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How common is it for someone trying to rent house from overseas and house is posted on trulia site. AM I VICTIM OF SCAM???
got a respons to craigslist posting. Man says he is overseas needing to rent hous ASAP. Has keys and documents with him. Sent me pictures that I have now seen on your website. completed his application…
How do I get my property removed from your website? It's been off for 2 months.
My ex-realtor Remax told me once they remove it from, it's up to me and to remove the listing. For privacy reasons, I need my listing along (along with photos) removed immediately. Thank…
how do I add my picture to the page?
I need to add my picture to my profile, how do I do so
Someone from your organization came by home took pictures of my home whilst my garage door was open exposing my car and other personal belongings....I
I am appalled at this invasion on my privacy. I want to know how to get my home removed from your site. Or at the very least have the photo removed??????????????
Why am I seeing more and more agents from other states answer questions regarding properties and market conditions in Florida?
Lately I have been seeing lots of agents from out of state answer questions on Trulia regarding properties and market conditions in Florida. I have also seen comments regarding short sales in Florida…
what can we do for rent our residence?
what can we do for rent our residence?
I'm eligible for VIP status ... how do I get it?
According to Trulia, I'm now eligible for VIP status. I don't see this status on any of my activity. Is there an extra step I have to take to be eligible?
Cancel account
Hi, can you please deactivate my account.
How do you get people to physically come to the house with so many hits on Trulia?
7600 have viewed the house online since May. Over 500 this week. We did an open house two weeks ago and only one couple showed up with advertising in the paper and online. The house is all redone and…
I put in an adress the other day so any home I viewed, it would tell me how many mi. away from my work I can't find that place I need it?
I need to find the place on this web site where you enter an adress and it lets you know how many mi. away your home is from there outomaticly?
I was emailing someone back and forth about one of your houses for rent 2003 Gettysburg Dr, cheyenne, Wy 82001
the person was saying they are unable to show the house in person. Its there and phone of someone I can call or meet in person to talk about rent and the exchangeing of keys and other ques I may have?
Trulia Voices Alert emails are no longer coming over, anyone else experiencing the same?
After my daily Trulia email at Fri 9/23/2011 1:00 AM PT I noticed I stopped receiving the emails from Trulia notifying you if a new question has been asked or a new answer has been given to a question…
hi, Could you please let me know how to change my existing Trulia password?. Thanks.
I had forgotten my password so Clicking on Forgot password link send a new password to my email address. I have started using the new password but unfortunately can't change this password to a custom…
Why is my house listed withdrawn?????
-- This question is about this property:
I believe the "Find a Pro" service on Trulia is broken. How many of you real estate brokers have realized you are not getting any?
representation? When people search for Brokers, the results show only the Brokers on Trulia however, when they search for Real Estate Agents, all brokers are omitted from the search results. I believe…
Hi, We recently purchased this house and were wondering how we could have the listing taken off of trulia. Thank you
-- This question is about this property:…
This property is still on the market, why is it showing off the market on Trulia?
-- This question is about this property:
I am trying to setup an alert for more locations in my area, but it does not find/allow it in the search settings. What can I do to fix it?
I tried to add Landen, Ohio or Mainville OH and the search tool does not list or allow it. e.g. Landen, OH & Mainville, OH
why is there 8 to 10 answers in a row from the same person on different topics from the same person ? It' seems almost contrived.
If I log onto trulia, and there's a topic that I wish to comment on and I do. lately it seems that there's a trend of the same person commenting on topics a dozen times and they really have nothing…
How to delete multiple questions accidentally asked?
Whoops, not sure why my question was asked to many times, maybe someone could clean that up a little...
How to leave agent review?
Hi, I would like to review an agent who I recently used, I got to his profile but could not figure out how to leave a review. Can you please give me the step by step directions on how to do this?
How do I add and delete photos on a property?
How do I add and delete photos on a property?I own and have already claimed? Thanks.
Where is the Virtual Tour Link?
I'm a realtor and just added a Virtual Tour link to my listing (201 Elmwood Ln - MLS 5905432) but can't find the VT link. Where does is show up?
why can*t i list my home for sale by owner?
I am trying to list my home for sale
Why doesnt Trulia list garage size such as 0,1,2,3,4,5 car garage so that one can search on garage size as a search option?
listed, so why not garage size as well? I want a 2 car garage and there is no way to search on garage size as an option!
remove this home from your website, theft of personal property, the pictures shown do not belong to truila, truila has noauthority to post thees pictu
-- This question is about this property:
Jeanne Feenick restored to "Meet the Trulia VIP" Quadrant after long absence!
Why does "Meet the trulia vip's " not include non-professionals?
Meet the trulia vip's should show ALL of the vip's. At a minimum it should include ALL of the vip3's. Being a vip3 I feel discriminated against not having my profile show up. I noticed when…
I would like to rent my condo to a military family at adiscounted rate. here do I list it
address is Pacific Harbor Stonegate Vegas Valley ? Nellis 89142
How does a property owner add or remove photos?
How does a property owner add or remove photos? A simple question but, after about an hour on trulia, I've not found the answer yet. I own the property and there is no listing on this property.…
Some of the information about my home on Trulia is incorrect. Specifically, the age of my home. How do I have this corrected?
The home I am referring to is at 2014 Northside Drive NW, Atlanta, GA 30318. The 'year built' of the home is listed on Trulia as 1950. The home was actually built in the 1980's. I believe…
Can I use the API for ALL cities/areas, limit only by built date?
Subject says it all -- I want to use the API to pull all properties for sale, anywhere, that were built before 1859 -- shouldn't be too large of a selection, mostly in the northeast, I…
I am the realtor for this property 2727 Cardwell Place & uploaded professional photos & info
why is this dirt side road the photo for my listing when i uploaded the professional photos for my property?
I have 9 current listings that are showing as sold or expired. Please advise how I can edit this to make them current listings?
Some of these listings that are showing as sold or expired have had price changes also. I cannot find a way to edit these to make them current.
Trouble using Trulia's large map tab on a Mac, anyone else?
When I view my search results on the large Map tab, I can see the house markers at first. But if I zoom the map or re-center the map, all the listings disappear and it says I have 0 search results (even…
Has anyone had success with Trulia Instant Leads?
I just posted a Blog on the negative side of this, and was curious if anyone has had success with it. Please let me know if you have, or if you know how to help someone without any of their information…
How do I get a listing removed from your site?
You have my property listed for $3,750,000.00. It is a commercial property not a house as listed (it's 9 houses on 10.9 acres) Two years ago I reduced the price to $2,600,000.00 so I am anxious…
Notice that the page has not changed(done daily I believe) in the last 2-3 days. Anybody else notice this?
I've searched FAQs & questions posted by others, how long does it take for photos on Trulia to appear on search results? Labor Day weekend
delay? I'm reading that there is a delay of between 24-36 hours from when you post a listing and when photos, etc. appear. I'm wondering if the delay is longer due to Labor Day? I'm trying…
Is there an easier way to manage email preferences on a global level, instead of the much more labor-intensive per-property method that's in use?
now? There needs to be another tickbox allowing any and all emails to be stopped. I enjoy using this app but since I'm only browsing casually at the moment I'm not interested in getting an individual…
Click Through to Listing Details
How do Agents/Realtors get the Trulia Viewers of their listed properties to "click through" and View the details of said property?
Can i list my house for rent?
How to adjust information on Trulia regarding my home that is listed for sale and if i wanted to add the option to rent my house do i have that option. I am NOT a realtor.
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