2bath house at 4115 NE 50th Circle, Vancouver WA 98661
how do you list a lot for sale?
how can I list my lot for sale
How much does it cost to place an ad on Trulia?
Also, what zip codes are available in San Diego County
why did you violate my personal information having my address on line?
You have posted my condo information without my permission, and also without my broker's permission.
how to cancel my account?
how to cancel my account?I donot need it any more.
Anyone else having any trouble embedding YouTube video into their Trulia blog?
I've had no difficulty in the past - usually works like a charm. But when trying last night and then again this morning, when I click "Done" on the YouTube embed window on my blog draft…
Is this a popularity contest?
Trulia Pros....what's your take on the new Trulia platform for "recommendations?" Have you noticed that some agents(total strangers) have been requesting recommendations?
You have 3518 Woods Estates Dr, Conroe, Txs 77304 listed from a year ago. The property was sold July of 2010, but is now for resale. Please delete
your old listing and update your durrent information in It's a fabulous community, with no HOA fees in our Section...lots of friendly people with an interest in keeping the community looking…
my home is for sale (mls#1027763) why is my home not listed on trulia ?
how can i have my agent list my home on trulia ?
Lot sizes
Why don't you put the size of the property on your listings? It's important to most potential buyer to know how much land is included with the house. I know I won't pay much attention to…
I would like to post an ad
I would like to post an ad on Trulia.
To have a client send you a recommendation, Do they ahve to belong to facebook?
My client had a difficult time filling out a recommendation.
You've had multiple listings on Foxfire Ln in Emmett, ID.
Your maps of these places are miles apart and NONE show a Foxfire Lane anywhere near where the mark is on the map. None show ANY buildings that look anything like the photos in the listings???? Where…
This house is back on the market with Martel realty. The asking price is 239,900
-- This question is about this property:
how do I view my rental previous inquiries?
I recently sent a request about an apartment located at 301 Massachusetts Ave. Washington, DC 20001. I was contacted by the landlord about the place. I am trying to get more information on the apt.
Take the photo of my mother's home OFF the listing at 123 Belvidere Rd, Phillipsburg, NJ 08865!!! THIS HOME IS NOT FOR SALE, AND WRONG ADDRESS!
Why do you have a photo of home NOT for sale shown as incorrect home for sale? This photo is NOT 123 Belvidere Rd, we know 114 Belvidere was recently for sale! REMOVE INCORRECT PHOTO ASAP!
Dear Pierre, Today I signed up for your service. You uploaded some of my rentals from I noticed that most of these rentals do not have
Megards, Alfred Berger Most of my rentals do not display the photos that are on the GoSection8 site. When Corry called me today he said that without a photo the effect is minimal. Why are these rental…
1.Did Trulia know that 2010 E. Olympic Blvd. in Boyle Heights was the Nasty County Projects and not Apartments. or Townhouses?
2. Do you think that Trulia should really check their listed properties out before they list them? 3. Is it false advertising when Truila list Apartments or Townhouses, when is really The County Projects?…
I am not getting any response to my querries abt properties advertised on TRULIA. None of the agents listed had responded.
My questions had been of routine nature. I am an individual looking for a house for personal use.
"Get Recommended on Trulia" Question!!!
I just emailed a bunch of my past clients with the new program you just rolled out 'Get Recommended on Trulia' and my clients are saying that they cant find where to write the review? I used…
WTF is up with homes being listed on Trulia one day as "for sale" and then the next day "off the market" and sold years ago?
I don't mean homes that were recently sold. I mean when the home appears on Trulia for months and then suddENly the status changes to "off the market" and THE HOME was last sold over a…
If a listing is really withdrawn, why does the price keep updating just like it does on all of the accurate sites that show it as active?
Yes, I'm upset. I've tried to get Trulia to update a listing for 3 months now, and I've been told it's the "feed". I don't know how many feeds send updated price drops…
Im about to quit using Trulia. I want information about Reduced, New Added on the site but I only get one page and then it defaults to random order
Did Trulia do this on purpose? It happens on all cities and states looked up so I dont think it is me or my computer.
How to report a bug in the code generating your email message to the agent?
Spuriously, the name field contains the email address. Refreshing the browser clears the problem.
How can I change the e-mail address on trulia's record?
How can I change the e-mail address on trulia's record? I would like to change the e-mail address on record for my Trulia account. How can I do this?
If anyone, anywhere ever sees my smiling face pop up in the "Meet the Trulia VIP" quadrant at the bottom right corner, could you please
alert me. I see familiar faces scroll through this quadrant from all over the country but have not seen myself for well over a year, probably closer to 18 months. I've raised this with Trulia many…
URGENT!!! Is Trulia associated with URGENT!!!!!
I have asked once already and have emailed with no response. I need an answer NOW. Is trulia associated with a rental service called I am looking at places in San…
why I am doing this?
I forgot my password and I was asked to do this! It is boring to say the least!
I do not want my Facebook to show up on your Facebook
Please delete from your Facebook.
How do I reactivate an expired listing?
I am a Broker who has posted listings on Trulia through a partner in the past. Some listings have expired awhile ago and don't seem to have a button to reactivate them. Is there an easy way to do…
How do I un-subsbribe to Trulia?
I've found a property and am in contract. I no longer need your services.
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