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How can I get this web site to give me ONLY addresses in a SINGLE ZIP CODE?
I did find a spot on the side that seemed to let me make that selection, but it did not change the selections to show me only a single zip code.
how can i change pictures on my trulia listing?
I had Imagean Adams from Ralph Crisp Realty list my house a year ago. It was also listed on Trulia (per MLS I think). My contractr with Imagean has expired. I have now listed the house with Kandy Barnard…
Can I advertise on Trulia?
Would like to try a FSBO could I put an add on trulia ?
Home information incorrect. Please make appropriate changes.
Eugene, Oregon MLS #11337205 was last sold on 4/6/2010 (not 1/25/2010) and is Currently For Sale and on the market for $239,900. The sale on 1/25 and 4/6/2010 were initiated in only for insurance coverage,…
How do I change my password?
How do I change my password?
How does the total views calculation work? If the same person (IP address) views a house 10 times in one day, does that count as 10?
Or, do the IP addresses get reset overnight, such that if the same person viewed a house once a day for 10 days, that would count as 10 views? Or, does each IP address only count as one view, no matter…
How do I inquire about a a home listed as a foreclosure on your site?
A home in Detroit's Palmer Woods on Burlington is listed for $117,000 and I'm interested in it.
Why doesn't my home show up on Trulia, MLS # 07505710?
I thought that If my home was in the MLS, it would be in TRULIA. I have a Fantastic Home that I have been working very hard on to make it in Excellent Condition to Sell in the Market and I am very disappointed…
Trulia Ad Space - anyone else having similarly frustrating experiences or is it just me? I would have hoped for better...
There is one zip code that I pay for in which I lost a portion when Trulia repriced, & with no notice or explanation sales called me to purchase essentially a portion of what I thought I already owned.…
I was looking on your site and asked for homes with acreage. You listed only two.( The reason I ask we have a nice four bedroom house on 10 acres
Our home is at 1220 N. Greenhill Rd.I see you list several realtors. I wondered if ours is just not listed in a manner that any one can find it
All Trulia Pictures in my Outlook 2007 email reader (on Windows 7 x64) have disappeared from my Trulia email folder, and I can't get them back.
When the periodic Trulia emails have arrived, I just click "allow safe sender" and all the pictures pop on. But, today, I could not get any Trulia pictures to show, so I allowed the whole Trulia…
Just sent in a request again to have you remove an old listing so that the current listing will post. MLS#130017 106 NE Babbitt, Lawton, OK 73507
I called the other Realtor and he removed it from his website but has no control over your feed from his website. Said he removed it a long time ago. Please assist!
I am receiving notices of open houses, however I am receiving them late at night after they are over.
Open houses in East Brunswick Long Branch area. Would be very convenient to receive them a few days prior. I am currently receiving notification after they are over
How to post?
home for sale
Problem creating a listing for 59 Opal and 63 Opal in SI, NY.
Hello, I am having a problem. I would like to create a listing for 59 Opal and 63 Opal in SI, NY but it comes up that the listing exists in Pt.2. However, I checked Pt.2 and MLS and they have been released,…
Is anyone else experiencing a "glitch" with their answers to questions not appearing or posting properly??
I type in a response (this doesn't happen each time, but it has happened several times in the past week, and twice today already), and the answer doesn't appear, or worse yet - it appears on…
who can i contact on your website to let you know a house posted for rent is a scam?
who can i contact on your website to let you know a house posted for rent is a scam
I have a piece of vacant land for sale at 76 Dogwood Lane, in Irvington, NY 10533. Your listing of the location of this property is INACCURATE.
In trying to ask for assistance, I have been told that there is NO such address for this property. This make matters worse! I am located at the dead end of Dogwood Lane, not on a 1/4 acre lot in the…
I am an agent. How do I add my listings to this site?
Do you pick up my listings from KWLS? I am a Realtor For Keller Williams, Johnson City, TN 37604
Can you advertise owner financed homes on Trulia?
We are a small company that buys foreclosed homes and resell them through a land contract. We offer our own financing terms. How would we advertise these kinds of properties on Trulia?
If I click the "View Ad Now" link within the "Local Ad - Current Ad Campaigns" page, is my own viewing of my own ad included in
the stats page? ...and are such counts deducted from my market share? I am unable to tell myself since the stats page is not "real time" and is only updated once each night. Also, if I update…
are all of your rental listings screened with proof of ownership of the rental unit? Is it safe to pay a deposit to secure the listing?
2 days ago i saw a listing at 1843 Sutter,2bd-2ba-1316sq ft;$2,800/mo and now it is gone. was it a legal listing? i question why it was removed so quickly.
I'll admit I am a bit confuses with this site. Many of the 3brr rentals listed are only in the lower hundreds to rent and I feel that can not be
right I've been searching for a 3 bed room to rent with two friends and I've found two one listed at $104 and the other $166 I feel like this must be an error.
Anyone check their listings on Trulia. Mine have disappeared(10) and having a difficult time re-entering them. Any other Agents having this problem???
What is the width and height requirements (in pixels) to upload pics to Trulia? How many pictures can I post? What is the max file size 4 each pic?
I have photos of my home with dimensions of 3456 x 2592 (W x H). My realtor told me to resize to 512 x 400 pixels for best quality MLS photos, but if I do that my image will be cropped, on the sides,…
$1,075/mo 289 Cedar Street, Newington CT 06111 - Before the overseas scammer were sending out fake bank checks and offering you a percentage
if you cashed them. Now they pray on us by lising these fake rentals in hoping your stupid enought to send them a deposit! This makes Trulia responsible!!!!
I have 22 listings, 3 are lots. Where did you come up with 10? Do you all not stay up to date?
Where did you all come up with only 10 listings when I have 22?
How do I change/fix a listing?
The listing for our home has the wrong # of BRs and wrong date and price for the most recent sale. I claimed the house, clicked Edit and entered the correct info, but the listing is still wrong. How do…
I registered for an account on and can't find my listing on trulia.
I registered for a postlets account on 5/23/2011 and posted a listing for 4470 Seymour Drive, Medina, OH. I did not see my listing on the available websites (including and sent a question…
can I sell with you if I am a For Sale by owner?
would like to sell with out a real estate agent, can I list with you as a for sale by owner ?
Odd thing happening this a.m. - answers to question are posting to last question answered rather than one being answered - happened to me 3 times....
Seeing it the first time caused me to check and found that it was happening repeatedly - I went back, deleted responses that were misposted and then tried to answer again, and it posted correctly. Anyone…
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