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I would like to rent my condo to a military family at adiscounted rate. here do I list it
address is Pacific Harbor Stonegate Vegas Valley ? Nellis 89142
How does a property owner add or remove photos?
How does a property owner add or remove photos? A simple question but, after about an hour on trulia, I've not found the answer yet. I own the property and there is no listing on this property.…
Some of the information about my home on Trulia is incorrect. Specifically, the age of my home. How do I have this corrected?
The home I am referring to is at 2014 Northside Drive NW, Atlanta, GA 30318. The 'year built' of the home is listed on Trulia as 1950. The home was actually built in the 1980's. I believe…
Can I use the API for ALL cities/areas, limit only by built date?
Subject says it all -- I want to use the API to pull all properties for sale, anywhere, that were built before 1859 -- shouldn't be too large of a selection, mostly in the northeast, I…
I am the realtor for this property 2727 Cardwell Place & uploaded professional photos & info
why is this dirt side road the photo for my listing when i uploaded the professional photos for my property?
I have 9 current listings that are showing as sold or expired. Please advise how I can edit this to make them current listings?
Some of these listings that are showing as sold or expired have had price changes also. I cannot find a way to edit these to make them current.
Trouble using Trulia's large map tab on a Mac, anyone else?
When I view my search results on the large Map tab, I can see the house markers at first. But if I zoom the map or re-center the map, all the listings disappear and it says I have 0 search results (even…
Has anyone had success with Trulia Instant Leads?
I just posted a Blog on the negative side of this, and was curious if anyone has had success with it. Please let me know if you have, or if you know how to help someone without any of their information…
How do I get a listing removed from your site?
You have my property listed for $3,750,000.00. It is a commercial property not a house as listed (it's 9 houses on 10.9 acres) Two years ago I reduced the price to $2,600,000.00 so I am anxious…
Notice that the page has not changed(done daily I believe) in the last 2-3 days. Anybody else notice this?
I've searched FAQs & questions posted by others, how long does it take for photos on Trulia to appear on search results? Labor Day weekend
delay? I'm reading that there is a delay of between 24-36 hours from when you post a listing and when photos, etc. appear. I'm wondering if the delay is longer due to Labor Day? I'm trying…
Is there an easier way to manage email preferences on a global level, instead of the much more labor-intensive per-property method that's in use?
now? There needs to be another tickbox allowing any and all emails to be stopped. I enjoy using this app but since I'm only browsing casually at the moment I'm not interested in getting an individual…
Click Through to Listing Details
How do Agents/Realtors get the Trulia Viewers of their listed properties to "click through" and View the details of said property?
Can i list my house for rent?
How to adjust information on Trulia regarding my home that is listed for sale and if i wanted to add the option to rent my house do i have that option. I am NOT a realtor.
Trulia subscribers, check your accounts. Is there a new local number appearing in your profile? Have you called that number?
I've and hours and hours building my Trulia presence. This morning when I went to reply to a customer inquiry I noted that there was a number I'd never seen appearing in my signature line.…
how to cancel the 7 day trial period?
Cancel 7 day trial period?
I want to cancel and it keeps saying click on link below and it never gives anything, but repeat this same message over and over. Please cancel this
i am tired of trying to cancel this mess. Help me out here. How the ----- do you do this? I want it cancelled now. I am your illustrous trucker Jimmie Roberts, Piedmont, Al. I expect my next remark…
No pictures on my listing, Iona Alphonso
My new listing on 11826 Rue La Fontaine went into the Houston MLS last week with 32 pictures and no pictures are showing on Trulia. Please correct and let me know. thank you Iona
I have 363 San Juan on Trulia. The phone number is wrong! Could you change it to the correct number, 904 382 8026?
I don't know where Trulia got the phone number. The only numbers I have for my listing on 363 San Juan Drive are 386 677 7727 and 904 382 8026. Please correct. Thank you. Barbara Sandberg
"A penny for your thoughts?"
Agents....what do you really think about the new Trulia format?
how do I change the status
Do you show rental property?
I have rental property in the MLS yet I don't see that and tried to search for by MLS number as well as address and got 0 for results send reply to email: iloveabeach-p…
How do you get Trulia to remove a fraudulent post?
I have a house for sale and the agent used Trulia to advertise. Now someone has hacked the post and has it listed for rent with my name. I am receiving numerous calls at my current residence and it needs…
I live in washington dc. Why am I only getting questions from Washington State? And what do I need to do to currect this?
I live in washington dc. Why am I only getting questions from Washington State? And what do I need to do to currect this?
How often is this site updated?
I have been watching this site for several weeks now, and the listings all seem the same. Just wondering how often the site is updated. Thank you
hello - I listed my rental at 12787 W Oyer Lane, 85383. It shows up when searching for "newest", but does not show up when searching for
"high to low hello - I listed my rental at 12787 W Oyer Lane, 85383. It shows up when searching for "newest", but does not show up when searching for "high to low". Can you help?…
How do I change my password?
How do I change my password on this site?
Where do I find the link for my Trulia feed so that I may submit it to Zillow?
Need to find the feed on Trulia so that I may submit it to Zillow, cannot find it anywhere. Do you know where I can find it at?
Unless I'm missing something at your site to click on, why don't your have a page to go to so it looks like the your iphone app?
I like that idea (iphone) its a lot better then listing the home like on your home page, yes I know all you have to do is click the picture any get more information. But, its a lot faster the iphone way.…
1927 Lake Wings needs corrections
house has 3 car garage,long drive way to park at least 6 cars,has a pool and spa and a large cover patio,4 full bath rooms,huge custom closet in master bath room, and a complete remolded custom master…
Please delete this account
I tried to turn off those annoying emails I'm now receiving about similar properties in return for favoriting properties, but with no luck. I would appreciate my account being deleted. Thanks.
I want to speak on the telephone with a Trulia representative. I need a Phone Number . Thank you
I need a contact number to speak to a Trulia representative personally on the phone. Thank you
is there a way to search for houses to rent or buy in remote areas?
I am mostly interested in the southwest where views are nice.
Why, every time I put in the info they ask for I'm always told my city and zip are wrong !!! It is VERY trying!!
I want to look for homes but if this keeps up I will look some where else.
Attention Trulia: I was looking for homes in gated subdivisions in Pasadena, Tx and I found a lot of houses that are not in a gated
subdivision.gated.The only gated subdivision in Pasadena, Tx is Colombian Village. Could you check and rectify this mistake.
Getting recommendations.
Used the non facebook tab to ask for a recommendation. My client said she had to have a facebook account to give me one. Is there a way to get a recommendation from a client who does not have a facebook…
What's going on with the Find a Pro search?
My Voices Activity appears in tact - but I'm not making the list under any search criteria. What's up?
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